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Example sentences for "comment"

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commensals; commensurability; commensurable; commensurate; commensuration; commentaries; commentary; commentator; commentators; commented
  1. The following historical note and comment was provided by Browning to accompany the poem.

  2. See, ad Corinthienses: whereupon Saint Ambrose makes a comment with much fruit, Doubtless my Judges long since laid to heart, So I desist from bringing forward here.

  3. The note enclosed in brackets was Browning's comment on reprinting the poem the last time.

  4. It had been witnessed by the acting captain of the ship, and had been the theme of much comment and admiration among the officers and men.

  5. The official report says:--"that further comment on the men or their instructor is superfluous.

  6. After Mr. Hobday, in an only partially recovered state, had been removed, and the hubbub of comment among his backers in the orchestra seats had subsided, there came a lull.

  7. The comment was plain and simple enough; but her eyes and cheeks told the rest, without need of words.

  8. In the Middle Ages he would have excited no comment at all.

  9. I was even able to look over the side from time to time and comment on the beauty of the moon on the water.

  10. There are others who, for all that they excite adverse comment by being fat and uncouth, find themselves on the credit side of the ledger owing to their wit and sparkling humour.

  11. He had been exacting before, and had caused a good deal of growling among the officers and comment among the women.

  12. Both they and their comrades of the Riflers were assiduous in their attentions to Miss Travers, and other ladies, less favored, made acrimonious comment in consequence.

  13. His comment is, "She, too, was Jenny and had her Robin Gray.

  14. The man who ventures to comment on it, or offers to amend or improve it, is hooted down as an enemy to his country and an infidel to its perfection.

  15. We cannot extend our space and burthen our brief comment with the statistics necessary to prove this fact, already patent to the more intelligent.

  16. Joe's peculiarities were not infrequently the subject of comment amongst the men.

  17. We are well aware that, in the bigotry of belief that hedges about this system, there is no toleration for comment or criticism, and no room for amendment.

  18. The lines appealed to me as a group; I tended always to throw a boundary around the lines," is the comment of one of the subjects.

  19. But the more general comment is as to the greater vividness of the larger image.

  20. Again he made the profane comment to himself that women are unreasonable.

  21. He had no time to comment before she assailed him with: "You see, I've gone and got married.

  22. Their physical closeness was to him a bitter enough comment upon the distance between their minds.

  23. Wà kuy ikakumintaryu báhin sa ímung pamulitika, I have no comment to make about your politics.

  24. Wà kay katungud sa pagbuyag sa ákung pamisti, You have no right to comment on the way I dress.

  25. Sarah was extremely observant for her years and she surprised Rosemary and Louisa with a shrewd comment or two, until the latter deemed it expedient to take her into the inner circle of confidence.

  26. Shirley sat down on the floor and amused herself contentedly while Miss Clinton kept up a running fire of comment till Rosemary's wrist watch showed half-past four.

  27. The most that can be ventured is to comment on that which is definitely good.

  28. This at least entitles it to a passing comment here, this and the memory of a happy afternoon we passed by the crystal waters of this brilliant lake.

  29. On which the essayist's comment is "Tout cela ne va pas trop mal; mais quoy!

  30. He did not seem the same man, neither the sombre dullard of the winter, nor the Jake of former years who had fulfilled the routine of his life with no comment on its rigor or its ease.

  31. The first part of the prelude (if we may so call it), occupying 139 lines, calls for little more comment than that already necessitated by the foregoing consideration of the circumstances giving rise to the poem.

  32. As it were in startling comment upon the assertion of this natural sovereignty, the Professor's further speech is interrupted by a fit of coughing, and the listener avails himself of the opportunity thus offered to leave the Hall.

  33. Neither did she glance at the sky when I commented on the beauty of the sunset--although she assented to the comment convincingly.

  34. It is a curious comment on the little trust placed by the native Government in English administration that he does not send me the minute by post, but will forward it through an agent to be delivered by hand.

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