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conscientiously; conscientiousness; conscionable; conscious; consciously; consciousnesses; conscript; conscripted; conscripting; conscription
  1. With all this, he was the gentlest of the gentle, and accomplished whatever he undertook without apparent effort, or the least consciousness that what he was doing was remarkable.

  2. There was none of the detention he expected would be practised upon him, and yet he had a strong consciousness that he was undergoing the operation well known afloat and ashore by the title of "the game of humbug.

  3. As well may you lift yourselves by your own bootstraps as to explain consciousness by consciousness.

  4. Each of you goes into his own consciousness to explain himself and the universe.

  5. I remember another street, with quiet buildings on either side, and the panic that smote me into consciousness as again I saw the people of the abyss, but this time in a stream that flowed and came on.

  6. It appeared to him that he never lost consciousness of his errand.

  7. The consciousness of having touched up the 'Frisco men seemed to have a salutary influence on Mr. McMurtrie's play.

  8. Thus we sat until recalled to a sudden consciousness of the situation by the nurse's light tap upon the door.

  9. His consciousness was like the light scurry of waves at full tide, when the deeper waters are pausing and gathering and turning home.

  10. I have no consciousness of wrong-doing, yet maidenly ideals have been shocked by my conduct, and the place for Alice Webster is outside the pale of social recognition.

  11. It weighs upon Sir Donald's troubled consciousness that on his chosen line of action hangs Esther's hopes, with this contingent menace.

  12. My conduct has been inconsistent and contradictory, unsatisfactory to myself, and, I have often suspected, cowardly, yet there was no consciousness at any time of intentionally having wronged any human being.

  13. The consciousness of acres had passed away from his portly presence.

  14. She had feasted in quiet and delighted thought on the consciousness that she was improving--that she was growing worthier of him--that he would perceive it on his return.

  15. And so the paths that to Melissa's straightforward consciousness seemed so simple and direct ended, one and all, in hopeless confusion.

  16. She had an aching consciousness of her own ignorance.

  17. It is in this sense of loneliness, this consciousness of identity and nothing more, that the terror of dying consists.

  18. And while in the very heart and structure of the happy moment there lurked an obscure consciousness of death, the memory in which past happiness dwells is always a regretful memory.

  19. As they walked towards the house, their self-consciousness rose to so high a pitch that the park and house seemed to them like a thin illusion, a sort of painted paper reality, which might fall to pieces at any moment.

  20. Her intense consciousness of this tall, aristocratic man frightened her.

  21. On Saturday the annoyance which this lie had caused in her was as keen as ever: and it was not until she had got into her carriage and was driving to Dulwich that her consciousness of it died in the importance of her interview with her father.

  22. But in spite of her efforts she followed the sacrifice of the Mass in her normal consciousness until the bell rang for the Elevation.

  23. On this speck of earth a being had awakened to a consciousness of the glittering riddle above his head, but he would die in the same ignorance of its meaning as a rabbit.

  24. In a remote consciousness they feared it was not right to feel so keenly; the harmonious depth of the voice entered their very blood, summoning visions of angel faces.

  25. Suddenly his self-consciousness fell from him, was merged in his instinct of the woman.

  26. But it is certain he never profited by the acquaintance--indeed, the contemplation of such tenacious industry must have afflicted his infant consciousness with utter repugnance.

  27. Except that she spoke unsmiling and ignored Bibi-Ri, except for her deathly pallor, she seemed without the least consciousness of a terrible irony.

  28. They may be summarily stated in a single sentence: consciousness alone gives fresh initiative.

  29. They show sinking degrees moving off in that direction; when we think out the series, we come logically to a point where there is no consciousness at all.

  30. There is therefore a watchful, if not a prompting, consciousness at work.

  31. Thus his consciousness is set free to busy itself with other affairs.

  32. In fullness of consciousness they may well rejoice, recognizing its possession as a power.

  33. To a being destitute of self-consciousness only a single sort of action is at any moment possible.

  34. Varying through a multitude of degrees, the fullness of consciousness is never reached.

  35. Perhaps during all this time I had neither consciousness nor self-consciousness.

  36. For such an undertaking consciousness is needed, but let us see how far we are able to hand over its work to unconsciousness.

  37. We have many such to indicate the disappearance of self-consciousness at moments of elation.

  38. But when appetite is permeated with a consciousness of what is lacking, I apprehend it as a need.

  39. While self-consciousness is our distinctive prerogative, it is far from being our only possession.

  40. As a centre in the great Centre, it can also call forth the memory of everything in the Universe that its consciousness can grasp.

  41. It is not without importance, however, to set forth the proofs of the existence of a vehicle of consciousness immediately above the physical, for it affords us a wider horizon and throws far more light on the rest of the subject.

  42. The memory of one intoxicated, or in a state of fever delirium is lost when consciousness returns from the astral to the physical body; it comes back on the return of the delirium or the intoxication.

  43. To these same states of higher consciousness are due such productions as Walter Scott's Ivanhoe.

  44. A vehicle of consciousness is both a registering apparatus[247] and a conductor of vibrations.

  45. This limited consciousness may be defined as the faculty a "centre of life" possesses of receiving vibrations from its surroundings.

  46. During normal sleep there exists a special consciousness which must not be confounded either with waking consciousness or with that of the astral body.

  47. Sleep is characterised by the transfer of consciousness from the physical to the astral body; this transfer seems to take place normally under the influence of bodily fatigue.

  48. For this reason also, the deeper the sleep of the physical body the better the higher consciousness manifests itself.

  49. The latter being the intention of this book, the task has been undertaken with a perfect consciousness of all its difficulties, and with scarcely a hope of success.

  50. Cousin Jack affected reluctance, but I believe he slept more sweetly, for the consciousness that this act of justice had been done.

  51. As soon as Mrs. Legend had got through with her introductory compliments to the captain, she sought Eve and Grace, with a consciousness that a few civilities were now their due.

  52. Work is not only a satisfactory safety-valve for the emotions in general, but it is especially valuable as a means of diverting the thoughts and feelings from the growing consciousness of sex.

  53. It is probably better for the child if we do not push the analysis of acts and motives too early, for there is more danger at a certain age from morbid self-consciousness than from acquiring vicious habits.

  54. And there is valuable tonic for the child's body as well as for his will in the comfortable consciousness of a superior authority upon which he can safely lean.

  55. This was not the first time that Miss Hughes had nodded and smiled to Joseph Grimaldi, but it threw him into a state of confusion and agitation which at once deprived him of all consciousness of what he was about.

  56. To this, Grimaldi, not having any precise idea of the expense of a prosecution, readily assented, and the officer declared he should be sufficiently repaid by the pleasing consciousness of having done his duty.

  57. A sense of foreboding, a consciousness of discord, seemed to swell ominously now and again beneath the smooth and colorful surface of the dinner.

  58. She came slowly to waking consciousness over wastes of apprehension, oppressed by some heavy sense of disaster.

  59. He rose, disturbed a little at the consciousness of a power beginning to get beyond his control, and went on his way down the long, dusty road, refreshed by the fair angel company of Love and Longing.

  60. There was nothing of self-consciousness in it, and no protest could have more clearly proved that the mental comment of Commines' shrewdness had read the broken melody aright.

  61. Far out on the jutting crag the mountain sheep still stood, a magnificent ram, showing no consciousness of danger or, if conscious of it, defying it.

  62. But the consciousness of having performed the duty of patriots, sustained them under misfortune.

  63. Still perfect consciousness remained, and with dying energy he entreated that he might once more behold his wife and child.

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