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Example sentences for "remark"

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remand; remanded; remanding; remane; remanent; remarkable; remarkablest; remarkably; remarkeable; remarked
  1. The rest of that day Lola could not but remark the intense pre-occupation of her lover--that concentration of mind that all men experience at the near menace of death.

  2. I will also remark that the position of the Tonalamatls in the "Dresdensis" is not connected at all, as in the Aztec, with certain places in the year, and that no rule for this proceeding can be found.

  3. And if I were disposed to indulge in as sweeping an expression, I should say that the remark excites a suspicion of the writer's want of acquaintance with the spirit of Shakspeare's works.

  4. Our own writers who had to remark upon the subject, Sharon Turner, and Wheaton, in his History of the Northmen, may be excused from concurring in an opinion in which they had only a verbal interest.

  5. That remark doesn't seem to have any point, Bobs, but I suppose it has.

  6. Her partner quoted the remark for weeks following the reiteration--"that brilliant Mrs. Jerry Paxton said to me the other night at dinner.

  7. The theme had sprung full-armed, as it were, from some remark of a character in the other book; she found that it had been developing all the time since its inception in that busy forge, the subconscious mind!

  8. Perry's closing remark was made from the platform of the train for Philadelphia.

  9. With which cryptic remark Wink stumbled into the cockpit and disappeared.

  10. And since it began with a remark from Perry let us end it so.

  11. Here I may remark that Japanese children usually capture semi by means of a long slender bamboo tipped with bird-lime (mochi).

  12. I may remark here that in many old Japanese legends and ballads, ghosts are represented as having power to pull off people's heads.

  13. He had once witnessed such a scene, and gazed at it with indifference, moving off among the careless throng with the remark "Poor wretch!

  14. Dick saw the effect his remark had produced, and tried to laugh it off.

  15. As this remark was made, it flashed into Emery's mind that some one might telegraph to Liverpool to stop him.

  16. A little lacking in social instinct, perhaps," faltered Miss Celia, as bewildered by this remark as her sister, but determined not to own it.

  17. This quiet remark was more convincing than a long description of Gay's good points.

  18. Miss Sarah will be along in a minute," said Phyllis, thinking that May's peculiar remark was due to confusion.

  19. And the nicest," said Lyman, thinking his first remark not very complimentary.

  20. He did not like the tone in which the remark was made.

  21. This last remark of the baroness had presented the whole matter in a new light to the generous woman; it was a ray like the light from the dark lantern of the thief, which falls upon the strong-box he is about to steal.

  22. She thought it, therefore, quite proper to help him, by making a harmless remark about the fine morning.

  23. Even the smile with which she replied to many a remark of her companion was not the old joyous smile; it resembled the glimpses of the sun through the dismal, melancholy clouds.

  24. Similar scenes occurred again and again, but Harald's good resolves lasted only a few days, and we had to pay with bitter tears for every laughing remark of the gentlemen.

  25. A contradiction, a failure, a slighting remark at table from the baroness, were sufficient to unchain the demon.

  26. As she brings in the potatoes she answers the last remark my guest addressed to me, and if I am too quick for her she explains away my answer, or modifies it, or signifies her approval of it.

  27. Soon, however, he dropped hints that it was a deeply interesting story, following these hints up with the remark that he was open to offers.

  28. I question that," said Janet, in repeating the remark to me.

  29. I could manage to live in it, I dare say, but if my son buys it he'll pull it down and rebuild it," a remark which tickled its owner a good deal.

  30. He made some remark to Colonel Lamont to indicate that our conversation was to occupy about half an hour.

  31. I accepted this remark as a permission to confer with Mr. Sandford, and I journeyed to New York to see him and to renew the understanding I had with him.

  32. Goodall's character and fate are summed up in the sententious remark of Lord Hailes, that "Walter was seldom sober.

  33. I did not remark the alteration so much with regard to myself, as in their mode of speaking to one another.

  34. If he happened to say a good thing, it was invariably attributed to another person, while, if a piece of scurrility or a foolish remark circulated, he never failed to have the whole merit to himself.

  35. He was paying no attention to her remark, a remark which she felt would have fallen flat in any event, since it was so palpably studied.

  36. The humor of Mrs. Richards's remark saved the situation for Claire.

  37. I shall only remark that it stood on the top of a mountain; only to be reached by the most narrow and difficult passes, and had the Greeks intended to fight at all, they never could have had a better opportunity.

  38. She made this remark so loudly and so frequently, that the goddess was finally annoyed, and left her seat in high Olympus to come down upon earth and punish the maiden.

  39. To this remark Mrs. Lecks made no reply, but, rising, she led the way out of the kitchen and into the house.

  40. There was something in this remark that roused again the turmoil which had begun to subside within me.

  41. After dinner--and I may remark that the newcomers were not consulted in regard to the hours for meals--Mrs. Lecks had an interview with the coxswain on the subject of board for himself and his two companions.

  42. But this remark seemed to set Katie off thinking about Ashby, for she too seemed preoccupied.

  43. It occurred to Brooke that this was a curious way to surprise a castle--by kindling torches, dancing, and singing songs; but he made no remark upon that.

  44. This remark was greeted with a shout of applause.

  45. The reply confirmed what he had heard, and Harry could not help making a remark about the strange injustice of exacting ten thousand from him and only one thousand from Ashby.

  46. I will only remark that I intend to be great friends with your wife some day, and that I've made up my mind to call her 'Syddie.

  47. All this Harry poured forth in a torrent of words, and before Ashby had a chance of making a remark he was off.

  48. In fact, she ignored my remark in the most contemptuous fashion.

  49. She began with the original and striking remark that it was the chief glory and function of woman to be a home-maker.

  50. This remark seemed to please Hepsey mightily, as she exclaimed: "Oh, my, no!

  51. So, seein' that we are engaged to be married, as I was about to remark when you interrupted me.

  52. She concluded with the remark that it was queer that the sight of the boy himself hadn't appealed to her, but that the suggestion had come to her in such a roundabout way.

  53. In reply to my remark that I thought her husband had always had such admirable control over them, she burst out, "That has been the whole trouble.

  54. Tolstoy ate his simple supper without remark or comment upon the food his family and guests preferred to eat, assuming that they, as well as he, had settled the matter with their own consciences.

  55. The malicious remark of the Greek epigrammatist on marriage may apply to every other course of life,--that its two days of happiness are the first and the last.

  56. They only who live with a man can write his life with any genuine exactness and discrimination; and few people, who have lived with a man, know what to remark about him.

  57. Poor Karpik, it seems, caught the infection, and conceived a violent passion for a hat and coat bedizzened with embroidery; and it is amusing to remark his wayward ingenuity, when insisting upon being gratified.

  58. I had time to remark that the lady, after giving her neighbor a glance of Juno-like disdain, turned her back upon him, and proceeded to study the straps hanging from the roof.

  59. His first remark was: "I trust at least that you have not yet dined.

  60. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "remark" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
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