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nevair; nevaire; nevare; neve; neveh; nevere; nevermore; nevertheles; nevertheless; neverthelesse
  1. And so we ride Over land and tide, Without a thought of fear-- Man never had The faith in God That he has in an engineer!

  2. For never let the thought arise That we are here on sufferance bare; Outcasts, asylumed 'neath these skies, And aliens without part or share.

  3. Jes lay away ole Sorrer High upon de shelf; And never mind to-morrer, 'Twill take care of itself.

  4. The world, for me, and all the world can hold Is circled by your arms; for me there lies, Within the lights and shadows of your eyes, The only beauty that is never old.

  5. It tells the deeds that were not done, It tells of races never run, Of victories that were not won, Barriers unleaped.

  6. He had never seen his sister cry before, and felt that he must have been harsh and unkind.

  7. Such a moment will never come to it again.

  8. Euphane was housemaid, Roxy nurse; it already seemed as though life could never have gone on without them, and Clover was disposed to emulate Dr.

  9. Imogen had never seen anything so shabby as the poorest of the buildings that they passed, and certainly never anything quite so fine as the best of them.

  10. Of course we all learned from our maps, when we were at school, just how far it is across the continent; but I never realized it in the least till I saw it.

  11. It's gone twenty past, and we shall never be there in time.

  12. I never have any engagements when a chance comes for going to the dear Valley; and Alice has none, I am pretty sure.

  13. Jefferson is an experience which you ought not to miss, and you may never have another chance.

  14. Dear Clover, you have been more good to me than I can say, and I shall never forget it.

  15. By the time the middle space of the border is reached the colour is strong and gorgeous, but, as it is in good harmonies, it is never garish.

  16. One never knew before how vividly bright Ageratum could be, or Lavender or Nepeta; even the grey-purple of Echinops appears to have more positive colour than one's expectation would assign to it.

  17. Just as wild gardening should never look like garden gardening, or, as it so sadly often does, like garden plants gone astray and quite out of place, so wood paths should never look like garden paths.

  18. Planted in thin woodland and never pruned, it grows into a small tree that takes curious ways and shapes of trunk and branch of a character that is remarkably pictorial.

  19. One of my desires that can never be fulfilled is to have a rocky hillside in full sun, so steep as to be almost precipitous, with walls of bare rock only broken by ledges that can be planted.

  20. The Cistuses delight in a groundwork of Heath; the wild Calluna looks as well as any, but if cultivated kinds are used they should be in good quantities of one sort at a time, and never as hard edgings, but as free carpeting masses.

  21. This should never be, for it not only forces the plant into a form that is entirely at variance with its nature, but robs it of its natural grace and valuable individuality.

  22. I have never seen Acanthus used in this way, but can see no reason against it.

  23. It came to me from a cottage garden, and I have never seen it elsewhere.

  24. Never hurt the garden for the sake of the tempting word.

  25. I have never been able to find out how the light on these occasions differs from that of ordinary fine summer days, but, when these days come, I know them and am filled with gladness.

  26. One of the many garden possessions that I ardently desire and can never have is a bit of rocky hillside; a place partly of sheer scarp and partly of tumbled and outcropping rock-mass, for the best use of these plants.

  27. They owe their vigour to being self-sown seedlings, never transplanted.

  28. Over 450 Superb Illustrations in each Volume=, printed on treble thick Art Paper, portraying in a manner never before attempted the greatest and most interesting Gardens and Homes in England.

  29. But, June, you can never know how I felt when I saw you in that carriage and knew I could do nothing to save you.

  30. He urged me to use them and never say anything about them.

  31. I never thought of it that way," he said.

  32. We'll never have another chance to tie the score in this game!

  33. Never had he heard of such a trick, and when the truth dawned upon him he felt completely nonplused.

  34. In fact, I do not wish him to play at all; but he has set his heart upon it, and I never deny him anything.

  35. And you never got so much as thank you from the old hen!

  36. I'm glad of it, and I'll bet you a hundred dollars you never get another one!

  37. I know one who will never become a friend to Dick Merriwell," declared Stark.

  38. I says, 'I am, though I know I'll never grow up to be a great politician or a millionaire if I stay so.

  39. But Dick had never given up for a moment.

  40. If he were not captain of our team, you'd never catch me betting against it.

  41. Never before had those boys been so startled.

  42. True; but I did not mean that; I meant that you were not the ideal companion for sea-side musing; you never meditate.

  43. I am never in earnest long about anything.

  44. You have never taken that tone before, my daughter.

  45. He never hunts, because he has something better to do," retorted Bartholomew.

  46. And the Englishwoman, who now had both lamps, went down and came back in thirty seconds; she never knew how she did it.

  47. I shall never die in my bed; nor have my old age in peace.

  48. You never wanted us to have nice clothes, and you like to go barefoot.

  49. When her letter came Mrs. Spurr was overwhelmed with grief; but she was also stirred to an energy and determination which she had never shown before.

  50. I never assumed to be a judge, you know," he answered.

  51. It is not easy to paint an angel if you have never seen one.

  52. Then, with sudden exaltation, her eyes gleaming, "I have never seen any one like him.

  53. In all the troubles that I thought might happen, I assure you, I never once thought of that, Mr. Noel.

  54. It is only Giorgio she is jealous of; she gets on perfectly well with Luigi, and with Assunta and Beppa; while for Ercole she can never do enough.

  55. So is the sun quiet, I suppose; I have never heard that he howled.

  56. Nevertheless, true it is, that he did die in his forty-second year, and of a disease in his chest too, although he had never suffered from the hurt beyond the period at which he received it.

  57. Oh, surely Job himself never suffered such a trial of his patience!

  58. In fact, his troubles were scarcely worth mentioning, for he was never cursed with learned servants!

  59. I should never have known that good way, sir, if he had not taken compassion upon me, when I had none upon myself.

  60. Me never tank him enough; me never pray to him enough: me never remember enough who give me all dese goot tings.

  61. Had I been a rich man, perhaps I should never have known nor loved him.

  62. It was an impression that never wore off, but gradually ripened into the most satisfactory evidence of an entire change, of which I had many and long-continued proofs.

  63. I am in his hands, and would remain there; and I do believe that he will never leave nor forsake me, but will perfect the thing that concerns me.

  64. Riches would never make us happier, so long as the Lord sees it good that we should be poor.

  65. When I reflect on my past sins and his past mercies, I am assured, that if I had all the gifts of wise men and angels, I could never sufficiently describe my own inward sense of his undeserved love towards me.

  66. Jenny, my child, I cannot pray: I never did pray in all my life.

  67. I never prayed, nor was sensible of the awful danger of a prayerless state.

  68. If we could but fix our eyes always on that crown of glory that waits us in the skies, we should never grow weary in well-doing, but should run with patience and delight in the work and ways of God, where he appoints us.

  69. I know I did not use to feel so; and I think if he had not loved me first, my wicked heart would never have cared about him.

  70. Never had the streets of that little town, usually so calm and peaceful, echoed with such shouts of laughter.

  71. Never before had the rehearsals of a work seemed more enrapturing.

  72. The next morning the papers announced the declaration of war between France and Germany and I never saw Michel Carre again.

  73. I had never spoken to this delightful young girl (proh pudor) but her looks obsessed me and her memory accompanied me constantly; she was exactly the Manon I had had in my mind's eye during my work.

  74. But if my body was lulled to sleep, my mind remained active; it seemed never to stop working.

  75. I confess that I have never entered that room without feeling emotion.

  76. During this journey it seemed to me that I had never accumulated so many ideas and projects, obsessed as I was by the thought that in a few hours I would be back in Paris and that my life was about to commence.

  77. I visited Naples and Capri, then Sorrento, all picturesque places captivatingly beautiful, perfumed with the scent of orange trees, and all this on the morrow of a never to be forgotten evening.

  78. I did without it much more easily, for I have never needed its help in composing.

  79. I would never dream of asking a hearing--of you!

  80. I had given over the day to packing, gazing meditatively the while at the bed in which I should never sleep again.

  81. Carvalho came to ask me to finish the music of La Vivandiere, a work on which Benjamin Godard was working, but which the state of his health led them to fear he would never finish.

  82. On the contrary, it appears that the tower, which aided Galileo in making his famous experiments on gravitation, was never more secure.

  83. Surprise held the listener dumb, and Nita continued: "Never again while the world stands will I consent ever to look upon the face of Charles Farnham or Dorian Mountcastle.

  84. You will never kill Juanita de Castro when she looks at you with her mother's eyes.

  85. Yes, what he will never get," was the harsh reply, and Farnham only laughed at her incoherent ravings.

  86. To the last hour of his life he never forgot the thrill of pain at his heart when he first beheld Nita sitting in that dejected attitude with her dark head bowed so wearily, and her small hands folded in her lap.

  87. It must have been a decoy letter that had called her away, perhaps some promised news of her brother or his child, although Pepita had never spoken of any child.

  88. I told you always that I could never marry you while my guardian lived.

  89. You are a stranger to me, and if I told you the secret first you might go away and never pay me!

  90. He never spoke, never was conscious again--so farewell to all my ambitious dreams!

  91. Oh, my darling, I shall never see you again!

  92. Azalea is a regular little cat, purring and deceitful, and I know now that I never really loved her, or I should not have been so anxious to put her to the test, or so glad when she proved faithless.

  93. If the gentlemen will not, then the gentlemen do not agree with the gentlewomen, which was never seen before in such an assembly.

  94. I would be sorry, my lord, but it should be thus: I never knew yet but rebuke and check was the reward of valour.

  95. Get posts and letters, and make friends with speed-- Never so few, and never yet more need.

  96. Will Fortune never come with both hands full, But write her fair words still in foulest letters?

  97. Never a man's thought in the world keeps the road-way better than thine.

  98. But, by your leave, it never yet did hurt To lay down likelihoods and forms of hope.

  99. He may keep it still at a face-royal, for a barber shall never earn sixpence out of it; and yet he'll be crowing as if he had writ man ever since his father was a bachelor.

  100. O, it is much that a lie with a slight oath, and a jest with a sad brow will do with a fellow that never had the ache in his shoulders!

  101. By my troth, this is the old fashion; you two never meet but you fall to some discord.

  102. Ain't it wonderful, Jas, never no showing for us again?

  103. He--he says he never felt so satisfied that a woman had the right stuff in her.

  104. There never was a servant worth her hide.

  105. It's a shame that pretty dress-pattern from your two birthdays ago has never had the occasion to be made up.

  106. Why, Leon, I never stop praying my thanks for you!

  107. I never seen the roughness crop up in a man so sudden the way it did in Will.

  108. You'll never know, Clara, the torture it's been for me even your going out those few times with Eddie Leonard has put me through.

  109. We never will get our start that way, Jas.

  110. I used to tell her poor father, one glass of beer could make him so crazy loony he never had to try how two tasted.

  111. Better to have loved a short man Than never to have loved atall.

  112. I never stop anywheres else on the Island.

  113. The Occeq of Saarkkad himself was never seen except by a handful of picked nobles, who, themselves, were never seen except by their underlings.

  114. The bride to be had never met her future husband until they came together at a little village near-by, as she was journeying to the Savoyan castle for the ceremony.

  115. Connecting Bresse and the Franche Comté is a curious little battery of townlets that have never been mentioned in the guide-books, nor ever will be.

  116. It certainly never partook of any luxurious appointments or accessories, judging from its build alone.

  117. The surrounding walls bathe their forefoot in the waters of the Armançon and thus give it a defence of value and importance, though the property was never used for anything more than a luxurious country dwelling.

  118. Disaster after disaster fell upon it and the place never again achieved the prominence of its neighbouring contemporaries.

  119. Young Pierre was asked by his father (1487) what profession he would adopt, and it was then that he replied that the war spirit was bred in him and that he would never renounce it.

  120. Ripaille and Thonon received such an influx of celebrities as it had never known before, nor since.

  121. It is a drawing which until recently was never engraved.

  122. The "beaux jours" had passed never to return.

  123. Turner and his engravers never dared attempt it, so complex was the light and shadow of the vintage sun shining on the hillsides and valleys of the Côte d'Or.

  124. In you we cherish friends and brothers; never more shall you be separated from us.

  125. The tribe of Iroquet never recovered from this disaster; and none to day remain.

  126. The variables T and R are of little interest to us, for they never become bright enough to be seen without the aid of a telescope.

  127. A friend of mine has seen the companion of Antares with a three-inch, but I have never tried the star with so small an aperture.

  128. It has never been seen since, and the suspicion once entertained that it was a variable with a period considerably exceeding three hundred years has not been confirmed.

  129. Then it began to fade, but very slowly, and it has never entirely disappeared.

  130. While this never made a brilliant appearance, it gave rise to a greater variety of speculative theories than any previous phenomenon of the kind.

  131. Surely, the human imagination is never so wonderful as when it bears an astronomer on its wings.

  132. The impression of physical relationship is never lacking though it may be deceptive, and this awakens a lively appreciation of the vast differences of magnitude that exist among the different suns of space.

  133. It is believed to be a swiftly moving binary, whose stars are never separated widely enough to be distinguished with common telescopes.

  134. It, too, has a comparatively small orbit, and its components are never seen widely separated.

  135. When a Canonist had to grapple with any question of connivance of new impression, he sought, and never sought but found, ample guidance in the Old and New Testaments and in the Roman Civil Law.

  136. If there are such men, I have never met them.

  137. But New Bedford is not, or never has been, devoted entirely to the scramble for wealth.

  138. He never meant it as an unqualified statement, for as such it would not be true.

  139. Other disasters of less importance have never been uncommon.

  140. Yet as I stood alone, bending over the coffin, before they bore him out of the dear home forever, I knew all his terrible pain was over, and through blinding tears I thanked God as I have never thanked him since.

  141. After some hesitation, he began: 'Because you have never doubted or questioned me I will tell you why I am here, when every feeling is against my inactivity.

  142. I have never asked before because I knew you had some worthy reason.

  143. I never heard of him again but once, and then of his death.

  144. I had never seen him so white and weak,--he who had been so strong always.

  145. When Southern people speak of the insolence of the negro, they generally mean something which persons who never lived under the system of slavery are not apt to appreciate.

  146. At places remote from military posts, and that had never been visited by our troops, this exodus did not take place so extensively or to a degree threatening a very general loss of crops.

  147. Where Union soldiers had never been seen and none were near, people were at first hardly aware of the magnitude of the catastrophe, and strove to continue in their old ways of living.

  148. The laws of this State do not, and never did, allow a negro to own land or hold property.

  149. There are certainly many people there who entertain the best wishes for the welfare of the negro race, and who not only never participated in any acts of violence, but who heartily disapprove them.

  150. I never entered the army, having held a civil office, and was advised by my friends that I could do more good in that way than by entering the service.

  151. You have to accomplish what has never been accomplished before.

  152. I went down in battle, never to rise up again a sound man, upon the frontier of this broad abounding land of yours.

  153. The admission of negro testimony will never secure the freedmen justice before the courts of this State as long as that testimony is considered valueless by the judges and juries who hear it.

  154. I am well assured that as a general rule the old planters and overseers can never succeed with the freedmen; that there must be an entire change in either laborers or proprietors before the country will again be prosperous.

  155. You would seldom or never hear an oath or ugly word come out of their mouths.

  156. An honest soldier never is forgot, Whether he die by musket or by pot.

  157. Beloved by thousands till his race was run, Macbeth had ne'er a foe beneath the sun; And now he plays among the Heavenly bands, A diamond chanter never made with hands.

  158. So nicely regulated were all his motions, that he never went wrong, except when set a-going by people who did not know his Key; even then he was easily set right again.

  159. Tho' they loved strong drink, yet all the while I was amongst them, which was all this winter, I never saw above five or six of them drunk.

  160. Tobacco he hated, to smoke most unwilling, Yet never so pleased as when pipes he was filling.

  161. Mr Ross states that he was a man of temperate habits, and never drank anything stronger than water, milk, or tea, and was a very moderate eater.

  162. Tis the Divinity that never dies, Which prompts the soul of genius still to rise.

  163. Humane, generous, and liberal, his Hand never stopped till he had relieved distress.

  164. Your town's a damned good-for-nothing town, I wish I never had come into it.

  165. Right, Frank; people can never be too guarded; but Sloman's a safe hand, and we have done a good stroke of business together before now.

  166. War, like misfortune, introduces people to strange bed-fellows, and I never saw that adage so strikingly confirmed.

  167. Never listen to him, Peter," observed the grenadier; "you must be thirsty after your long ride.

  168. No, no; he never intentionally left the schooner.

  169. I never found an establishment that so little realized the glowing picture which Peter Crotty had so fancifully sketched.

  170. Never did intruder time his visit more opportunely, if the excellence of a supper were the proof.

  171. But my heart had never yet been touched; my breast was free from care; and with me, as yet, sorrow was only known by name.

  172. I never witnessed such a look as the insulted, but impotent guerilla directed at the Frenchman.

  173. Disappoint my hopes, and you never see me more.

  174. I started warmly on the death-chase, and never was one more keenly followed up.

  175. Sidenote: Washington retrieves the situation] The men who then beheld Washington's face and listened to his outburst of wrath could never forget it for the rest of their lives.

  176. The Declaration of Independence, they argued, would never have been made had it been supposed that the constitutional liberties of the American people could any otherwise be securely protected.

  177. But Lord North was the only person that could be thought of to take Townshend's place, and Lord North, who never liked to offend the king, declined the appointment.

  178. Never shall a house be burned by one of my people," said he; "to distress poor women and children is what I detest.

  179. The lesson was never forgotten by Greene, whose intelligence was of that high order which may indeed make a first mistake, but never makes a second.

  180. Never perhaps have the opinions current among fashionable ladies and gentlemen been so directly controlled by philosophers and scholars as in France during the latter half of the eighteenth century.

  181. A marplot and mischief-maker from beginning to end, Charles Lee never failed to work injury to whichever party his selfish vanity or craven fear inclined him for the moment to serve.

  182. Among the New Whigs, now that Chatham was gone, Lord Shelburne was the most prominent; but he was a man who, in spite of great virtues and talents, never succeeded in winning the confidence either of the politicians or of the people.

  183. In the course of his campaigning with the northern army, he seems never once to have been under fire, but he would incur no end of fatigue to get a private talk with a delegate in Congress.

  184. John Adams, then president of the Board of War, wrote, in the first white heat of indignation, "We shall never be able to defend a post till we shoot a general!

  185. But the argument as a whole was open to the fatal objection that if the American people were to wait for all these great questions to be settled before taking a decisive step, they would never be able to take a decisive step at all.

  186. One of the pair was almost unmanageable in other hands, but it was remarked that "Captain" always conducted himself well when his master drove, and never had an accident.

  187. They seemed to have no wants beyond those which the dart or spear--never out of their hands--could instantly supply.

  188. I never expected to have seen, in my day, any of the natives of this barbarous nation offering up their supplications for pardon and grace, to the only true God, with such godly sorrow and true contrition.

  189. Never was the gospel of Christ placed in finer contrast with the kingdom of darkness, and the appalling tyranny of the god of this world.

  190. To the latest period he never ceased to take the warmest interest in the prosperity of these institutions.

  191. I never heard any address offered up to heaven with such feelings of reverence, and piety, so much sweetness and freedom of expression, with such humility and heavenly mindedness.

  192. With the Saviour you will be happy, without him you never can be.

  193. Their kind and pious host had never for an instant doubted of their ultimate success.

  194. It was evident that efforts of a more strenuous kind, though, such as the church of Rome is never unwilling to resort to when persuasion fails, must be tried.

  195. I never viewed the British colours with more gratification; and flattered myself they would never be removed, till the natives of that island enjoyed all the happiness of British subjects.

  196. A more purely disinterested and unselfish man perhaps never lived.

  197. Clark, and shortly after was transferred with him (I never knew why) to the Twelfth, and was appointed by Colonel Browne to the office of Quartermaster Sergeant.

  198. He never paraded his virtues before his fellow-men, or posed as a hero or statesman for public applause.

  199. He was notably considerate and courteous in his treatment of his subordinates in office, never seeming to command, while in fact exercising the most perfect control.

  200. I think I never saw the like before or since.

  201. If diplomacy has been correctly defined as being the art of concealing one's thoughts in his language, he never would have made a successful diplomat; for he always said just what he meant, and always meant just what he said.

  202. At its last occurrence, in 1877, Mars introduced to us his two satellites, that had never before been seen by man.

  203. Venus is never more than 47° from the sun, and Mercury never more than 30°; indeed, it keeps so near the sun that very few people have ever seen the brilliant sparkler.

  204. Let it be clearly noted that it never proposes to do more than to trace a portion of the mode of working which brought the universe from one stage to another.

  205. God is light, And never but in unapproached light Dwelt from eternity, dwelt then in thee, Bright effluence of bright essence increate.

  206. It is also apparent that Mercury and Venus, seen from the earth, can never appear far from the sun.

  207. If they are carried to infinity they will never meet: will be forever ten inches apart.

  208. Continuing under the operation of both forces, the worlds can never come together or fly apart.

  209. The same curve around the sun may be an orbit that will bring it back again, [Page 127] or one that will carry it off into infinite space, never to return.

  210. They never attempted to infuse a holy life.

  211. One rate of speed on the curve indicates an elliptical orbit that returns; a greater rate of speed indicates that it will take a parabolic orbit, which never returns.

  212. What if it be found that one book, written by ignorant men, never fell into these mistakes of the wisest!

  213. The idea is never lost sight of in the sacred writings.

  214. The genesis of a new species of plant or animal has never come under the cognizance of man, either in pre-human or post-human ages, either in pre-scientific or scientific times.

  215. The nearest one is the brightest star in the Centaur, never visible in our northern latitudes, which has a parallax of about one second.

  216. Rise above the earth, and you find the worlds tossed like playthings, and hurled seventy times as fast as a rifle-ball, never an inch out of place or a second out of time.

  217. Nay, look at Kenesaw: Perils the mailed ones never knew Are lightly braved by the ragged coats of blue, And gentler hearts are bared to deadlier war.

  218. Fearless they flash through gates of flame, The salamanders hard to hit, Though vivid shows each bulky frame; And never the batteries intermit, Nor the boats huge guns; they fire and flit.

  219. Elate he never can be; He feels that spirits which glad had hailed his worth, Sleep in oblivion.

  220. The battle-smoked flag, with stars eclipsed, We followed (it never fell!

  221. We here who warred for Man and Right, The choice of warring never laid with us.

  222. As soon as he arrived at Rome, he proved to the new Pontiff that the trial of Carranza could never be judged with impartiality in Spain, even by judges appointed by the holy see; Pius IV.

  223. Espiga was then the most intimate friend of the minister Urquijo, but he never allowed any one to influence him in official affairs.

  224. The king merely renewed the prohibition of employing excommunication without an absolute necessity, and decreed that it should never be employed against judges without a particular permission.

  225. The Inquisition was never in so much danger as during the first year of the reign of Charles V.

  226. He lived at Paris under the name of the Count de Pilo, a title which he had never borne in Spain.

  227. Know that I have never been summoned to any assembly, that I never attended them for any purposes but those of commerce.

  228. The requisition or accusation of the procurator-fiscal was never given to the prisoner in writing, that he might not reflect on the charges in prison and prepare his replies.

  229. Rod, Josh, there's been some poor fellow down there all this while; and we never dreamed of it when we pulled that bucket of water up!

  230. Yes, Hanky Panky would never forget what he saw that day, though he lived to a ripe old age, for it was burned upon his memory indelibly.

  231. Andre is pretty sure to have been among those who were in the water when that battery got in its heavy work, and--well, the current carried away many a gallant fellow, never to give him up again.

  232. One and all they were now positive that their wonderful commander would never give up the pursuit until he actually dictated terms of peace before the walls of Berlin itself.

  233. I don't think I could ever sleep decent again if I had the nerve to ride away from here, and never even try to get him out.

  234. Rod would have given considerable for a chance to use his speedy motorcycle in this work, but there was no use thinking of such a thing, because it could never be carried out.

  235. It was an experience the educational value of which could never be fully estimated; and often would the boy ponder over the problems that must have confronted those who were responsible for the solution of them.

  236. Riveted to the spot with the wonder of the spectacle, which they had never dreamed would fall to their vision, the three boys stood there, unable to speak a single word.

  237. One of them he felt positive must be Jules Baggott, the unscrupulous cousin of Andre, who would profit if the soldier should never live to sign the papers which were mentioned in the will of the dead uncle.

  238. I never was guilty of doing such a mean thing before in all my life; but it was absolutely necessary if we meant to shut off pursuit.

  239. Why the Uhlans did not attempt to force an entrance through the rear of the house, which was absolutely undefended, Rod never could tell.

  240. Faces of his boyhood friends were appearing before him in his dreams every single night, and too the loved ones left behind had never seemed one half so precious as now.

  241. Again Rod conversed with her, greatly to the mystification of his comrades, who thought he would never stop.

  242. They had played a manly part in taking up the cause of the poor little woman in Antwerp, and believed they would never be sorry on account of having decided to search for Andre on the battle line before Paris.

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