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Example sentences for "deepened"

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deenars; deep; deepe; deepely; deepen; deepening; deepens; deeper; deepest; deepish
  1. There was a reluctant guffaw at this; but the gloom had deepened on their warlike souls.

  2. The dark look deepened over his features.

  3. Several new mines of unusual richness have been discovered, and all the old shafts deepened and extended, with the most successful results.

  4. A similar impression, deepened by his reputation for sanctity, he seems to have left behind him amongst the sylvan hamlets of Estremadura.

  5. But I have deepened the taint, in striving to avoid the opposite corruption of revenge.

  6. When the first bitterness of his disappointment had passed, he raised his face, and kissing his mother’s pale cheek with all that affection which had strengthened and deepened from his childhood, he went back to his reading.

  7. The wind that shook the birches had grown perceptibly colder: the gloom beneath them deepened rapidly, and there was a doleful wailing amidst the swinging boughs.

  8. And now, among the unwaving pines, there was a silver shimmer as the moon rose into her empire, and deepened at once, along the universal scene, the loveliness and the awe.

  9. Slowly, nor marked by his companions, the gaze of the mystic deepened and deepened in its fixedness.

  10. And years, which had brought the young countess acquainted with the nothingness of the world, had softened and deepened the sources of her affections, in proportion as they had checked those of her ambition.

  11. And still and solitary deepened around them the mystic and lovely night.

  12. How wholly impossible it is for language to express the agony, the hopeless, irremediable despair that deepened within her as she proceeded to the end!

  13. Its colour had by that time deepened into a full brick-red, and was set off by contrast with a white equatorial spot of unusual brilliancy.

  14. The twilight had deepened almost into darkness.

  15. And while the rainy afternoon deepened into night, the two sad, silent men sat side by side, flying along to Boston.

  16. The smile on the King's face deepened as he watched him.

  17. This influence deepened steadily under the rhythmic cadence of her voice, till every agitated soul, every resentful and troubled heart in the throng was conscious of a sudden ingathering of force and calm, of self-respect and self-reliance.

  18. A crowd of eager heads were pushed forward, and then a low murmur began, which deepened into a steady roar of delighted acclamation.

  19. The smile deepened on the King's face; the Queen, perforce moved at last from her inertia, half rose with an air of amazement and indignation, and Von Glauben barely saved himself from laughing outright.

  20. The morning deepened into noon--and at that hour a sealed dispatch brought by a sailor, who gave no name and who departed as soon as he had delivered his packet, was handed to the King.

  21. Again Karl's hand went to the hilt of Ironbiter, and his frown deepened as Worad of Metz rushed into the room, covered from helmet to buskin with travel-grime.

  22. Her pulse quickened, and the shifting tints deepened in her downcast eyes.

  23. His perception of her personal beauty deepened and quickened with each encounter.

  24. Her complexion had resisted the snow-glare wonderfully; her skin had only deepened its natural warmth a little under the Alpine sun.

  25. From that day Gerard spent most of his evenings with Margaret, and the attachment deepened and deepened on both sides, till the hours they spent together were the hours they lived; the rest they counted and underwent.

  26. Dim anxiety passed into vague fear, and then deepened into dull conviction, over which ever and anon flickered a pale ghostly hope, like the fatuus over the swamp that has swallowed the unwary wanderer.

  27. Thomas Crann's conversation with Mr Cupples deepened both his annoyance and his grief at the membership of Robert Bruce.

  28. Here he wandered till long after the dusk had deepened into night.

  29. An ominous look of surprise deepened on the girls' faces, and the president looked doubtfully at the secretary.

  30. In her the insult of a dictated separation rankled continually, and her hitherto mild contempt for Mrs. Harrow deepened into a positively appalling enmity.

  31. Milk and sugar, thank you," said Ravenslee, heedful of her deepened colour.

  32. His love widened and deepened into profound pity as he thought of all that her secret and the preservation of it must have meant; and tears dimmed his eyes as he pictured her life since her lover's passing.

  33. She was very fat, and the red of her face deepened to purple unevenly about the sides of her nose.

  34. Without show of life the moveless cliffs lengthened far into a sea where neither white sail deepened the purple and gold, nor red one enriched it with a colour it could not itself produce.

  35. His fits of pain were more severe, alternated with drowsiness, which deepened at times to stupor.

  36. The sluggish lowland current of a river, on approaching sea level, throws out distributaries that reach the coast at various points and form a network of channels, which can be deepened and rendered permanent by canalization.

  37. Hamburg has so constantly deepened the Elbe passage that its outport of Cuxhaven has had little chance to rise, and serves only as an emergency harbor; while on the Weser, maritime leadership has oscillated between Bremen and Bremerhaven.

  38. Strong, clear-sighted, earnest, and gifted, her later experience had accented a slightly ascetic quality which had been deepened also by her study of antique models.

  39. She dies as she has lived, with a deepened conviction of the nothingness of existence.

  40. This gentle, learned, and disinterested man, whose friendship deepened with years, was an unfailing resource.

  41. He was pale with indignation, and his pallor deepened as a breathless newsboy dashed past with a poster inscribed: "Premier's constituency harried by moss-troopers.

  42. Rabbit curry," met her eye, and the lines of disapproval deepened on her already puckered brow.

  43. So that is where he gets his humour," said Eleanor slowly, and the hard lines deepened round her mouth.

  44. The brooding spell of his mother's sorrow was perhaps even deepened in this favorable solitude.

  45. The solemn impression of the sermon was greatly deepened by the singing, to a weird wailing sort of tune, of the hymn which followed.

  46. Every embrasure of the seemingly sleeping fort flashed forth its tongue of flame, revealing the position of the assailants, and the gloom settled heavier than ever, deepened still further by the sulphureous clouds of smoke from the cannon.

  47. He would have said more than this if Ralph's invalid state had not appeared to make it brutal to denounce him; but having had to contain himself had only deepened his disgust.

  48. His perfect silence, moreover, the fact that she never heard from him and very seldom heard any mention of him, deepened this impression of his loneliness.

  49. The look of pain and bewilderment deepened in his companion's face.

  50. The series of speeches delivered by the President in support of his sham reforms only deepened that impression by providing more and more convincing evidence as to who the real intriguers and mischief-makers were.

  51. It was deepened into positive antipathy towards those missionaries who, following Dr.

  52. There was a sullen look on his face, and his tightened mouth deepened the odd, incongruous dimple.

  53. The sneer deepened the flush on Pete's face, but he answered with the same gentleness, fixing his blue eyes on his brother's.

  54. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "deepened" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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