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Example sentences for "entail"

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ensures; ensuring; enta; entablature; entablatures; entailed; entailing; entails; entangle; entangled
  1. But that does not entail heroic self-sacrifice or the forfeiting of any of life's truly enduring rewards.

  2. The principle does not entail that a corporal must perforce know everything about operation of a company which concerns his captain, to be happy and efficient in his own job.

  3. Was he to oppose an arbitrary act in the very moment when it was about to entail a just retribution on its author?

  4. For that very reason, what but love can soften the curses which my father's extortions from the country will entail upon me?

  5. The principal object, therefore, of the law of entail is to regulate the descent of property after the death of its owner: its other provisions are merely means to this end.

  6. The law of entail was so modified as not to interrupt the free circulation of property.

  7. The law of entail is of this number; it certainly prevents the owner from disposing of his possessions before his death; but this is solely with the view of preserving them entire for the heir.

  8. In the States of America, the law of entail is not allowed; it is even provided against by statute.

  9. My brother may have been rude; but he has committed no crime that should entail severe punishment.

  10. He gives orders independently, and orders, too, that may entail the most serious consequences.

  11. I have often heard it said that the introduction of top-boots and breeches would entail too heavy an expenditure--but the Germans have them, and their cavalry is not inferior in numbers to the French.

  12. For offences which entail a maximum punishment of five years' imprisonment, no prosecution can take place after a lapse of three years from the date of the commission of the crime.

  13. But the State, in rejecting her, would actively violate its most solemn duty, and would, if the theory of the connection be sound, entail upon itself a curse.

  14. I much wish we could execute some plan which without demanding much time would entail the discharge of some humble and humbling office.

  15. He also waived the immediate forfeitureof property acquired under Elizabeth's reign, and even allowed Raleigh to complete the entail of certain estates to his wife and son.

  16. All his emoluments were wanted for hungry favourites ; and finally the Sherburne estate which he had been permitted to entail on his son went by no higher law than the king's, ' I mon hae it for Carr.

  17. Their ambitions or their necessities led to a great increase of the professional army which would entail many evils in time to come.

  18. Heritage and Expansion of Byzantine Empire On the morrow of his victory, Mohammed the Conqueror took pains to make it clear that his introduction of a new heaven did not entail a new earth.

  19. These had been entailed by an Act of Parliament obtained by the Duke of Shrewsbury, in the beginning of the eighteenth century, but it was doubtful whether the entail did not expire in the person of the young Earl Bertram.

  20. It was, however, contended that the entail was yet valid and the estates were inseparable from the title.

  21. The tribunal acquired the character of an Inquisition; the most trifling suspicion was sufficient to entail strict incarceration; and it was left to chance to establish the innocence of a person accused of a capital crime.

  22. Because in forsaking God, they lose sight of their eternal existence, corrupt themselves, and entail misery on their posterity.

  23. Hence it was better to destroy a few individuals, than to entail misery on many.

  24. I strongly advised that we take as little as possible--nothing more than a naval and coaling station; otherwise to appropriate the Philippines would in the long run entail endless obligations without commensurate benefits.

  25. Cuba, and attained in such a way as not to entail upon us unending responsibilities full of care and entangling obligations.

  26. He had no possessions in France to entail any obligations upon him.

  27. Some advocates of the theory of mileage rates may concede that their adoption would entail loss on certain districts and to some individuals, but deny that the community as a whole would suffer.

  28. This substitution shall not entail any payment on the part of the French State.

  29. As much as they could do to live at all upon the little patrimony; still the reminiscence of what they had been made them maintain it jealously and entail it rigidly.

  30. The concession to Ireland of Colonial independence would entail upon England probable peril and certain disgrace.

  31. None, of these transactions had anything like the disastrous results which the concession of Irish independence would entail on England.

  32. The young lady was no longer able to refuse, but informed him that to apply to her father would entail certain disagreeable consequences, as he had retired from the world, and did not any more recognise her as his daughter.

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