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  1. Anyway, if we can't indulge in baseball, we will have a game of horseshoes, behind the blacksmith's shop at River Bend.

  2. It will be too late in the season when we get to your place, Juarez, for a game of baseball," remarked Jo.

  3. Juarez and I are going after deer or any other game we can get," said Jim.

  4. I was dispatched for glasses, and after emptying the bottles uncle proposed a game of tennis first, while the light lasted, and tea afterwards.

  5. Bad, like a too-strong opponent in a game of chess, is ever at the elbow of good to checkmate it like a weakly managed king.

  6. I've seen the game you and Harry have been up to this last month.

  7. He seems to remember you well, and often says you were a game youngster, and could ride like old Nick himself.

  8. Rastignac, shocked to see that virtuous devotion would not save Père Goriot from a broken heart, and sick of the Maison Vauquer's squalor, determines to play society at its own game and make profit out of its corruption.

  9. To be out at elbows in this exacting fashion was indeed to be a sorry sight, and one can well imagine poor Lucien de Rubempré to have been in his provincial attire fair game for the sneers of Rastignac and de Marsay.

  10. Bob and I buried the Game Chicken that night (we had not much of a tea) in the back-green of his house, in Melville Street, No.

  11. Last year we saw before us the spectacle of power, perhaps the most intense and enormous ever committed by the Divine Disposer to one of his creatures, in ruins, having all but played the game out.

  12. We could not wish a fitter present for a young man starting on the game of life.

  13. The master of the shop, surprised at such a request from a shepherd boy, was disposed to make game of him.

  14. On the banks of the Rhine, when a traveler is ruined at roulette, the conductor of the game gives him something wherewith to return home.

  15. The answer, sent at ten o'clock, broke up the game of whist at the quarters of the inspector general.

  16. Once upon a time it had been the way of our young folk well over the North and West to claim forfeit in the game of "Catching the weasel asleep.

  17. But the game was up, for the skeleton no longer touched the strings; it played on the water as if it were knocking at a door with its fingers, asking whether it might come in.

  18. He blessed the sun which had been up so early in the morning and made a game of the sluggard.

  19. But I shall be horribly vexed to go away without having wrung the neck of that old he-goat, whom we leave behind, like a knight in the midst of a game of chess.

  20. On the departure of these Virtues, Newfangle returns, shortly followed by Ralph and Tom, penniless from a game of dice, and more than ever anxious for the property.

  21. He thrust his sabre into the scabbard, and cried, with a strange laugh: "The game is up!

  22. We had also a game called "Cat and Rat," which we played in front of the barracks.

  23. A game at cards, played among soldiers, in which the loser wears a forked stick on his nose till he wins again.

  24. An instant the two listened, trembling, palpitating, staring, like game driven into the middle of the field.

  25. She should have known that all was lost then; that the game was played out.

  26. III We are not conscious in a dream that we are playing a game the beginning and end of which are in ourselves.

  27. It was a childish game of funerals at which the children played.

  28. When the garments had been washed in the lavers hollowed out by the river side, and the lunch had been eaten, the maids joined in a game of ball.

  29. Right soon he would have taught you 't was a sorry game to play, Had I not been in battle there to take your place that day.

  30. All admired the skill With which he ranged them, never having seen The game before.

  31. I stirred my cup of coffee vigorously with my spoon, so as not to have to look his reverence in the face, and told him the story of the game of cards on the altar.

  32. It was not the first time that he and I had "taken each other on"; so I picked up the cards and we played a strict game on the Corpus Christi altar, by the light of the wax candles burning solemnly.

  33. Come," he turned to the two women, "the game is up.

  34. Captain Von Blusen must have realized that the game was up.

  35. Stowe writes in his Survey: "Cocks of the game are yet cherished by diverse men for their pleasures, much money being laid on their heads, when they fight in pits, whereof some be costly made for that purpose.

  36. Gain is not the sole purpose of such men, when they spend days and nights with the cards in their hands, and everything else is forgotten in the mad excitement that the varied fortunes of the game brings to the players.

  37. There is also the popular game of shuttlecock, played not, however, with battledores, but with the sides of the soles of the shoes, and done so expertly that the shuttlecock will be kept flying in the air for several minutes at a time.

  38. It means a share, and an honorable share, in the great game which is to engross the powers at the outset of the twentieth century.

  39. In the hands of Spain this phase of the islands' importance was nearly or quite eclipsed, for Spain has no part in the great game of empire which engrosses the virile and progressive powers.

  40. The explosion of the Maine thus became a swift and powerful factor in that game of world politics from which we had up to now kept aloof.

  41. One never loses at that game if one plays it straight, and I am sure that at the last it was joy he felt and not fear.

  42. Almost no game is found upon our plains, and not much back in the hills.

  43. We're white, you an' me, and I reckon white folks will stick together when it comes to a game against reds.

  44. It was a game of blind man's buff, where all save the blind man know how near the culprit stands.

  45. And in truth it would be a fool's game to try it on.

  46. I'm wide awake; and that's why I've come to see that this game and I don't belong together.

  47. That's why I'm going to do it now, before the game gets me.

  48. Perhaps he should not have done it, for he ran the chance of injuring himself for life, and also ran the chance of losing the game for his team.

  49. The moving picture people readily agreed to keep silent about the affair, and Manager Watson said he would explain Joe's absence from the game in a way that would disarm suspicion.

  50. There was some discussion in the papers as to who would pitch the first game against the Phillies, and it was not settled until a few minutes before the game was called, when Slim Cooney was sent in.

  51. As he walked along, a certain quiet man who had been intently watching the game said softly to himself.

  52. Rad was one of the guests, and later they went to the theatre, as there was no game next day.

  53. Toe Barter, who had gained his nickname from the queer habit he had of digging a hole for his left foot, before delivering the ball, opened the contest, and did so well that he was kept in until the game was "in the refrigerator.

  54. The first game with Chicago had been a hard one, but by dint of hard work, and good pitching (Joe going in at the fourth inning to replace Barter), the Cardinals won.

  55. Joe hoped he would be called on to pitch, but when the game started, before the biggest crowd that had yet assembled at the Reedville grounds, the umpire announced the Cardinal battery as Slim Cooney and Rob Russell.

  56. Joe was to pitch, and in the biggest game he had ever attempted!

  57. He pitched a no-hit, no-run game last year.

  58. Going back at the game in the Spring, I expect; aren't you?

  59. We need three or four runs, or this game will make us ashamed to go back to St. Louis.

  60. They lived the great game over again at the table of the hotel where Mable was stopping.

  61. Else I fear I should break the rules of the game and dash to your succour!

  62. These ears, be it noted, were very keen ones, as is often the case with those who have tracked game and hunted the fallow deer in the free forest.

  63. I have played the game often enough to understand the moves.

  64. For if men walk unarmed in the streets of a night, they are thought fair game for all the rogues and bullies who prowl from tavern to tavern seeking for diversion.

  65. And killing is a game that more than one can play at!

  66. Perhaps when I come back I can be all that myself; but now I am a dummy--a nobody, and they all make game of me for being a mock squire!

  67. He knew perfectly that every word they spoke could be overheard, and every action they performed duly watched; and he entered into the game of play acting with a zeal that gave him greater aptitude than he had thought to possess.

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