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  1. The micro-fauna and flora have only recently been studied in detail, and we cannot yet be said to know much about tropical lakes in this respect.

  2. What are known as "relicts" of a marine fauna have not been found in the Scottish fresh-water lochs.

  3. See The Fauna and Geography of the Maldive and Laccadive Archipelagoes, ed.

  4. But the fauna of the lake is somewhat rich; a species of seal which inhabits its waters, as well as several species of arctic crustaceans, recall its former connexion with the Arctic Ocean.

  5. The fauna resembles that of the other regions of the Guinea coast, but large game is becoming scarce.

  6. There are no terrestrial plants on the reef, which is frequently awash, but it does support abundant and diverse marine fauna and flora.

  7. There are no signs of an abrupt termination of one fauna and flora, and the starting into life of new and wholly distinct forms.

  8. Fauna formerly as diversified as now, 160.

  9. It appears that an arctic fauna specifically resembling that of the present seas, extended farther to the south than now.

  10. Consequently, the type of animal and vegetable existence required for such a climate might be expected to deviate almost as widely from that now established, as do the flora and fauna of our tropical differ from those of our arctic regions.

  11. It only remains for me to say something of the mammiferous fauna of North and South America.

  12. For an account of the more modern changes of the tertiary fauna and flora of the British Isles and adjoining countries, and particularly those facts which relate to the "glacial epoch," see an admirable essay by Prof.

  13. The deepest abysses have a fauna of their own, which makes up for the comparative scantiness of its numbers, by the peculiarity and interest of their forms and organisation.

  14. Insects of course are gay, lively, and innumerable; but after all the richest fauna is that visible only with a microscope.

  15. The origin and the history of the bird fauna of Polynesia.

  16. The origin of the fauna of the Greater Antilles, with discussion of dispersal of animals over water and through the air.

  17. Of the fauna and flora of the Cordillera of the southern central part it is not too much to say that practically nothing is known.

  18. FLORA AND FAUNA In his Cybele Britannica, H.

  19. Additions to the known herpetological fauna of Costa Rica, with comments on other species.

  20. Turtles and the origin of the fauna of Latin America.

  21. The herpetological fauna of the Salama Basin, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala.

  22. The herpetological fauna of the Americas.

  23. The fauna of the Marianas, though inferior in number and variety, is similar in character to that of the Carolines, and certain species are indigenous to both colonies.

  24. The land fauna however is very poor; there are few mammals with the exception of dogs, rats and pigs; and amphibia and insects are also generally scarce.

  25. FLORA AND FAUNA The general assemblage of animals and plants found over northern Asia resembles greatly that found in the parts of Europe which are adjacent and have a similar climate.

  26. Nearly all the mammals of Europe also occur in northern Asia, where however, the Palaearctic fauna is enriched by numerous additional species.

  27. For the modern condition of the principality (including climate, fauna and flora), see S.

  28. The mammal fauna of the Indian region of Asia is much more highly developed than that of the Palaearctic.

  29. The reason of these peculiarities appears to be, that the Moluccan fauna has been almost entirely derived from that of New Guinea, in which country the same deficiency and the same luxuriance is to be observed.

  30. The relation of the New Guinea fauna to that of Australia is very close.

  31. The climate of a great land area not only finds expression in its fauna and flora, but in the industries and the intellectual development of its people.

  32. The mammals and many of the other animals of the low, hot borders of Mexico and of Central America are a northward extension of the fauna of South America--that continent constituting nearly the entire Neogaeic realm.

  33. While the Mesozoic era was emphatically the age of reptiles, the coming of a more highly developed fauna was foreshadowed.

  34. These scanty records are suggestive, and at least stimulate the hope that an extensive pre-Cambrian fauna will ultimately be discovered.

  35. Food sufficient for an extensive fauna is thus supplied, and where food is plentiful animals are present also, no matter what the mean annual temperature may be.

  36. The most notable vacancies in this order in the living fauna are the rhinoceros, hippopotamus, camel, giraffe, and elephant, although these are abundantly represented by fossil forms.

  37. An order when represented in the fauna of a continent is indicated in the following table by a plus, and when absent by a minus sign.

  38. Besides the caribou, moose, and wapiti, there are half a dozen or more members of the deer family (Cervidae) represented in the fauna of North America.

  39. In this connection the fauna of North America presents perhaps even more interesting problems than does its flora.

  40. Ancient and modern continental islands have also been recognised, their age being indicated by the degree of similarity between their faunas and the fauna of the continent with which they were formerly connected.

  41. Holt was an enthusiastic naturalist, and he descanted at great length on the strangeness of the flora and fauna that it had been his privilege to discover and classify in this isolated and hitherto unvisited region.

  42. Then said Baviaan, 'The aboriginal Fauna has joined the aboriginal Flora because it was high time for a change; and my advice to you, Ethiopian, is to change as soon as you can.

  43. And the Ethiopian said, 'That is all very fine, but I wish to know whither the aboriginal Fauna has migrated.

  44. Nanos could be reached in a few hours, and in the valley itself there was sure to be a mingling of the southern fauna and flora with those of the Alps proper.

  45. But by the time she arrived in Rome the connexion of Fauna and Bona Dea had been entirely forgotten.

  46. It is true, however, in animals as in plants, that in the successive periods of the Tertiary, America presents an older aspect than Europe, just as its modern fauna still contains such old forms as the opossum.

  47. Thus in the whole of the great PalA|ozoic period, both in its fauna and flora, we have a continuity and similarity of a most marked character.

  48. Assuredly, if the ancient Blattæ were as little nice in their eating as the devourers of the "Tea Table Miscellany," they would not have lacked food amid even the unproductive flora and meagre fauna of the Coal Measures.

  49. Grand indeed," says an English naturalist, "was the fauna of the British islands in those early days.

  50. Our present mammaliferous fauna is rather poor; but the contents of the later deposits show that we must regard it as but a mere fragment of a very noble one.

  51. And let us remember that the preservation and redistribution of the land animals would demand but a portion of the amount of miracle absolutely necessary for the preservation, in the circumstances, of the entire fauna of the globe.

  52. The fauna of the Silurian System bears in all its three great types the stamp of a fashion peculiarly antique, and which, save in a few of the mollusca, has long since become obsolete.

  53. The fauna may seem to be quite limited to the Nimrods of our company, for the large animals we have found in other islands do not exist in the Philippines.

  54. Upper Carboniferous All of the Upper Carboniferous lots of fossils represent the well-known South American fauna first noted by d'Orbigny in 1842, and later added to by Orville Derby.

  55. This is a part of the well-known and widely distributed Lower Devonian fauna of the southern hemisphere.

  56. Vast changes in the climate and fauna were produced by the slow operation of causes such as are in action at the present day.

  57. Each of these great regions, except possibly New Zealand, are readily divisible into sub-regions, and these again into areas of lesser extent, until each fauna may be assigned its proper place.

  58. The reptile fauna of the North American continent includes a curious lizard known as Gila Monster, in science called Heloderma.

  59. Another of our new political possessions, the Hawaiian Islands, has a molluscan fauna peculiar to itself.

  60. In Bering's day these coves or rookeries contained a fauna entirely unmolested by human greed and love of chase, developed according to nature's own laws, for which reason great scientific interest attaches to the stranding of the St. Peter.

  61. With the exception of the Arctic fox, the higher fauna of these islands were found exclusively among the sea mammals.

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