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Example sentences for "definitely"

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define; defined; defines; defining; definite; definiteness; definitio; definition; definitions; definitive
  1. I suppose we are all that when we bend our best efforts, but seldom are we so definitely apprised of the reward of untiring duty.

  2. It is a doctrine most definitely expressed and advocated in our pamphlet on the Kingdom of God, and that, too, on the very page from which Mr. Taylder makes copious extracts.

  3. From numerous reports it seemed that the time set for the great Austrian offensive was not far distant, the offensive destined definitely to crush our army and enable the enemy to turn all his strength against France.

  4. We should try to get our bearings more definitely in mind; waiting then in some secluded nook until night fell once more.

  5. It seems they can't go any farther, that they have been definitely stopped, and the full Piave is behind their backs.

  6. For Sabre the war definitely began with that visit to the Mess on the eve of the Pinks' departure.

  7. About once a week the County Times said that the tide of radicalism "definitely turned last night.

  8. Newfoundland definitely rejected union in the general election of 1869, and only once since has it shown an inclination to join the Dominion.

  9. Prince Edward Island made another {105} contribution to the chapter of misfortune by definitely rejecting the proposed union.

  10. We find many shades from a pale neutral up to a darker clear brown, and also a definitely reddish, as on the tail of the bird on the right side of page 23.

  11. She doesn't know you were so definitely against it.

  12. Will you promise me definitely that you'll keep it absolutely to yourself?

  13. This defection acted definitely on the girl's temperament.

  14. After the perusal of many volumes of Rahel literature, this scene is what remains in one's mind as definitely characterising her.

  15. There was something definitely puzzling and disturbing about the sudden illness which had overtaken Tully, for the latter was usually in the best of health.

  16. I'll let you know definitely a little later.

  17. Quite definitely they had not seen Joe Hamsa on the Limited.

  18. They ordered Mr. White definitely to return to Gantok.

  19. They said they had written to the Amban, saying definitely that they would agree to all the terms except that regarding the payment of an indemnity, and except in regard to opening further marts in future.

  20. Chinese suzerainty was definitely recognized in the Treaty, and all the way through the negotiations I had tried to carry the Resident with me.

  21. We have no interest in annexing Tibet, and we have definitely declared against either annexation or protectorate; but we most certainly do want quiet there and the removal of any influence which would cause disquiet.

  22. But the Tibetans were easily repulsed, for Colonel Brander had been careful to fortify the place well, and the Tibetans after this never ventured to take the offensive against us, and the tide now definitely began to turn.

  23. Mr. White twice visited the country and established the best possible relations with the people, and Bhutan is now definitely under our protection.

  24. It must be here definitely stated that the use of cornmeal is not the cause of pellagra, provided the right kind of other foods be taken with it.

  25. It is important to know definitely whether there is any constant measure of the level of the basal metabolism in normal people, so that one may determine in cases of disease whether the heat production is normal or increased or decreased.

  26. He wanted, quite selfishly he told himself,—and perhaps he was thinking a little of Betty—to win a game as definitely as he had lost one.

  27. Others refused definitely to commit themselves, and Tony had to be content with that.

  28. It was a grim walk, but not an unhappy one, for he had won his battle and had definitely made up his mind to be silent about the game as he had been silent about the hazing.

  29. I am glad to know that your mother is better; but I shan’t be contented again till you tell me definitely that you will be back next term.

  30. In truth, I should say, that the boy has no chance unless an old boy, more or less of your caliber, will definitely take him up and befriend him.

  31. The remarkable theory here proposed was immediately taken up and exhaustively discussed by the leading newspapers in all parts of the Union, and thereby became definitely known under the terms "unfriendly legislation" and "Freeport doctrine.

  32. Many of its hitherto active leaders immediately and definitely abandoned the struggle.

  33. The club was definitely organized on the following night.

  34. It cannot by any means be asserted that we can definitely fix the precise relations in time of all the Post-Pliocene deposits to the Glacial period.

  35. This view, at any rate, would explain some of the more puzzling physical characters of the formation, and would not be definitely negatived by any of its fossils.

  36. One of the women wrote then to her brother, who commanded the troops in Ethiopia, and definitely bade him come and fight the king.

  37. Whether they also wrote books or letters on papyrus or leather has not been definitely established.

  38. The price has been definitely fixed, the slave has been paid for and delivered; no annulment of the bargain can now take place.

  39. The price has been definitely fixed, the house paid for and bought, the annulment of the contract cannot be allowed.

  40. In the following year, the annual tribute of all the North Syrian states was definitely settled.

  41. The industry in the older section is definitely localized, even to the extent of having whole towns devoted almost exclusively to the manufacture of single grades of cloth.

  42. The South, having definitely dropped manufacturing, pleaded with Congress always for a low tariff, and the right to deal in human chattels.

  43. The weather definitely had broken: the Italians were pouring back to the Piave: the Russians had left us to ourselves.

  44. Their infantry, led gallantly by tanks of the 4th Battalion, had undoubtedly advanced, but the reports were so conflicting that no one could say definitely how the line ran.

  45. The enemy had been driven definitely from Le Cateau and now lay just beyond the outskirts of the town.

  46. But obviously the first essential of a permanently sacred place was that it should be definitely marked off from common ground, as the sphere within which superior requirements of holiness became binding.

  47. In the case of an ordinary dry corn, where the injury has been definitely ascertained to be accidental, no alteration in the shoeing will be necessary.

  48. There are, too, complications to be reckoned with, the existence or absence of which cannot always be definitely ascertained.

  49. Evidence of pain once given, the tapping is persisted in until, in some cases, the exact position of the tender spot is definitely located.

  50. Should the offending nail be definitely detected, then the shoe may again be put on, and that particular nail omitted from the set.

  51. The exact position in which the diseased process starts has for a long time been a subject of discussion, and even now it is doubtful whether the point has been definitely settled.

  52. So, then, discipline is never enforced definitely and in such a way that the teacher may proceed to build on it as on a firm basis without any further concern.

  53. For these prejudices have, as Vico would put it, an eternal motive, which at times seems to be definitely uprooted and completely done away with, only to reappear, alas!

  54. Can we believe that there is ever going to be a philosophy which will definitely fulfil the ideal?

  55. Finally, and in a more close connection with the present work, it will be remembered that Gentile has done away with the chaotic pedagogy of the positivistic school, and has also definitely criticised the educational theory of Herbart.

  56. He looks upon this learning not as a developing organism, but as something definitely moulded and stereotyped.

  57. I maintain that were it possible for the teacher definitely to enthrone, so to speak, discipline in his school, all his work were done.

  58. In the second round they were definitely physical, but still shapeless and light enough to float about in currents of wind.

  59. For those who have reached this point have made themselves absolutely certain of reaching a further point also--that of Adeptship, at which they pass into a type of evolution which is definitely Superhuman.

  60. It has not the intelligence definitely to plan for these; but its instinct helps it to discover how most easily to procure them.

  61. I do not agree with social or educational doctrinaires who assign the causes definitely to liquor, poverty, infectious diseases, or other social or moral shortcomings.

  62. The phenomena of consciousness are as definitely studied as physical phenomena, and it is no more difficult to account for a myriad souls than to account for a million suns and their planets.

  63. Other hereditary perversions, not of alcoholic origin, can only be definitely eliminated by healthy selection.

  64. The case only becomes really pathological when it is definitely fixed by long habit; a thing which easily occurs in woman, owing to the constant and monogamous nature of her love.

  65. But true love generally suffices to definitely cement a union, provided that the wife finds a support in the steadfast nature of her husband, which then serves as her ideal.

  66. The prohibition of alcoholic drink would definitely eliminate not only the perversions directly due to alcohol, but gradually also those due to alcoholic blastophthoria in the descendants.

  67. This is why such contracts ought never be definitely binding to the conjoints.

  68. Alone with her despair, she had definitely made her terrible resolution.

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