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geognostic; geognostical; geognosy; geographer; geographers; geographica; geographical; geographically; geographies; geographique
  1. They lay at a distance of ten, fifteen, or twenty geographic miles from the Nile, and varied in size from a few to a few tens of square kilometres in area.

  2. Within a year the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the National Geographic Society, the Appalachian Mountain Club, and the Sierra Club joined in the memorialization of Congress.

  3. We know it principally from the reports of four expeditions by the National Geographic Society.

  4. It is certainly in favor of this view that the arctic regions there are more desert than the antarctic and that the north pole of cold occupies more squarely the geographic pole.

  5. But this is not their only geographic bias.

  6. The pole of cold does not coincide in either hemisphere with the geographic pole.

  7. The species as outlined is divided into two subspecies or geographic races.

  8. The range as outlined is divided into several subspecies or geographic races.

  9. The territory as outlined is occupied by two geographic races: the eastern yellow-throated warbler (D.

  10. The preceding range is for the species as a whole of which two subspecies or geographic races are recognized.

  11. The ranges as outlined apply to the entire species of which two geographic races are recognized.

  12. The ranges as outlined apply to the entire species which includes two geographic races; the eastern Nashville warbler (V.

  13. The above range is for the species as a whole, of which two geographic races are recognized: the southern parula warbler (P.

  14. The above ranges apply to the species as a whole, of which four subspecies or geographic races are recognized: the eastern orange-crowned warbler (V.

  15. The writers who have dealt with these islands have treated them generally from the purely geographic point of view.

  16. Humboldt threw the weight of his great influence in favor of the mythical interpretation, though he found the germ of the story in the older geographic myth of the destruction of Lyctonia in the Mediterranean (Orph.

  17. The discoveries made by the ancients in the ocean, of the Canaries and other islands known to them, were speedily forgotten, while their geographic myths were superseded by a ranker growth.

  18. There is an extensive literature on the geographic attainments of Homer, but it is for the most part rather sad reading.

  19. A National Geographic Society was organized in Washington in 1888.

  20. Geographic and political divisions will continue to exist, but distances have been effaced.

  21. Another circumstance, heretofore I believe unnoticed, is in itself enough to demonstrate the Geographic Text to be the source of all other versions of the Work.

  22. Hinkin, or Ghinghin (as it is in the Geographic Text), and to shift it a very little further to the north.

  23. It is, I think, beyond reasonable dispute that we have, in what we call the Geographic Text, as nearly as may be an exact transcript of the Traveller's words as originally taken down in the prison of Genoa.

  24. Now both forms are found in the Geographic Text.

  25. First, that of the Geographic or Oldest French.

  26. The First Type is that of the Geographic Text of which we have already said so much.

  27. Now all the forms Bolgana, Balgana, Bolgara, and Cogatra, Cocacin appear in the Geographic Text.

  28. Both forms are found in the Geographic Text.

  29. The first idea apparently entertained by d'Avezac and Paulin Paris was that the Geographic Text was itself the copy given to the Sieur de Cepoy, and that the differences in the copies of the class which we describe as Type II.

  30. We have, however, already expressed our own view that in the Geographic Text we have the nearest possible approach to a photographic impression of Marco's oral narrative.

  31. It will be clear from what has been said in the preceding pages that I should not regard as a fair or full representation of Polo's Work, a version on which the Geographic Text did not exercise a material influence.

  32. It is probable therefore that an Italian version similarly divided was the common source of what we call the Geographic Latin and of Pipino's more condensed version.

  33. Paris Library) published with the Geographic Text, are evidently derived entirely from it, though both are considerably abridged.

  34. Geographic range of the hooded skunk, Mephitis macroura, with description of a new subspecies from Mexico.

  35. Consideration of the geographic distribution of the species of the family indicates that the center of origin of the family Bombycillidae was south of the present range of the waxwings (subfamily Bombycillinae).

  36. The historic tradition became merged and lost in the geographic fable.

  37. The result of its horrors was to deflect the attention of explorers from the real home of the Dorado, and to lead them on a wild-goose chase after a related but rather geographic myth to the forests of the Amazon.

  38. I must leave it to better mathematicians to determine from the data and the true length of a geographic mile in this latitude, whether the base ought to have been 8.

  39. The geographic limits of the family are somewhat indeterminate, though the main area occupied by the tribes is well known.

  40. For this reason it has been found impracticable to recognize as family names designations based on several distinct terms, such as descriptive phrases, and words compounded from two or more geographic names.

  41. Such an instance doubtless reflects, at least in part, the fact that the two geographic sectors have different environmental conditions, but it is likely that the instance also partly reflects the unpredictable nature of sampling.

  42. Geographic variation in the pocket gopher, Thomomys bottae, in Colorado.

  43. It is, in any event, possible to treat breeding schedules as species-specific characters, for any one geographic area.

  44. Thirty-one species of limnic birds belong to families that Mayr (1946) considered to be unanalyzable as to their geographic origin; of the five remaining species, all seem to be of North American origin.

  45. Brehm), on geographic grounds, probably nested here, but five other subspecies have been recorded in the State and any one of these might have undertaken the aberrant breeding.

  46. On geographic grounds we think that the geographic range of M.

  47. We tried to keep--since there were many interests involved here, we did try to keep the geographic division up to date on what we were doing, so that they would have more or less a complete picture of the case.

  48. Well yes; I think that one reason that it was always cleared was that the geographic divisions were particularly interested in the wording of our replies.

  49. It is to be remarked also that the climatic and geographic environments are themselves remarkably homogeneous throughout the whole extent of the nation.

  50. Nevertheless the fact that Egypt is in this category is due to a highly special geographic phenomenon, the overflow of the river Nile.

  51. The division would consist of a convenient geographic area, in so far as possible contiguous and closely bound together by transport facilities, related economic interests, etc.

  52. That there are limitations imposed by the affiliation of the individual with an economic group cannot be denied, but such limitations are far less drastic than those prescribed by restricted geographic areas.

  53. The divisional units which would be designed to cover a convenient geographic area, and to include all of the economic activities in a particular major industry within that area.

  54. Except for the choice of representatives on the council by occupational groups, rather than by geographic divisions, the local federation would closely resemble the municipal government of the present day.

  55. In setting the boundary lines of these divisions, economic homogeneity, geographic unity, the distribution of the world population and the character of existing civilization would all be called into question.

  56. None of these organizations has any primary interest in geographic areas or in national boundaries.

  57. The desert is a land of geographic paradoxes.

  58. The Geographic Cycle in an Arid Climate, Jour.

  59. At that time, I was unaware of the geographic variation in color pattern in Syrrhophus latodactylus.

  60. Two geographic races (subspecies) are herein recognized; previously these were held by various authors to be species (campi and cystignathoides).

  61. It soon became evident that there were more names than species, that some previously regarded species were geographic variants, and that the eastern and western groups (complexes here) were artificial divisions of the genus.

  62. Both populations agree in other morphological characters; therefore, they are here treated as geographic variants.

  63. Geographic variation and distribution of the genus Tomodactylus in Mexico.

  64. Map showing the geographic ranges of the four subspecies of the species Mephitis macroura.

  65. Actually, as indicated above, we doubt that the geographic ranges of the two subspecies are continuous or that the geographic range of M.

  66. Geographic Range of the Hooded Skunk, Mephitis macroura, with Description of a New Subspecies from Mexico BY E.

  67. How the population of Mephitis, which was sampled by us from west and west-northwest of Piedras Negras, arrived there is unknown but we think that its geographic range is not now connected with that of the population on the Plateau.

  68. Subsequent study revealed a pattern of geographic variation within the range now ascribed to modestus which, in my opinion, can be described best by the recognition of three new subspecies.

  69. Geographic variation within these two states can be seen in proper perspective only when related to the neighboring areas and to previous studies.

  70. On Figure 1 the average values for color of 32 series are mapped to show the geographic variation of color.

  71. Geographic variation in color in Microtus pennsylvanicus in the Rocky Mountains.

  72. It seemed, therefore, that dark color might characterize populations of a wide geographic region and distinguish them from modestus named from southern Colorado.

  73. Furthermore the geographic variation in one feature may be only partly correlated with the variation in another feature.

  74. Comments on the taxonomy and geographic distribution of North American microtines.

  75. However, there is considerable uniformity of populations occupying conveniently mapped geographic areas.

  76. Geographic variation in the meadow mouse in British Columbia and southeastern Alaska.

  77. Specimens from the localities listed above are in the geographic range of P.

  78. There are here given 365 decisions on geographic names.

  79. Of this total a surprising number of decisions (107) are devoted to geographic features of the State of Washington.

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