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Example sentences for "breathless"

Lexicographically close words:
breathes; breathest; breatheth; breathing; breathings; breathlessly; breathlessness; breaths; breathtaking; breathy
  1. A shower of tiny blossoms and torn leaves covered the steps of the office- porch, the garden beds were trampled deep, the seven labourers breathless and exhausted.

  2. But she hadn't been sharp enough to keep Martin Lloyd from asking her to marry him, exulted Cherry, as she stood breathless and laughing in the dark hallway.

  3. Amid a breathless and highly satisfactory silence, the duchess tore open the orange envelope.

  4. The thoughts of mosquitoes, of drenchings, of hours of breathless disappointed waiting, all sank in the memory of the daily discoveries, the mental delights of new research.

  5. In the cool of early morning, throughout the terrible breathless heat of mid-day and the drenching downpour of afternoon, the frog and I put our questions.

  6. All this was done in profound silence, Judith watching every movement with breathless expectation, while Deerslayer himself stood seemingly as unmoved as one of the pines of the hills.

  7. There was but a breathless instant, when the whole band, old and young, women and children, abandoning the lifeless body of the Panther where it lay, raised the yell of alarm and followed in pursuit.

  8. A breathless minute succeeded, after which a noble buck walked out of the thicket, proceeded with a stately step to the sandy extremity of the point, and began to slake his thirst from the water of the lake.

  9. The others, though they all joined in and hunted out an imaginary enemy, and in turn exulted over his discovery, soon became breathless and spent, and were glad when their attendants led them away to be anointed and to drink water.

  10. We began to mount, in breathless silence, expecting the first man to come tumbling down on top of all the rest.

  11. He was a little breathless at the danger he had run.

  12. He exaggerated the Americanisms which he knew always made the Englishmen laugh and poured out a breathless stream of conversation, whimsical, high-spirited, and jolly.

  13. The intense hunger for knowledge holds these sturdy, open-air little people in a trance of breathless interest.

  14. The children here listened with breathless attention to the lesson we gave them.

  15. Then followed the usual breathless moment when the car charged forward on to the horses' heels.

  16. The crowd in the bushes stood tiptoe and breathless as the German spy came down the hawthorn path.

  17. And the breathless children heard how this new ideal of freedom had passed all bounds of the country in which it was born, and thrilled all lands.

  18. It was like a frightful nightmare--the stealthy, breathless chase which followed.

  19. At the time, however, we expected every moment to hear the patter of feet behind us, and raced on till, breathless and panting, we reached the base of the mountain.

  20. It was an impressive scene, and we stood watching with breathless interest.

  21. Don't be too sure," whispered Castro, and stooping down he glided noiselessly to the nearest man, while I waited with breathless eagerness.

  22. Lady Torquilin and I regarded each other in the next room with pale and breathless congratulation, and then turned with one accord to Oddie Pratte.

  23. I asked, quite breathless with my sudden exit.

  24. Belding had scarcely started Dick Gale's story when he perceived that never in his life had he such an absorbed and breathless audience.

  25. They hung breathless and wide-eyed upon his words.

  26. A moment more of breathless suspense and the lithe form of an Indian brave could be seen behind the light.

  27. She was almost breathless when she reached Colonel Zane's house, and hesitated on the step before entering.

  28. She was breathless from running up the stairs and her comely face wore a look of concern.

  29. All was silent as the tomb, and as I gazed in breathless suspense, hour after hour flew by, till at length I heard the old church clock toll forth the dread hour of midnight.

  30. The funeral was this breathless morning, with details that may not be written down.

  31. Your letters leave me breathless with things to say back.

  32. She bustled about, talking the whole time; if she noticed the constraint between the other two she said nothing till tea was ready, and she sat down amongst the mauve cushions with a breathless sigh.

  33. He counted the strokes mechanically; there was a breathless pause, then the clash of bells.

  34. When at last they did he heard them coming for a long time before the door was opened, heard slipshod steps on shiny linoleum, and a husky sort of breathless cough.

  35. It almost seemed as if time had stood still for a moment, and then suddenly rushed her back again with breathless speed, to leave her bereft of hope and happiness, as she had been before she met Micky.

  36. How he won his game and the girl he loved is the story filled with breathless situations.

  37. There was a breathless pause for a few minutes, during which I listened intently, but caught only a faint sound as of the snapping of a lock.

  38. She jumped into it at a bound, overwhelmed with anguish, and breathless with fear; so she called out to the coachman: "Home!

  39. She also felt inclined to run; she felt inclined to move and to stretch her limbs, and to repose in the warm, breathless air.

  40. Here spring appears Caught in a leafless brake, her garland torn, Breathless with wonder, and the tears half dried Upon her rosy cheek.

  41. Hundreds of boys belonging to the Church of England Grammar School have listened with breathless interest to these stories, told them by their master after lessons, "In the Dormitory.

  42. Breathless at his own temerity, pink as a peony with shame, Monsieur Pettipon found himself bowing before a blur of gold and multi-hued decorations that instinct rather than his reason told him was the captain of the Voltaire.

  43. At length, when all but breathless from his exertions, Chester with one prodigious punch, a coup de grace that there was no withstanding, knocked all the fight out of his foe.

  44. He sate half perturbed and breathless after this was done, and the half-wicked, half-frightened dark eyes watching him, seemed to admit a faint smile.

  45. The breathless silence which for a time ensued at this crisis was broken by the harsh cry of the auctioneer: "Three thousand dollars!

  46. She dashed on her way, and at length almost breathless reached the Larkins' house.

  47. He told about the race on the river the day before, and of Tim Fraser's accident and sudden death, to which the choppers listened with almost breathless interest, at times giving vent to ejaculations of surprise.

  48. Reluctantly he obeyed, and stood with the rest watching with breathless interest to see what would happen.

  49. With hands clasped demurely before her and her eyes fixed upon the floor, slowly the little maiden began to lisp forth the words while the rest listened in almost breathless silence.

  50. A breathless silence pervaded the sanctuary as he proceeded to draw a picture of St. Paul, the great champion of the faith, in his old age enduring affliction, and appealing to his flock to remember his bonds.

  51. He looked steadily over the heads of the people before speaking, and an almost breathless silence ensued.

  52. Perched upon a chair Dan gave a brief though vivid description of the scene in the store, to which Nellie listened with almost breathless interest.

  53. My thoughts flashed to them, gazing breathless at the screen that imaged the very scene before us.

  54. The August night was warm; the garden, banked by trees and shrubbery, was breathless and oppressively hot; yet the body of Atwood seemed frozen!

  55. He speeded reckless of flower beds and fences on his mission, flew heedless of mud and water through an obstructing swale, and, breathless and pretty nearly exhausted, gained the main-road.

  56. When the newspaper was discovered, every member of the family, even the hired men, crowded about to stare in wonder at the printed page over the shoulder of Ted Barnes, who began to read in a tragic, breathless tone.

  57. Then he crumpled up the paper and started on a run for home with the breathless exclamation: "It's wonderful!

  58. The tug captain listened to him in breathless interest.

  59. And thus I hope, she for my heavy sighs To heaven complains, to me she pity shows By sympathetic visits in my dream: And when this mortal temple breathless lies, Oh!

  60. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "breathless" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    breathless silence; breathless suspense