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drillings; drills; drily; drinc; drincke; drinkable; drinkables; drinke; drinked; drinken
  1. I could drink the cup, If from this woe its bitterness had won thee.

  2. Or, how can we drink what is not drinkable?

  3. I will drink deep of the fountains of classic lore.

  4. For I drink water, pure, cold, and bright, And my dreams are of heaven the livelong night.

  5. And now I am come, with this lost love of mine, To lead but one measure--drink one cup of wine.

  6. So, water, I will drink nothing but thee, Thou parent of health and energy!

  7. For my hand is steady, my eye is true, For I, like the flowers, drink nothing but dew.

  8. Then come to my house, and let us part friends; You shall dine; and we'll drink on this joyful occasion, That each may live long in his new habitation.

  9. It was a Judicial tribunal which condemned Socrates to drink the fatal hemlock, and which pushed the Saviour barefoot over the pavements of Jerusalem, bending beneath his cross.

  10. Vinegar and water--a drink of the ancient Roman soldiery--was also called beverige.

  11. A terrible drink is said to have been popular in Salem.

  12. Perhaps the most famous use of sack was in the making of sack-posset, that drink of brides, of grooms, of wedding and christening parties.

  13. The more I drink the drier I am," was a favorite expression of hers.

  14. Mimbo, sometimes abbreviated to mim, was a drink made of rum and loaf-sugar--and possibly water.

  15. Called for more drink and drank to me: I took notice of the affront, to them.

  16. Rainbow Coffee-house was punished as a nuisance "for making and selling of a drink called coffee whereby in making the same he annoyeth his neighbours by evil smells.

  17. It had been a universal drink in England, but was somewhat in disuse when this country was settled.

  18. Pay and Cloathing, a large Bounty, with a Crown to drink the King's Health.

  19. He was very stout and was generally seen in public bestriding an unusually small horse, which he would ride into his barroom to get a drink for both.

  20. Young women formed into companies called Daughters of Liberty, pledged to wear homespun and drink no tea.

  21. Many tribes were decimated and others wiped out entirely by the ravages of strong drink and disease, especially smallpox and cholera.

  22. Mr. Duncan never allowed strong drink to enter the colony; he was the only white man among a thousand Indians, and so strong was their faith in him that he was accepted as their leader both practically and spiritually.

  23. He built a mountain of flesh and filled a tank with wine, and to amuse her he caused 3,000 of his courtiers to go on all fours and drink from the tank like so many cows.

  24. Rather than to drink alone, I'll make bold to ask the moon To condescend to lend her face The hour and the scene to grace.

  25. Webb ordered a drink and glanced about, eyeing Beck and Two-Bits with a suggestive smile.

  26. Bobby ran forward, brandishing a club, and drove them back as they floundered in the sagging wire, heedless of barbs, eyes protruding with want of the drink that dilated nostrils told them was near.

  27. You men who drink and smoke don't want the women to enjoy the same privilege?

  28. As afternoon came on they abandoned their futile search for unguarded drink and clung closer to the wire barrier, snuffing loudly as their nostrils drank in the smell of water as greedily as their throats would have swallowed the fluid itself.

  29. That's kind of you, but I'm afraid you'll have to drink alone.

  30. An occasional drink will make her less right?

  31. It wouldn't have been polite, would it, for me to drink and not let you?

  32. My cattle are here and they need drink very badly.

  33. In the Hole cattle could feed on the abundant gramma, could drink from the creek, but getting them out and over the divide to the more plentiful water of Coyote Creek was an undertaking.

  34. On a long journey a horse should have occasional short drinks, and near the end a long drink with a slower rate of progression with the object of cooling off.

  35. In the stable a horse should always be provided with rock salt, and water to drink at will by means of some such stall fixture as the Mundt hygienic water-supply fittings.

  36. In Russia a drink termed lipez is made from the delicious honey of the linden.

  37. Why, no matter how well you fancy you feel; this is a sovereign remedy, so just drink it off to please me.

  38. Our manufacturers of cotton and woollen have of late loudly deplored the falling off of their home trade, while the consumption of intoxicating drink continues to increase.

  39. Besides, some among us are satisfied with, and warmly applaud, the drink prepared from simple oatmeal.

  40. The most fanatical devotee of alcohol cannot deny that too much of it is drunk, in face of the long-continued avowal of the judges that drink is by far the greatest cause of crime--drink, short of evident and provable drunkenness.

  41. To boast and rejoice in the magnitude of the drink traffic, legal as it undoubtedly is, has no moral defence.

  42. Slaves spread cushions on a low, marble terrace, and a big man with a smooth face served cool drink in cups of gold studded with beryls.

  43. And then they drink the cup of wine with some of the bull's blood in it, and swear to judge truly.

  44. The banquet was long; there were all sorts of nice things to eat, and everybody seemed to eat and drink a good deal.

  45. The drink was delicious--very cold, and tasting like lemonade and partly like penny ices.

  46. Some take morphia, others drink brandy, and I--well, I try and amuse myself as far as my remnant of a conscience will allow me.

  47. The fellow had a bad face, and if ever he was a gentleman he had sunk so low through drink that no evidence of it remained in his appearance.

  48. Gentlemen, shall we drink to the health and success of Mr. Randolph?

  49. Jupiter and the others, however, conceal their divine nature, and eat and drink like common men.

  50. Siddartha's god was not a sanguinary one, nor did Buddha always talk of shedding blood, or profess to give his disciples his own flesh to eat, and his blood to them, that they might all drink of it.

  51. Still further was it from Jewish belief to think, that Jehovah would come down upon earth to acquire information, and when there, eat and drink and talk like any ordinary man.

  52. General Maxwell issued an order prohibiting the sale of drink after an early hour (10 p.

  53. There was some tinned meat and fish, but the men could obtain nothing to drink except a mixture made from Colombo limes and water.

  54. One moment now may give us more Than years of toiling reason: Our minds shall drink at every pore The spirit of the season.

  55. Here the rustics assembled in full force to drink bumpers to the health of the Founder of the settlement, and to celebrate "the day, and all who honour it.

  56. As the Colonel advanced in years his liking for strong drink increased to such an extent that the in vino veritas stage was, we fear, reached pretty often.

  57. The pain steadily increased and he was recommended to drink some hot wine and water.

  58. She dined in my room, where her mother waited on her without speaking, and gave her nothing to drink except St. Jevese wine.

  59. He leaves the table intoxicated twice a day, but he ought to be pitied, for he cannot drink wine and keep his head clear.

  60. We ordered a good fire in a private room, and, everything we wanted to eat and to drink having been brought in, we send the waiter away, and remain alone.

  61. I ordered my lieutenant to send plenty to eat and to drink to the men on board the felucca, to prepare a splendid supper, and to spare nothing, as I should leave the island at midnight.

  62. In that state, thinking to please his new host, he began to abuse the other, greatly to my annoyance; he said the wine he had given us to drink was adulterated, and that the man was a thief.

  63. She goes and returns, I drink the coffee, and seeing that my countenance remains grave she tries to enliven me, contrives to make me smile, and claps her hands for joy.

  64. We had neither glasses nor cups, and we all helped ourselves out of the same earthen pitcher to a miserable drink called graspia, which is made by boiling in water the stems of grapes stripped of their fruit.

  65. Before leaving his room, I had the strength of mind to compose myself, and I put on such an air of cheerfulness that the Abbe Gama, who took me to his room to drink some coffee, complimented me upon my happy looks.

  66. I went to the stable, and having treated one of the muleteers to some drink I told him that I would willingly ride one of his mules as far as Sarignan.

  67. For my breakfast I drink a peculiar kind of chocolate which I make myself, and which I have brought with me.

  68. I began to drink my coffee, quite amazed at her easy freedom, and struck with her beauty, to which it would have been impossible to remain indifferent.

  69. The engages waited on their masters, and one of the penalties for clumsy serving was to be compelled to drink off a calabash full of sauce.

  70. A leaf served to hold the pimento sauce, and a calabash to drink from, while bananas were their substitute for bread.

  71. Feeble as he was, the great thirst of a tropical fever compelled him often to rise and drag himself to a neighbouring tank, that he might drink, even though to drink were to die.

  72. He got the tobacco, and the others got what they called "the fun of seein' Bill drink oil!

  73. They drank and fought the drink together.

  74. He'd promise that many times a day, but he'd sooner spend five pounds on drink for a man than give him a farthing.

  75. Thus encouraged we said, sympathetically: "We're very sorry to trouble you, but I suppose we could manage to get a drink and a bit to eat?

  76. He was clever, and drink had brought him down to Redclay.

  77. I lay think--think--thinking, till I thought all the drink out of my head.

  78. Just reach me a drink from the water-bag--the pannikin's on the hob there, by your boot.

  79. He got on as a boy reporter on one of the big dailies; he had brains and could write rings round a good many, but he got in with a crowd that called themselves 'Bohemians', and the drink got a hold on him.

  80. It is a mistake to think that drink always dulls a man's feelings.

  81. They rode into the stream together, and let their horses drink from the clear, swift-flowing water.

  82. Once in motion, it seemed that he was pursued, and along Tuffkenamon went the race, until his horse, panting and exhausted, paused to drink at Redley Creek.

  83. I must have a drink o' whiskey after that sight.

  84. The highwayman took another deep drink and rose to his feet.

  85. The horses had stopped to drink at the creek.

  86. Sandy Flash grinned, took another drink of whiskey, resumed his seat before the fire, and then proceeded to fill his pipe.

  87. You will drink to the defeat of our foes?

  88. I would drink for a space of the unmingled wine.

  89. The sky is all blue, the fields are all green, the houses all white; and our ravished eyes drink in those bright colors which bring mirthfulness to our souls.

  90. He made her drink some sugared water and smell at some salts, while he bathed her temples with vinegar.

  91. It had been settled that on the day when he should take up his abode there they should make an excursion to Saint Jouin, and return after dining there, to drink tea in his rooms.

  92. They all sing the same tune; eat nothing, drink nothing, never make love or enjoy yourself; it all plays the devil with your precious health.

  93. She had addressed him with the familiar tu, and continued to use it, as if the offer of a drink had tacitly conveyed permission.

  94. So once more he rose, to go and drink a bock with the girl.

  95. And as he was very thirsty he lighted his candle to go to drink a glass of fresh water from the filter in the kitchen.

  96. I don't like you to be bringing home fellows at night to drink with you.

  97. Well, at any rate," he said, "let us have a drink together.

  98. Just for once you may drink it; but do not take too much, or get into the habit of it.

  99. So they went on all day, and, when they reached a spring, each of them came to drink at it in turn as soon as each solitary marcher had moved forward the number of yards arranged upon.

  100. He was so cold that he went into a sailors' tavern to drink a glass of grog, and when the hot and pungent liquor had scorched his mouth and throat he felt a hope revive within him.

  101. He plied the Cherokees with drink and induced them to make formal submission and to cede all their lands to the Crown.

  102. The disreputable traders plied their guests with drink to the point of intoxication and then murdered them.

  103. Greathouse, Sapperton, and King, three traders who had a post on Yellow Creek, a tributary of the Ohio fifty miles below Pittsburgh, invited several Indians from across the stream to come and drink with them and their friends.

  104. When we see or read anything beautiful, does it not seem as though it belongs to us in a way, that it is neither yours nor mine, but that it belongs to all who drink from it and are strengthened by it?

  105. This was pure frenzy, and yet there were two beings ready to drink in all this pathos, two living beings to live out this monstrous chimera.

  106. After this they asked each other's trade, and then they went to drink a glass together.

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