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Example sentences for "gay"

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  1. Grove and garden, maze and lawn, suddenly sparkled with jewelled lights; the stringed band in the pagoda burst into gay music.

  2. And then, this dark sight-seeing over, Dan came up again into the bright, sunlit deck crowded with gay passengers chatting and laughing.

  3. The wide grounds and gardens were already gay with the gathering guests.

  4. There was the Jack Horner pie, fully six feet round, and fringed with gay ribbons to pull out the plums.

  5. Past Numskull Nob, making her cautious, graceful way through rocks and shoals, was a beautiful white-winged yacht, her mast gay with pennants.

  6. An immense tomtom as big as the largest-sized bass-drum was set up between four poles, around which colored cloths were wrapped, and from the tops of which the same gay stuff floated on the wind in bunches of party-colored ribbons.

  7. The verdure of the early spring re-clothed the trees with their gay garments, and gave back its air of cheerfulness to the residence of Count Alteroni.

  8. The windows and balconies of the houses overlooking the streets through which it passed, were crowded with elegantly dressed ladies, brilliant with their own beauty, gay with waving plumes, and sparkling with diamonds.

  9. And now commenced a gay and busy life for Ellen Monroe.

  10. It was one of those winter mornings when the soil is as hard as iron, but on which the sun shines with gay light if not with genial heat.

  11. In their gay moments, they were sprightly, full of anecdote, and remarkably entertaining.

  12. I believe you," said the father of that young lady; "for I noticed that you were often reserved when she was gay and friendly towards you.

  13. He stepped lightly, and whistled some gay airs.

  14. Miss Harman addressed him as Uncle Jasper, and they continued firing gay badinage at one another for a moment without perceiving Mrs. Home's presence.

  15. Her gay smile, her delicate graces, and her calm, unfaltering stage manner have touched the hearts of all sorts and conditions, from boxes to bar.

  16. This is one of the few occasions when I have been gay in Shadwell.

  17. The gay public-house at the Dock gates shone sharp, like a cut gem.

  18. The Duchess of Monmouth had a residence here, with the delightful John Gay as secretary.

  19. Miss Fifteen simply tumbled with brown curls and smiles; she was of The Gay Glowworms, a troupe of dancers.

  20. Wyeth was an enthusiast who caught the fever of the wilds; and Captain Bonneville, a gay adventurer, whose men shot down more Indians in one trip than all the free trappers of America shot in a century.

  21. Once a free trapper came floating down the Missouri with his canoe full of beaver-pelts, which he quickly exchanged for the gay attire to be obtained at Fort Union.

  22. There were probably odd detachments from Captain Bonneville's adventurers on the Platte, where a gay army adventurer was trying his luck as fur trader and explorer.

  23. Henrietta glanced from one to the other, then laughed, a gay little bubble of mirth.

  24. Her eyes, thought the Watermelon, were brighter than the lamp upon the table and her laughing, kissable mouth redder than the crimson lips of the fair creatures in the gay calendars on the wall.

  25. On the walls were a number of cheap prints and several huge advertising calendars With gay pictures of young women in large hats and low-cut dresses.

  26. The yacht, Mary Gloucester, was a gay little bark, all ivory white and shining brass work.

  27. The fields were gay with buttercups and daisies, and wild roses nodded shyly at him from the briers along the roadside.

  28. Sweetbrier and wild roses grew along the stone walls, while gay little flowers and delicate ferns ventured out into the road itself, and with every passing breeze nodded merrily from the ruts of last winter's wood hauling.

  29. Apprentices and young girls dance together to a measure daintily gay as their fluttering ribbon-knots.

  30. But, as though talking of old reminiscences had changed her mood from gay to grave, she asks you to look at a few very special treasures in her writing room.

  31. She knows her Paris well, and loves it so dearly that she has often felt that she would like to make her home in that gay and festive capital.

  32. Meantime, the town gates have been unclosed, and in holiday apparel a gay crowd streams forth from them.

  33. The interiors of tombs were made to assume a gay appearance since tomb colors were always bright.

  34. The French nation are eminent for making a fine outside, when perhaps within they want necessaries; and, indeed, a gay shop and a mean stock is something like the Frenchman with his laced ruffles, without a shirt.

  35. There was a gay air about the assemblage, scarcely subdued by the place, and the occasion which brought them to it.

  36. A gay little humming-bird was sitting and hovering near her; and she thought that a bunch of fragrant blossoms would entice it in a moment.

  37. The blinds were open; and the perspective of one of the alleys was seen in the large mirror on the wall--the shrubs noiselessly waving, and the gay flowers nodding, in a sunlight and breeze which were not felt within.

  38. Vincent, having received written instructions from the secretary, set off in an opposite direction, more gay than those he left behind.

  39. Sweeter still is the leisure hour with children in the garden or the meadow, and the quiet stroll with wife or sister in the evening, or the gay excursion during a whole day of liberty.

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