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Example sentences for "remembered that"

  • Again it should be remembered that it was between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries that the great Irish collections such as the Book of Lecan, the Book of Ballymote, the Leabhar Breac, the Book of Lismore, etc.

  • The Church in Scotland was comparatively wealthy at the beginning of the Reformation movement, though it should be remembered that out of its resources it was obliged to maintain the schools, hospitals, and institutes of charity.

  • Let it be remembered that, at the period of which we speak, the only real question involved in the contest was gradually assuming more and more a religious character.

  • I remembered that I had told the monk my name; he knew that I was the only descendant of the rich Romani family.

  • I remembered that when he had seen me I had not grown a beard, neither had I worn dark spectacles.

  • But as Dyke neared the depot at Guadalajara, his eye fell upon the detached locomotive that lay quietly steaming on the up line, and with a thrill of exultation, he remembered that he was an engineer born and bred.

  • He remembered that day, long ago, when he had opened the throttle of his first machine.

  • It must be remembered that a possible accident -- whether our own fault or not -- would to us be absolutely fatal.

  • It must be remembered that, with the means of transport we had employed on land, it cost us many a hard day's march to cover a distance of two hundred geographical miles.

  • It must be remembered that no one had yet wintered on the Barrier, so we had to be prepared for anything.

  • I restrained myself, however, for I remembered that it was very difficult to live without money, and that, if the present person did not discount the bills, I should probably find no one else that would.

  • Let it be remembered that no man has ever witnessed an act of creation, the sudden appearance of an organic form, without any progenitor.

  • Let it be remembered that in less than one hundred and forty years the city had been successively taken by Alaric, Genseric, Rieimer, Vitiges, Totila; that many of its great edifices had been converted into defensive works.

  • Though Guizot's affirmation that the Church has always sided with despotism is only too true, it must be remembered that in the policy she follows there is much of political necessity.

  • But it should be remembered that no custom or conventionality which sanctions the distorting of nature, or which interferes with the free exercise of any member of the body, can ever be called beautiful.

  • It must be remembered that modesty is wholly a matter of conventionality and custom.

  • It should be remembered that men of education without moral principles are like a ship without an anchor.

  • Then as he remembered that he had never seen Miss Demolines till the other day, or Miss Van Siever, or even Mrs Dobbs Broughton, he bethought himself that it was all very droll.

  • The walk was only three miles and the weather was dry and frosty, and he had come to the turn leading up to the church and the squire's house almost before he remembered that he was near Allington.

  • I remembered that I wanted to get back to London; and as I had seen my friends, I thought I might as well hurry away.

  • At the moment of missing it he remembered that he had taken the book out from his pocket in Mr Crawley's room, and, at that moment, he had not doubted but that he had left it in Mr Crawley's house.

  • When I gave it her, I thought I gave it all; and yet afterwards I thought I remembered that in my illness I had found the cheque with the dean's money.

  • Then I remembered that Mr. Marnham had spoken of his house as being called the Temple, of which, of course, Tampel was a corruption; also that he said he and his partner were labour agents.

  • I remembered that he had trapped me into Zululand and then handed me over to Cetewayo, separating me from my friends who were in my charge, and for aught I knew, giving them to death.

  • But, at the same time, it must be remembered that it is on the other side of the champagne stage of life that the appreciation of really great wines begins.

  • He was doubtless right, more especially as he looked at the matter from a Frenchman's point of view, for it must be remembered that to the great body of people in that country life is more pleasant than to the rest of humanity.

  • And yet it must be remembered that no cast-iron code can be laid down which would be applicable to one and all.

  • Then also he remembered that Mrs. Bold had a son.

  • And here the author must beg it to be remembered that Mr. Slope was not in all things a bad man.

  • In the bar-rooms of New York, while trying to induce a recalcitrant loafer to part with a dollar, he remembered that he had not met anyone so stubborn as Biddy.

  • He remembered that it was Cardinal Cuilen who had denationalised religion in Ireland.

  • This act of friendliness becomes a personal tribute to Borrow, when it is remembered that at first Mr Villiers had been by no means well disposed towards the Bible Society.

  • One day we remembered that none of us had seen him for several days, and we started in search of him.

  • It will be remembered that a canteen was composed of two pieces of tin struck up into the shape of saucers, and soldered together at the edges.

  • To fully appreciate the condition of affairs let it be remembered that we were a community of twenty-five thousand boys and young men--none too regardful of control at best--and now wholly destitute of government.

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