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  1. They are so far away from the east and north of America, that the feeling they inspire is only one of indifference.

  2. One of them saw as far as he could, then the second started from the place where the first stopped seeing, and went on.

  3. On a large frozen pond there was a party of young people engaged in this graceful and invigorating game, and not far off was a group of little girls and boys imitating their elders very sensibly and, as it seemed to me, successfully.

  4. And I will go so far as to say that happiness, real happiness, is chiefly found among people of limited income.

  5. Next Monday off again to the West, to Cincinnati again, to Chicago again, and as far as Madison, the State city of Wisconsin.

  6. All these young girls, from sixteen to twenty, looked at me with modesty, but complete self-assurance, certainly with far more assurance than I dared look at them.

  7. By far the most interesting visit was that which I paid to Mr. George W.

  8. On returning to Denison House from the theater, I went to have a smoke in a quiet corner of the hall, far from the crowd.

  9. I fancy I should enjoy to spend some time on a farm, deep in the country, far from the noisy, crowded streets, but I fear I am condemned to see none but the busy haunts of Jonathan.

  10. She will far more readily forgive her this qualification than beauty.

  11. So far I have only one relative written down," she said.

  12. She was free at last--as far as her limbs were concerned.

  13. Jane, noticing that she still clutched the empty bag in her hand, hurled it as far as she could in the direction from which they had come.

  14. And will you drive us as far as Dark Cedars and bring the car back?

  15. Oh, we weren't there tonight," Jane assured her, not going on to explain that they had gone somewhere far more dangerous.

  16. But the overture wavers to its close, and her soul hears far off the voice of the coming Spirit.

  17. As far as I could see, nobody ever did anything.

  18. So far as it makes them better men, of course they are better soldiers; but for all of military education which their college gives them, they are fit only for privates, whose sole duty is to obey.

  19. To us, standing alone, far from sight of human face or sound of human voice, it seemed the censer of God, swung out to receive the incense of the world.

  20. It is only as fast and as far as they are turned into life that they acquire value.

  21. Yet far off how different is the impression!

  22. She need not lift up her voice and declare that "she lives above the ills and disquietudes of her condition, in an atmosphere of love and peace and pleasure far beyond the storms and conflicts of this material life.

  23. What satisfaction is there in proving that she is far below where she ought to be, if inexorable circumstance prevent her from climbing higher?

  24. Oh the eyes that have looked longingly hither from far Southern homes!

  25. But we cannot imagine that the Britons would hesitate to abandon a position which they could no longer maintain, or waste their strength at an outer barrier when the enemy had already marched far into the country.

  26. When the grey morning again dawned upon the sea, the Norman chief, finding that he had far outsailed his fleet, sent one of his sailors up the mast to see if he could descry the lagging ships in the distance.

  27. Either Edward must have stood far aloof from such suspicion, or, when he consented to marry the daughter of Godwin, have purchased the crown of England by making a sacrifice of his feelings and of his honour.

  28. The poor men are sorely seduced, and cruelly betrayed, and though innocent, are sold far out of this land to foreign slavery.

  29. With a liberality of opinion far outstriding that of the age, he rightly concluded, that whatever was not really evil in itself, it was useless to abolish.

  30. They had, for more than ten years, been far from their country, in a sort of captivity.

  31. For houses were then few and far apart, and the wayfarer had often to journey many a dreary league before he could obtain refreshment, as the monasteries were the only places in which he could halt and bait.

  32. So far the wily Norman duke had succeeded, and he was now resolved to make assurance doubly sure.

  33. Rejoiced the tidings good to hear, The poor folk flock'd from far and near; The great barn was full as it could hold Of women and children, and young and old.

  34. Tis wiser far to number the blessings at my feet, Than ever to be sighing for just one bud more sweet.

  35. We thought, as we hollowed his narrow bed, And smoothed down his lonely pillow, That the foe and the stranger would tread o'er his head; And we far away on the billow!

  36. Occasionally space considerations or copyright restrictions have prevented compliance with requests, but so far as practicable poems asked for have been printed.

  37. He blew a great blast, and the thread was gone; In the air Nowhere Was a moonbeam bare; Far off and harmless the shy stars shone; Sure and certain the Moon was gone.

  38. We never thought about You much in England-- But now that we are far away from England-- We have no doubts, we know that You are here.

  39. Is his heaven far to seek for those who drown?

  40. On the west, there is prairie far as the eye can reach.

  41. They have a far greater fear of the spirits of the dead, especially those whom they have offended, than of Wahkon-tun-kah, the Great Spirit.

  42. She would sit with him on the bluff which hung over the Mississippi, and envy the very waters which would remain near him, when she was far away.

  43. For fear they would be killed by the Dahcotahs, their release was kept a secret, and the Dahcotahs knew not that the two Chippeways were released, until they were far on their journey home.

  44. Walking Wind" is not pretty; even the Dahcotahs, who are far from being connoisseurs in beauty do not consider her pretty.

  45. A few months ago, the Deer-killer had told Wenona that Wanska was noisy and tiresome, and that her soft dark eyes were far more beautiful than Wanska's laughing ones.

  46. Long ago a thunder bird fell dead from the heavens; and our fathers saw it as it lay not far from Little Crow's village.

  47. They wished us to remember them, when far away, with kindness.

  48. They were not at home then, for Wenona had accompanied her parents on a visit to some relations who lived far above the village of Shah-co-pee.

  49. They are savages--and that goes far to answer the question.

  50. They had not proceeded far when they perceived signs of their enemies.

  51. Occasionally she throws a pebble from the shore far into the river, and the copper-colored children spring after it, as if the water were their own element, striving to get it before it sinks from their view.

  52. But they are wasting in numbers far more by their internal dissensions than from other causes.

  53. Not that she has any settled habitation; she is far too important a character for that.

  54. He may even go so far as to turn his head half around to show her the pretty spot on his "back hair.

  55. The Canadian Porcupine is a native of the forests of North America, ranging as far south as Virginia and Kentucky and as far west as the Rocky Mountains.

  56. I shall appear again in a far richer dressing.

  57. They are seldom found far inland, their natural home being on the seacoast, occasionally frequenting marshy or wet grounds, though as a rule they prefer the sandy beach and adjacent flats and uplands.

  58. In open woodlands far remote The Sharp-tails utter their cackling note, And on the wild prairie ground Their simple nest and eggs are found.

  59. He split and clove away, and thought that he was getting on fast; but the day wore on until it was long past midday, and he was still very far from having finished.

  60. All day long they marched bravely on through the sunshine, till they had left their homes far behind them, and towards evening they found themselves in a large park.

  61. But when they reached the town they found that the market was overstocked with firewood, and they did not sell enough to buy themselves a dinner, far less to get any food to carry home.

  62. He could never get in at that window again, Christian said; it was far too high up.

  63. I could stretch out my branches far and wide and look out into the great world!

  64. Out of the book shot a streak of light which grew into a large tree and spread its branches far above the student.

  65. Her husband was lying sleeping off the effects of a drinking bout, so she pulled off all his clothes and made him black as coal from head to foot, and then let him sleep till far on in the day.

  66. The land is still far distant, and without my help you would never get there.

  67. He had not gone far down the road before he met the old man, who asked him what he had in his basket.

  68. Yes, I see a dark cloud, far away,' said he.

  69. Off they went again, and before they had gone far they met a man striding towards them whose steps were so long that while one foot was on the north of the island the other was right down in the south.

  70. He promised to do so, and they succeeded in getting away from the inn, and rode on until they came to another far away from it, where the prince got a good place for the girl before proceeding on his journey.

  71. But he answered, 'I cannot become your husband yet, for I have still far to travel.

  72. Stung by his smug superiority, she often sat up far into the night, wrestling with the arbitrary signs until Uncle Jed, seeing her light under the door, would pound on the wall for her to go to bed.

  73. He stood irresolutely kicking his bare heels against the curb and then reluctantly agreed to take her as far as Mrs. Purdy's gate, provided nothing more was expected of him.

  74. As for Nance, she had washed her face as far east and west as her ears and as far south as her chin; but the regions beyond were unreclaimed.

  75. It appealed to her far more than the sewing-machine.

  76. The car turned a far corner and came toward them relentlessly.

  77. All day and far into the night, the sewing-machines ran at high pressure, and Mr. Lavinski shuffled in and out carrying huge piles of pants on his head.

  78. Adults came rather far down the line, excepting always Miss Stanley, whom he regarded as infallible.

  79. But those times were few and far between; he was much more used to darkened windows, a cold hearth, and an almost empty larder.

  80. Doc taught her how to give a sick horse a drink out of a bottle without choking him, how to hold his tongue with one hand and put a pill far down his throat with the other.

  81. Perhaps that was the reason, that while Nance loved Uncle Jed quite as much, she found Mr. Demry far more interesting.

  82. Standards are formed by comparisons, and so far Nance's opportunity for instituting comparisons had been decidedly limited.

  83. Doc" was a familiar character in the county, and his advice about horses was sought far and near.

  84. She was trying by imitation and suggestion to grope her way upward, but the light she climbed by was a borrowed light which swung far above her head and threw strange, misleading shadows across her path.

  85. They traced him as far as Chicago," said one of the men, "but there he give 'em the slip.

  86. Popish monastic vows of perpetual single life, professed poverty, and regular obedience, are so far from being degrees of higher perfection, that they are superstitious and sinful snares, in which no Christian may entangle himself.

  87. They who seek to glorify God, will in this draw near to him with their mouth, and with their lips do honour to him, but not remove their hearts far from him.

  88. All who are not in the communion of the true Church, are exposed to the wrath threatened against those who are far from God.

  89. The former, exclusively, is competent only to a period of the Church's future history, when her attainments will far exceed those heretofore made by her.

  90. And although its lofty purposes are yet far from being worked out on us, from that eventful moment to the present, the various parts of the social system have been rising together.

  91. Hence, a covenant with God, in a sense far higher than what is applicable to an agreement with mere men, is made in receiving a revelation of his will, or seeing him in such a manner as is competent to his people.

  92. As far above the interference of man as is the government of the external universe, is that designated the covenant, as ordained.

  93. I know others, but they are too far away.

  94. So far as regards myself, of course, I can see that your grandfather is not over cordial to me.

  95. When he arrived at the first landing, he appeared to think he had gone far enough, and quite naturally he stumbled into the old man's room, and fell into a chair.

  96. The luxury of adjectives was by far too freely indulged in.

  97. Thus far the running commentary of her dreams.

  98. His capital was Drontheim, far up among the northern regions, where the sun shines all night in summer, and where the winters are wild and dreary, cold and long.

  99. His labors were prolonged far over the appointed time, and meanwhile the internal war raged more furiously, and the Netherlands were one vast battle-field.

  100. He would sing all the day as the atmosphere became warm and balmy, and would often prolong his melodies far into the beautiful nights.

  101. Finally, some friends of Monsieur Lacombe made bold to urge his immediate election, declaring that he had far surpassed all competitors; and they even hinted at cowardice on the part of Raoul Tegot.

  102. The emperor walketh over, And all along the tide Bestows his benediction On the vineyards far and wide.

  103. To far Faroe I sailed away, When bright the summer burned, And I told in the old Norse kirk one day The lesson my heart had learned.

  104. A flock of gulls followed the steamer far out to sea.

  105. There was a flute-like gush of music, far off and mysterious, like birds.

  106. On it is the following simple but touching inscription:-- "The art of music buried here a rich possession, but yet far fairer hopes.

  107. And far Faroe in the light lay low, Where rode like a dauntless host The white-plumed waves o'er the green sea graves Of the rock-imperilled coast.

  108. He looks down on the picturesque banks of the winding river; then far away his eye seeks the peaks of the Jura.

  109. Peter seemed to comprehend the language and signs of beasts and birds far better than those of human beings, and to have more sympathy with the brute creation than with mankind.

  110. The lasses with sunshades from far Yokohama, The pretty girl-scullers with pretty brown hands!

  111. A GRAND old Garden by the sea-- I muse beneath the ilex tree, And musing, see across the bay, The white sails gleaming far away!

  112. I'd soon be off just like a shot, Far, far across the ocean blue; I soon would sail away with Dot!

  113. Very far above the line Is this favourite of mine; You may see her smiling there O'er the crowds.

  114. Tis joy to believe in the truth that lies Far down in the depths of those sweet brown eyes!

  115. There can be no doubt now that it would have been far better had he from the first abandoned his wish not to present his conquests to the king until they were completed.

  116. I should say that your best course will be to go through Paris and as far as the railway is made, then on by diligence over Mont Cenis to Turin, and after that by railway to Genoa.

  117. We can't go very far wrong, as it is always a descent; besides, for aught they will know, we may have been gone a couple of hours before they get here.

  118. He knows that one sharp lesson impresses the minds of people like these Sicilians, and has far more effect than lenient measures or verbal reproofs.

  119. The resemblance between Colonel Peard and Garibaldi was so great that, being similarly dressed, the Englishman, pushing on so far in advance, was everywhere taken for the general, and he utilised this likeness to the utmost.

  120. They are full of dash and enthusiasm at present, and would fight far better on the offensive than they would if they are kept stationary.

  121. The government had already incurred a tremendous risk by his seizure; but this would have been far greater had foul means been used to get rid of him in prison.

  122. But, as I said, his case was a far more serious one.

  123. A messenger from Missori announced that, in spite of his efforts, he was still far distant; Garibaldi, therefore, determined to attack the next morning without waiting for him.

  124. On the 17th, six hundred men were sent off to march far up the river, to cross it, and to throw themselves into the mountains above Cajazzo, which was occupied by two thousand two hundred men with four guns.

  125. The two regiments that had been sent out from Santa Maria to open communications with the village had been unable to effect their object, the enemy's force being too strong for them to move far from the town.

  126. At that moment, from far beyond the village, shrilly but faintly, came a wild burst of drunken laughter.

  127. Then I heard far down the road someone calling, and turned and saw--it was so good that I rubbed my eyes like a child waking from a dream!

  128. While I listened, another drum far to the north took up the grim throbbing note, then another to the east.

  129. So far as we could discover, there was no living creature in all that waste of waters.

  130. All this, of course, takes far longer to tell, than it took to go coursing through my mind.

  131. How far we had come in that one night, I had little or no idea; but it was easy to see by the attitude of those who knew the river better than I, that the end of our journey was close at hand.

  132. Matterson showed more genuine deference now than I had ever seen in him before, which in itself went far to convince me that affairs were going badly.

  133. I'd know your voice from Pongo River to Penzance," Gleazen replied, whirling about and leaning far over the taffrail.

  134. The toss and the stamp showed it; the quick, precise voice confirmed it; and withal there was a twinkle of kindliness in her eyes that would have stormed the heart of a far more sophisticated youth than I.

  135. So far as the three of them were concerned, we might have been killed a dozen times over, had anyone seen fit to attack us.

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