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Example sentences for "consciously"

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conscientious; conscientiously; conscientiousness; conscionable; conscious; consciousness; consciousnesses; conscript; conscripted; conscripting
  1. Some seem to find the Saviour when they are not seeking him; and some, after deliberately and consciously seeking him long, are rewarded at length.

  2. That is the real problem; and it is a far more complex and difficult one than if we had to do with a people which had consciously abandoned the Christian virtues or consciously embarked on a conspiracy against Belgium or Great Britain.

  3. The Kaiser's crusading appeals are not hypocritical or consciously insincere: they are simply many centuries out of date--a grotesque medley of medieval romanticism and royal megalomania.

  4. To do this means to present ourselves in the likeness of the Divine Ideal; and in this self-presentation the initiative, so far as the individual is consciously concerned, must necessarily be taken by himself.

  5. In Isaak Walton, to quote Leslie Stephen, "a happy combination of circumstances has provided us with a true country idyl, fresh and racy from the soil, not consciously constructed by the most skillful artistic hand.

  6. I must camp and tramp with her to get any good, and what I get I absorb through my emotions rather than consciously gather through my intellect.

  7. And she handed them back with such haste that the ribbon which bound them remained in her fingers, where consciously or unconsciously she held it clutched all through the remaining time of her examination.

  8. Following the reasoning that the subconscious mind can be affected, you can see that a problem could present itself even though the subject consciously wishes to be hypnotized.

  9. Consciously or unconsciously, our feelings about almost everything are largely molded by ready-made opinions and attitudes fostered by our mass methods of communication.

  10. You are not to rotate the object consciously or help it in any way.

  11. Should you experience difficulty in attaining the first movement of your hand, you can give yourself assistance by consciously and slowly raising your hand just to get it started.

  12. In this self-hypnotic state, you are able to consciously direct suggestions to your subconscious mind.

  13. The suggestion reaches your subconscious and activates you consciously to waken.

  14. It is also useful when the patient is reluctant to consciously discuss certain aspects of his problem.

  15. This would either be done consciously or unconsciously.

  16. We condition ourselves consciously and unconsciously to many activities.

  17. In self-hypnosis, the individual consciously works toward implementing and strengthening his own inherent strength and resources.

  18. If you understand and consciously practice the instructions that I shall outline, you will attain your goal.

  19. In the self-hypnotic state, the individual consciously gives himself whatever suggestions he desires.

  20. The goal is to consciously cause a subconscious reaction.

  21. We get morality not by consciously cultivating particular virtues, but by making ourselves useful men and women, by practice and by the love and imitation of our betters.

  22. We had been carrying on a steadily increasing part of our foreign affairs without consciously labelling them as such.

  23. In continuing to affirm it ecclesiastical Christendom brands itself with frivolity, not earnest enough to carry its thought in loyalty to truth as far as possible, or with hypocrisy, consciously dishonest to its doubts.

  24. An evil soul is not thrust into a physical and fiery hell, fenced in and roofed over from the universal common; but it is revealed to itself, and consciously enters on retributive relations.

  25. This class of men buys up legislators, consciously or not, and pays them, for value received.

  26. This may be done consciously or unconsciously.

  27. He is not only indolent, constitutionally lazy, but lazy, consciously and wilfully idle.

  28. This may be done consciously or otherwise, but legally, without direct violence, and without owning the person.

  29. Acting consciously or without consciousness, it buys up legislators when they are in the market; breeds them when the market is bare.

  30. We need not suspect that Hazlitt was consciously acting a part and nursing his 'frenzy' because he thought that it would make a startling book.

  31. Parson Adams is simple enough to become a laughing-stock to the brutal, but he never consciously rebels against the dictates of the plainest common-sense.

  32. That a theory so generally received and so consciously adopted by the leaders of the new movement must have in it a considerable amount of truth, is not to be disputed.

  33. Fielding, we might say, paints flesh and blood; whereas Richardson consciously constructs his puppets out of frigid abstractions.

  34. They are not mere hollow pretences, consciously adopted to conceal base motives; but one feels the want of an occasional infusion of the bracing air of common sense.

  35. At least I know that woman never used her beauty more consciously than I did in that moment.

  36. Your aunt sends her love"; only a person who knew Uncle James could appreciate the consciously suppressed humor of that phrase.

  37. But his jokes never left any bitterness any more than he consciously ever caused the slightest pain to any living thing.

  38. A brave and honest thinker, essentially a man of action in thought, he never consciously deteriorated or took away from Confucius' doctrine.

  39. Then there were some few who, influenced (consciously or not) by H.

  40. He was consciously picturing the life of Greeks; but Greeks in an age traditionally more cultured than his own.

  41. I do not mean that he consciously set this plan before himself; but that naturally it would be the course that he, or anyone, would follow.

  42. I did not know this at first, so at first I did not consciously resist his desire.

  43. He died fasting, in peace, and without pain, with a clear mind that allowed him to consciously prepare for the experience.

  44. If there are any actual villains responsible for this suppressive tragedy some of them are to be found in the inner core of the AMA, officials who may perhaps fully and consciously comprehend the suppressive system they promulgate.

  45. As important as chewing is, I have only run into about one client in a hundred that actually makes an effort to consciously chew their food.

  46. I wish folk would carry a little more consciously in their minds that principle in interpreting them all, and in asking about their fulfilment.

  47. This is because we have not yet had experience enough, have not consciously trained our people for this kind of work, and have not been able to make water-tight laws.

  48. No doubt the hilly lands of our best farming regions are greatly reduced in their crop-producing power because people do not prepare against drought as consciously as they provide against frost (page 52).

  49. He also believes that this is the view which is taken, more or less consciously or unconsciously, by the different authors of the different classifications themselves.

  50. To this condition of the iambic rhythm the Greek tragedians, either consciously or unconsciously, adhered.

  51. To one who carries with him, consciously or unconsciously, the concrete knowledge of the physics, the abstract teaching of the metaphysics presents no difficulty; it is as clear as crystal.

  52. According to the Book of Genesis, Adam and Eve were placed under a law, not of consciously perceived right and wrong, but of simple obedience.

  53. The judgment of man may be warped by prejudice and passion, but it cannot be consciously warped.

  54. If Adam and Eve could not "consciously perceive right and wrong," how is it possible for you to say that "duty lay for them in following the command of the Most High"?

  55. But these inferior and secondary powers were not consciously exercised; they were implicitly present in the manifold yet single creative act.

  56. The same argument applies to the man who consciously has a desire to condemn.

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