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  1. Every man in the town was going, and most of the men were going who lived in the county--an area as large as a New England state, and yet when they were all gathered in Main Street, there were less than fivescore of them.

  2. Astery gathered most of all; but Venus, in a fit of jealousy, turned her into a butterfly, and threw the flowers into the wings.

  3. In spring she gathered blossoms for her father's still, in autumn, berries, and in summer, flowers.

  4. After this the "saint" gathered the remnant of the islanders together, and went to Ireland.

  5. So they would have thought, gathered in that Upper Room, while outside the Jewish authorities were keeping the Passover.

  6. He resumed a human intercourse with those whom He had gathered about Him.

  7. Thus has much legendary matter gathered about the childhood of our Lord, containing the stories, not always very edifying according to our taste, which are set down in the Apocryphal Gospels.

  8. And those who go and are associated with Him are gathered into a family.

  9. We have more in mind the informal talks that would go on as they went from village to village in Galilee, or as they gathered about the door of some cottage in the evening or sat in the shelter of some grove during the noon-day heat.

  10. The poems are selected with much the same thought, and have been mostly gathered from mediaeval sources, and so far as possible, from British.

  11. We think of the perplexed group of the disciples gathered in the familiar place, going over the recent facts and trying to adjust themselves to them.

  12. The congregation is the congregation of Christ's Flock: it is the Body of Christ gathered together for the worship of Almighty God.

  13. One understands of course the grief and sense of loss that attends the death of any child, the breaking of the dreams which had gathered about its future.

  14. Ah, more than this, thou lovely shell, Thy years have gathered from the deep!

  15. God grant my hands may guard it well And keep it pure and fair; For angel hands have gathered it And placed it in my care.

  16. It was a cheerful company of conspirators that now gathered around the big hearth.

  17. I gathered up the fragments of Morgan’s lantern and went back to the library.

  18. The light fall of snow a few days before had gathered in the little hollows of the wood deceptively.

  19. As he gathered rein for an instant in an open glade, a foot soldier, unarmed and with his head-casque gone, tottered into the opening and fell with a moan into the heavy grass.

  20. The Indian took in the situation at a glance, and paddling to the shore he gathered from the armless socket of an aged live oak, a handful of spiders’ webs; this done, he removed the other bandages and placed the webs against the wound.

  21. Others of the group now gathered around, and I feared, not for the safety of the stranger’s limbs, but for his life.

  22. As the two travelled together to the front, the stranger, by insidious inquiries gathered piecemeal George Montgomery’s history.

  23. He interrupted by no comment, but that he listened attentively may be gathered from the fact that his cigar went out unnoticed, and presently fell from his lips altogether without awaking his consciousness to the fact.

  24. A minute more, and the knight found himself face to face with the abductors, who, hearing pursuit, had gathered themselves into line on the edge of the ford.

  25. Upon her return to her room she gathered up her drawing materials, which seemed to belong to her in some other incarnation, and put them in a drawer.

  26. The children gathered flowers and tossed them to les Anglais before their eyes in the life, looking just as they had looked in the picture papers.

  27. A frown like her mother's gathered as he went on to her eyes, her nose, her lips, and her chin.

  28. Then she sent the sharp knife athwart the bundle of straws that she had gathered in her hand.

  29. She gathered her wits, mastered her emotion, and lashed them together with her will.

  30. Vailliant, who had been wounded and was now convalescent, had gathered up some of the floating strands of his affairs and wrote his congratulations to Helen, hoping that she would not go to America after the war.

  31. The lot was gathered in the reception-room before going into dinner, and when Henriette entered all eyes were covertly or openly upon her.

  32. From the frequency of this question and its venom Phil gathered that the English could not be popular in German military circles.

  33. In any single year in this Union, could the effects be gathered into one single grasp, they would present to the eye the following affecting details.

  34. And now the shadows of evening gathered around them.

  35. The real Aaron had been gathered to his fathers, and nature does not make two such as he was; but I might fall in with something that would remind me of him.

  36. Everything which imagination can conceive that is ghastly and loathsome seems to be gathered into that locality just now.

  37. He had surveyed the plateau on Majuba Hill after the action, and had gathered the rumours which were flying many coloured about Colley's death.

  38. His friend was his chaplain, and from their voices I gathered that they were both by extraction Irish.

  39. The Hayti coffee which bears so high a reputation is simply gathered under the bushes which the French planters left behind them, and is half as excellent as it ought to be because it is so carelessly cleaned.

  40. The flowers which thou, oh Blessed Charity, With pious hand hast twined in funeral wreath, Although on earthly soil they gathered be, Will sweeten heaven with their perfumed breath.

  41. From general conversation I gathered that the sanguine views of the Colonial Secretary were not widely shared.

  42. I gathered a blossom as a remembrance, white like a large myrtle flower, but heavily scented--too heavily, with an odour of death about it.

  43. The cocoa pods were ripe or ripening, those which had been gathered being left on the ground in heaps as we see apples in autumn in an English orchard.

  44. Meanwhile the human vultures have gathered to the spoil.

  45. Like myself, our weary animal had gathered hopes from the sight of the gate.

  46. A ring gathered about them, and they declaimed at one another with fiery volubility.

  47. Then, in that supreme moment, gathered about him the memories of light and darkness, and they became the lips through which eternal powers spake to him in a tongue unlike the speech of men.

  48. Trouble me not with questions," said Cuchullain to the warriors gathered about him.

  49. Then came in unto Apollo the two grandchildren of old Thithonius and they cried, "See the flowers we have brought you, we gathered them for you down in the valley where they grow best.

  50. For now the wild clouds of demons gathered from the neighboring isles and we wish your aid.

  51. Alternate with the dawn of Light was the breath of the expanding Dark where powers of evil were gathered together.

  52. Her hair of raven hue was gathered in massy coils over her head and fastened there by a spiral torque of gleaming gold.

  53. It was the evening of the autumn festival, the open grassy space before the altar was crowded with figures, hunters with their feathered heads; shepherds, those who toil in the fields, the old and hoary were gathered around.

  54. She welcomed Laeg with the same terms of triple welcome as did the mystic children of the sun who had first gathered round him.

  55. A little crowd, tattered in their blue clothes, is gathered about the gate and it scatters as a youth in a pointed cap gallops up on a Mongolian pony.

  56. He gathered together the wrecks of furniture, he hung up his treasures, he had his habits for every hour of the day; soldier-like, everything was done by rule.

  57. He hardly knew what he intended, but his impulse was to put more space between them, between himself and this wretch who gathered his evil living from dead men's bones.

  58. For France swarmed with those who gathered in their harvest at night, and who (to use their own phrase) had turned their swords into reaping-hooks.

  59. On the evening in question almost every part of that immense building was thrown open to receive the multitude that interest and fear gathered round the powerful and vindictive Minister.

  60. In the olden time it was gathered on Hounslow Heath and other deserted spots, by mounted horsemen wearing masks and carrying pistols.

  61. Obviously it is impossible that the fruits of all this adventuring could be gathered into a single volume; some of them are garnered already in other volumes of this series, in books that deal particularly with MR.

  62. The last apple was gathered here about the time that the last coursing match took place in Hare Court.

  63. He was rather a handsome little man, about forty years old, with dark eyes and complexion, wearing a black velvet blouse, gathered in with a belt, and a red scarf under it.

  64. Only from some things he let slip I gathered a fair general idea of the game those two are playing.

  65. Under this spell I stood, until that gentle worshipper arose with a bend of her graceful neck, and gathered her pale grey robe around her.

  66. When I saw him next, he had gathered up his courage, and was a little ashamed of his own breakdown.

  67. Wherever men are gathered into nations, wherever Civilization extends her beneficent sway, there will it be manifest.

  68. His venerable form moves slowly and with uncertain steps; but the gathered strength of years is in his countenance, and the light of victory on his path.

  69. Enoch as they gathered round the stew pot.

  70. Enoch was too spent to reply but he gathered every resource in his body to make one more effort.

  71. He gathered some greasewood and came back to build the fire, but his camp mates had forestalled him.

  72. Jonas carried the tray into a handsome, smoke filled room, where four men with intent faces were gathered around a card table.

  73. Jonas gathered the fan to his breast and scuttled out the side door as Enoch Huntingdon came in at the Secretary's private entrance.

  74. Then he gathered together all his resources, to protect Diana from himself.

  75. After supper the two Indians and Jonas gathered round this while Enoch and Diana remained at what Jonas designated as the front room stove.

  76. In fact, it was nearly dusk before they had gathered enough to last out the evening.

  77. Then gather the top of the dress so that it will fit Punch’s neck, and fasten it on under the ruffle with strong glue, allowing the bottom of the paper neck to extend down below the gathered top of the dress.

  78. Around the nail under the brown centre, slide on first one, then the other, circle of gathered yellow petals, taking care to have the petal points of the lower circle lie between and not over those of the top circle.

  79. The precis was admirable, and the various subjects were gathered together under their headings with great skill--in fact, it could not well have been more perfect; but it had one flaw which spoiled it.

  80. This case also affords a good instance of careless indexing in another particular, for these references are separated under different headings instead of being gathered under one, as follows: Harley (Robert) 277 references.

  81. On the other hand, entries relating to Tuberculosis must not be scattered over the index under such headings as Consumption, Decline, and Phthisis, but be gathered together under the heading chosen, with cross references from the others.

  82. The Museum sweeps its net so wide and in such remote seas that a more or less complete collection of books on almost every subject or historical event is gathered within it for future students.

  83. The players who were soon to start out on the links; the guests, the gallery, and the servants gathered to see the finish of the impromptu race, murmurs arising as it was seen how close it was likely to be.

  84. A group gathered about the big French car, obviously to the delight of Mr. Carwell, who was proud of the furor created by his latest purchase.

  85. Something like a little frown gathered on the face of Horace Carwell as he noted the presence of Bartlett, but it passed almost at once.

  86. But while I have been talking about "placing," the crowd has gathered around a court where a single-handed game is being played.

  87. A crowd gathered around the house; they carried her away to prison.

  88. Her gathered adherents had made but little advance towards regaining her rights when, in August, 48, Caesar landed in pursuit of Pompey, whom he had defeated at Pharsalia.

  89. By this time quite a little crowd of villagers had gathered around me, and the escaped lunatic was secured to wait for the arrival of his keeper, and I managed to reach my home, after being fortified by a glass of wine.

  90. Without the city, in the great state beyond, an irate governor had gathered his forces from the east and from the west.

  91. And they bore away to new battlefields thousands of fresh-faced boys from Wisconsin and Michigan and Minnesota, gathered at Camp Benton.

  92. The nature of this duty can be gathered from the Form of Ordering of Priests, the rubrics and provisions of the Book of Common Prayer, and the Canons of 1603.

  93. Miss Morison gathered up the flowers without a word, and held them out to the medium, who lay back wearied in her chair.

  94. Now my hair has"-- Before she could finish he had dropped her fingers, and gathered her hair in both hands, kissing it again and again.

  95. He sprang forward, and gathered her into his arms.

  96. She gathered her hair, and began to twist it up.

  97. Feebly he rose, and gathered his scattered senses.

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