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onager; onanism; onard; onbeknown; onced; oncet; oncle; oncoming; oncommon
  1. Ralph seldom came on deck, and the doctor just once got his head above the companion; for this piece of daring he received a sea in the teeth, which he declared nearly cut his head off.

  2. Once more the electric light was got under way, and twice a week at least the diving-bell was sunk.

  3. But having once made up his mind to a thing, Cobb was not the man to be deterred from accomplishing it.

  4. Until tempted by huge pieces of seal-flesh hardly a shark showed fin; but when once their appetites were wetted then--!

  5. Somewhat to their surprise, they found smoke issuing from the once deserted huts, while a whole pack of dogs started up from where they had been lying and attempted to bar their progress.

  6. Rory, resuming his brogue, "it's myself could be a baby for once and cry.

  7. They were home once more in their native land; home in dear auld Scotland.

  8. A consultation was at once held, and it was resolved to march forth to meet them.

  9. Round went the screw once more, and away moved the ship.

  10. Magnus turned his streaming eyes just once upwards to his captain's face, then he gave vent to one long, sobbing sigh, threw out his arms, and dropped.

  11. For once in her life, Miss Lucy was forced out of her habitual indecision.

  12. Mr. Doggett climbed to the pavement once more and three minutes later a package of the "Lady Isabel" was added to the company of bundles under the buggy's seat.

  13. When the two pear-bearers once more appeared at the Doggett home, Dunaway wore his own clothes, and a bundle in a clump of briars awaited a favorable opportunity to be conveyed to the house.

  14. Mr. Brock, as Mrs. Doggett once more arose to go.

  15. Once well past the bridge, seated in her present carriage, with her future carriage tagging contentedly behind, Mrs. Doggett in real vexation, drew rein to consider.

  16. Miss Lucy said nothing, but when Miss Nancy left the room a moment, quietly put the iron nearer the fire again, and when her sister returned and once more moved it away, she lifted it off the fender.

  17. The Curlytops had once had a goat named Nicknack, but the goat had been sold a few weeks before, so that now they had only the cat and the dog.

  18. Of course it might have been better if he had run at once and told his father or his mother what had happened to Janet.

  19. Once more there was a growl, followed by a number of tiny barks, like those of a dog.

  20. Janet, and she and her brother both tried at once to take the wiggling animal from the arms of Mr. Blake.

  21. He walked toward your house, fell down, got up again, and fell down once more.

  22. Well, the best of dogs run away once in a while,” said Mr. Martin.

  23. It may have lived once on a lake near people’s houses.

  24. Across Silver Lake puffed the motor boat, and soon they were all at Sunnyside once more.

  25. Now let’s settle this once and for all,” said Mr. Martin solemnly.

  26. Now I think we are ready to travel on again,” said Daddy Martin, when they were once more in the automobile.

  27. The automobile started off once more, Mr. Martin steering it down the road on the way to Silver Lake.

  28. They had been to Silver Lake once or twice before, but they did not remember much about it.

  29. I used to be a sailor and I once worked at a dock where rowboats and sailboats were rented out,” he went on, “and lots of times I’d take out parties of children.

  30. Off they started once more, hauling the rowboats after them in a long line back of the motor craft.

  31. If he was Uncle Ben once he is Uncle Ben still, and though he isn’t the same Uncle Ben you know down in Florida, I think it will be nice to call him that, since it really is his name.

  32. Once more slipping down the ladder, he saluted the captain.

  33. The weapon happened to be an old harpoon belonging to Speake, who had once had a berth aboard a whaling ship.

  34. Yes, and we'd better start at once while the coast seems to be clear.

  35. All at once up jumped Sammy, and made for the fence.

  36. Once in a while she interrupted the torrent of words pouring from Pedro's lips to put in a question, then subsided and let the torrent flow on.

  37. Matt once more took the lead and set the pace.

  38. Love takes the place of indifference if not of dislike, and the relations of friendship are at once recognized.

  39. The medieval church have glorified the devotion of woman; but once become a devotee, it had locked her in the cloister.

  40. An invisible world is in league against the race, and an invisible God, once robed in flesh, and living among men, is Our Advocate with God, our Redeemer and Saviour.

  41. At once begin a new life, if you would shun the dangers and avoid the terrible doom threatening you.

  42. Once more she appeal's as worshipper, and not as the worshipped.

  43. The Sisters of Charity at once became a power.

  44. Ammon told the news to the king, and added that he would have to go at once and do all in his power to have them released.

  45. Zeniff and his people began at once to improve the cities which the Lamanites had turned over to them.

  46. Gideon's plan pleased the king, and he at once gave orders to his people to prepare to make their escape.

  47. He called me a thief and a robber, and said if I did not leave his house at once he would kill me.

  48. They began at once to make preparations for the trip.

  49. That was not true, but the king believed it, and he at once sent out his army to destroy Alma and his people.

  50. But the Lord had seen and heard all, and He at once prepared a way for the escape of Nephi and Sam.

  51. The latter began at once to make trouble for the king's servants by driving: their flocks away and scattering them.

  52. Where once buzzed Unmillioned bees within unmillioned blooms, One hairy hummer cramps one bloom, frost mocked,--rocked A miser whose rich hives squeeze oozing combs.

  53. I wot Watched of the baron, his menial crew; For she loved too well to have once forgot The place and the time of their trysting true.

  54. Daintily You walked by me and I did see Your oblique eyes, your sensuous lip, That gnawed the rose you once did flip At bashful Jose's nose while loud Laughed the guant guards among the crowd.

  55. And so was seen Morgana nevermore, Save once when from the Cornwall coast she bore The wounded Arthur from that last fought fight Of Camlan in a black barge into night.

  56. His original bet of ten to one still held, by the way, and once again he repeated that those who wished to sell out would be accommodated with the greatest alacrity.

  57. Once he had Henry Nelson down, and his foot on the fellow's throat, he'd have something to say to Barbara Parker.

  58. This ignorance was not strange, for Miss Barbara Parker had been away at college for four years now, and during that time she had not once returned home.

  59. Once inside, he conveyed his compliments with such a graceful flourish that his intrusion assumed the importance of a ceremony and the People's Choice was flattered.

  60. I'll wire him at once and ask him to accept my judgment.

  61. He had overcome her diffidence early enough; he had unsealed her lips; he had obtained an insight into her character; but once that was done, the girl retired within herself again and he could get nothing more out of her.

  62. For once in his life Calvin Gray was at a loss, and knowledge of that fact caused him to chew savagely at his cigar.

  63. And Gray liked the youthful giant, too, once the latter had dropped his hostility and had become his natural self, for Ozark was a lad with temper and with temperament.

  64. For once that unconscious irritation that had been slowly accumulating within him flamed up.

  65. Frequently she vented her spite upon her horse, and more than once she brought it home with its mouth bleeding and its flanks white with lather.

  66. Already he had wasted too much time on the Briskows--a man's duty ever lies in the way of his desire--but once he had rounded up Buddy perhaps the family would be able to take care of itself.

  67. They have saved their country from the despots; now they had to defend it once again against the mob lusting for dominion and revenge, against those who care no more for freedom than the despots cared.

  68. His imagination conjured up the superhuman figures of that earlier day; and of a sudden, Shakespeare, the friend of his first youth, filled his mind once more.

  69. It is critical, but at the same time productive; at once a criticism of reality, and a creative analysis of the unconscious; it is a symphony in words, and a fresco of contemporary ideas.

  70. When we are wearied by the unending and fruitless struggle against mediocrity in vice and in virtue, what an unspeakable delight is it to plunge once more into this ocean of will and faith.

  71. Once more, as of old, he wishes to unite the invisible community of the free.

  72. Once again the age of gallantry smiles; the setting sun of the Grand Monarque seems to shine once more on the fading tints in the garden of Versailles.

  73. Once again he plunges into the solitude of a wakeful night.

  74. Rolland once said: "Any work which can be circumscribed by a definition is a dead work.

  75. The tears with which his eyes were filled at the close of the opera made me feel once more that my faith in him would be justified.

  76. He seldom went for a walk, and rarely received a visitor, for his friends were cut off from him, and even his parents and his sister could only get across the frontier about once a year.

  77. Men were still so drunken with the fumes of the first bloodshed that they would have been fain, as Rolland himself has phrased it, "to crucify Christ once again should he have risen; to crucify him for saying, Love one another.

  78. For years to come, down to the end of her life, Rolland wrote to Malwida once a week.

  79. Rolland once again was alone with his faith, more alone than during the bitterest years of solitude.

  80. In Le 14 Juillet the masses had played the principal part, but in this new phase of the Revolution they have become mere spectators once more.

  81. It is said that, if his colleagues had not flinched, he would at once have turned out the Tellers of the Exchequer and Justices in Eyre.

  82. It was proposed to deal with him as he had dealt with better men, to put him out of the pale of the law, and to deliver him at once without any trial to the headsman.

  83. We cannot find that, during the session which began in January, 1765, he once appeared in Parliament.

  84. Hastings, who had been during two years destitute of all power and patronage, became at once absolute.

  85. No man is so great a favorite with the public as he who is at once an object of admiration, of respect, and of pity; and such were the feelings which Addison inspired.

  86. How sweet were once thy prospects fresh and fair, Thy sloping walks and unpolluted air?

  87. There is an idle tradition that he was directed to prepare a letter to the King, that he could not satisfy himself as to the style of this composition, and that the Lords Justices called in a clerk who at once did what was wanted.

  88. Whether the young adventurer, when once shipped off, made a fortune, or died of a liver complaint, he equally ceased to be a burden to anybody.

  89. Once his father knocked him down, dragged him along the floor to a window, and was with difficulty prevented from strangling him with the cord of the curtain.

  90. His valor and his attachment to the English had more than once been signally proved.

  91. It will be at once perceived by every person who compares the poem of Tasso with that of Ariosto, or the monuments of Sixtus the Fifth with those of Leo the Tenth.

  92. We pass at once into the principal room, where the famous Regent (or Doelen) pictures by Hals are arranged in chronological order.

  93. This was once in Lucien Bonaparte's collection.

  94. More than once he borrowed a subject from Dou--familiar scenes, and small pictures of one or two figures.

  95. Sandart relates that he once went with Pieter de Laer to pay a visit to Dou, who was painting a broomstick "which was slightly longer than a finger-nail.

  96. Philips Wouwermans once again displays the pleasure he takes in painting horses in his Pillaging Soldiers.

  97. This, representing cattle in a green meadow, at once showed his talent for painting warm sunlight.

  98. The latter also painted the landscape in the Naiads Filling the Horn of Plenty, a picture that was once attributed to Van Bolen, but now to Rubens.

  99. Having once found this natural border, the painter framed all his models with it.

  100. We feel at once that it must have been this kind of men who conducted Amsterdam to greatness and fame.

  101. As emigrant cabinet-makers arrived, they were at once engaged, and set to work; and at the end of six weeks, the strike came to an end.

  102. Let it be understood once for all, that ours is no more a religious than it is a political mission.

  103. It was late in the evening when we this time came to the hare-ground; but we expected to take advantage of puss, as we had done once before, by moonlight.

  104. Endeavour was relaxed, and gratuities, once received, were looked for again.

  105. As we beat about among the bushes, myriads of drowsy sparrows, that had settled to rest on the boughs, rushed up with a tremendous noise, but sank down again almost instantaneously, to be once more disturbed.

  106. There is a need for some reform which would at once accommodate the busy, and save the multitude from the disadvantages of heavy six-and-seven-o'clock dinners.

  107. Perhaps the crumbling ruins which encumber the roof, the wretched remains of Christian buildings once erected on this temple as on a rock for security, rather heighten than diminish its effect.

  108. Johan told Erik that those rugged seafarers had once lived upon this island.

  109. Among them was Bohus, once a powerful stronghold, whose two ruined towers are now called Father's Hat and Mother's Cap.

  110. At that, the Baron became so excited that he swallowed three pills at once and choked.

  111. Once during the day, Erik attempted to telephone Herr Banker.

  112. And tomorrow night we shall be at home once more," said Fru Banker.

  113. So Erik was skiing to school, when all at once he heard his name called and he looked around.

  114. I heard," said Erik, "that once Gustavus Vasa dressed himself as a peasant and went from village to village, trying to raise an army with which to fight the Danish King.

  115. Once there, he would call upon Herr Banker.

  116. In the south, they visited the Cathedral of Lund, where a sacred grove once grew.

  117. His blue eyes caught the icy sparkles from under his feet, and he began to sing once more.

  118. And all at once Erik decided to see that he did.

  119. Once an automobile came near hitting him, but he jumped upon one of the small safety islands.

  120. Carefully he made his way through the big house that had once been a castle, through the hall, with its stone floor and whitewashed walls.

  121. Elfrida kindled at once, and felt that her soul had lodged forever In her fingers, that art had found for her, once for all, a sacred embodiment.

  122. Whatever once held him from stating to himself the results of his study of her had vanished, leaving him no name by which to call it.

  123. He only comes here once a week, for about an hour," replied the little man, reluctant even to say so much.

  124. She told herself at once that nothing Kendal could have said would have prepared her for this American, and that certainly nothing she had seen or read of other Americans did.

  125. Kendal came back a day or two before Elfrida's disappearance, and saw her only once in the meantime.

  126. I had a dream once of what I fancied our friendship might be.

  127. Why had not Elfrida come up at once to this third-story den of theirs she knew so well?

  128. It was a cabinet photograph of a girl whose eyes looked definitely out of it, dark, large, well shaded, full of a desire to be beautiful at once expressed and fulfilled.

  129. Once or twice he held the pages closer to his face to catch it more perfectly.

  130. Knowing Elfrida as she thought she knew her, Kendal's talk wounded her once for herself and twice for him.

  131. This little creature who once corrected the punctuation of her essays, and gave her bad marks for spelling, was too intolerably personal.

  132. Once she bought an etching and brought it home under her arm.

  133. The once beautiful ruins carpeted with grass and wild flowers have been doubly desecrated by persons, academic persons, having authority and a plentiful lack of taste.

  134. He paced once or twice up and down the room, but he was evidently unconscious of his surroundings--he seemed possessed by thoughts which absorbed his whole being.

  135. He at once caught it in his own and kissed it with an almost brusque eagerness.

  136. I, the joyous Sah-luma, am for once most truly sad!

  137. He saw at once how useless it was now to try and convince Sah luma of any danger threatening him through the instigation of the woman he loved,--he would never believe it!

  138. Sah-luma appeared to melt into a thin and spiritual brightness,--a mere aerial outline of what it had once been, .

  139. Sah-luma, chosen favorite of fortune, I have lost all, all that made my life once seem fair.

  140. Coiled around once and a half, the coils must be separated enough to allow the string to slip between.

  141. Start it with two turns around the brace, then once around the upright, then once around the brace, then again around the upright, and so continue.

  142. Whenever my endeavours to obtain an audience in a town failed, I at once submitted myself to restrictions and deprivations.

  143. Once upon a time, a poor musician who lived in the neighbourhood of Hildesheim, an old town in the former kingdom of Hanover, went home late at night from a lonely mill, where he had been playing dance-tunes at a christening festivity.

  144. Some Englishmen, however, take care to preserve his name, applying it to a spirit of another element than water, and everyone knows at once whom they mean when they speak of "Old Nick.

  145. The master of the house, a strong and healthy man, made up his mind at once that this omen portended the decease of his wife, who was keeping her bed, very much reduced indeed.

  146. When he found that his death was decided upon, he asked permission to strike once more his beloved lyre.

  147. But, when he arrived at home again, his parents observed at once how much his arms, legs, and his whole body had grown during the year.

  148. He anxiously counted the number of calls; and finding them to amount to twenty-two repetitions, he at once changed his mind.

  149. There was once a king and a queen who had a son whose name was Linus.

  150. The good people of Gellingen, in the district of Angeln, on the borders of Denmark, once ordered two bells to be cast for them in the town of Luebeck.

  151. When they had been shown into a large room where the official business of the colony was transacted, Mr. Curtis proceeded at once to the point of his visit.

  152. Now once more he touched a place upon the sheet before him.

  153. Now once more Jeremy's steering-wheel was proving its worth.

  154. The wind had hardly swept it easily to leeward once when it fell back against the shrouds, hardly stirring.

  155. Taking a grip on the spokes, he spun them back and forth once or twice, to feel how the vessel answered her helm under this new contraption, and in a moment had it working handsomely.

  156. Once among the trees the attacking party spread out in irregular fan-formation, with Tom and Jeremy scouting a little in advance.

  157. They felt the sloop get under way once more.

  158. Almost at once the fighting ceased and half the combatants, utterly exhausted, sank down among their dead and wounded fellows.

  159. At the end of twenty minutes Job gave a satisfied grunt, maneuvered the cannon back and forth on its swivel base once or twice, and fired.

  160. Almost at the same moment the wind drew strongly in the sails of the Revenge once more, and she began plunging southward at a breakneck pace.

  161. It must have been the darkness and the sudden unexpectedness of it all that frightened him, for as soon as they came down the rocks into the flaring firelight he was able to control himself once more.

  162. Once or twice he stumbled over fallen logs or tripped in the rocks, but he held on upward till the trees thinned and he felt that the looming shape of the ledge was just in front.

  163. Herriot thrust his head down the hatch once during the morning and as he caught the sickening stench of the place he called the two boys, who had been up forward helping the patching.

  164. It was broad daylight when he and Tom reached the deck once more and went eagerly forward to join the little knot of seamen in the bows.

  165. Betty Cantwell sat down very suddenly and seemed about to cry, but as the canoe shot up to the shore she was smiling once more.

  166. It should be recognised once and for all that all machine guns in a brigade sector must come under the senior machine-gun officer in that sector.

  167. At the time when our pursuing troops were brought to a standstill in front of this celebrated line, preparations were at once commenced for attack.

  168. A counter-attack was at once organised, but it failed, owing to two machine guns which the enemy had brought up with them.

  169. It was particularly noticeable that, once our attack was launched, the Germans attempted practically no counter-work.

  170. As to the hard, heart-breaking fighting of the Battles of Ypres, 1917, it is only just to the gallant French and British troops to point out once more the many advantages that lay with their enemies.

  171. Some fifty of the enemy approached Tommy Post, but were at once driven off with casualties.

  172. Hull was informed of what he was expected to do, he was at once confronted with an obvious difficulty--the front line of his sector was some seven hundred yards away from the enemy!

  173. Almost at once the reputation of this Neuve Chapelle front began to change.

  174. The ground was covered with silent and groaning figures in the field-grey uniform, and the enemy had to resort once more to bombing.

  175. After repeated attacks the garrison of Bertha Post was once more forced to retire, and again reoccupied the spot in the early morning.

  176. The 4th Division, on the right, was on high ground, and Gavrelle lay in a slight depression; the ground rose again towards Bailleul East Post, and fell once more in the direction of Oppy.

  177. It is probable that the commanding officer had no other alternative, but the lesson is once more demonstrated.

  178. I'm in a hurry, but would still like to talk to you once more.

  179. Nobody could deny that the boldness, with which this second blow had been struck, was surely just incited once again and encouraged to proceed on the course of violence by the successful execution of the crime.

  180. Once he had made this decision, he was relieved of a great burden.

  181. May God, whom I beseech to protect my cause, mercifully grant me, as the only replacement for all He has taken from me, that in a liberated Venice I shall once more be able to shake your hand.

  182. Venice and you are inseparably connected, and you have sufficiently proven that you possess a high intelligence, taming your female whims, so that it won't take elaborate persuasion to reconcile you once again with Venice.

  183. I know my trade, and once I'll have made it out there, you'll join me with our child.

  184. She once again swung the almost burnt out herbs over her head as if she was casting a spell and poured the ashes into the canal; then, she made a quick bow towards the stranger and rushed out of the room as swiftly as the wind.

  185. Andrea bowed once again and turned to the door.

  186. We would appreciate it, if you'd, once again, feel some spiritual needs and renew your once so busy acquaintance with his Eminence.

  187. Perhaps, once I'll have broken out of the circles of my enchantress, I'll succeed in shaking off her spell for ever more.

  188. When the old man, after quickly reading the lines, was calling out for him in dismay, deploring him to return once more, he did not answer.

  189. But listen to me: Watch yourself narrowly, and if you find that you are likely to be captivated, promise, on your honour, to retreat at once from the field.

  190. Meanwhile I say this, I do not disguise from myself the nature of the proposed transaction, but what I have once resolved I go through with.

  191. He had risen, however, to ask only one question--whether the measures for law amendment could not be at once proceeded with?

  192. Well, then, I have heard it made a matter of wonder why you, and one or two others I will not name, do not at once retire from the ministry, and on the avowed ground that you side with the public feeling on this irresistible question.

  193. Harley L'Estrange would have smiled at himself, if the idea of that image subjugating the ambitious woman to the disinterested love of a village maid, had once crossed his mind.

  194. Have I all at once become a man who is ready to kill any one that crosses his path?

  195. The judge's wife accompanied her to the stairs, and begged her again not to delay making things happy and right once more.

  196. He had once told her that his father had often urged him to go to Rotterdam with a raft some time, and get acquainted with the daughters of his business friends there, and look around for a wife.

  197. He related his boyish pranks, and laughed heartily over them; but still he censured his father for having yielded to him in everything, except once when he wanted to marry the Galloping Cooper's sister, for whom he had had a fancy.

  198. Did you not once come to see me when you were a student?

  199. Once a young man went through a field to visit his sweetheart, and the finch called out: 'Wip!

  200. Her features are changed by bitterness and pain, and the lips that once so sweetly smiled, so warmly kissed, are tightly compressed.

  201. Peter did not look around much, but once he stopped to observe a strange sight; for on the rocks by the roadside were a large number of hawks.

  202. Thoma, for this once throw away your pride.

  203. And now that Thoma had once broken her silence, she continued: "Mother, I want to go to the city.

  204. Landolin seated himself in the great arm-chair, and his wife gave thanks to God that her husband sat there once more.

  205. You need not promise me anything, except that you will once again examine yourself earnestly and conscientiously.

  206. A few weeks only had passed since Anton and Thoma gave themselves to each other; but when once the verdure of the spring-time appears, its spread is strong and unceasing.

  207. And for fear he shou'd once more ask me to bear him company I'll get out of the way as fast as possible.

  208. Funny thing, that's a feeling that, once it starts, it gets worse and worser so quick it's perfectly surprising.

  209. I have a feeling as though I had once lived at home with a real wife and children and that now I am dining with visitors, in the house of a sham wife who is not the real one, and am looking at a Liza who is not the real Liza.

  210. Then it seemed to her that God would strike her dead that minute for not having once been in her husband's study, for fear of infection.

  211. My mother and my uncle both sighed at once and walked on, and I left them and flew off to find my tutor, that I might share my impressions with him.

  212. Radiant and happy, he settled himself comfortably, kissed his hand to my mother, who was crying, and all at once his eye was caught by me.

  213. And at once I began dreaming of my wife, of her room, of the station-master with his face full of hatred, the heaps of snow, a fire in the theatre.

  214. We embraced each other, and shed tears of joy and of sadness at the thought that we had once been young and now were both grey-headed and near the grave.

  215. She only goes out of the house once a day, in the afternoon, to see me.

  216. Let us make a compact once for all; we will talk about actors, actresses, and authors, but we will let art alone.

  217. It seemed to be incredible that my gentle, sad love could all at once coarsely break up the even tenor of the life of her husband, her children, and all the household in which I was so loved and trusted.

  218. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "once" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    once agreed; once and; once became; once began; once commenced; once despatched; once for; once gave; once heard; once more; once opened; once ordered; once perceived; once proceeded; once recognized; once resolved; once said; once sent; once started; once that; once the; once they; once thought; once took; once turned; once went