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  1. I waited for Count Belen before saying anything, as I did not wish to have to repeat the tale oftener than I could help.

  2. So pleased was Boccaccio with the idea embodied in the character of Ameto that he repeated its essential features in the Cimone of his Decameron (Day 5th, tale i.

  3. Perrault's tale was first printed in his Histoires et contes du temps passe (1697).

  4. I cannot tell thee; 'tis a tale of guilt: How shall I speak?

  5. Yes, my father, But for thy share in this sad tale of shame, I think I could have borne it.

  6. This is the most amazing tale I ever heard in my life.

  7. He knew in the marrow of his spine that they were preposterous; but Mrs. Prohack and Sissie listened with unfeigned eagerness to the wonderful tale of the future of the United League of all the Arts.

  8. Were I to dispone, there should liven aye, In earth and heaven's rolls thy tale of glory; Thy acts so doughty should for aye abide, And by their test all after acts be tried.

  9. For when I of their lovës read, Mine eare with the tale I feed, And with the lust of their histoire Sometime I draw into memoire, How sorrow may not ever last; And so hope cometh in at last.

  10. The moral of my tale is this, Variety's the soul of bless; But such variety alone As makes our home the more our own.

  11. JOHN GOWER The Chariot of the Sun The Tale of the Coffers or Caskets, &c.

  12. If Roger is my jo, he kens himsell, For sic a tale I never heard him tell.

  13. It is like trying to turn the 'Tale of a Tub' into ridicule.

  14. And yet his best poem is a tale of love, and a tale, too, told with great simplicity and pathos.

  15. The same coarseness characterises his poems and his 'Tale of a Tub.

  16. Large dividends have at times been received, but a slightly different tale is now told.

  17. We spend our days as a tale that is told.

  18. The passionless record tells the tale without a tear or a sob.

  19. It is truthful to nature, graceful in its language, pure in its moral, full of incident, and the tale extremely interesting.

  20. The tale only requires to be known to be universally read and appreciated.

  21. And as befits so vacant-minded a young man, he vanishes from this tale after a short and inglorious career.

  22. The finished style and unforgettable story, the living characters, and compact tale of the new book show it to be a work on which care and time have been expended.

  23. They were stranded on a desert island, so ran the silly tale that was made up from day to day, in the midst of the tropics.

  24. Sunday took up the tale that was so sweet to her.

  25. I tried to get prussic acid," he said, "but I suppose I asked for it badly, and they did not believe some foolish tale about a dog which I wanted to put out of the way.

  26. The tale he told had led Weary to believe that Slim was the sole survivor of that reckless company.

  27. If it is a tale of disillusionment on a prairie farm, with the world and life flattening out together, some sharp climax must be provided nevertheless, because that is the only way in which to tell a story.

  28. The periodical essay of the eighteenth century bore the novel of character, and died; the Gothic tale of a later date perished of the short story to which it gave its heart blood.

  29. If his tale becomes unreal it is only when he knows the author is ready to hear the author in person.

  30. He would be as difficult reading to-day as Swift in his "Tale of a Tub.

  31. He swings from the detective story to the tale of the alien, from the "heart-interest" story to the narrative of "big business.

  32. I can't imagine what sort of luck it is that's come to her; the whole business sounds like a tale from the 'Arabian Nights.

  33. Extraordinary and most diverting," he said when the tale had been told.

  34. Probably he had been hired to kidnap Lawrence, and bring him to this house without being told anything definite as to Barry's supposed misdoings, beyond a vague tale of some lawlessness said to have been committed abroad.

  35. No, no, that tale shall live and die with me; no one shall know how low I have fallen.

  36. Although we are as much averse to retrospection in a tale as our readers can be, yet to retrace our steps for a short interval is a necessity.

  37. Her eyes were closed; a smile illumined that sweet face, as in sleep it had so often done, and that soft and shadowy light took from her features all the harsher tale of death.

  38. For the rest, there was but one unvaried tale of calamity and ruin.

  39. Sometimes the tale will breathe a different spirit, and tell of orphan children abandoned in the heart of a hideous wilderness, beset with fiends and cannibals.

  40. A stirring tale of the early days of Connecticut, dominated by the forceful personality of Jonathan Trumbull, whose name, through its affectionate use by George Washington, has become the familiar nickname of the nation that he helped to make.

  41. A Tale of the Minutemen and the Sons of Liberty.

  42. His tale was listened to with incredulous indignation by a large group of the fellows congregated outside of Birch Hall.

  43. A Tale of William Penn’s Treaty with the Indians.

  44. A Tale of the Discovery of the Philippines.

  45. It is a tale of pluck and self-reliance capitally told.

  46. She afterwards married a Baron Suttner, and she, even now, still tells with a shudder the tale of the cholera week at Stockern.

  47. Stated in this dry way all this sounds like a noteworthy statistical fact, or if it stands recorded in a tale book, like an extravagant play of the author’s fancy.

  48. Baroness Suttner’s striking tale has had so great a success on the Continent of Europe that it seems singular that no complete translation into English should yet have appeared.

  49. I know a tale of George Sand named Gribouille.

  50. He tells his tale without paraphrase or adornment, and the worthy Writer to the Signet, who prepared the work for the Press, would have asked three times the space to record one-half the adventures.

  51. But after all deduction there remains a tale of crime that is unsurpassed.

  52. Shortly afterward his brothers, February and March, arrived, and were told the same tale regarding the miller's relationship to them.

  53. The Man of Honour The tale of the man who is helped by the grateful dead is by no means confined to Brittany.

  54. But if the lights in folk-tale are bright, the shadows are correspondingly heavy, and rarely does justice go hand in hand with mercy in legend!

  55. Now Eliduc, coming to that land, heard the tale of the quarrel between the King and his neighbour, and considered as to which side he should take.

  56. Another Breton tale from Saint-Cast illustrates their penchant for the fish shape.

  57. Despite the clumsiness of much of its machinery, despite its tiresome repetitions and its minor blemishes, this tale of a grand passion must ever remain one of the world's priceless literary possessions.

  58. Let us hear their version of a tale which has been so battered by modern criticism, and which has been related in at least half a score of versions, prose and poetic.

  59. The Lay of Eliduc In the tale of Eliduc we have in all probability a genuine product of native Breton romance.

  60. She adds that the Breton harper has already made a lay concerning it--added evidence that the tale is of Celtic and not of French origin.

  61. This most romantic yet most human tale must be accounted one of the world's supreme love stories.

  62. The Queen listened to his tale with the deepest interest, and when Gugemar made his appeal for aid and counsel she replied: "Truly, fair sir, I shall counsel you as best I may.

  63. The Princess Starbright This is another tale which introduces the search for the sun-princess in a peculiar setting.

  64. The Latin tale is preserved in about 100 MSS.

  65. The theological and political criticism is inwoven with a tale of fashionable life, and the reader becomes not a little interested in the heroine, Mrs Smith, who certainly must have been a remarkable woman.

  66. How Jesu got a goddess for his wife," which is identical in motive with this tale of Harata-Kunwar.

  67. Still, the motif is the same, and the great distance of the country where this tale is current from that of the Mikirs, and the impossibility of inter-communication, make the coincidences interesting.

  68. The original source of such a tale is now incapable of identification.

  69. The third is a remarkably complete and interesting version of the wide-spread folk-tale of the Swan-maidens.

  70. Here too the incidents in part coincide with those of a folk-tale belonging to a very distant country, the part of Kumaon bordering on Tibet, which will be found in vol.

  71. It was most probably derived from some Indian source, though, so far as known, no version of the tale in its entirety, as told by Hindus, has yet been published.

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