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Example sentences for "bloated"

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  1. The spider is dark grey in colour, bloated of body, slothful, and of most retiring disposition.

  2. Certainly the face on the coin is not bloated enough, and there is too little animalism displayed in the back of the head, to do justice to the first King of Italy.

  3. He was not then nearly so bloated and burly as he is now; and he was at least some dozen or fourteen years younger.

  4. Their all was at stake: their vast power, their bloated wealth, were wrapped up in the ancient faith.

  5. Their little cemetery was peopled with nearly half their number, and the rest, bloated and disfigured with the relentless malady, thought more of escaping from their woes than of building up a Transatlantic empire.

  6. The man was a bloated blackguard whom she had screened by pleading guilty to a charge of theft in which he was implicated.

  7. As for you, you bloated old whisky barrel, I've only got to give you one or two smart ones in the proper place, and you'll be in your grave before you think.

  8. Not only was he naturally a big man, but his frame had become swollen and bloated till it was monstrous--a horror to look upon.

  9. There was the man to wring the neck of capital and bring the bloated bond-holders to terms, said he.

  10. Sanderson tried it, and when his strychnine operations promptly developed three bloated and disgusting tiger carcasses, even his native followers revolted at the principle.

  11. In through the door walked Matlock, his bloated face working ominously and an evil glitter in his closely-set eyes.

  12. How'd you like to be a bloated bond-holder, eh, old-timer?

  13. He bent so close that his hot, foul breath struck her with staggering force and his bloated face almost touched her cheek.

  14. He wore a long coat, open from the neck down, and his cap, set on one side of his head, left his bleared and bloated face in full view.

  15. With his fat, evil face he was like some bloated spider fresh from the weaving of his poisonous web.

  16. Bellingham sat staring, with amazement and rage upon his bloated face.

  17. What would have happened if the bloated King had been tossed ashore a corpse on the coast of England or the coast of Holland?

  18. On the other hand, George the Second was literally stuffed and bloated with money.

  19. He had been playing for upwards of an hour, and had drunk several glasses of punch, before his luck changed, and he had occasion to take out the bloated leathern pocket-book, distended unnaturally with notes and gold.

  20. Mr. Larkspur paused to take breath, and to consult the memoranda in the bloated leather book.

  21. He could nowhere discern, in the bloated visage and rageful gestures of the earl, any of that beauty of countenance or grace of manners which had alike charmed Therese Sobieski and the tender Acleliza.

  22. Etienne gave him one look, shuddering with horror, despite himself, at the aspect of this bloated wretch from whom salvation was to come.

  23. In short, the state resembled one of those bodies bloated with disease, whose bulk is only a symptom of its wretchedness.

  24. At least the stripling who had left his father's home was fresh and pure looking, but the man who had returned in his place was bloated and pimpled, and his once frank eyes now wandered furtively about.

  25. After an instant, when Anderson made no move to go, the man at the desk wheeled about, exposing a bloated countenance purple with suppressed enjoyment.

  26. Berg was a man of violent temper; he choked and gasped; his face was bloated with an apoplectic rage.

  27. The bloated spider goes on spinning its web, and pretends not to see it.

  28. Pit's own pitch was white to the Captain's face--the brute With the bloated cheeks and the bulgy nose and the bloodshot eyes to suit!

  29. A cardinal, bloated and bloody, dominated both London and Paris, and sent his commands from the Palace at Winchester, which were obeyed by both nations.

  30. The bloated burghers, filled with pride and gorged with wealth, had thought proper to ensconce their unwieldy persons in cuirasses as brilliant and embarrassing as the armour of the knights.

  31. Shreds of flotsam drifting and turning in space around the dome now became visible--bits of wreckage hurled out from the tear, and also a number of white, bloated things which once had been the bodies of men.

  32. And now the three bloated figures of metal and fabric that were men crouched closely back beneath the leaves of the trees that concealed them, and waited tensely, not daring at first to move for fear of discovery.

  33. It is so easy to be bloated aristocrats where it costs nothing of consequence!

  34. In order to confine the dignity of Hadji to gentlemen of patrician blood and possessions, the Emperor decreed that no man should make the pilgrimage save bloated aristocrats who were worth a hundred dollars in specie.

  35. To be growing suddenly and violently rich, as this man is, naturally makes him a bloated aristocrat.

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