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  1. NNW Esteli, Nicaragua, have faded from near Chaetura Black to the present Fuscous-Black in a period of two years.

  2. In a family Bible (black letter, 1634), I find the following MS.

  3. I am not sure that the chimney-pot with the pure light upon it was not more beautiful than a whole black Greek or a whole black Gothic building in the adulterated light of a customary London day.

  4. Virgil tells the noble and ingenious one that if Pope will but write upon some graver themes, Envy to black Cocytus shall retire And howl with furies in tormenting fire.

  5. Gradually they drive him toward the grotto, which opens before them, revealing a black chasm, emitting clouds of steam.

  6. He is small for a man, but larger than any of the Nibelungs; a grim, sinister figure, with black hair, and a glowering look.

  7. He has bare arms and limbs, and a rough black bearskin flung over his shoulders.

  8. This he said with his honest blue eyes fastened searchingly on Ralph Drayton's small black ones.

  9. Walter, half laughing, and half in earnest, as he took off his round cap, and revealed a crop of short black curls.

  10. Mr. Andrews began to distribute black marks, which had a tendency to restore order, as a certain number of these marks would prevent participation in the summer gipsying, and some of the boys were alarmingly near the limit.

  11. The proprietor had a drawerful of labels each bearing the name of a good old Master done in black on a gold ground, and when a work was "restored" to his satisfaction, he turned over the labels until he found one to suit its style.

  12. He was a man of fine presence, of a rich ruddy brown complexion and a black beard and moustache, and his turban was a sight!

  13. THE BLACK SHEEP Only the merest echo of a rumour of years ago regarding a parson who managed to creep into the Chapter when he should have been excluded survives to-day.

  14. So while Collier wrote a note for Bigalow, telling him that at the last minute it had been decided that everybody should "black up," Daily daubed some of the burnt cork around the wash bowl and on to his and Collier's towels.

  15. The two aunts wore the black silk dresses that their father had brought from India sixty years ago.

  16. Instantly, and before the crash came, the eyes were withdrawn, and two black spaces showed where they had been.

  17. He saw an undersized man of middle age with brilliant, shifting eyes, a curling black beard, and a nose that at once proclaimed him a Jew.

  18. Taking a look over their shoulders to make sure they had not been followed, they went boldly up the steps and stood against the huge black door that fronted them forbiddingly.

  19. Here a pitch black tunnel opened before them into the lower regions, and--it must be confessed--they hesitated.

  20. Then followed panting, like the quick breathing that accompanies effort, and the next minute a black mass dropped through the air and dangled at the end of the rope.

  21. The muscles of his fingers, too, relaxed in spite of himself and he let the black bag drop with a bang to the floor.

  22. Shorthouse glanced up from the gun he was cleaning so assiduously, and the smoke from his pipe curled up into an odd twist between me and the black beard and oriental, sun-tanned face.

  23. They crossed the dark landing, avoiding with their eyes the deep black space over the banisters.

  24. Black beetles scurried over the floor, and once, when they knocked against a deal table standing in a corner, something about the size of a cat jumped down with a rush and fled, scampering across the stone floor into the darkness.

  25. And on it he saw the outline of the sleeping body gradually take shape before his eyes, growing up strangely into the darkness, till it stood out in marked relief--the long black form against the white counterpane.

  26. Certainly," he replied as, completely deceived, he saw the blue envelope disappear into the black bag and watched Shorthouse turn the key.

  27. The inn lay below me, and all round it the village clustered in a soft black shadow unrelieved by a single light.

  28. The windows stared black and uncompromising into the night.

  29. He looked up, instinctively raising a protecting arm, and saw a long black line swinging against the dim wall of the house.

  30. Like two monstrous black cats they came round the table toward me, and for the first time I perceived that the smaller of the two dragged something along the floor behind him.

  31. For a second the man in black stood breathless.

  32. And I noticed that he had black hair and blue eyes.

  33. Against the black background, and seen by the gloomy light of the candles, he looked taller, leaner, paler, more sombre than life.

  34. But he had also a coal-black moustache and chin tuft, and milk-white hair; and this contrast won him recognition everywhere.

  35. The man in black raised the lamp in one hand, and with the other selected from the crucible two tiny yellow packets.

  36. Then he leaned forward and fixed the boy with his fierce black eyes.

  37. Orcus had him, grim head, black heart and all.

  38. The man in black went to his saddle-bag, which had been brought up and laid in a corner, and took out a shallow glass bowl, curiously embossed with a cross and some mystic symbols.

  39. And so, when the man in black rode into Rouen the next evening, he did not ride alone.

  40. The landlord came back presently, his face black as thunder.

  41. Some of these are still living but clearly show the incompatibility of the two species when black walnut is grafted on butternut.

  42. However, I have planted freshly-gathered black walnuts and butternuts and most of them sprouted.

  43. The strong flavor of the black walnut kernel although appreciated by many people, is not as popular as that of the butternut, of which more is said in another chapter.

  44. A suggested balanced soil for making the method practical is to use 1/2 by volume of peat moss; the other half should be rich, black sandy loam with very little clay mixture in it.

  45. For several years I continued to graft black walnuts on butternut trees with the intention of converting hundreds, perhaps thousands, of these wild trees over to prolific, cultured black walnuts.

  46. In another chapter, I shall relate parallel experience in hickory grafting which I carried on simultaneously with grafting of black walnut on butternut.

  47. Since I wanted to have many black walnut trees some day, I decided to plant ten bushels of black walnuts in rows.

  48. When pruning the black walnut trees purchased from Mr. Jones for transplanting, I saved the tops and grafted them to the young trees with a fair degree of success.

  49. The difference between the Eastern black walnut and the local native black walnut is quite apparent when the two trees are examined side by side.

  50. It is possible, for example, to cross the English walnut with the black walnut.

  51. These were grafted on black walnut stocks of considerable size.

  52. With beginner's luck, I succeeded with many of the butternut grafts, as well as with some of the grafts on the twenty-eight planted black walnuts.

  53. One cannot leave a discussion of black walnuts without reflecting on the furniture which has been possible only through the use of vast forests of black walnut timber.

  54. Public places abound with those flutterers after youth and beauty; unmeaning admirers, who sigh at every new face; or black traitors to society, who seek but to try, and try but to publish their own power of conquest.

  55. She made him whiskers of cork, powdered his brown bob, and covered a thread paper with black ribbon to hang to it for a queue.

  56. Othello, therefore, was equipped as king Richard the third, save that instead of a regal front he had a black wig, to imitate wool: while his face had been begrimed with a smoked cork.

  57. His remarks were general, and were only intended to show that it would be with a black population we must treat.

  58. He did not wish, therefore, to see this black population independent; and that the interest will be wholly black is clear.

  59. Those gentlemen who used to come forward, to be sure, had not avowedly come forward again, but had now put it into the hands of the black gentlemen.

  60. If the State of Georgia should prove themselves innocent of that black stain, it would be to their honor.

  61. It would certainly be the interest of Great Britain to oppose an attempt of this kind; since it could not be her interest to have a black Government there.

  62. There was a law in North Carolina, he said, which forbade any person from holding either a black or white person as a slave after he had been set at liberty.

  63. The General is black, and his agent here is married to a black woman in this city.

  64. He meant what was generally understood by the mission of Toussaint, a black General, of St. Domingo.

  65. These two elderly gentlemen here are seen to most advantage in white neckcloths, and the OLD ONE is never so like himself as in a suit of black velvet.

  66. It is no broad black forest--it is mere gloom--shadow that in a minute will pass away, though now seeming steadfast as the woods.

  67. Donald Dhu, late Sergeant in the Black Watch, see to the Barricade.

  68. Whether this be exact or not, more than one historian mentions that Ribas subsequently commanded in the Black Sea as a Russian vice-admiral.

  69. And now see you that broad black forest, half-way up the mountain?

  70. You can see the poor green and white paper still clinging to the walls, and the chasm that once was a cupboard, and the shadows gathering black on the aperture that once was a hearth!

  71. The silly girl said she would have it in black and white--as if Mr Gower would write to her!

  72. A white flag with a black square in the center means a cold wave.

  73. From the black cloud a funnel like an elephant's trunk sways back and forth, now touching the ground and now escaping it.

  74. The blue with the black below would mean rain or snow and colder.

  75. Within a few minutes after the bottoms of cumulus clouds turn from black to gray, letting down visible trailing showers.

  76. In summer, no matter how striking and black are the shapes and shadows of the clouds, rain will not fall until a gray patch, a uniform veil called nimbus is seen.

  77. These increase in number and size until about three in the afternoon when they will have grown little black bellies and fluffy white tops.

  78. Therefore white flag with the black below means fair and colder.

  79. A red square with a black center means severe winds.

  80. The word black is an indulgence of the human weatherman meaning, of course, any dark color,--a black sky would terrify the most hardened of meteorologists.

  81. The officials, however, advise you not to worry until you see the intensely black cloud in the southwest trailing its funnel.

  82. If you see the thunderstorm first, that is, if the barometer is not affected by the approaching black cloud you may be sure that the storm will amount to nothing.

  83. The same meanings are attached to the black triangle in connection with the blue and white.

  84. A black triangle stands for temperature and is always exhibited with some other flag.

  85. As the black cloud with the swaying funnel nears a roaring is heard.

  86. Just half of this face showed, that on the white part of the dial; the black half hid the rest.

  87. The first thing that greets your eye is a big black and white sign "Buy a drink and see the show.

  88. The lower half of the dial was black with white figures, the upper half white with black figures.

  89. Ed took the Black Maria to the house, and we took the street cars for it to the end of the line, and then walked.

  90. Now, Mr. Hogg, to business, it was me that robbed the Black Prince mine.

  91. Filling his cob pipe with cut-plug, Joe sat looking away over space toward our hobbled horses and then said: "Old man, I reckon you remember all about the Black Prince robbery.

  92. I didn't take an awful sight of notice about Joe until I came in, one night, and the boys told me that Joe was arrested as an accomplice in the robbery of the Black Prince mine, in Constitution gulch.

  93. Mary was a little bit of a woman, with black hair, red lips, white teeth, and two eyes that looked like coals of fire, so bright were they.

  94. This Black Prince was a gold placer owned by two middle-aged Englishmen.

  95. A small earthenware disk, having one side black and the other white, was brought forward, and each party chose a side, black or white.

  96. All the bright color had gone out of Katy's cheeks, so that her black eyes looked darker than ever.

  97. I had a beautiful black and white kitty, in Centennial year, that would follow me round whenever I came from the Exhibition, begging for the sugared balls of pop-corn I always brought home with me.

  98. It had an account of the wreck and the rescue in it, with Emmett's picture on the front page, and black headlines under it that said, "Died like a hero.

  99. It was a temptation to know what she would look like if she should grow up to be a widow and have to wear an imposing head-gear like that with a white ruche in front and a long black veil floating down behind.

  100. See how it puts a rainbow around every blessed thing, even the old black pots and pans!

  101. When Cousin Mehitable came into the room in her widow's bonnet with the long black veil hanging down behind, she seemed to fill the place as the massive black walnut wardrobe upstairs filled the alcove.

  102. His were so dirty and black with tar she felt she could not bear to touch them.

  103. One was to sacrifice a black cock, and sprinkle its blood upon the spot before beginning to dig.

  104. Mrs. Triplett, dressed in her new black summer silk, took her.

  105. Two five-dollar gold pieces rolled out first, then a handful of small change, a black ring evidently whittled out of a rubber button and lastly a watch-fob ornament.

  106. Lost, between Mayflower Heights and the Gray Inn, a black leather bill-case with important papers.

  107. Richard had marked that black cock for the sacrifice.

  108. Seven of them, white and gray and black and mixed colors, all looking up at me.

  109. She had a black smudge from the end of the beanpole, which had been in a bonfire, across her forehead.

  110. Just above Aunty May's head, uncoiling itself from round a pile of plates in the corner, was a big black and yellow snake.

  111. All but about ten wore the black gown, which is one mark of the Westminster Scholar, and, over the gown, a white surplice open or buttoned according to the seniority of the wearer.

  112. He wore a soft black hat of clerical kind but of Bohemian intention, and a grey waterproof cape which, perhaps because it was waterproof, failed to be romantic.

  113. More than four years have passed since that black week and it is still too early to return an impartial verdict.

  114. What are mere passing black thoughts and angry impulses with most of us became therefore deeds with them.

  115. II Early in 1918 came the black days of the last German offensive.

  116. Sometimes the rook flapped his black wings and soared away over the tree-tops in the park.

  117. She wore a very purple dress, a black silk mantle with jet fringe on it and a black bonnet with purple velvet flowers which stuck up and trembled when she moved her head.

  118. Martha, sitting up on her heels among her black lead brushes.

  119. She had bright hair tied up with a blue ribbon and her gay, lovely eyes were exactly like Colin's unhappy ones, agate gray and looking twice as big as they really were because of the black lashes all round them.

  120. The first moment he set his dew-bright black eye on Dickon he knew he was not a stranger but a sort of robin without beak or feathers.

  121. His black eyes seemed as if they scarcely saw her, as if they were seeing something else, and he could hardly keep his thoughts upon her.

  122. As she stood on the stone floor she looked a very small, odd little black figure, and she felt as small and lost and odd as she looked.

  123. He said 'I won't have a child dressed in black wanderin' about like a lost soul,' he said.

  124. That is nice," he said more drowsily still, and she went on chanting and stroking, but when she looked at him again his black lashes were lying close against his cheeks, for his eyes were shut and he was fast asleep.

  125. She was a stout woman, with very red cheeks and sharp black eyes.

  126. She had on her best black dress and cap, and her collar was fastened with a large brooch with a picture of a man's face on it.

  127. She could see that the man in the chair was not so much a hunchback as a man with high, rather crooked shoulders, and he had black hair streaked with white.

  128. When we had gone about two hundred yards, and stopped to rest, I glanced to the left while I was lighting my pipe, and in the distance detected a long worm of black smoke crawling lazily up the steep mountain.

  129. The Bonanza king of the Black Forest lives to a good old age, blessed with the love of his wife and of his twenty-seven children, and the still sweeter envy of everybody around.

  130. The importance of this feature has not been properly magnified in the Black Forest stories.

  131. The Black forest artist paints it--his masterpiece.

  132. We found the Black Forest farmhouses and villages all that the Black Forest stories have pictured them.

  133. There in the Black Forest, on the mountainside, I saw an ant go through with such a performance as this with a dead spider of fully ten times his own weight.

  134. There we found nine or ten Black Forest grandees assembled around a table.

  135. She wore a rather severe evening gown of black net, and in her gray hair was a quivering black aigrette.

  136. Cecil made me promise I'd never wear black dresses, so I've worn white only, ever since he died, and I suppose I always shall.

  137. This personage was clothed in red, and with black horns and Mephistophelean countenance was made to look as much like a fiend as possible.

  138. Sinclair and Bob Hartley were the Princes in the Tower, and the black velvet suits and white lace collars were exceedingly becoming to them.

  139. The lady in black rose from the table and followed them, and Patty entered the lift, blissfully happy, but a little bewildered.

  140. They all wore funny white suits, with little black pompons bobbing all over them.

  141. The frock was ankle length and short-waisted and she wore old-fashioned little slippers, with crossed ribbons, and black lace mitts.

  142. So I'm sure you couldn't add those two to your collection; for I feel certain wherever the White Lady goes the Black Lady goes too.

  143. We will," said Mabel, "and Grandy must wear her black velvet.

  144. She had saved a morsel for him to eat, also; but the boy's pains had swept away all appetite--at least for black and tasteless crusts.

  145. They were of the suite of the French ambassador, and were followed by twelve cavaliers of the suite of the Spanish ambassador, clothed in black velvet, unrelieved by any ornament.

  146. Then they left the seashore and the contest raged up hill and down until Maui slew the man and "changed the body into a long rock, which is there to this day, by the side of the road going past Black Rock.

  147. There on the seashore near the large black rock of the legend of Maui lifting the sky he found Moemoe.

  148. When she desired to pass from her home to the other world, she would open a black rock and pass inside.

  149. Thus were made the black spots which mark the head of the white duck.

  150. Moo Kuna is the name sometimes given to a long black stone lying like an island in the waters between the small falls of the river.

  151. As one who calls attention to this legendary black stone says: "As if he were not dead enough already, every big freshet in the stream beats him and pounds him and drowns him over and over as he would have drowned Hina.

  152. After a brief struggle the man was changed, according to the story, into a great black rock, which can be seen by any traveler who desires to localize the legends of Hawaii.

  153. Maui would send his kite into the blue sky and then tie the line to the great black stones in the bed of the Wailuku river.

  154. After a time he took the shape of a pigeon and, flying to the black rock, passed through the door and flew down the long dark passage-way.

  155. Maui ran up the passage through the black cave--bushes and trees bordered his road.

  156. Here above the reach of the surf still lies the long, black stone into which the legends say Hina's kapa board was changed.

  157. In a little while the water became shallow around them, and their canoe finally rested on a black beach.

  158. Sometimes the water pours in a torrent over the rugged lava, sometimes it passes through underground passages as well as along the black river bed, and sometimes it thrusts itself into boiling pools.

  159. He looked like a superior valet or upper footman, in a bowler and a black morning coat.

  160. His hair, too, was longer than it ought to be; though not so long as the heavy black locks of the 'cellist of that past reflection.

  161. Ronnie's eyes sought the paper again; but once more the black spots danced in a wild shower.

  162. It was a slight dark man, with a white face, and a mass of tumbled black hair.

  163. Then, looking past the figure in the chair, he marked behind him, where in the reflection of the studio should have been the door, heavy black curtains hanging in sombre folds.

  164. Mrs. Blake herself opened the door, resplendent in black satin; lavender ribbons in her lace cap.

  165. Do you really believe Ronnie was once a slim, pale person, with a shock of black hair?

  166. A grave, white face, set off by straight black hair, a heavy lock of which fell over the low forehead; long white fingers gliding up and down the strings, lace ruffles falling from the wrists.

  167. Ronnie began reading; but black spots danced before his eyes, and Helen's beautiful clear writing zig-zagged up and down the page.

  168. See how the silver strings shine in the firelight, against the black ebony of the finger-board!

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