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  1. Camels, horses and donkeys bearing burdens of various kinds of goods may be seen passing through the streets.

  2. They are very skillful horsemen, and have fine horses which become very intelligent under training.

  3. They are larger and more handsome, but not so fleet as the horses of Arabia.

  4. These horses are beauties, and are adorned with bridles of gold and many precious stones.

  5. The third day after a new mayor has arrived in a city it is customary for lords and counts to visit him with presents of money, golden articles, Arabian horses etc.

  6. Following next is a large number of women, boys and girls and some men, all with yokes about their necks, their hands chained behind them, seated on horses and mules.

  7. The Kurds seldom cultivate the soil, but keep herds of cattle and horses and flocks of sheep, moving from place to place in search of good pasture.

  8. The Arabs crossed the Pyrenees and made the threat that they would soon stable their horses in St. Paul's cathedral at Rome.

  9. The new governor of the city admires the fine horses of his lords, and sometimes covets some fine steed, and before his term expires finds a way to get possession of it by helping the lord out of some trouble.

  10. Their horses bring a high price in Turkey and Persia.

  11. Mounted on splendid Arabian horses and provided with modern firearms, they are well-nigh invincible.

  12. Only bishops and some few prominent men were allowed to ride a horse, while other Christians must walk or ride a donkey, for the Moslems said: "God created horses for us and donkeys for you.

  13. The horses of Persia have always been celebrated as the finest in the East.

  14. It was a survival of the days when a bishop was expected to maintain a retinue of servants and never to go out for a quiet drive unless four horses were harnessed to the coach.

  15. Creech limited the gait to the best that the pack-horses could do.

  16. Lucy, accustomed to horses all her life, saw that this one welcomed her arrival.

  17. And then, from these men, horses received the meed due them, and the love they were truly worth.

  18. Bostil's cattle and horses were numberless, and many as were his riders, he always could use more.

  19. Wildfire appeared more shy of the horses back of him than of the men.

  20. They were training Bostil's horses for the much-anticipated races.

  21. Lucy believed horses were like people, or easier to get along with.

  22. And Creech's horses were still on the other side.

  23. Yet Slone suspected that Creech's want of balance consisted only in what concerned horses and the Bostils.

  24. Anything connected with his horses was of intense interest.

  25. Slone felt reasonably sure his horses would be safe there, but he meant to keep a mighty close watch on them.

  26. The grass had not failed, but it was not rich grass such as the horses and cattle grazed upon miles back on the slope.

  27. Horses were as queer as people, thought Bostil.

  28. It was one of the other horses that whistled an alarm.

  29. A favorite method originated by the Stewarts was to find a water-hole frequented by the band of horses or the stallion wanted, and to build round this hole a corral with an opening for the horses to get in.

  30. But I must drive slowly, or else the horses will be frightened.

  31. But this isn't all the same, I have been used to horses and colts, and not to camels and mules.

  32. He had told her nothing; he had ordered horses to be put to the carriage that morning, and had gone off for three days.

  33. The general had four horses shot under him; Washington had two.

  34. Odd, to have out the horses on a day like this," Robert thought, and resumed his musing as before.

  35. He left the hut and Jim watched him stumping busily away across to the big barn where the saddle horses were kept.

  36. The doctor headed his horses upon their course.

  37. Well, I need two horses to carry myself and camp outfit.

  38. The doctor unnecessarily slashed the horses with his whip.

  39. Without a word the other touched his horses with the whip, and they broke from their amble into a brisk trot.

  40. With fresh horses they had traveled long and hard that night.

  41. And in ten minutes they were pausing to breathe their hard-blowing horses on the shoulder of the hill, with a wide view and a level track ahead of them.

  42. He knew the men were rapidly approaching, for the rumble of galloping horses was quite distinct to his well-trained ears.

  43. At night the horses were hobbled, and the clappers of their bells were loosened; the ringing prevented the horses being lost.

  44. A traveller tells of seeing a row of horses tied to a fence outside a Quaker meeting.

  45. Men came from a distance and loaded horses and carts with the fish to carry home.

  46. They were farmers or common teamsters who made occasional trips, usually in winter time, and did some carriage for others, and drove but four horses with their wagons.

  47. In the spring all that were left on hand were carefully burned, for many believed that if cattle or horses ate these potatoes they would die.

  48. He did not change horses till he reached Hartford.

  49. Twenty horses were sent with their loads to the camp as gifts to the British officers.

  50. Horses ridden into the rivers stepped on the fish and killed them.

  51. It was estimated that at the falls at South Hadley there were fifteen hundred horses in one day.

  52. The wagons were first used in the Conestoga valley, and most extensively used there; and the sleek powerful draught-horses known as the Conestoga breed were attached to them, hence their name.

  53. We had thirty-six stalls for horses and only used ten of them for the stock we kept there.

  54. Directly after breakfast, the horses were caught and saddled, and we started in high spirits.

  55. It is a sorrow to me to leave the horses and dogs and my pet calves and poultry; even the trees and creepers I go round to look at, with the melancholy feeling of other owners not loving them so much as I have done.

  56. We started in the dark, and the first thing we had to cross was a dry river-bed, in which one of the horses lay deliberately down, and refused to move.

  57. So we mounted the horses instead of re-embarking, having first secured the boat, and cantered home.

  58. Rolleston, where we remounted our horses and rode to dear little Waireka in time for breakfast.

  59. Two very steady old horses were saddled, one for me and the other for one of the "new chums," who was not supposed to be in good form for a long walk, owing to a weak knee.

  60. I tried to turn her, and so get out of the infuriated brute's way; but no, she would press on to meet him and join the other horses at the top of the hill.

  61. Here we dismounted, as the horses could go no further in safety.

  62. He could not own horses above a certain value.

  63. The moment the horses got up out of the bottom, Bradley pointed with his whip to the ranch-house.

  64. This he marked, and dodging and circling, like a hound on a scent, the Snipe ran his trail from his first tiny spot to the trees near the creek where the horses had been left.

  65. These horses were driven by the oldest man in service on the Calabasas run, mounted on the near wheel horse with the driver's seat on the box empty and covered with wreaths of flowers.

  66. I go first, Hawk next, then you; if our horses can make the trail yours likely can.

  67. With the horses stumbling on, the women watched for something to meet either sight or hearing, but there was nothing until they again neared the creek.

  68. Urging the horses to their task, Laramie guided them to where Kate could make out portions of the creek bank.

  69. Not her questioning look, nor the frantic struggles of the rearing horses touched him; nothing in the confusion of the sudden moment drew his eye for an instant from the bridge before him and his drawn revolver was already poised in his hand.

  70. Do you suppose," Kate demanded with an air, "they would turn two horses over to you up at Doubleday's?

  71. Six of the best horses in the barn were to pull it in the procession.

  72. When peaceably put out of the room by the night man he had walked out on the platform to the post where the horses had stood and looked long across the tracks toward Doubleday's cottage on the hill.

  73. A buck looking for horses over on the North Fork yesterday saw the fight at Gorman's--everybody knows about it.

  74. Ef I didn't have you wimmen on my hands, I might take a chanst with the mail," he went on, drawing his horses carefully around to where he meant to camp.

  75. There were white horses as dazzling as soap and powder could make them; horses whose black flanks glistened as dark as coal, and there was a tandem of cream-colored horses that tossed rosettes of pink Shirley poppies in their ears.

  76. The blasts of the Wagnerian brasses, galloping in the mad ride of the Valkyries, made the marble columns shake and seemed to give life to the four golden horses that reared over space with silent whinnies on the cornice of St. Mark's.

  77. Once every two years Art entered it, claiming the place from the horses of the guardians of peace.

  78. The august silence was not disturbed by the deafening hubbub of other great capitals; no rattling of carts or footsteps of horses or hucksters' cries.

  79. Here's our carriage," she said, as a handsome pair of horses with jingling chains came prancing up.

  80. Then the driver took up his whip, and Mr. Elliott's horses flew over the ground at a mad pace.

  81. They met one day in the street, when the other told him that an unsealed letter, which he held in his hand, contained an offer of a pair of carriage-horses to the wife of the judge who had the control of his affair.

  82. One of the horses of the last team was restiff, and it became necessary to restrain him by an additional curb before we ventured into the streets of London.

  83. I have a right to have a pair of horses always at my command, finding nothing but the stable, and even this would be unnecessary in Paris.

  84. It is usual to have two sets of reins to the cabriolets, the horses being very spirited, and the danger from accidents in streets so narrow and crowded being great.

  85. We did not stop in Boulogne to try how true were the voluble representations of these gentry, but, changing horses at the post, went our way.

  86. The horses were all French, the trial being intended for the encouragement of the French breeders, and the sports were yet too recent to have produced much influence on the stock of the country.

  87. You select the carriage and horses on trial and contract at so much a month, or at so much a year.

  88. Few people here own the carriages and horses they use.

  89. I intimated that I had known such horses completely subdued in America by filling their ears with cotton.

  90. I afterwards saw the horses in the carriage of Madame ----, and that my friend gained his cause.

  91. As for the horses used here in the public conveyances, and for the post routes, they are commonly compact, clumsy beasts, with less force than their shape would give reason to suppose.

  92. But we did not stop to look at anything very minutely, pushing forward, as fast as three horses could draw us, for the end of our journey.

  93. Six of the horses are held in hand, and the leaders are managed by a postilion.

  94. The horses also were drowned, and let us hope they did not come to life again.

  95. He sees red, speckled and white horses among myrtle trees (i.

  96. Seeing McNally coming out of the hotel office she pulled up her horses and nodded to him with a peremptory cordiality which left him no escape from coming to speak to her.

  97. Jim turned his horses and went back through the town and out toward the country.

  98. Harvey thought of the telegram, but dared not take his attention from the horses until they should run off a little spirit, so he let them go.

  99. It was not easy, but he was cool and strong, and the horses knew he was their master; nevertheless it was several minutes before he had them on their legs again.

  100. Jim tied his horses to a sapling and sat beside him, remarking,-- "I want to have a talk with you.

  101. Harvey took the yellow envelope and with a thought of Jim's errand he thrust it between his teeth, for the horses were prancing.

  102. Arrived at the Place du Trene, Valentine stopped her horses a moment, and addressed her two cavaliers: "I thank you for your escort, gentlemen.

  103. The roads will be very crowded, and your horses will not be able to trot.

  104. Ponies are imported from Sumatra, and a few horses from Australia, but the latter do not thrive.

  105. Late the next afternoon, they returned to town, tired, their horses almost crawling in their dragging pace after sixteen hours of travel through the drifts of the hills and gullies.

  106. Guess we 'd better stir up some horses now and chase along, had n't we?

  107. William Holliday was seated upon one of the horses that were hitched to the sled, his two sons were on one side of him, and his daughter on the opposite side.

  108. In some places, where the ground was marshy, close to the run, the path is at least twelve inches deep, and the very stones along the road bear the marks of the iron-shod horses of the Indian traders.

  109. This alarmed the country, and Mr. William Duffield raised about fifty armed men, and met the pack-horses at the place where Mercersburg now stands.

  110. A number of horses were killed, and the whole of the goods were carried away by the plunderers.

  111. True, it is filled up with weeds in summer-time, but the indentation made by the feet of thousands upon thousands of warriors and pack-horses which travelled it for an unknown number of years are still plainly visible.

  112. John and Thomas returned to the house with the horses late in the afternoon; and, seeing their father and sister murdered, believed that the mother, with the other children, had either met the same fate or been carried into captivity.

  113. They came to the desired place; the horses were unloaded, and Musemeelin opened the bundles, and offered the two young men each a parcel of goods.

  114. The door snapped to, the horses plunged forward, and the carriage thundered away into the night.

  115. Reilly and Vincent dismounted their men, sent horses well to the rear, and formed line in the wood to the left of the guns, with Clack to the left of Vincent.

  116. I crossed in a "pirogue" with Green, and sent back two flats and several skiffs found on the east side for his men, who used them to get over, their horses swimming alongside.

  117. Spurring our unwilling horses through the storm, we reached the river as night fell, and saw the Queen of the West lying against the opposite shore, enveloped in steam.

  118. A gunboat was lying in the river a short distance below, and even the horses seemed to understand the importance of silence, swimming quietly alongside of our frail craft.

  119. General Canby most considerately took me, Tom, and my two horses on his boat to New Orleans; else I must have begged my way.

  120. Some men and horses went down, Buchell was mortally wounded, and Bee and De Bray slightly.

  121. My horses are fresher, William, and I'll have them brought around.

  122. Allez," he said, quietly, and the two gaunt horses moved on.

  123. In the terrible tumult and confusion, screaming horses and shrieking men were piled in heaps, a human whirlpool formed at the barricade, hurling bodily from its centre horses and riders.

  124. Celestial shapes in gold and purple rose up in the gilded dust, chariots of silver, milk-white horses plumed with fire.

  125. All night long I heard cavalry traversing Morsbronn in an unbroken column, the steady trample of their horses never ceasing for an instant.

  126. To right and left, Prussian lancers were riding, and I saw the water boiling under their horses and their long lances aslant the stars.

  127. Then a horrible butchery of men and horses began; the fusillade became so violent and the scene so sickening that a Prussian lieutenant went crazy in the house opposite, and flung himself from the window into the mass of writhing horsemen.

  128. Hoping to hear from you soon about the horses I remain yours truly and courteously, "H.

  129. I ran past Bazard's trampled body and fired at an Uhlan who had seized the horses which were attached to the carriage where Buckhurst sat.

  130. Very far away I heard cannon--so far away that the hum of the cannonade was no louder than the panting of our horses on the white hill-road, and I could hear it only when the carriage stopped at intervals.

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