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contrarius; contrariwise; contrary; contrarye; contrarywise; contraste; contrasted; contrasting; contrasts; contravene
  1. In contrast to the contractile effect of stimulus, certain agents induce the antagonistic reaction of expansion.

  2. In any case the response to stimulus is very abrupt and in strong contrast with the slow diurnal movement.

  3. These mountains are well clothed with vegetation, and present a soft and pleasing appearance in contrast to the picturesque wildness of the parent ranges.

  4. Israel and the Syrians, with which, however, contrast ch.

  5. Elisha's wonder-working activity in contrast to that of Elijah.

  6. The explicit statement that he was buried completes the contrast between him and his greater predecessor.

  7. In striking contrast to the "vain repetitions" of the false prophets are the simple words with which Elijah makes his prayer to Yahweh.

  8. The contrast between the kindliness, the sincere judgment, and the kindly disposition of Mr. McCarthy and the somewhat raucous and malevolent accents of Mr. Chamberlain, was very marked.

  9. If you wanted to see at once the contrast, not only of the temper of the hour, but the still greater and more momentous contrast of temperaments, you had only to look from the face of Mr. Gladstone to that of Mr. Chamberlain.

  10. At last the Old Man had come to a contrast between the action of the Tory Government of 1885 and the Liberal with regard to the treatment of prisoners in Ireland.

  11. The contrast between the Englishman at business and at politics is exasperating, woeful, tragic.

  12. There came upon the House at the beginning of the following week a deadly calm, very much in contrast with the storm and stress of its predecessor.

  13. With all his extraordinary adaptiveness, he stands in many respects in sharpest contrast to his environment.

  14. And, therefore, when I see it crowded as it was on this historic Monday evening, the effect it produces is heightened by the recollection and the sense of the contrast it presents to its ordinary appearance.

  15. His social success was great, precisely because he stood out in such strong contrast to the conventional faces which line the walls of Paris salons.

  16. All the magic charm of youth that once bloomed there, all the fair contrast of velvet whiteness and the colour of the Bengal rose, had given place to a burning glow, as of a porcelain jar with a faint light shining through it.

  17. Finally, their expenses are all the same, but here the contrast comes in.

  18. His housekeeper was a dear old lady, Scotch, like her master, but a direct contrast in every trait of her character.

  19. In contrast with this attitude of Washington, look at the conduct of George the Third respecting the colonies, after the passage of the Stamp Act.

  20. Two immense chimneys stand at either end of the house, and give promise of cheerful comfort and primitive hospitality within, totally in contrast with external nature.

  21. Her eyes were sunk, her cheeks hollow; no trace of youth or beauty remained on her death-like countenance, which formed a horrid contrast with her gay fantastic dress.

  22. There was an affectionate confidence, an unconstrained gaiety in this house, which forcibly struck her, from its contrast with what she had seen at Lady Delacour's.

  23. To contrast herself with me in Lord Delacour's opinion is certainly her object.

  24. But where to find his contrast in these degenerate days?

  25. The halcyon calm of this meeting offers a strange enough contrast to the "disputatious turn" which had been engendered in him as he tells us by his father's "books of dispute about religion" before he left Boston.

  26. It is interesting to contrast the scene at Carlisle with the opera in honor of the Comte du Nord, at which he was present, during the French mission.

  27. She was too weary to contrast the wage with the prices of food, fuel, and clothing.

  28. It is only by contrast that we can enjoy anything.

  29. In contrast with which, it is affirmed that 'the work of righteousness is peace; and that the good man shall be satisfied from himself.

  30. They form a contrast which gives rise to the most absurd jokes, and unexpected situations.

  31. These strips of pale salmon-colour form a pleasant contrast with the rich tints of the great plain of verdure spread out before us.

  32. Groups of sycamore and mimosa trees, set off by clumps of date palms, brought out the soft tones of the walls by the contrast of their rich verdure.

  33. But it was not these details which interested Tahoser, although the contrast of this concealed luxury with the external poverty of the dwelling had at first somewhat surprised her.

  34. The contrast between neomexicana (7) and panamensis (2) illustrates the great range of geographic variation in color which occurs in the one species.

  35. The races gulosa and olympica are what might be termed weakly differentiated subspecies in contrast to the strongly differentiated subspecies streatori and muricus.

  36. At two weeks of age the heavy brown mane stood out in marked contrast to the rest of the scantily, white-furred animal.

  37. Into her cheeks a faint color had glowed, so that the contrast of their clear pallor with the vivid scarlet of the little lips had been less pronounced than usual.

  38. Already crimson lips were offering a vivid contrast to the still, almost colorless face.

  39. What a contrast to his first reception at that court fourteen years before, when he stood among the noble spectators of Alfonso's marriage with his first wife, the Archduchess of Austria, as one of the most honoured of the guests!

  40. There it produces its greatest effect; its size is not dwarfed by surrounding heights, and comes out by contrast with the small objects that diversify the plain.

  41. The places of honour nearest the stage are occupied by several cardinals, whose scarlet dresses and silver locks contrast strikingly with the black garments of the majority of the assemblage.

  42. Lorenzo in Miranda, whose singular ugliness was in striking contrast to the grandeur of the venerable ruin which embraced it.

  43. It is strange to contrast this blighted and fever-stricken aspect of the place with the description of Dionysius, who praised its air as in his time exceedingly pure and healthy, and its territory as smiling and fruitful.

  44. Yet such was the rank of its occupant but a few years since, distant as may be the contrast of courts and cottages, and the natural enjoyment of rural life from the artificial luxury--the painted pomp and idle glitter of regal state.

  45. It is a sad contrast to the extraordinary beauty of this picturesque spot that such dire misery should overtake a proportion of the natives during the winter season.

  46. What a contrast is this moonlit haven, with its background of terraced lights, to the rough surges outside.

  47. What a contrast with the dormitory of the Technical School, where there is no lullaby of lowing kine, but a tranquil, high-roofed hall that would do for the siesta of the Duke of Sutherland himself!

  48. Indeed the annual inundation of the Nile is not such as would give rise to a legend of world-destruction; and in this respect it presents a striking contrast to the Tigris and Euphrates.

  49. Egypt presents a striking contrast to Babylonia in the comparatively small number of written records which have survived for the reconstruction of her history.

  50. In contrast to the dynasties of Manetho, those of Berossus are so imperfectly preserved that they have never formed the basis of Babylonian chronology.

  51. Semitic-Babylonian Tiamat, the monster of storm and flood who presents so striking a contrast to the Sumerian primaeval water.

  52. From this brief sketch of progressive disaster during the later historical period, the inevitable effect of neglected silt and flood, it will be gathered that the two great rivers of Mesopotamia present a very strong contrast to the Nile.

  53. In the matter of floods the Tigris and Euphrates present a striking contrast to the Nile.

  54. Her supreme position as a goddess is attested by the relative insignificance of her husband Dunpae, whom she completely overshadows, in which respect she presents a contrast to the goddess Ninlil, Enlil's female counterpart.

  55. But even without the excuse of recent discovery, no apology would be needed for any comparison or contrast of Hebrew tradition with the mythological and legendary beliefs of Babylon and Egypt.

  56. But in contrast to the rather confused condition of Egyptian mythology, the Semitic Creation myth of the city of Babylon, thanks to the latter's continued political ascendancy, succeeded in winning a dominant place in the national literature.

  57. She felt the contrast between her own activity and intellectual energy, and the stolid indifference and sheep-like contentedness of her husband, and it went to her heart!

  58. The attributes of sweetness and affectation were a curious contrast to her personal appearance.

  59. Coming out, nothing can look more arctic and forlorn than the river, double-shrouded in ice and snow, or sadder than the contrast offered to the same prospect in summer.

  60. What a contrast between this encyclopaedic thought, with its reminiscences of our eighteenth century France, and the German savant of caricature, specialist to absurdity--a type which is often enough encountered in real life!

  61. But, in contrast with Lausanne, the Basle section has little interest in literary and artistic questions.

  62. Nothing can form a stronger contrast to the general passion of the French character for change, than its devotion to the same coterie for half a century together.

  63. The interchange of greetings was remarkable for dignity, and derived a peculiar interest from the contrast between the two chiefs.

  64. The contrast of the luxurious climate with the inclement region which they had left behind them, was doubly striking to men who, for upwards of half a year, had seen nothing but the ocean or the deserts of Cape Horn.

  65. Nor was the state of Egypt less prosperous in the last ages of the Roman empire; nor was its condition a less striking contrast to the miserable and languishing condition of the Italian and Grecian plains.

  66. It was a strange contrast in faces as the young man folded the letter and handed it back.

  67. In contrast to the clear Saxon steadiness of Malcolm Durwent, his own face was constantly touched by lights and shadows of his mind, lit by the incessant prompting of his thoughts that demanded their answer to the riddle of life.

  68. By way of contrast he pictured certain successful gentlemen of his acquaintance in America, and the vision was not flattering to his national self-esteem.

  69. She prepared a dinner with a balance of contrast and climax that a composer might show in writing a tone poem.

  70. In contrast to the throbbing arteries of Holborn and Fleet Street, the river soothed his nerves and lent tranquillity to his mind.

  71. Then the painful experience of discipline and punishment reveals the same motherly figure in the new light of a protector and comforter, and it learns to contrast her with the stern persons whom she has taught it to call pa-pa and ma-ma.

  72. When they went to the Chinaman's kitchen, the contrast was indeed striking.

  73. Contrast with this the case of the Nalbund, the clink of whose hammer in the early morning tells that the 15th of the month has dawned.

  74. It is to such a power of accumulation of heat in our soil and lower atmosphere that we must impute the overwhelming contrast between our climate and that of the moon.

  75. He subsequently arrives in the Republic of Martinia, the inhabitants of which form the most complete contrast to the Potuites.

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