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Example sentences for "folded"

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fol; folc; folces; fold; folde; folden; folder; folders; folding; foldings
  1. She folded up her sewing with a steady hand.

  2. He picked up a folded newspaper from the table.

  3. Bertha folded her letters up with a smile.

  4. A hastily scrawled note was folded around one half of the sheaf.

  5. Leaning back in his swivel chair he folded a pair of freckled hands behind his neck and smiled at Lee.

  6. He stood smiling at my discomfiture, yet his black brows were close--but he halted and folded his arms and I could see the betraying bulge of the pistol on his great side-pocket.

  7. And down she sits with folded hands, watching me mighty solemn and demure and I very conscious of her scrutiny.

  8. And this woman stood with bowed head and hands tight-clasped as one that grieved also; suddenly she raised her head and lifted folded hands to the cloudless heaven in passionate supplication.

  9. Am I to sit with my hands folded henceforth and do nought but think?

  10. Then I saw he was cutting the buttons from my sleeve, how and when he would; therefore I cast away my sword in petulant anger and folded my arms.

  11. It was folded and addressed in pencil, "To the fellow-lodger.

  12. Fanny, still fuming, went to the baby carriage, folded the blanket and arranged the cushions.

  13. He stopped short in front of her and folded his arms.

  14. Then somewhat startled, she folded the paper, and quickly put it back in the drawer.

  15. Priscilla, as she folded up her letter, looked questioningly at Martine.

  16. There on the flowers of the meadow the warriors lay, and above them, Silent, with folded arms, stood Hobomok, friend of the white man.

  17. That in the fiercest blast So gently folded back the seas, They hardly felt we passed!

  18. On their folded arms they laid him; But he raised his dying breath: "On, men, avenge the death Of your general!

  19. On the 11th, our Division received orders to join the army in the field with all possible speed, and on the 12th we folded our tents, and took the route in the track of our comrades.

  20. The sailors rushed to his side with uplifted clubs, but he calmly folded his arms and walked slowly back to his place, whilst Ayché burst into a flood of tears, and seemed appalled at his mysterious question.

  21. Tamango remained motionless, leaning on the binnacle, his face buried in his folded arms.

  22. As she went out she passed slowly by him, with her head erect and her hands holding her prayer-book, folded in front of her.

  23. The sea, the Latin sea and its opal light, whereon, swaying, were the sails of little boats like wings folded back.

  24. Braun looked at his wife aghast, thumped on the table, folded his arms, and said: "Where on earth did you get that from?

  25. She stopped singing, and went and sat down with her hands folded in her lap.

  26. Anna's teeth were chattering, she was sitting huddled up, with her arms tight folded across her chest and her knees up to her chin.

  27. And Pierre, erring Pierre, folded his arms around his father and tried to comfort him like one would a sorrowing child.

  28. He stopped and looked regretfully around the room; then, noticing the parcel, he walked listlessly over to the table, took it up and ponderingly began to unfold it; the secret the roughly folded paper held was quickly revealed.

  29. As she did so she could not help observing a number of folded slips of yellow paper that lay tossed aside, in the bottom of the boat.

  30. Everybody chatted, and chinned, and giggled, and asked questions; and the sky blue flag Grace carried folded in her blouse caused no end of comment.

  31. Within a dozen feet of him, her arms folded across her breast, her eyes half shut in the luxury of the senses, stood the goose-girl.

  32. Smiling at Penny, he slapped a folded paper on Mr. Parker's desk.

  33. But you must have had some news," she insisted, her gaze on a folded paper which he held.

  34. In their knowledge of economy, they greatly surpass the English women in the plantations, who indeed have taken the liberty of throwing all the burthen of housekeeping upon their husbands and sit in their chairs all day with folded arms.

  35. He laboured slowly High up the steep ascent--and vanished soon Behind the folded clouds, which clustered dark As the last hues of sunset passed away.

  36. Beside what still and secret spring, In what dark wood, the livelong day, Sit'st thou with dusk and folded wing, To while the hours of light away.

  37. The woman folded up the material and was off, smiling.

  38. But you couldn't dawdle at a small, inadequate table that folded its flaps and shrank into a corner the minute you left it.

  39. Then she moved towards her own door; before it she halted and stood, with folded arms, looking down at the drunken Adonis at her feet.

  40. He'd folded his arms high and tight, and his face in the moonlight was--well, it was very different from his careless tone of voice.

  41. Then each man folded his cloak together, and sitting back against the wall gazed at us out of the dark corners.

  42. I had just lit the lamp and set it down on the table, when I caught sight of a folded piece of paper with my name in her handwriting on the outside.

  43. Budge Isham folded his arms, prepared to look on and listen, but the queen of the proceedings checked it all by an unexpected veto.

  44. So full of heavenly gleams, Wrought through the folded dulness of thy bark, And all thy nature dark Stirred to slow throbbings, and the fluttering fire Of faint, unknown desire?

  45. As he talked he took from his pocket a letter folded in the way that was followed when we had no envelopes, and, cutting it, let it fall to the floor.

  46. Involuntarily the young King, who had been ashen pale for some moments, dropped to his knees, but the Baron only folded his arms and stiffened his legs.

  47. He folded her afresh in his strong embrace, and kissed her head as it lay on his breast.

  48. It has come and gone," she whispered, and then his arm folded closer about her waist.

  49. He had risen to his feet, kicked over a chair which stood in front of him, and folded his arms across his breast.

  50. He had sat with folded arms and head down while his followers screamed their protests.

  51. Rossi leapt down to the platform, and at the same moment three Carabineers, who had been working their heads from right to left to peer into the carriages as they passed, stepped up to him and offered a folded white paper.

  52. Without a word he opened his arms to her, and with a little frightened cry she fell into them and was folded to his breast.

  53. That was all that the old gentleman would allow; but as she folded the letter, she surreptitiously added the slightest imaginable postscript to explain the matter--such words as occurred to her at the spur of the moment.

  54. And Mr. Stickatit, having completed the reading, folded it up, and put it back into the envelope.

  55. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "folded" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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