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Example sentences for "fellows"

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fellow; fellowe; fellowes; fellowman; fellowmen; fellowship; fellowships; fells; fellur; felly
  1. In short," responded the reporter, "there are only Malays who frequent these seas, and those fellows are ruffians which it is best to avoid.

  2. I shall not be sure of that till I see them down here," replied the sailor "And now, captain, do you know how many dozens of these fellows are up there?

  3. It received us poor and destitute, and now what is wanting to us five fellows who fell on it from the sky.

  4. We can't take any chances with these stones while those fellows are in the next room.

  5. Where did you fellows pick up the chest, Dutchy?

  6. There must be something," returned Matt, "to stretch out fellows like Whistler and Jurgens as we see them.

  7. She said she looked into the smoke and saw Whistler and those other fellows coming," muttered Dick.

  8. We've got to scatter those fellows into the timber or they'll put a hole in the gas bag or do some damage to the motor.

  9. Illustration] By this we may see how these fellows can jest upon things, the thoughts of which should make them tremble.

  10. We are stronger than they, and dare bid open battle to Jove himself, though you and all your fellows of the earth join with him.

  11. We are almost in the very heart of that "mob" on whose "fellow-feeling of vulgarity" the fellows who grind the organ rely to sustain them in their outrageous behavior.

  12. As Dirck expressed it, "We two fellows had played our games out, and were waiting till we strike another that was high enough for our style.

  13. He was always on the side of law and order, and being one of the most popular fellows in his class, threw the whole weight of his popularity in favor of the faculty, rather than against them.

  14. On this subject he pushed enquiries among his little play-fellows and the elderly negroes, but could get no satisfactory solution, except that some remembered that their fathers and mothers were stolen from Africa.

  15. And whether or no Jefferson Davis and his fellows in the rebel government were actually aiding and abetting in this particular crime, it has not been unjust nor unnatural to suspect them of it.

  16. I know it is hard for you young fellows to speak out.

  17. When fellows have roughed it abroad, they don't like being mauled!

  18. Miles was finishing his course of study, and had so distinguished himself above his fellows that there was little doubt that a good opening would be offered to him ere long.

  19. All the fellows admire it tremendously, and it gives quite an air of beauty and fashion to my little cabin.

  20. I've left them behind me in many a lonely grave, without a stick or stone to show the resting-place of some of the bravest fellows the world has ever known.

  21. I should never be content to jog along in a secondary position all my life, as some fellows do.

  22. They are having a hot time over there," said Dick, "but why don't these fellows charge us?

  23. She is the reigning belle of the whole town, and all our fellows are wild about her.

  24. I never saw so many fellows in love with one girl before, but Farquharson seems to have the best of it, while Lord Paulet stamps and swears.

  25. The Happy Family recognized them as two of the fellows in whose safe keeping they had left their ropes the night before.

  26. What gets me," Andy mused, "is why you fellows come crying to me for help.

  27. You fellows ride up around that side, and put the run on them sheep," Weary shouted back to the others.

  28. The rest of you fellows know about what to do.

  29. I'm going to give a few of you fellows a chance to herd sheep to-day," he announced, cooling his coffee so that it would not actually scald his palate.

  30. They confiscated the rifles, and they told the fellows why they did so.

  31. You fellows don't want to get excited and go to shooting," he warned, while they were still out of hearing of the herders.

  32. Don't you fellows waste any time worrying over me!

  33. When Slim stopped, his jaw quivered like a dish of disturbed jelly, and I wish I could give you his tone; choppy, every sentence an accusation that should have made those fellows wince.

  34. Some of you fellows will have to take the trail up on the hill, and meet us outside the fence, so when we chase 'em through you can make a good job of it this time.

  35. It's that bunch you fellows tackled last night," said Weary miserably.

  36. For in the West we are divided from our fellows by our sense of smell.

  37. Of course it was very sad, but the taipan could hardly help a smile when he thought how many of those young fellows he had drunk underground.

  38. I suppose one gets selfish out here, I felt awfully sore, but I gave a big dinner party to all the fellows here the day she was married, and we all got blind.

  39. You could hire an interpreter for twenty-five dollars a month and it was well known that all those fellows who went in for Chinese grew queer in the head.

  40. Well, you young fellows know me, know that I am not a mere sentimentalist or believer in every humbug that is the fashion of the moment.

  41. It's no use for you fellows to grumble," Jim Freeman said with a laugh, he having come up just in time to hear the useless words.

  42. As she came up I could see Darius at the tiller, with Jim beside him, and the other two fellows lounging forward.

  43. The other fellows will stay here with you, sir, and the door must not be opened without good reason.

  44. Those who had turned in, as sensible fellows should have done, were awake and on the alert in due season, while I who believed the safety of the schooner devolved upon myself, slept until the Britishers were ready to begin operations.

  45. Oh the other fellows have gone home,' says I.

  46. If you fellows can scare up some meal, we'll be fixed for a spell.

  47. You 're an honest English boy, and these fellows will have a knife in ye if they can't bate ye fair.

  48. She was very pretty, I say, and was doing no harm there; but two or three fellows coming by at the moment, one of them took hold of her roughly, and finished by almost pushing her down.

  49. It isn't safe to have one of them fellows running about loose.

  50. Early in the morning Hansel, with a dozen other young fellows of the neighborhood, had marched away to the music of fife and drum, and there was no knowing when they would come back again.

  51. There's room in the cabin for two fellows to sleep, if they don't mind being crowded, and of course in warm weather one can sleep out here.

  52. Then if these fellows think they're in danger of going to prison, we might offer them a chance of liberty if they confess and implicate Holmes, do you see?

  53. I have a few good fellows that are up to any thing, only let me tell them what to do.

  54. Well, Sam, I'll stop; but how can you fellows keep so still when you've had such good luck?

  55. The other fellows you see thar by him are his attendants--courteers as waits on him.

  56. You can't swim in your clothes, while my fellows are not embarrassed in that way.

  57. The other two were lean, lithe-looking fellows in striped shirt and trousers, each wearing broad-brimmed palm-leaf hats that shadowed their sharp Spanish physiognomies.

  58. Didn't some of my fellows tell me they've heard strange noises there lately?

  59. He had Jewish blood in his veins, which, while it raised him above his fellows in Osterno, carried with it the usual tendency to cringe.

  60. We do not want fellows like De Chauxville prowling about.

  61. Those fellows at the back have been killing some one," he said; "I can tell by their voices.

  62. I have always found that men who seek to do good to their fellows are never thanked.

  63. I have no desire to mingle in a civil fray of any kind; but if these mad fellows must be e'en at it, I see no reason why I should not stand hard by, to be a witness of their bravery.

  64. Nevertheless, I do not wholly despair of his life; for there are some score or two lusty fellows in the garrison, who have had their skulls cracked, and are none the worse for the affliction.

  65. Will thy sun-burnt, lazy fellows of the Rich City march to Zempoala by night?

  66. Like them we shall find the systematic dishonesty and roguery of the natives a considerable drawback; the fellows know good stone at sight and can easily secrete it.

  67. A few thousands of these sturdy fellows would put to flight an army of hen-hearted Hindús or Hindís.

  68. The people, however, understand it in the sense that, when a miner has taken possession of the ground, and has shown a right to it, his fellows leave him to work and betake themselves elsewhere.

  69. He has about a score of Kruboys, picked up 'on the beach;' these are fellows who have lost all their money, and who dare not go home penniless.

  70. This summer we decided would be our best chance with all the fellows together and our officers and several members of our Scout Council staying at camp.

  71. The truth is the suggestion came from me, and I have had a hard enough time trying to make the other fellows see the thing as I do.

  72. At first this summer I thought the other fellows were not going to have much use for my queer notions.

  73. I was sorry and mad as Don when some of the fellows went too far.

  74. The other fellows will not know what has become of us, as we can't reach our own camp for another two hours.

  75. To hear those two fellows separately tell what she was like, you couldn't have believed them speaking of the same person.

  76. Also two trim fellows whom she rightly guessed to be Camp Callender lads, and a piece of luggage--was it not?

  77. The retaken prisoner shone with elation: "And those fellows of last night?

  78. In the morning I wanted to leave, but the fellows threatened me, and in my drunken state I was no match for them.

  79. He was pretty near to the top now; only a little farther to where the choicest buds were bursting into flower; too far up, though, ever to recognize the little fellows he had left frisking below.

  80. Well, you fellows just step up and look at 'em.

  81. We figured if we could hold them until you had the fellows in the car covered, we could capture them too.

  82. Tell you--I think it would be best if you fellows would stay as close to the ranch house as possible, until this thing is over.

  83. I have an idea, and I want to see what you fellows think about it.

  84. My friends are fellows from the market, and all my worthless family is dead.

  85. ISHAK (Giving him money) You are valiant fellows and, I am convinced, considerably underpaid.

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