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Example sentences for "entailing"

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  1. Minor shocks average from thirty or forty to several hundreds annually, and of severe shocks history shows that there have been some two or three in each century, entailing sometimes a frightful destruction of life and property.

  2. The close of the year was marked by commercial and monetary panic, widespread, and entailing disastrous results.

  3. Up to what limit may help be given to the existing generation of the inferior, without entailing mischief on future generations of the superior?

  4. It matters not to the argument whether the actions entailing such effects are voluntary or involuntary.

  5. For a considerable period after predatory activities had ended, the defects of the predatory nature would continue: entailing their slowly diminishing evils.

  6. There comes exhaustion running, it may be, into illness caused by depletion; occasionally ending in death, and often entailing chronic weakness.

  7. In highly cultivated races this habit is no longer followed, and consequently the back of the skull becomes modified in shape, entailing other changes in other parts.

  8. The man who marries the daughter of an inebriate not only endangers his own happiness, but runs the risk of entailing upon his children an inheritance of degradation and misery.

  9. The first unchaste connection of a man with a woman may be attended with a contamination entailing upon him a life of suffering, and even death itself.

  10. For that reason metal was accumulated as capital, entailing a further rise in prices; when prices had reached a sufficient height, the stocks were thrown on the market and prices fell again.

  11. A command of it requires a full knowledge of all the ancient literature, entailing decades of study.

  12. In the past the gentry had had a profitable and easily accessible market for their produce in the neighbouring capital; now the capital was far away, entailing long-distance transport at heavy risk with little profit.

  13. Mrs. Boswell no doubt had disliked his wish to pass over his daughters in entailing the Auchinleck estate, in favour of heirs-male however remote.

  14. In echo phrases, that is to say imitation entailing not only decrease in volume of tone but also an effect of distance, the second instrument should be weaker than the first, but the two should possess some sort of affinity.

  15. Ornamental writing and polyphonic accompaniment should never be too intricate in character, entailing the use of an unnecessary number of instruments.

  16. Forte glissando scales, entailing the use of the lower and middle strings are only permissible as embellishments.

  17. Again, trivial circumstances conspired to further a great disaster, and de Grasse bore down to cover the crippled ships; so losing much of his hard-won ground, and entailing a further misfortune that night.

  18. The envoys have to submit to any commands even though entailing personal inconvenience such as blindfolding or going out of their way on coming or returning, and such like.

  19. Cunning in war has been permissible from the earliest times, and was esteemed all the more as it furthered the object of war without entailing the loss of men.

  20. He simply did not consider that Miss Angela's kiss had such a pricelessness, entailing cosmic responsibilities.

  21. And, indeed, this was exactly what he had desired from the moment of reading her perfect note last month--sweet reconciliation in just such a casual way, admitting or entailing next to nothing.

  22. The vocation of the better type "man in lieu" was a vicarious sort of employment, entailing any but disagreeable consequences upon him who followed it.

  23. I have already purchased an ample estate with the view of entailing it on you and your issue.

  24. So Versailles, with six or eight other Royal Palaces in and around Paris, has generally stood empty, entailing on the country an enormous annual expense for its simple preservation.

  25. In the past the gentry had a profitable and easily accessible market for their produce in the neighbouring capital; now the capital was far away, entailing long-distance transport at heavy risk with little profit.

  26. Professional reputation to a soldier or a sailor is everything next to life itself and the loss of it equals professional ruin, entailing pecuniary and social loss of a heavy character.

  27. The Baghani clan of Majhwars, named after the tiger, think that a tiger will not attack any member of their clan unless he has committed an offence entailing temporary excommunication from caste.

  28. Offences against ordinary morality are scarcely found in the category of those entailing punishment.

  29. I refer of course, to the faithful efficient librarian with a proper conception of her own duties who should be honoured in the community by virtue of her position entailing such profound responsibilities.

  30. In a future chapter I shall have to show that constitutional peculiarities of the strangest kind, entailing liability to the action of certain poisons, are correlated with the colour of the skin.

  31. This manifestly holds good if the part be formed of mere cellular tissue, entailing little expenditure of nutriment.

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