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Example sentences for "conscious"

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conscientiam; conscientious; conscientiously; conscientiousness; conscionable; consciously; consciousness; consciousnesses; conscript; conscripted
  1. However, there are certain Scripture phrases that emphasize the severity of the punishment of sin, which are often taken as supporting the doctrine of never-ending conscious torment.

  2. But the unscriptural view of everlasting conscious torment that never reaches the point of full punishment, is unthinkable.

  3. But I was equally conscious of being in my room, and lying in bed, precisely as I actually was.

  4. I cannot call it a nightmare, for I was quite conscious of being asleep.

  5. I had no distinct thoughts about her while such scenes lasted, but I was conscious of a love growing into adoration, and also of abhorrence.

  6. Suddenly, as he stood, he became conscious that there was a moving blur before him, as if some portion of the general darkness, by some trick of vision, had been rendered more compact and animate.

  7. He was glad that Cahews and Pomp were busy in the rear, and he became conscious of the hope that no stray customer would interrupt him at what seemed such a grave and important moment.

  8. He was conscious of the strange, almost weird, alteration in her manner, and was therefore partially prepared for the change in her voice and intonation.

  9. Conscious of little that the old man was saying, Henley passed on into the dimly lighted farm-house, experiencing a vague sense of relief that he was not just then to face his wife.

  10. I've run over to inquire how little Joe is," he said, conscious of the grim opposition to his visit in the very air that hung around the farmer.

  11. Its edges were ragged, and the captain often looked towards that quarter, conscious that in it lay his only hope.

  12. It was the first time Captain Hughes had been conscious of his dirt-begrimed, ragged condition; would he have risked the confession he had made, had he been aware of it?

  13. She was proud of the child's beauty as only the mother can be who has all her life long been conscious of being obliged to forego the gift of beauty for herself.

  14. Erika noticed that there were no fresh flowers in the studio: he had taken no pains to decorate it for his guests, and she was conscious of a foreboding of misfortune.

  15. And the old Countess was conscious of an emotion never awakened within her by her son, yet now aroused by her grand-daughter,--pride in her own flesh and blood.

  16. I could not go near her again, because, to speak plainly, I was conscious that I was not a suitable match for her.

  17. A woman does not grow tired when she is conscious of being admired," the old Countess declared; "but the situation is less entertaining for me.

  18. But then her pale beautiful face, lit up with enthusiasm, arose before his mind's eye, and in the midst of his frenzy of passion he was conscious of the yearning tenderness which had been a chief element in his feeling for her.

  19. She was bitterly conscious of it, and so, to justify herself, she put on an air of great wisdom.

  20. A sensation of intense comfort stole over him; but in the midst of it he was conscious of physical uneasiness.

  21. Suddenly--it was intolerable--again she was conscious of that gnawing discontent.

  22. For the first time in her life his stepdaughter was conscious of an emotion of compassion for him.

  23. The grandmother was conscious of the blunder she had committed, and was furious with herself; which nevertheless would not in the least prevent her from making another of the same kind whenever an opportunity offered.

  24. She was conscious that he regarded her with no common admiration.

  25. So full was I of joy and gratitude, that I hastened to salute her before ever noticing the marquise, or being conscious of her presence.

  26. No sooner did Lord Howe see the tricolored flag floating from the parapets of Little Gibraltar, than, conscious that the city was no longer tenable, he made signal for the fleet to prepare for immediate evacuation.

  27. Paralyzed with fear, his presence of mind had well-nigh deserted him, when all of a sudden he became conscious that the animal was pressing the point of his gun with its shaggy breast.

  28. We become painfully conscious of the independent and often undesired activity of our organs, and of our passions--and so, unfortunately for them, do our friends!

  29. And under all, still in the depths, one may be conscious of a subtle flow and interchange, yet going on between the two personalities and relating itself to some deep and unseen movements far down in the heart of Nature.

  30. Lay the conscious and controlling and selective power of the upper mind at rest, in the trance-condition, and you have in the deeps of the subliminal self this primal creative power exposed.

  31. We are therefore almost compelled to conclude that that intelligent self (conscious or subconscious) which we are so distinctly aware of as associated with our mature bodies was there also, associated with the first germ.

  32. The high and mighty gentlemen of the city-hall, who had just become conscious of their own strength (by way of their recently acquired riches) were struggling for more power with their feudal masters.

  33. They were forever conscious of their immortal souls and they did not like to be funny about matters which they considered holy and sacred.

  34. And Louis XIV with all his fame and glory, was the first conscious victim.

  35. On the third day only he regained his composure; but it was only to be conscious of a new and overwhelming misfortune.

  36. I know it, but I was very conscious of it all, almost clairvoyantly so, and I can assure you it was not longer than a half minute in either case, between the state of usual health and death itself.

  37. Then, she was conscious of a faint odour of prussic acid, its pungent bitterness unmistakable, though slight.

  38. No one answered, for every one was conscious of a subtle presence and each glanced fearfully, furtively about, nerves shaken, wills enfeebled, vitality low.

  39. This rare peculiarity set off to great advantage a pair of shoulders which would have called up a blush of conscious inferiority into the countenance of the marble Apollo.

  40. Firmly, composedly, yet with an air of conscious power, he handed his MS.

  41. In addition there is a conscious exaggeration of his loss of memory and a tendency to exploit it to protect himself against examination.

  42. He knew only that he had achieved a certain high rank in one of the three services, and could not be conscious of the fact that he was becoming a member of anything so tangible as a “group”, as that word is commonly used.

  43. He had groped in shadows and had been conscious only of a blind alley, with a dead wall, somewhere, near at hand.

  44. He took up the letters again and eyed them, shaking his head as he did so with the anger of one enraged at the irreparable, and conscious of the futility of the wrath.

  45. Surprised also was Captain O'Hagan, but pleasantly, for at last he thought he saw his enemy cowed and conscious of the futility of further resistance.

  46. He looked imploringly at Graeme as he spoke, and was conscious of a faint sensation of relief, for his subordinate's face was confident as ever.

  47. Even Gorham was conscious of the satisfaction expressed in the old man's voice as he opened the library door for his famous offspring and announced "Misther James Riley," dwelling noticeably upon the prefix.

  48. Not until now had the full force of the wrench come upon him, and he was conscious of a lump in his throat as he thought of Alice, first always, then of Mr. Gorham, and last of the city itself.

  49. But here, in the midst of his family, Robert Gorham displayed a side of his nature which Stephen Sanford had never seen; yet Allen was no less conscious of the man's power.

  50. He took the outstretched hand, and accepted the friendly pressure, conscious of a feeling not altogether pleasant.

  51. The elder Riley, without having analyzed his son's characteristics to this extent, was intuitively conscious of a yielding to his appeal, and he was not slow to follow it up.

  52. He had fallen at the side of the trail and was conscious before I left him, but Carina was--dead.

  53. He was conscious of having acted very fairly, and thought she ought to have considered this, and made up to him for it.

  54. And yet, how was it that she was now and then conscious of a certain dim background of relief in the forced separation from Philip?

  55. She sat helpless, dimly conscious that she was being floated along, more intensely conscious of the anticipated clash.

  56. He made his way toward her round the couples that were forming for the waltz; and when Maggie became conscious that she was the person he sought, she felt, in spite of all the thoughts that had gone before, a glowing gladness at heart.

  57. But Maggie became conscious that as she was slackening her hold her father was beginning to grasp her and lean on her.

  58. Watch your own speech, and notice how it is guided by your less conscious purposes, and you will understand that contradiction in Stephen.

  59. Perhaps he was not distinctly conscious that he was impelled to it by a secret longing--running counter to all his self-confessed resolves--to deepen the hold he had on her.

  60. If it had been, each would have been less intensely conscious of the other.

  61. Maggie was hardly conscious of having said or done anything decisive.

  62. But Maggie did not feel that right; she was too conscious of fatal weakness in herself, too full of the tenderness that comes with the foreseen need for inflicting a wound.

  63. When was that first hateful moment in which she had been conscious of a feeling that clashed with her truth, affection, and gratitude, and had not shaken it from her with horror, as if it had been a loathsome thing?

  64. Conscious of their English heritage, they were at once proud of their loyalty to Britain and jealous of their well-won provincial liberties.

  65. Those who read history must know it for a notorious fact that ancient peoples had lost their liberties at the hands of designing men, leagued and self-conscious conspirators against the welfare of the human race.

  66. She felt it, was conscious that he also had become aware of it.

  67. She sat very still, conscious of vague pain somewhere in her breast, acquiescent in the consciousness, dumb, and now incurious concerning further details of this man's tragedy.

  68. He held her for awhile, conscious that a creeping stupor threatened his senses--making no effort to save his mind from the ominous shadows that crept toward him like live things moving slowly, always a little nearer.

  69. Now he brooded on it and looked askance at the girl who was primarily responsible--conscious in a confused sort of way that he was a blackguard for his ingratitude.

  70. Conscious of a presence behind him he turned, came toward her in the sunlight, the sun crisping his short hair.

  71. The fainting girl lay amid her drenched yellow hair in the ferns, partly covered by the clothing which she had drawn over her with her last conscious effort.

  72. Half-conscious she coughed and gasped at the whiskey, then lay very still as McKay lifted her in his arms and strode out under the paling stars of Isla.

  73. The young man in whom you are interested is conscious this morning.

  74. If I’m in the street and some one is taking stock of me, even though I can’t see them, I’m conscious of it in a moment.

  75. One is so conscious of one’s own coarseness, grossness, and impurity as to feel unworthy to stand in such presence!

  76. No matter how wide his choice of subject, one was conscious of a sense of unity in all that Watts-Dunton said.

  77. But so conscious was he of moral weakness, so self- distrustful in view of many broken resolutions, that he dared resolve on nothing.

  78. Conscious of the bitter enmity that Gregory for some unknown reason cherished toward him, she dreaded their meeting.

  79. He was dimly conscious of these facts, though he tried to shut his eyes to them.

  80. Conscious of deceit himself, he distrusted every one, even crystal- souled Annie.

  81. But it is the curse of conscious deceit to breed suspicion.

  82. Though she makes no effort to attract my attention, I am ever conscious of her presence.

  83. She did not like his tone and manner, and also became conscious that in her choice of a ballad she had expressed thoughts that were not for him; so she tried to turn the matter lightly off by saying, "Where you probably were in your thoughts.

  84. He had not gone very far into the early twilight of a grove before he was conscious of a strong and secret exultation.

  85. With their guest, her dreams also had gone, and she became conscious that she had treated him with almost rude neglect, and that he had borne it in a spirit different from that which he usually showed.

  86. Suddenly she turned up a burr whose appearance so interested her that she stood up to examine it, and then became conscious of his intent gaze.

  87. Let it suffice that it involved me in the most dreadful ruin; a ruin to which I can truly say I never consented, and of which I was scarce conscious when the villanous man avowed it to my face in the morning.

  88. I was conscious of I knew not what--guilt I hope it cannot be called.

  89. I do not know to the present moment whether he is aware that I was even conscious of his action.

  90. To live for others as a definite self-conscious aim was not his creed.

  91. Now, Craven Le Noir had been conscious of the relenting and compassionate looks of Capitola, but he did not know that they were only the pitying regards of a noble and victorious nature over a vanquished and suffering wrong-doer.

  92. Conscious of the wrong of gazing upon this solitary woman, Traverse forced his looks away and passed on down-stairs, where he again met the old doctor and Mademoiselle Angele at breakfast.

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