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Example sentences for "dogs"

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  1. You and I can't behave like two angry dogs before her!

  2. Boys are different--they behave just like strange dogs on being introduced, sulky and ready to snarl.

  3. The rest of the dogs were after him in a moment.

  4. Chesnay the gamekeeper was passing far below, a gun over his shoulder, and as the wind was blowing off the hill into the valley, it was almost certain that his dogs would scent us.

  5. After they had gone, probably two hundred feet, there was a slight descent apparent in the floor of the cave, and ahead were the two dogs stretched out, lifeless.

  6. All savage tribes have some sort of animals, as pets, and dogs are the most frequent.

  7. This time they went on, far beyond the place where the poor dogs lay.

  8. The dogs were with the party, and, as usual, ahead of the procession.

  9. At least I can see that things are not fairly divided in this world, whether for dogs or for men.

  10. We traveled backwards and forwards together; and I know some dogs at the other side of the mountains and some of the people.

  11. You see such dogs everywhere with the students, running close to their heels, and ready, at an instant's notice, to defend their masters.

  12. The dogs suddenly came to a dead stop, and the party advancing stealthily a single pace, stopped too.

  13. Wardle, taking up a brace of birds which the dogs had deposited at his feet.

  14. It was, however, now discovered, that they were natives of the country, drawn by dogs on sledges, and with wonderful velocity.

  15. Care is always taken that the bones are burned, as it would be considered a profanation, if the dogs were to touch them.

  16. The principal quadrupeds of this country are rein-deer, dogs resembling wolves, Arctic foxes, and white or polar bears.

  17. The Knisteneaux have frequent feasts; and, at some of these, they offer dogs as sacrifices, and make large offerings of their property.

  18. The dogs attached to each sledge were six in number.

  19. At night the sound of music from the castle told of gay entertainments and festive dances, while by day parties of knights and ladies with dogs and falcons sallied out to seek sport over the wide domains.

  20. Follow me, my men; we will teach the dogs a lesson.

  21. Frank had brought the lurcher away from the keeper's lodge; it had made friends with the foxy terrier, and the two dogs would follow him about, or lie comfortably on the rug while he sat at work upon his papers.

  22. The dogs were barking in great excitement.

  23. Ruffles of wind chased one another from moment to moment across the water, and the swans, guarding their cygnets, policed the farther bank, where dogs ran barking.

  24. The young Tims and the young Tonys, Corin and Bonniebell and the terriers, stood (dogs and all, save for their tails) stiff as ramrods.

  25. He also informed me that the dogs they cook and eat are not the common ones.

  26. Next came the old men and old women, with their lodges packed and drawn by dogs with poles strapped on their backs.

  27. Contains over one hundred beautiful engravings, embracing most noted dogs in both continents, making, together with chapters by American writers, the most complete dog book ever published.

  28. Their breeding, training and management, in health and disease; comprising all the essential parts of the two standard works on dogs by "Stonehenge.

  29. The Dogs of Great Britain, America and Other Countries.

  30. Solomon Stoddard of Northampton in the fall of 1703, urging the use of dogs "to hunt Indians as they do Bears.

  31. The argument was that the dogs would catch many an Indian who would be too light of foot for the townsmen, nor was it to be thought of as inhuman; for the Indians "act like wolves and are to be dealt with as wolves.

  32. It carries things in its mouth just as cats and dogs do.

  33. I have read in books of natural history that dogs came originally from wolves.

  34. They're doing some puzzling aboard those war-dogs now, I'll warrant.

  35. Their satin cannot save them: I am confident They have a certain spice of the disease; For they that sleep with dogs shall rise with fleas.

  36. Cowardly dogs bark loudest: sirrah priest, I 'll talk with you hereafter.

  37. She speaks as though to her, in her womanhood, the neighborhood of men was the same as that of dogs or cats.

  38. That little advice about the two dogs is very well, and was not altogether inapplicable.

  39. Look at the train which she drags behind her over the dirty pavement, where dogs have been, and chewers of tobacco, and everything concerned with filth except a scavenger.

  40. Upon this he put both hands to his mouth and raised such a shout that we all stopped our ears, and the dogs barked and ran about furiously, as if in search of a fox.

  41. He was dressed in his old scarlet coat, he carried a whip in one hand, and half-a-dozen dogs followed at his heels.

  42. At length we left the river, climbed a small rise, and passed close to some cottages, where the usual dogs soon started a chorus.

  43. These dogs seemed to be approaching from a village; but we just managed to get away from them, although it seemed that they must rouse the whole countryside.

  44. Hardly had we finished before a dog appeared at the edge of the wood, and started barking as only Turkish dogs seem able to.

  45. Wearily we retraced our steps uphill, and when out of range of the dogs held a council as to our future efforts.

  46. We could not see the boy, but one or two sheep-dogs were visible not far off and matters did not look at all hopeful.

  47. No such luck was in store for us, for just as we reached a slope overlooking the river we saw a small village at our feet, and the village dogs saw us almost at the same moment.

  48. The Philadelphia landlord says in his advertisement of dogs for sale, "No clock or jack so cunningly.

  49. Yes, I reckon old Cassius ("old" in an affectionate sense) and Brutus came out top dogs from that scrap anyway.

  50. The dogs woke the old man first (as was generally the case), as Ben opened the big white home gate and passed through without dismounting.

  51. I know, and I am ready," answered the old Levite, "for since my soul is safe I care little what these dogs may do to my body.

  52. They smote him with their ivory rods, they rent and tore him with their hands and teeth, worrying him as dogs worry a fox of the hills, till at length the life was beaten and trampled out of him and he lay dead.

  53. Metem will tell you that it is impossible; day and night I am watched and guarded, yes, Mesa dogs me from door to door.

  54. The arrival of the fox and dogs obliged them to remain concealed.

  55. It is a pack of hounds," said Porthos; "the dogs are on a scent.

  56. All the troop advanced in beautiful order, at a foot's pace, the horns of various sorts animating the dogs and horses.

  57. And the three robust Bretons went to the boat, and were beginning to place their rollers underneath it to put it in motion, when the distant barking of dogs was heard, proceeding from the interior of the island.

  58. Yes, you are right, Porthos, the dogs are on a scent.

  59. The bull-dogs of the sea have seized the largest whale of the pod or school--a bull--and are holding him for the boat and for the deadly lance of his human foes.

  60. The knitting needles flashed with diligence, and the dog by the fender stretched himself out in the luxuriant vacancy of mind only known to dogs surrounded by a happy group of their friends.

  61. All the titles that he painted in there are books that have dogs in them, and a lot of them he made up.

  62. I've had a stunning time," she said, patting Bock who stood at her knee, imbibing the familiar and mysterious fragrance by which dogs identify their human friends.

  63. Dogs are chained up--let the monks be also chained, for they are the bloodhounds of the Duke.

  64. When he arrived at the outskirts of Damme, the dogs that stood by the doorways came running round his legs, jumping up at him, yelping and barking.

  65. Above all, Wat loved the vagrant dogs that wandered lazily about the shady corners and fought one another like yellow, whirling hoops in the dust.

  66. The prince shows these dogs overmuch of his favor," he said.

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