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Example sentences for "horseshoes"

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  1. Sir Richard bowed a little and went on:— ‘“Gold horseshoes on black?

  2. Puck broke in very gently, ‘Gold horseshoes on black is not the Fulkes’ shield.

  3. Gold horseshoes on black,” said the Crab.

  4. A little later in the year, armed men rode over the hill, the Golden Horseshoes flying behind the King’s banner.

  5. Horseshoes found vary considerably in size, although the majority are relatively small.

  6. They were bare-footed, wearing knee pants buttoned to calico waists, these being patterned with small horseshoes which the twins had been told by their father would bring them good luck.

  7. Then his own clothes were thrust in to him by the stepmother, who embarrassingly lingered to help him button his own waist with the faded horseshoes to the happily restored pants.

  8. Let us try so to live that each action of our lives shall be a good and shapely thing, a help and a benefit to others, like the horseshoes made by the honest blacksmith are to our four-footed friends.

  9. North Africa in the twelfth century, and became the model for all forms of horseshoes of the Mahometan tribes.

  10. Gold horseshoes on black," said the Crab.

  11. Sir Richard bowed a little and went on: "'Gold horseshoes on black?

  12. A little later in the year, armed men rode over the hill, the Golden Horseshoes flying behind the King's banner.

  13. Puck broke in very gently, 'Gold horseshoes on black is not the Fulkes' shield.

  14. At the opposite end of the table the figures were those of eagles, while the pates de foie gras arranged above on horseshoes were little square blocks, attached to the horseshoes by means of silver skewers, with ornamental hilts.

  15. Illustration] Why horseshoes should be considered "lucky" is one of those things which no man can understand.

  16. Cut out the two horseshoes carefully round the outline and then cut them into four pieces, all different in shape, that will fit together and form a perfect circle.

  17. The ices are in the form of horseshoes for good luck, and with them are the Philippine cakes.

  18. Perhaps it will do us no good, even if those nails and horseshoes do puncture the tires.

  19. The Romano-British horseshoes are thin broad bands of iron, fastened on by three nails, and without heels.

  20. Even horseshoes have been found, though their use only came in with the 5th century of our era.

  21. Footnote 210: There seems no valid reason for doubting that the horseshoes found associated with Roman pottery, etc.

  22. The Minister replied: "It is the order of his Majesty that these two hundred thousand horseshoes be ready by to-morrow; if not, your head will pay the penalty.

  23. The poor farrier thought that it was an inquiry as to how many horseshoes were already made, and trembling with fear went and opened the door.

  24. Unfortunately for me, I can break horseshoes and cups as well as the King does.

  25. But to wish to choose me as a friend and protector, is as good an idea as the breaking the horseshoes was.

  26. Once, however, a Jew pedlar, who used to bring her different things, whispered to her that the one who used to break the horseshoes was still alive, and that she should see him.

  27. Tell her that her servant who used to break horseshoes is free, and wanders throughout God's world.

  28. It was an immense relief to see that she could not possibly have got the box about her, and another relief when my eye travelled to the door of the house and I saw no fewer than three horseshoes nailed above it.

  29. By the way, what a lot of horseshoes you people leave about.

  30. In vain did Storri put forth his last resource of strength--he who crushed horseshoes and twisted pokers!

  31. Storri had crushed horseshoes in his hand; he had rolled silver pieces into bullets between thumb and finger.

  32. At the Muharram [36] they also carry horseshoes of silver or gilt tinsel on the top of a stick decorated with peacock's feathers.

  33. If one of the horseshoes is dropped the finder will keep it in his house, and next year if he feels that the spirit moves him will carry it himself.

  34. The men who carry these horseshoes are supposed to be possessed by the spirit of the saint, and people make prayers to them for anything they want.

  35. While you busied yourself forging horseshoes your cousin, Sir Maurice, sought and found me.

  36. I suppose you make horseshoes much better than you make doors?

  37. As for me, I shall probably continue to live here, and make horseshoes --wifeless and content.

  38. Si, Senhor; {347} but I suppose you have brought horseshoes with you, or that large beast of yours cannot be shod in this village.

  39. Si, Senhor; he can put on a horseshoe, if you give it him; but there are no horseshoes in Galicia, at least in these parts.

  40. But James was a tidy man, and for a long while had insisted on piling his old horseshoes wall-fashion, and in course of time quite a big wall had been formed.

  41. As a matter of fact the only one of that family who bore the horseshoes seems to have been William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby (d.

  42. Arms of Hammersmith: Party per pale azure and gules, on a chevron between two cross crosslets in chief and an escallop in base argent, three horseshoes of the first.

  43. Personally I rather doubt whether any Ferrers ever used the arms: Argent, six horseshoes sable.

  44. In 1926 my grandfather, Peter Orson Benson, would come up to pitch horseshoes with me.

  45. The only outside activities my father participated in were pitching horseshoes and bowling and he was good at both of them.

  46. He would toss the horseshoes and I would bring them back to him.

  47. The master paid him a good round sum for the animal, but when he took off its bridle, there stood his wife with horseshoes on her hands and feet.

  48. To his surprise, when he removed the bridle, his wife stood before him in human form, wearing horseshoes on her hands and feet.

  49. The Spectacles of the Student now arose in righteous indignation, pointed a finger of contempt at the Vest with the Silver Horseshoes and cried: "Do not tell me that you merely wish to burn a heretic to make news for your paper.

  50. The Vest with the Silver Horseshoes became self-conscious.

  51. Binding him with chains of iron and fetters of brass, they dragged him forth to the heretical pyre, to which the Vest of the Silver Horseshoes applied the torch, while the presses hummed with the news of the burning.

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