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  1. King of the Belgians, summoned to Brussels several of the leading explorers and geographers in order to confer on the best methods of opening up Africa.

  2. FN#10] It must be remembered that many of the Moslem geographers derive the word "Arabia" from a tract of land in the neighbourhood of Al-Madinah.

  3. The same thing is observable, however, in the writings of the Arabian geographers when they come to treat of the objects near home.

  4. I wonder that some geographers have attempted to identify Massa, the son of Ishmael, (Gen.

  5. There is a greate deale of Confusion and difference betweene the late and ancient Geographers about the distinction and diuers reckonings of the Climats.

  6. Next after the Circles of the Earth, wee may not vnfitly handle the seuerall Divisions and distinctions which geographers make of the parts, and inhabitants of the earth.

  7. That is Geographers looke to the North, Astronomers to the South.

  8. Wee may rather take notice of those other names which by Astronomers Geographers Divines and Poets are giuen vnto them.

  9. South latitud, but by latter & more exact geographers in the 14.

  10. Now the mouth of Nilus, where it runnes into the mediterranian Sea, is placed by geographers in the 31.

  11. Footnote 2: The geographers of Arabia may be divided into three classes: 1.

  12. William Deslisle, the prince of geographers till the appearance of the greater D'Anville.

  13. Footnote 13: The particular historians and geographers will be occasionally introduced.

  14. Yih and Peh Yi as geographers and natural historians, who produced the "Book of Wonders by Land and Sea.

  15. The place is not mentioned by the geographers who wrote at that time.

  16. The place is not mentioned by geographers who wrote at that time.

  17. The proof texts on which the mediaeval geographers mainly relied as to the form of the earth were Ezekiel v, 5, and xxxviii, 12.

  18. Dinis Diaz" is called by Barros, and all other historians and geographers following his authority, "Dinis Fernandez.

  19. Our materials for the Prince's life are so inadequate that we can hardly decide, from the silence of our authorities, that he was entirely ignorant, even at second hand, of all that the Arab geographers or travellers had written about Africa.

  20. Pillars of Hercules, or Straits of Gibraltar; called by some Arabic geographers (e.

  21. It was during his study of the old Arab geographers that M.

  22. Nevertheless, it is impossible almost to conceive that a position so favored by nature should not have been the site of a town, and it is on this spot that many geographers place the western Bethsaida.

  23. The fact that it is admitted by many modern geographers would be enough for the inhabitants of Khurbet Kâna or for the Greek Church, if they wished to revenge themselves upon their Catholic rivals.

  24. This river is assigned by our modern geographers for the old Eleutherus, but how erroneously has been before mentioned.

  25. I took the more exact account of all these streams to the intent that I might give some light, for the better deciding that difference which is found in geographers about the place of the river Eleutherus.

  26. I refer to the famous narrative of the Zeno brothers, which has furnished so many subjects of contention for geographers that a hundred years ago John Pinkerton called it "one of the most puzzling in the whole circle of literature.

  27. The affair was referred to the queen's confessor Fernando de Talavera, whose first impression was that if what Columbus said was true, it was very strange that other geographers should have failed to know all about it long ago.

  28. The principal consideration, of course, was the distance to be traversed; and here Columbus was helped by an error which he shared with many geographers of his day.

  29. His chief mistakes were only two;--but they were mistakes from which at any rate Strabo and most of the Greek geographers are free.

  30. This stream appears generally to have been considered by geographers as the head of White river, which is accordingly, on most maps, made to originate at this place.

  31. Meanwhile, we may rest assured, that several modern geographers have erred in advancing America too much to the West, and in questioning the extent of Siberia Eastwards, as laid down by the Russians.

  32. In this memoir he dissents from the opinions of Messrs Engel and Vaugondy; and defends the system of the Russian geographers in the following manner.

  33. Homer took the lead among the poetic geographers of Greece, and his authority gave to the subject a fanciful cast, the traces of which are not yet obliterated.

  34. Geographers subsequent to Pytheas strove zealously to discredit his assertions.

  35. Various data furnished by this narrative, in the original Icelandic records, have enabled geographers to determine the various coasts thus dimly seen by Bjarni, but upon which he did not land.

  36. The strait is still known by the name of the supercargo, geographers having consecrated, by silence, this manifest act of injustice.

  37. This narrative, as given by Hanno himself, hardly fills two octavo pages: volumes of commentaries have been written upon it by geographers and antiquaries.

  38. Their statement that on the shortest day the sun was above the horizon from half-past seven till half-past four enables geographers to fix the latitude of the place where they were at 41 deg.

  39. MALTE BRUN[2] and the geographers generally, declared the larger animals of either to be common to both.

  40. This most famous of ancient geographers was born in Amasia, Pontus, about 63 B.

  41. Hence geographers came to think of the habitable globe as having the somewhat lenticular shape which a crude map of these regions suggests.

  42. That the Italic Greeks should have conceived that idea was perhaps not so much because they were astronomers as because they were practical geographers and geometers.

  43. Geographers have lately been debating the reality of historic changes of climate in the same way in which geologists debated the reality of glacial epochs and stages.

  44. In the hot debate over this problem during recent decades the ideas of geographers seem to have gone through much the same metamorphosis as have those of geologists in regard to the climate of far earlier times.

  45. The slope, as geographers know, is still a disputed point.

  46. Early geographers call it Wady Amaj, or after a place of some importance situated in its lower course, Wady Saya.

  47. We find only one passage in Arabic geographers from which we learn that the Baghdadlies, as long as a thousand years ago, used under certain circumstances to take the way of Sufayna.

  48. Above the station of Dzat-Irq there rise ridges called Irq; up these ridges the regular Baghdad Road ascends to the high-plateau, and they are therefore considered by early geographers as the western limit of Nejd.

  49. The remarks of Arabic geographers on the Western watershed, and those of Burton, vol.

  50. The ancient geographers delighted their hearts by imagining a southern division of land and sea inhabited by identical animals, covered with the same kind of verdure and plants, and occupied by similar races of men to the North.

  51. The gradual narrowing of the northern sphere, and the activity displayed in that region by the Americans, to whom it especially appealed, led the European geographers to remember the great amount of work yet to be done in the South.

  52. Geographers of that far-off epoch will then rub their eyes should they chance to discover the outlines of the two Nyanzas and intervening valley as they were described in 1889.

  53. So, though it is some satisfaction to be able to vindicate the more ancient geographers to some extent, I publish at the end of the series of old maps the small chart which illustrates what we have verified during our late travels.

  54. The Chinese geographers say, the Mei ling mountain branches out like a tree; and they describe in particular two, the south-east and the south-west branches from Canton.

  55. The Chinese geographers and historians are very well acquainted with Siam; there is an interesting description of this empire in the Hae kwo heen keen, p.

  56. At that time Spanish and Portuguese geographers reckoned seventeen and one-half leagues to a degree on the equator.

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