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Example sentences for "budge"

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buddhi; buddhic; buddies; budding; buddle; budged; budget; budgetary; budgeted; budgets
  1. If the customers or guests are to be dunned, all the burden lies upon my back: he'd as leave eat that glass as budge after them himself.

  2. So if your own horses be ready, you may whip off with cousin, and I'll be bound that no soul here can budge a foot to follow you.

  3. He did not fail to point out the spot, but resolutely refused to budge a step farther.

  4. To work, or ye budge not hence without discovery.

  5. Wallis Budge the first occupied the site of Heliopolis and was identical with the city of On mentioned in Genesis (XLI: 45).

  6. Wallis Budge tells us that, "during the rule of the Greeks (B.

  7. Wallis Budge states that Ham or Kham is the same as Khem and is the name Kamt, i.

  8. Returning to an examination of the signs for Ursa Major employed by the Egyptian astronomer scribes, we find, beside the more elaborate form given by Mr. Wallis Budge (pl.

  9. Wallis Budge for the interesting information that each day, in the temple of Ptah at Memphis, an image of the god Seker was dragged around the altar by the priests.

  10. I will not budge an inch to persuade her to it.

  11. But for the love of mercy don't let Dwight dream what's in the wind or he'd die rather than budge an inch.

  12. Another example of the rebus occurs in the name of Osiris, which in Egyptian is Hesiri (Wallis Budge gives it as Ausir).

  13. Wallis Budge adds that "the Greek portion of the inscriptions appears to be the original document, and the hieroglyphic and demotic versions merely translations of it.

  14. Wallis Budge speaks as "the immortal discoverer of a correct system of decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphics," was born in 1790.

  15. These are the "Whispering Knights"; and the secret among themselves is that they will not consent to budge an inch, and woe to the farmer who attempts to remove them.

  16. I told 'er, too; but she wouldn't budge a step.

  17. They will not budge him an inch, and they know it.

  18. But he would not budge until Miss Carvel herself comes all the way from the country yesterday, and orders him.

  19. And he shouldn't budge shouldn't budge for anything.

  20. All four of us couldn't budge that boat and sledge before morning.

  21. Then calling Jim out of the boat to help them, the three put their heads through the collars of the drag-ropes, and tried their best to move the boat, but it wouldn't budge an inch.

  22. You and I might go a little way, but Katy and The Youngster couldn't budge twenty steps.

  23. Nay, if thou dost budge an inch I will rattle this staff about thine ears.

  24. In vain the Sheriff roared at them, calling them cowards, and urging them forward in a body; they would not budge an inch, but stood and watched Little John as he moved slowly away toward the forest, keeping his gaze fixed upon them.

  25. The oxen understand, though; and if you were to yoke as many as twenty they still wouldn't budge so long as the Ossetes shouted in that way of theirs.

  26. An excellent facsimile of the whole of this fine illuminated manuscript has been edited by Dr Budge and published by the Trustees of the British Museum in 1890.

  27. Manuscripts of this important class are not very accurately described as Rituals of the Dead; as Dr Budge points out they really consist of collections of psalms or sacred hymns which vary considerably in different manuscripts.

  28. Frantically I tore at the steering wheel in an effort to turn the prospector back toward Pellucidar; but, as on that other occasion, I could not budge the thing a hair.

  29. I urged my horse closer towards it, but the frightened animal would not budge an inch, and, as I was not within range, I was obliged to dismount.

  30. Not more so, however, than the horse, for when I remounted him he refused to budge an inch, and at the first touch of the whip, quietly lay down.

  31. Arthur Miles knew nothing about tides; but he soon found that, tug as he might at the boat, he could not budge her an inch.

  32. They all make a terrible fuss over their kit and their puggarees and their belongings, and refuse to budge without them.

  33. Young Ad Summers has refused to budge from his shop.

  34. Time and toil and the worry of keeping cash enough on hand to pay the expressman who dumps his ready prints on the floor each Wednesday and refuses to budge until he has collected $3.

  35. It smacked of commercialism to us, and we would not budge an inch--besides, there wasn't another Opera House to rent.

  36. So nice to see the young people enjoying themselves," Mrs. Budge went on.

  37. Mrs. Budge huskily, and panted two or three times.

  38. A black silk balloon towing a black-and-white striped parachute proved to be old Mrs. Budge from the big house on the other side of the valley.

  39. I wouldn't budge an inch for the County folks.

  40. He would not budge first, and I would not budge first; so now we started off together, our homeward routes being identical.

  41. Budge not an inch from your course even if we scrape her bows as we pass.

  42. Nor would he budge till the grim exchange was made.

  43. Pilot, budge not one point out of the wind; but let her run.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "budge" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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