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Example sentences for "deep"

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deemest; deemeth; deeming; deems; deenars; deepe; deepely; deepen; deepened; deepening
  1. Behold my gray head, full of silver hairs, My wrinkled skin, deep furrows in my face.

  2. Welcome to shore, unhappy-happy Lord, From the deep seas of danger and distress.

  3. Poor Harry Jekyll," he thought, "my mind misgives me he is in deep waters!

  4. The wind, which only broke in puffs and draughts into that deep well of building, tossed the light of the candle to and fro about their steps, until they came into the shelter of the theatre, where they sat down silently to wait.

  5. As only of a sound; they that intend To do, are like deep waters that run quietly, Leaving no face of what they were, behind 'em.

  6. They are excellent women, Deep in their knowledge, friend.

  7. I shall try How deep your inspiration lies hid in ye, And whether your brave spirit have a buckler To keep this arrow off, I'll make you smoke else.

  8. Is there ne'er a hole, That I may creep in deep enough, and die quickly?

  9. Whilst she sits bathing in her larded fury, Inspir'd with full deep Cups, who cannot prophesie?

  10. The tories were posted at Shepherd's ferry, on the south side of Black Mingo, a deep navigable creek, and had command of the passage.

  11. Ramsay's mill, on Deep river, which he performed in eight days.

  12. Below the fountain on his right there was a deep valley, through which the Eutaw creek, five or six feet deep, takes its course towards the north-east.

  13. The mists boil up around the glaciers; clouds Rise curling fast beneath me, white and sulphury, Like foam from the roused ocean of deep hell!

  14. I speak not, I trace not, I breathe not thy name, There is grief in the sound, there is guilt in the fame; But the tear which now burns on my cheek may impart The deep thoughts that dwell in that silence of heart.

  15. I now saw distinctly that there was some deep plot in progress, and recognised that in all probability my pretty little friend was in peril.

  16. Some deep game was in progress, but its nature I was entirely unable to gather.

  17. Alone, she had paused in her walk, and with her eyes turned across the bay she was in a deep reverie.

  18. They were deep in conversation, and it struck me that she was warning him regarding something.

  19. Though the sun was warm and balmy along the Lower Corniche, here was sharp frost and deep snow, so deep, indeed, that I was greatly delayed, and feared every moment to run into a drift.

  20. The front steps were well kept, and in the deep basement was a well-lighted kitchen.

  21. At dinner she once clenched her little hand involuntarily, and drew a deep breath, showing me that she was indignant at something.

  22. That Bindo and his friends had laid some deep plot was, of course, quite certain, but the Count never took me into his confidence until the last moment, when the coup was made.

  23. The body was quite cold when found, and the deep wound between the shoulders showed most conclusively that he had fallen by the hand of an assassin.

  24. As we were walking in the shadow, through the small leafy public garden lying between the roadway and the sea, we suddenly encountered the figure of a young woman who, in passing, saluted my companion with deep respect.

  25. That some deep and ingenious game was in progress I felt certain, but what it was I had no idea.

  26. She nodded, and her chest rose and fell again, stirred by her own deep emotions.

  27. In her refined voice there was a ring of deep earnestness.

  28. My only regret--and it was indeed a deep one--was that I had lost the letter he had given me with injunctions to open it after his death.

  29. My companions were evidently playing some deep game upon this young German, a game in which neither trouble nor expense was being spared--a game in which the prize was a level thousand pounds apiece all round.

  30. Pontiac was in deep thought when a young brave came to him and said two French hunters wished to speak to him.

  31. Jadwin and Sanderson were willing, and watched the young pioneer with deep interest as he moved slowly forward, screening himself by the very bushes that served the sleeping man as bed and pillow.

  32. The matter was talked over for fully an hour, and Dave took in what was said with deep interest.

  33. By the time Dave and Henry arose the snow was several inches deep on the doorstep, where it had previously been swept clean.

  34. They were thrilling tales and the youths listened to them with deep interest.

  35. Here the snow was deep and both went into it headfirst, getting a liberal dose down their sleeves and collars.

  36. If this keeps on, it will be a couple of feet deep by nightfall.

  37. She was rather handsome, with her glossy hair and deep dreamy eyes, and Dave wanted very much to question her.

  38. Dave Morris, as he and his cousin started forward through the deep snow that lay in the woods which had been their hunting ground for the best part of the day.

  39. I don't calkerlate he went far in this deep snow.

  40. And the face of the Delaware showed his deep disdain.

  41. The milk is set in the cellar, in deep tubs made of alder wood, by which they obtain a great proportion of cream, even two fingers' thick.

  42. In the course of my journey thither, walking rather carelessly over the snow, without noticing a hole which the water had made, I fell through the icy crust into the deep snow.

  43. It was covered with stones, betwixt which were thick entangled roots of trees, and among them were deep holes full of water.

  44. With this weapon he attacks the bear and wolf in the time of deep snow.

  45. The verdure of summer seemed to shun this frozen region, retiring into the deep valleys between the mountains.

  46. Deep down in his heart there was gnawing dread, and doubt.

  47. Dave hesitated, then took a deep breath, and sort of squared his shoulders.

  48. That soon he would be leading Freddy Farmer and Barker deep into mystery skies over occupied Europe was as something as far removed as the sun.

  49. The look he flung Dave as he passed by was like a white hot knife driving deep into the Yank's heart.

  50. He paused to leer and make sound deep in his throat.

  51. Group Captain Ball didn't say anything because he was deep in thought weighing Colonel Trevor's words.

  52. The deep rooted hatred for a superior race glittered in their depths.

  53. Dave took a deep breath, and slowly counted up to ten.

  54. The pair clasped hands quickly, looked deep into the other's eyes, and then without another word between them turned around and sprinted for the two end Messerschmitt One-Nines.

  55. The English youth pursued his lips and squinted his eyes at the office wall in a mannerism of deep and concentrated thought.

  56. Dave plucked at his lower lip and screwed up his face in a gesture of deep thought.

  57. But deep down in his heart he felt different.

  58. ENVOI Soldier that saved the world in saving France, Foch, to America's deep heart how near; Betwixt us twain shall never come mischance.

  59. We are with France by bonds no seal Of the stamped wax and tape can make, Bonds no surprise of ambushed steel With sneering devil's laughter break; Nor need we any plighted speech For our deep concord, each with each.

  60. ENVOI Princess, that all this craft of moonlight threw Across my path, this deep immortal smart Shall still burn on when winds my ashes strew: A woman--and yet how much more thou art!

  61. Laughter is dead, Deep hiding in her grave, A sacred thing.

  62. Lonely with lilies; very sweet their eyes-- Bathed deep in sunshine are they, and very cold.

  63. Kiss and make up--'tis the wise ancient way; Back to my arms, O bountiful deep breast!

  64. He closed his eyes with suffering, he trembled with cold, and a flicker of reason deep within him warned him of the absurdity of such a sudden and causeless grief.

  65. In vain he scorned himself, in vain he accused himself of emotional impotence, the man deep in him protested and repeated: "I must love, since I suffer.

  66. The solemn tramp of the Lutheran measures, where the deep basses of the men drown the women's soft voices, and the shrill unshaded singing of the children, could hardly belong to this art, which he heard now for the first time.

  67. It is the work of a man who to great literary power unites a deep insight into the hidden mysteries of spiritual life.

  68. But, in the deep silence of the hours that preceded the dawn, an overpowering restlessness took possession of her.

  69. There is plenty of light and shade in the lives of the poor, if you go deep enough.

  70. We dug a grave for him as deep as possible in the middle of our camping place, and toward eleven o'clock in the night, we four surviving officers ourselves bore our fallen comrade to his grave.

  71. Our water bottles were quickly buried deep in the sand, where they were least likely to be damaged by the enemy's fire.

  72. The trenches were now so deep that they afforded ample shelter for the men lying in them.

  73. From this bay onward our course lay without the shelter of the reefs, and deep water ran close to the shore.

  74. Fundamentally it is entirely conservative, and it has a deep aversion from all innovations and advances and an unbounded respect for tradition (p.

  75. Whereas the intellectual capacity of a group is always far below that of an individual, its ethical conduct may rise as high above his as it may sink deep below it.

  76. It is not without a deep reason that the similarity between the Christian community and a family is invoked, and that believers call themselves brothers in Christ, that is, brothers through the love which Christ has for them.

  77. With a mastery of every technical resource, acquired by deep and patient study, he has given wholly new value and importance to a form of art entirely different from the music-drama.

  78. From what occurs during that vain quest, from the last deep mysterious chord of the Nature theme, let the listener draw his own conclusion.

  79. It is rather the musical portrayal of a quest--a being longing to solve the problems of life, finding at the end of his varied pilgrimage that which he had left at the beginning, Nature deep and inscrutable.

  80. It is played and played, possibly played too much; and yet, when well played, never misses leaving a deep impression.

  81. Jack Sainsbury, keeping the knowledge to himself, spent many deep and thoughtful hours over his friend's tragic end.

  82. I wish I could see a way," replied Rodwell reflectively, as he stood before his own fireplace, his hands thrust deep into his trousers pockets.

  83. Our dear Fatherland owes you and your friends a deep debt of gratitude.

  84. I really didn't know," he laughed, aroused from his deep thoughts.

  85. Trustram, seated near the front, saw Lewin Rodwell rise deliberately from his chair on the platform, and became electrified by his words-- fiery words which showed how deep was the splendid patriotic spirit within his heart.

  86. When the rockets went off, she lay in a burned-out hollow some three or four feet deep with a bottom of solid stone.

  87. He used the flame like a gigantic scalpel, cutting a square a yard deep in the whitish stuff, and then cutting it across and across to destroy it.

  88. There were those preposterous noises like someone rattling a stick along a picket fence--only deafening--and there were baritone chirpings and deep bass boomings from somewhere far away.

  89. By now, though, he was aware of a very deep irritation at the idea of being killed, whether by monsters on this planet or men sent to pick him up for due process of law.

  90. You have got yourself into a pretty fix," said he, with deep agitation.

  91. He periled his popularity with the army, and disregarded the opposition of his most influential friends, from his deep conviction of the importance of religion to the welfare of the state.

  92. What an abyss between my deep misery and the eternal kingdom of Christ, which is proclaimed, loved, and adored, and which is extending over the whole earth!

  93. Bourrienne, in silence, but with deep interest, watched the progress of this pin campaign.

  94. No more disturbs their deep repose, Than summer evening's gentlest sign, Which shuts the rose.

  95. Napoleon had laid the foundation of his throne deep in the heart of the French nation, and there that foundation still remains unshaken.

  96. When they had got the hole deep enough, they put the box in and covered it up.

  97. An hour had scarcely passed, when musket-shots were heard close by, and the unknown reappeared, deadly pale, and bleeding from a deep wound near the heart.

  98. Though dwelling in the shadow of that mysterious melancholy, which ever enveloped his spirit, he must have enjoyed in the deep recesses of his soul, the majestic movements of his plans.

  99. In those times, instead of finding a broad level open space here, a deep ditch would have been seen and a drawbridge must have been lowered before access was possible.

  100. At the setting of the sun the earth fell in with so horrid a crash that all who saw that strange mound and heard its fall were so amazed that for very fear many died, for the earth swallowed up that mound, and where it stood was a deep pool.

  101. Thence it plunges suddenly into the deep gorge of Went Bridge, where the little river Went goes with infantile fury among rocks and mossy boulders along a winding course thickly overhung with trees.

  102. From here, or other headquarters, let us set forth to explore the city, planted on a craggy site looking down upon the encompassing Wear that flows deep down between rocky banks clothed thickly with woods.

  103. These, at least, tell of martial times, as also do the fragmentary towers of the old castle, the few poor relics left of that stronghold by the modern railway station overhanging a deep cleft.

  104. The tale goes on to say that, given a fine day and clear water, the impious farmer and his carts and horses may yet be seen floating deep down in these supposedly fathomless pools!

  105. Great forests grew there, and in deep valleys were wild animals of many sorts, and deer innumerable.

  106. Coming south through the deep and still falling snow, he travelled in a cutting made in the drifts for miles between Ross Inn and Berwick-on-Tweed.

  107. For Iuliets sake, for her sake rise and stand, 85 Why should you fall into so deep an O.

  108. I'll look to like, if looking liking move: But no more deep will I endart mine eye[236] Than your consent gives strength to make it fly.

  109. The deep of night is crept upon our talk, And nature must obey necessity; 225 Which we will niggard with a little rest.

  110. You may throw yourself upon the waves of life, drink deep of the cup of pleasure, not troubling yourself with scruples as to what is allowed and what forbidden.

  111. From this arose the deep melancholy which held her own innocent babe responsible for the misfortune of others.

  112. Very good; live on, drink deep of the fountain of life, drain it to the dregs, and much good may it do you!

  113. I looked at her, and the sight of her deep and real agitation summoned me to a silent condemnation of my base hypocrisy.

  114. Her voice was a rich, deep contralto, and very sweet.

  115. Nor would the word holy of the Son and the Spirit any longer indicate that deep and mysterious communication of the very nature and life of God in which sanctification has its glory.

  116. It is no mere statement of doctrine, that we are holy in Christ: it is no deep theological discussion to which we are invited; but out of the depths of God's loving heart, there comes a voice thus addressing His beloved children.

  117. Our study must be on bended knee, in the spirit of worship and deep humility.

  118. The deep significance of this promise comes out clearly when we connect it with the other promises of New Testament times.

  119. Do bow in deep reverence before the Father, and ask that He may work mightily.

  120. I desire to confess with deep shame that Thy Spirit has been sorely grieved and dishonoured.

  121. To all seekers after holiness this is a lesson of deep importance.

  122. With our whole soul we answer in deep contrition and humility: Holy Father!

  123. It was not till, in the deep sense of the need of cleansing, he had received the touch of the fire and the purging of his sin, that he might bear to Israel the Gospel of the Holy One as its Redeemer.

  124. The "deep damnation of the taking off" was due not to individual depravity but to military necessity.

  125. We procured water from a deep well on the grounds.

  126. They'll prove by the letter that you've been deep in a plot that would have cost a good many lives.

  127. They were too short for coffins, too large for wash bowls, too shallow for bathing tubs, too deep for tureens!

  128. Oliver drew a long deep breath as he gave a stamp upon the sand.

  129. Oliver, as he rose from his long deep drink.

  130. Then came a deep rumbling from the opening, a hot gush of steamy air and a violent report from away in the direction of the volcano, and silence once more deep and profound.

  131. All run down through a big hole into the earth, I say," said a deep voice.

  132. That I can't say," replied Oliver; "deep enough if you could look straight down.

  133. Faster and faster, and on and toward the deep glow now right ahead.

  134. Another deep muttering report was heard, and soon after another and another.

  135. One drew a deep breath and shut one's eyes a moment because it hurt; then one opened them.

  136. She had gone deep into the family annals of George, for, by nature, Emily Louise was thorough, and William had testified that she was conscientious.

  137. Miss Carrie talked in deep tones, which she said were chest tones, and described mysterious sweeps and circles with her hands when she talked.

  138. But deep and lasting humiliation had been inflicted upon them; the honour of the English flag had been vindicated, and the strength of her arms had been tried, and proved to be irresistible to the Chinese.

  139. Nothing was more likely to make a deep impression upon the Chinese government than the stoppage of this valuable trade, upon which the daily sustenance of a large part of the population of the interior actually depended.

  140. The sudden stoppage of this considerable trade could not fail to make a deep impression upon the whole people of Canton.

  141. The principal harbour of Tinghai is difficult of approach, owing to the astonishing rapidity of the currents or tides, the rise and fall of which varies from six to twelve feet; the passages are in some parts narrow, with deep water.

  142. As the tide ebbed, the water ran out again through the leak; and then by digging a deep hole in the sand, it was easy to get down below the ship's bottom, and stop the leak from the outside.

  143. It is formed by a deep inlet of the sea, five and a half miles broad and six long, receiving the waters of three inconsiderable rivers at its head.

  144. Again the mighty sea arose, and damped the reviving hopes of all, and the heavy cross swell could be looked on only with deep alarm.

  145. The tide began to fall almost immediately she struck, so that she was left with her bows high and dry, and her stern deep in the water, while she had seven fathoms close alongside of her.

  146. It was an imposing and interesting scene; the number and variety of the costumes, contrasted with the uniforms of our officers, and the novelty of the spectacle altogether, could not fail to make a deep impression upon all present.

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