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Example sentences for "gates"

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  1. The colonel did not feel Barclay's abstraction.

  2. She looked at her chair arm and asked, "Did you know they hadn't bloomed?

  3. In ten minutes Brownwell was running up the stairs to Barclay's office in response to his note.

  4. The scratch, scratch of his pen was as regular as the swish of a piston.

  5. Driving up the hill, he met Bemis coming down town.

  6. He was of a slight build and rather pale of face, for five years indoors had rubbed the sunburn off.

  7. The gates unclosed again; they glided out once more upon the Brenta, and more than ever it seemed to Sophy like the hidden stream of fate, bearing them to an appointed end.

  8. This time the patient screw shambled on to the gates of Villa Bianca without check.

  9. The gates of the first lock opened--the gondola floated in.

  10. I am the guide in the boat of Rā, and he openeth out for me a path; he maketh a passage for me through the gates of the god Seb.

  11. Words spoken by the gods who dwell in the Lower Heaven (like) Osiris of the West, to the Osiris N: Let them open to him at the gates of the Lower Heaven.

  12. My soul shall not be fettered to my body at the gates of the underworld; but I shall enter in peace and I shall come forth in peace.

  13. Thou art not repulsed from the gates of the Lower Heaven.

  14. The palace was silenced, and in mourning, the great gates were closed, the courtiers crouching on the ground, the people in hushed mourning.

  15. That is, in the moments after dinner, when nature is at the gates with them.

  16. She took the veil; and the dreary gates of Lanhearne have closed on all that is mortal of her for ever!

  17. He came alone to the gates of the convent, presented no credentials from pope or cardinal, and asked an interview with the abbess.

  18. French being all off, Erfurt flung its gates open; and the new Power did enter, with some due state: Prussian Majesty in Person (who could have hoped it!

  19. XIV Gerhardt and Claude Wheeler alighted from a taxi before the open gates of a square-roofed, solid-looking house, where all the shutters on the front were closed, and the tops of many trees showed above the garden wall.

  20. Bill Gates called to Claude, saluting with a bloody hand, as he stood skinning rabbits before the door of his billet.

  21. As we drew closer to the gates I found the place to be protected by a large moat, surmounted by a parapet, and enclosed by a palisade three metres high.

  22. After traversing a marshy plain, where we knocked down several aquatic birds, we entered a beautiful forest, which stretches unbroken to the very gates of Udong.

  23. By the gates of hell, but who shall disobey me!

  24. THE GATES OF THE WORLD Stillness in the Meeting-house, save for the light swish of one graveyard-tree against the window-pane, and the slow breathing of the Quaker folk who filled every corner.

  25. Yet all the time she longed for Eglington to come and say one word, which would be like touching the lever of the sluice-gates of her heart, to let loose the flood.

  26. It was almost dark, when he saw the bowab, after repeated knocking, sleepily and grudgingly open the gates to admit a visitor.

  27. Now the eyes of the holy man were fixed on the great gates through which strangers entered, and he was seated in the way which any one must take who came to the palace doors.

  28. To each alike of the countless orthodox sects his name is the symbol for the prevailing of the gates of hell.

  29. At last came Nemesis; the English were at the gates of Quebec.

  30. The gates of knowledge will be thrown open wide before you.

  31. The strangers are pushing into the Gates of Zion!

  32. This way, please," said Jankiel, showing the gates of the synagogue court.

  33. It was more than three hours later when she rode back to the gates of Tuffnell, having covered many miles of country, and revelled for a long delicious stretch of time in her own musings.

  34. Some previous negotiations with that town had led the prince to expect that it would have opened its gates at his approach.

  35. His body, when recovered, was treated with the utmost indignity, quartered, and hung in portions over the different gates of the city.

  36. But, in fact, a species of violence was used to restrain her from this most fatal step; for Viglius gave orders that the gates of the city should be shut, and egress refused to anyone belonging to the court.

  37. It was a moment never to be forgotten--inexpressibly bitter, yet mixed with a sensation of pleasure so deeply soothing and affecting, as at once to unlock all the flood-gates of the heart.

  38. The walls were, however, beautifully built, with towers at intervals, and gates for sallies.

  39. There are still faint traces of a small theatre and some other buildings, but of the walls and gates enough to tell us pretty clearly how men built fortifications in those days.

  40. And the twelve gates were twelve pearls, every several gate was of one pearl, and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.

  41. Before no work of mortal hand, Of human will or strength expand The pearl gates of the Better Land; Alone in that great love which gave Life to the sleeper of the grave, Resteth the power to seek and save.

  42. Thy gates of rock should show The words the Tuscan seer Read in the Realm of Woe Hope entereth not here!

  43. Sudden our pathway turned from night; The hills swung open to the light; Through their green gates the sunshine showed, A long, slant splendor downward flowed.

  44. The only refuge, it seems, for him who would come to the gates of "Salvation is the Divine Wisdom.

  45. The crowd took shelter where they could; some burst open the gates of the great stables, where the regiment of Flanders was stationed, and mixed pell-mell with the soldiers.

  46. The gates of Versailles opened to the Duke of Wellington in 1818.

  47. Nobles passed through the gates at the side.

  48. In the masses of people outside the gates were thieves and men of violence.

  49. Chancelière, so that there was no confusion at the gates or in the court, which was brightly lighted with torches.

  50. And resolutely she went up to the ponderous gates of the court-yard, stretching out her hand to pull the bolt.

  51. Thereupon the gates were opened, and off they went.

  52. The gates had not been closed behind your carriage, sir, when the young lady rang the bell.

  53. First she had closed against him the gates of Count Ville-Handry's palace, and thus separated him from his beloved Henrietta, so that they could not meet nor speak to each other.

  54. Nearly all of those who forced the gates of the Tuileries, or rather, who got inside of them on the 20th of June, were outsiders or onlookers, got together at the sight of such a lot of pikes and red caps, etc.

  55. His refusal to subscribe unconditionally to the rigid formula of belief adopted by the theologians of Tubingen permanently closed against him the gates of his alma mater.

  56. The inner town, surrounded by a dilapidated brick wall, at the gates of which octroi duties are still levied, is a dirty Oriental city, with the usual narrow streets.

  57. Although surrounded by fortifications with five gates and three miles in circuit, it is now practically an open town, for the walls are in ruins and the moat is choked with rubbish.

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