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Example sentences for "bewildered"

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beweep; bewept; bewhiskered; bewigged; bewilder; bewilderedly; bewildering; bewilderingly; bewilderment; bewilders
  1. One could perceive that painful striving in their bewildered gaze and in their sudden crazy grasp at the empty air.

  2. Ellen stood as though dead, gazing at his movements with staring, bewildered eyes.

  3. They no longer wandered on and on with blind and patient surrender, but turned this way and that in bewildered consultation.

  4. The masses no longer supported one another, but were in a state of solution, bewildered and drifting about in the search for something that would weld them together.

  5. He was quite bewildered by all that was going on within him.

  6. Pelle moved about in the crowd, collecting the bewildered inmates of the "Ark" by the gates of the prison, so that those who had relatives could find them.

  7. Seeing this parley of the Princess and the Impostor some of the bewildered crowd murmured, and one man shouted, "The King of Alsander is lying dead at your feet!

  8. And he waved his hands in front of John's bewildered eyes as he chanted low the injunction.

  9. The woman whom he has taken to his bosom has bewildered him with her charms and her sorceries, and put it in his mind to deny the mission he bears.

  10. An expression of bewildered surprise crept into her eyes as I spoke.

  11. I took time, as I rested, to glance back, hoping thus to learn more of the direction I should follow; for the Kinzie light was no longer visible, and my struggle with the current had somewhat bewildered me.

  12. The next day the duc d'Aiguillon went again to the king, and found him bewildered with family scenes and the murmurings of the Choiseuls.

  13. Do you remember a singularly handsome young man, who, during my abode with madame Lagarde, fascinated me till my very senses seemed bewildered by my passion.

  14. He smiled at my bewildered look, blessed us the second time, and left us alone.

  15. To my wider knowledge of the Colonel's schemes many things were clear which puzzled and bewildered my friend, and I was not altogether surprised to see by Malgares's look that he understood the situation nearly as well as myself.

  16. You have surprised, indeed you have bewildered me.

  17. He was not accustomed to being consulted, and it bewildered him.

  18. Rickie departed in a state of bewildered misery, which was scarcely ever to grow clearer.

  19. Jonathan Jelf, who seized the first opportunity of drawing me aside and learning all that I had to tell, was more amazed and bewildered than either of us.

  20. For a long time the cries of the soldiers repeating their signals, and seeking to join their several banners, sounded like the howling of bewildered dogs seeking their masters.

  21. He had a strange, sharp pain in his head, which made him feel very bewildered and uncomfortable.

  22. Christie woke with a start, and looked up in her face with a bewildered expression.

  23. He wore the characteristic earthquake look, a dazed and bewildered expression of countenance; he spoke in a singularly deliberate manner.

  24. She was silent in her brother-in-law's presence because recent events had rather bewildered her.

  25. For an hour and a half the party kept doggedly on until the senior members became greatly bewildered and fatigued by their serpentine meanderings.

  26. He asked these questions in quick succession and Don Marcelo, bewildered by their absurdity, did not know how to reply.

  27. At first the old man felt a little bewildered by this solitude, which obliged him to eat uncomfortable meals in a restaurant and pass the nights in enormous and deserted rooms still bearing traces of their former occupants.

  28. For four days the distracted lover lived in Bordeaux, stunned and bewildered by the agitation of a provincial city suddenly converted into a capital.

  29. The bewildered proprietor of the castle finally fell asleep in a bed in the lodge, made mercifully unconscious by the heavy and stupefying slumber of exhaustion, without fright nor nightmare.

  30. That she had been bewildered when questioned by the market-woman, was not surprising, since she had passed a sleepless night, and the fate of poor William was yet uncertain.

  31. I was bewildered in a cloud of wonder and horror.

  32. I neither spoke or looked, but sat motionless, bewildered by the multitude of miseries that overcame me.

  33. Linton here started from his slumber in bewildered terror, and asked if any one had called his name.

  34. I bid the trembling and bewildered child get down, and enter.

  35. The birds did not utter the cry or make the demonstration of alarm they usually do on the appearance of a hawk, but chirruped and called and flew about in a half-wondering, half-bewildered manner.

  36. But it was no kind of use in talking, for Hezekiah could not raise the jib; and his imperfect nautical knowledge, under such a snarl, completely bewildered and disgusted him with the prospect.

  37. I still clung on to my oar, and made the poor blacks pull for this side of the river, as fast and well as thar bewildered and frightened senses allowed 'em.

  38. There was a mumbled, bewildered protest which grew fainter and fainter till it ended with the clicking of the gate latch, and Lizzie, white and trembling, returned.

  39. I want to undress you, Jane," Lizzie said, bewildered by the ambiguous torrent of words.

  40. He nodded, holding her bewildered stare by his fixed eyes.

  41. The sudden violence of the attack bewildered her.

  42. She leaned her head against him with a bewildered sense of self-reproach.

  43. Dinah went obediently, still with that bewildered feeling of having somehow taken a wrong turning.

  44. Bewildered and alarmed, he returned to his bed-chamber, and once more sought his couch.

  45. Tomlinson, almost bewildered by the sudden revelation which had been made to him concerning Michael Martin.

  46. I'm bewildered in a labyrinth of mazes, sir," said the butler.

  47. Overwhelmed with shame, and so bewildered by this cruel blow, that he knew not how to act, Markham stood for some moments like a criminal before his judges.

  48. Diana, almost bewildered by the suddenness with which this blow had come upon her.

  49. She did not know, and was too bewildered to think.

  50. In all those long months of bewildered effort to adjust himself to the altered conditions of life, there had been an undercurrent of purpose: he would see Elizabeth.

  51. She didn't ask for you, 'm," the bewildered maid assured her.

  52. The entreaty was the entreaty of a child, a frightened, bewildered child.

  53. He was conscious of a bewildered inability to believe what had been said to him.

  54. For once David's old look of silent, friendly admiration did not answer him; instead there was half-bewildered dismay.

  55. When he let her go, she put her hand up in a bewildered way and touched her cheek; the boy had kissed her!

  56. Men with tragic faces and bewildered eyes are not welcomed by hotel clerks.

  57. You're very kind," he said; he was so bewildered by this unexpected mildness that he could not think what to say next.

  58. Elizabeth had been sent home, the bewildered David being told to accompany her to the door.

  59. His loud and terrified command made her quiver; she was bewildered by the unexpectedness of his suspicion, but too dulled and stunned to evade it.

  60. Mrs. Elton was amusingly bewildered by the occurrences of the evening.

  61. Then suddenly opening her eyes, she stared at Margaret in a bewildered fashion, like one waking from the dead.

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