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Example sentences for "bewhiskered"

Lexicographically close words:
bewar; beware; bewayle; beweep; bewept; bewigged; bewilder; bewildered; bewilderedly; bewildering
  1. He is a kind of bewhiskered Sir Galahad who goes in quest of Trilby instead of the Holy Grail, and having found her, sits down on her bed and cheers her up while she kisses and caresses him.

  2. That'll do," her bewhiskered husband snarled.

  3. And screwing up his bewhiskered old face, he yelled, "Bat-t-t!

  4. Here another sigh, and the face rising into full view, Barnabas recognized the bewhiskered gentleman he had noticed in the yard.

  5. But little by little he became aware that the clamor below had ceased and, glancing down into the court, beheld two men in red waistcoats, large men, bewhiskered men and square of elbow.

  6. The present party of millionaire folk seemed to be led by a bewhiskered gentleman in plaid knickerbockers and puttees, who had travelled all the way from Canton, Ohio, in hobnailed shoes in order instantly to be ready for mountain climbing.

  7. Alpine hat was saying when, leading the party like a bewhiskered gander, the gentleman from Canton, Ohio, dashed to the end of the veranda with his camera ready for action.

  8. When the yard windows were thrown open the bewhiskered captain sat down to the piano and struck up an old national tune, to the accompaniment of two male voices.

  9. Pa Sloane sat quietly and listened, with very sweet memories of the long ago, when he and Ma had been young and proud, and the bewhiskered William Alexander had been a curly-headed little fellow like this one.

  10. Aunt Olivia's kitten, a fat, bewhiskered creature, looking as if it were cut out of black velvet, shared our vigil and purred in maddening peace of mind.

  11. Half an hour later he had located the sheep camp and ridden to it to accost the four bewhiskered Basque shepherds who, surrounded by their dogs, sullenly watched his approach.

  12. Pablo told me his Don Mike, as he calls him, was killed by the bewhiskered devils in a cold country the name of which he had heard but could not remember.

  13. And what is that bewhiskered Blake doing aboard her?

  14. When I sensed the fact that he was directing his remarks at me, my first impulse was to lay hold of something and heave it at his bewhiskered face.

  15. I found there a small, bewhiskered man bowed over a ledger, and a dozen husky packers stowing goods on the shelves.

  16. A bewhiskered face thrust itself through the opening, carefully pulling the flap below to cut off a fleeting glimpse of bare legs and loose shirt.

  17. Presently a bewhiskered little old Irishman climbed from it and came ploughing down beside the grade.

  18. The twins told them what they had seen----the bewhiskered man who had hidden behind the boulder.

  19. Had they been alone, or with the other boys and no girls, they would surely have made an attempt to find the bewhiskered man whom the Lockwood twins had twice seen disappear into the far entrance of the caverns.

  20. They swept into the cove where the girls had seen, the previous Saturday, the rough-looking, bewhiskered man upon the shore.

  21. At the bar of the place Bill found a rough, bewhiskered fellow, whom he drew aside.

  22. He was a bewhiskered ruffian, and he strode forth and followed the crowd to the Dutchman's saloon.

  23. He looked over the bib of his voluminous apron like a bewhiskered gnome very busy at some mysterious task.

  24. Another figure that attracted our attention was a huge bewhiskered nigger, who on seeing us was all smiles.

  25. A tall, bewhiskered man, smoking a corncob pipe, leaned upon the rail fence, regarding the strangers with lazy interest.

  26. Bright-eyed women crowded to the edge of the boardwalks amongst the long-booted and heavily bewhiskered men.

  27. At the same instant five bewhiskered individuals appeared as if by magic with drawn revolvers, dominating the situation completely.

  28. Simultaneously, with the beginning of the performance of "As You like It," he was in his own barn-loft confronting Andrew Gregory and the five bewhiskered assistants from New York City.

  29. He could tell when it was morning by the visit of a bewhiskered chambermaid with a deep bass voice, who carried a lighted candle and kicked him into wakefulness.

  30. The door opened and Julius Spantz, bewhiskered and awkward, entered.

  31. King was pushed out into the larger room, where he was confronted by a crowd of bewhiskered men and snaky-eyed women with most intellectual nose-glasses.

  32. De Claverlok, you lie in your bewhiskered throat," returned Sir Richard in a menacing undertone.

  33. Douglas received him with a gracious cordiality, his red bewhiskered face all of a-wrinkle with genial smirks and smiles.

  34. He was a big, bewhiskered man, with a jolly laugh and amiable manner.

  35. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bewhiskered" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    banal; bewhiskered; common; commonplace; fade; familiar; fusty; hackneyed; hairy; musty; platitudinous; square; stale; stereotyped; stock; stubbled; threadbare; timeworn; trite; unoriginal; worn