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Example sentences for "knew that"

  • Soon after, however, Felix approached with another man; I was surprised, as I knew that he had not quitted the cottage that morning, and waited anxiously to discover from his discourse the meaning of these unusual appearances.

  • I knew that it was impossible: and to see every one else prejudiced in so deadly a manner rendered me hopeless and despairing.

  • He knew that I could not have a more kind and attentive nurse than himself; and, firm in the hope he felt of my recovery, he did not doubt that, instead of doing harm, he performed the kindest action that he could towards them.

  • Of my creation and creator I was absolutely ignorant, but I knew that I possessed no money, no friends, no kind of property.

  • Luis said he knew that it was decided that we should marry, but that he wanted me to be his wife because I loved him.

  • He knew that he kept the breach open between himself and his wife--that he thought it a point of religious duty to do so.

  • He knew that he was gradually isolating the wretched woman from her husband and children, and that the continual repetition of prayers and penances did not give her any adequate comfort for the wrong she was doing her affections.

  • It was all done so swiftly and deftly that the fellow was helpless before he knew that he was attacked.

  • From the pressure of Holmes's shoulder against mine I knew that he was sharing my observations.

  • I knew Black Peter, and when he pulled out his knife I whipped a harpoon through him sharp, for I knew that it was him or me.

  • This, of course, if we could definitely prove it, would turn Lestrade's argument against himself, for who would steal a thing if he knew that he would shortly inherit it?

  • Again I saw that grim face look over the cliff, and I knew that it was the precursor of another stone.

  • By a mighty effort the Lion restrained his anger--he knew that to obtain mastery over others one must be master over oneself.

  • He knew that house-mothers do not like cobwebs; it would never, never do to have a Christmas Tree covered with those.

  • I knew that voice all right, and I knew that I had to make a decision quick.

  • I knew that kind of look--I'd seen it at the Cruelty.

  • For I knew that unless I proved to you it could be stolen, you'd never agree to hire a detective to watch those things, which will get us all into trouble some day.

  • Just what I'd been hoping for I don't know, but I knew that my chance had come that morning.

  • For the space of half an hour he stared down the river, and I knew that he was looking vainly for the Willing.

  • Our trace rose and fell over height and valley, until we knew that we were come to a wonderland at last.

  • I gained the notch with the small hours of the morning, started on with the descent, crisscrossing, following a stream here and a stream there, until at length the song of the higher waters ceased and I knew that I was in the valley.

  • I crept close to him and told him in a breathless undertone, and I knew that I was shaking the while.

  • I had his promise now for my reward, and I knew that he would carry it into effect.

  • But outwardly I, too, was impassive as a man of stone, and though I knew that Phorenice's eye was on my face, there was never anything on it from first to last that I would not have had her see.

  • Like all seamen, I knew that he paid his devotions to one of the obscurer Gods, but till then I had supposed him devout in his worship.

  • I was first conscious that she was kissing me, and then my eyes seemed to wake on a sudden to their sense of outward things, and I knew that I was looking mechanically straight before me at the prospect of the lake.

  • He knew that he could trust my experience and my industry.

  • I felt the blood rush into my cheeks, for I knew that it HAD influenced me.

  • I knew that--and yet even the mention of his age, when I contrasted it with hers, added to my blind hatred and distrust of him.

  • I did not think so, for I knew that we had a few hours before us and that I could employ them to better purpose than Joseph Buquet was able to do.

  • Christine and I knew that music; we had heard it as children.

  • And so I knew that there was another reason than fear of death behind his flight, as he knew that a greater power than pride or honour spurred me to escape these fierce destroyers.

  • I did not relinquish my grasp upon him, however, for I knew that a single shriek from those lips as he hurtled to his death in the silent waters of the sea would bring his comrades from above to avenge him.

  • I knew that I could not carry more than one away with me, for I was already too heavily laden to move quietly with any degree of safety or speed.

  • I knew that it must awaken some of the men at least, and was on the point of forestalling their attack by a rapid charge for the doorway, when again, to my intense surprise, not a black moved.

  • Tars Tarkas listened in silence, but I could feel his eyes riveted upon me and I knew that he awaited my answer as one might listen to the reading of his sentence by the foreman of a jury.

  • He knew that when he was alone he would have to examine the portrait.

  • I knew that I had come face to face with some one whose mere personality was so fascinating that, if I allowed it to do so, it would absorb my whole nature, my whole soul, my very art itself.

  • He knew that what he was going to do was dreadful.

  • To do him justice, he preferred horses to men; but men or horses, I knew that presently he'd have to come down in the world - like the other Old Things.

  • I knew that if even a false rumour of any defeat to Maximus broke loose among the Winged Hats, they might come down in earnest, and then - the Wall must go!

  • He was dressed like a hunter, and he leaned on his little stick; but I knew that back as far as I could see it, and I told Pertinax.

  • Tonight, when he rode so close to her that he could have touched her, he knew that he might as well reach out his hand to take a star.

  • The Alhambra itself had, from the first, seemed perfectly familiar to him, and he knew that he must have trod that court, sleek and brown and obsequious, centuries before Ferdinand rode into Andalusia.

  • When we saw a light burning in his office late at night, we knew that a game of poker was going on.

  • I looked at my watch and sighed; it was three o'clock, and I knew that I must eat him at six.

  • Although I admired scholarship so much in Cleric, I was not deceived about myself; I knew that I should never be a scholar.

  • I knew that if I gazed at him intensely for several minutes, I saw auras in whichever hue I imagined.

  • He knew that my quest for a teacher would begin in roughly two months, when I would graduate from high school.

  • I knew that he was making less than six dollars an hour.

  • I wanted to watch Atmananda work his charm, but I knew that I had a task to perform.

  • I wanted to say good-bye to my friends in the Centre, but I knew that in the interest of "saving" me, they would tell Atmananda.

  • He said: "When the booing began and you didn't break down and run off the stage, I knew that what I hoped and believed about you was true.

  • With her assistance he had got evening clothes that sent through his whole being a glow of self-confidence--for he knew that in those clothes, he looked what he was striving to be.

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    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    conflict between; doing this; fundamental change; having left; knew about; knew also; knew enough; knew every; knew her; knew him; knew just; knew the; knew thee; knew their; knew them; knew well; knew where; knew you; like creature; nearly black; nice time; take much; taking occasion; use permit only and generally restricted; well prepared; when wanted