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Example sentences for "ebony"

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  1. Miss Daphne Wing was standing with her finger-tips joined at her breast--a perfect statue of ebony and palest wax.

  2. With great ebony brushes he smoothed his hair till it shone like silver under the light; then he, too, came out on the gloomy staircase.

  3. Brushing his hair with his great ebony brushes, and dabbing his forehead with eau de Cologne, he mused.

  4. Our artist did as Pontianus suggested, as far as the size of the ebony tablets permitted.

  5. Then said Uba-aner, ‘Bring me my casket of ebony and electrum.

  6. Mine were the pony phaeton and this gold watch (she held it out to me on a chain about her neck) and a macaw from South America from my Uncle Mather, on an ebony perch.

  7. By the feeble light of the candle, it appeared as if ebony and gold were blending on a white ground.

  8. When he had taken these prudent measures, the chief placed his back against an ebony tree, took his calumet, and ordered the old man and the Spanish woman to be brought before him.

  9. As soon as they were at a sufficient distance, the general seated himself at the foot of an ebony tree, motioning for his companion to follow his example which he immediately did.

  10. My bath was of jade; my table a long one of ebony inlaid with ivory, with puffing cherub faces at each corner representing the four winds.

  11. Mrs Monnerie, in spite of her age, her ebony cane, and a tendency to breathlessness, was extremely active and alert.

  12. After this harangue, Mrs. Verne threw herself into the elegant fauteuil of carved ebony and oriental tapestry, and poured forth another volume of tears more prolific than the first.

  13. In this alcove was an antique chair or fauteuil, and beside it a small cabinet, inlaid with mother of pearl, while opposite stood an ebony writing desk, strewed with fragments of exquisitely perfumed note paper.

  14. Mrs. Verne was seated at a daintily-carved ebony work-table.

  15. She was sitting at a small ebony writing desk, jotting down a few thoughts in her diary When her sister entered, but now arose and drew forth a luxurious arm-chair for the imperious beauty to recline in.

  16. Ah," said Uncle Luke, going closer to old Crampton's desk, and taking down from where it rested on two brass hooks the heavy ebony ruler.

  17. Yes; something was missing--the heavy ebony ruler which always reposed on the two brass hooks like a weapon of war at the end of his desk.

  18. He made an entry and screwed up his lips, as he dipped a pen in red ink and ruled a couple of lines, using the ebony ruler which had laid his master low.

  19. Recovering himself, he stooped down to pick up the heavy ebony ruler used by old Crampton, and polished by rubs of his coat-tail till it shone.

  20. But better have the loss fall upon median Crampton's heavy ebony ruler, eh, Harry?

  21. Each carried a short rod of ebony and ivory as a token of authority.

  22. The prince did not rise from his chair, but his fingers gripped convulsively the carved arms of ebony and he writhed in agony.

  23. Before them stood Olympias, with a rod of ebony in her grasp, and at her feet upon the silken carpet crouched a weeping girl with bare white shoulders, marked with red where the rod had fallen.

  24. But as soon as they came to it behold, they knew that it was the army of the King of the Ebony Islands, wherein was their father, King Kamar al-Zaman in person.

  25. Abu Tabah performed his curiously Gallic shrug of the shoulders--and pointed, with his ebony cane, to my pinioned arms.

  26. Abu Tabah smiled, inclined his head again, and slightly raising the ebony cane indicated my pinioned wrists, at the same time glancing at the negro.

  27. He had again taken up his ebony walking-stick and was now resting his crossed hands upon it and regarding me with his strange, melancholy eyes.

  28. So still was the place that I could hear the tap of his ebony stick as he strode along the centre of the street.

  29. A rather handsome ebony table, intricately carved and inlaid with mother-o'-pearl and ivory, stood before a cushioned diwan which occupied that side of the room in which was the square window.

  30. By degrees the smoke melted away, and there on the ground were the ten or twelve crooked pieces of ebony that they had seen consumed, now to all appearance quite untouched by the flame.

  31. Then from one of the bags he drew out a number of crooked black sticks that looked like bent ebony rulers, and built them up criss-cross in a little pile upon the ground.

  32. Suddenly Menzi recovered from his faint or seizure and, looking up, directed his attendants to return the magical ebony rods which burned without being consumed to one of the hide bags that contained his medicines.

  33. I saw the Cossack, that ebony figure of Sunday night.

  34. At intervals of about a hundred yards the Cossack pickets, like ebony statues on their horses, guarded the way.

  35. At the end was a door where stood a second eunuch, a tall, beardless, ebony skeleton, with naked sabre held before him.

  36. But Godfrey plucked up a low ebony table, tore three legs clear, holding the table-top by the fourth before him as a shield, and dashed the other three amongst the foe.

  37. She saw dimly low gilt and ebony tables beside the divans, the food still on them.

  38. The eunuchs began to quake under their ebony skins.

  39. There were divans of priceless Chinese silk, an ebony table whereon lay silver and crystal cups and coolers, fruit and honey cakes.

  40. So Mary sat in her revery, her thoughts as dark as the ebony table beneath her eyes.

  41. Ebony is one of the few woods heavier than water.

  42. Are you not a debtor of the King of the Ebony Island?

  43. At one end of the court was a platform, and on the platform stood an amber throne supported by four ebony columns, garnished with pearls and diamonds.

  44. There are no olives in the Ebony Island, and those imported from here fetch a high price.

  45. Whilst these things were passing in the Ebony Island Prince Camaralzaman continued to find shelter in the gardeners cottage in the town of the idolaters.

  46. When he touched the ground, he rapped it with his foot; it opened, and we found ourselves in the enchanted palace, in the presence of the beautiful princess of the Ebony Isle.

  47. Pushing back the heavy ebony doors we entered the courtyard, but upon the threshold of the great hall beyond it we paused, frozen with horror, at the sight which greeted us.

  48. I am the daughter of the king of the Ebony Isle, of whose fame you surely must have heard.

  49. Whilst the prince was settling down to this second year of toil and privation, the ship made a rapid voyage and arrived safely at the Ebony Island.

  50. After a protracted journey by land and sea the princess, still under the name and disguise of Prince Camaralzaman, arrived at the capital of the Ebony Island whose king was named Armanos.

  51. I should choose this if I might," replied Amy, looking with great admiration at a string of gold and ebony beads, from which hung a heavy cross of the same.

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