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Example sentences for "faults"

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faultie; faultiness; faulting; faultless; faultlessly; faulty; faun; fauna; faunae; faunal
  1. She is never heard scolding or reproving,--never entertains her company with her recipes for cookery or the faults of her servants.

  2. She often reproached herself for her faults and love of contradiction.

  3. She was also an extremely indulgent and charitable person, and was severe neither on the faults nor on the foibles of others.

  4. To blame servants for faults we all share is really not reasonable.

  5. Principally she is accused of a want of reverence, and setting aside for the present her faults as a daughter, it may be admitted that in general she has little of this quality.

  6. Besides, it is the inflexible order of things that voluntary faults are followed by inevitable pain.

  7. It looks well to it that the outside, the general public appearance of its members is respectable; with faults not found out it does not trouble itself.

  8. But there was a sincerity in his rage to-day that rose above its faults of manner; and an immediate silence took the room--the more impressive for the former noise.

  9. He was the sum of Puritan and Cavalier; for in his ardent nature were fused the virtues of both, and in the depths of his great soul the faults of both were lost.

  10. All the faults of the Southern men who are practical amalgamators add weight to the bottom contention of the South that a mixture of the races, now or in the future, would be calamitous.

  11. Those lines may be almost said to redeem the faults of the poem, and they prove incontestably, if such proof be needed, Pope's claim to a place among the poets.

  12. The different foibles, and faults worse than foibles of the women of that day are exhibited with a satirist's licence, and occasionally with a Pope-like terseness.

  13. His faults were credited to his age while his virtues were supposed to place him on an eminence far above the time-servers who despised him.

  14. His faults were many, both as a man and as a poet, but he belongs to the race of the giants, and the impress of greatness is stamped upon his works.

  15. This conduct he afterwards considered among the greatest faults of his life.

  16. Then," he said, "if you must commit faults, commit faults that can be mended.

  17. We like the man who is blind to our faults better than the man who sees them and yet pities our distresses.

  18. To the former editions of this tale was prefixed a poem on "The Ideal," which had all the worst faults of the author's earliest compositions in verse.

  19. Still, of all the faults as to temper, your melancholy ladies have the worst, unless you have the same mental disease.

  20. There might be, it is true, some lingering of the faults of youth, but that was all.

  21. His faults as well as his fine traits must be accounted for by the peculiarities of his generation.

  22. These walls of ours Were not erected by their hands from whom You have receiv'd your griefs; nor are they such That these great towers, trophies, and schools, should fall For private faults in them.

  23. Perhaps some golfers may reflect that this is just as well, though with all their faults and dangers I certainly do not condemn them as a hazard.

  24. They are overwhelmingly conscious of each other's faults and weaknesses.

  25. Obviously, when either of these faults is committed, the club head is twisted, and nothing is more impossible than to get in a perfect iron shot when these things are done.

  26. The result of these faults will usually be a pulled ball, but a long drive of any sort is impossible.

  27. But the knowledge and admission of these faults and defects chemically precipitates their venom, which becomes no more than a salt, lying inactive at the bottom of the heart, whose innocent crystals we can study at leisure.

  28. For the rest, it is not indispensable that we should correct our acknowledged faults; for there are faults that are, so to speak, necessary to our existence and our character.

  29. The Red Sea itself is a great trough bounded by faults along each side.

  30. Faulting, however, is by no means absent, and some of the faults are of considerable magnitude.

  31. Besides, I ought not to say it, perhaps, but I am so keenly sensitive to certain faults of education and manner that I should positively suffer at times.

  32. I had watched you from your infancy, and I had fancied that amongst the many faults and errors, from which youth is never exempt, I perceived the germ of great and shining qualities of heart and mind.

  33. I reckon I know me faults about as well as the nixt fellow.

  34. He had his faults to others, I admit that, but he never had ony to me.

  35. I'm so domn full of faults that I've thought a lot lately about fillin' up, and takin' a sleep on the railroad.

  36. About the faults and immoralities of the philosopher Seneca (chapter 10).

  37. She concealed nothing from him, telling him of her faults as well as her trials.

  38. The woman brave enough to own her faults and desirous to atone for them deserves all the love a man can give her.

  39. Her faults were like her virtues, all grand ones.

  40. I have faults by the million, but want of sincerity is not among them.

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