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chandlery; chanel; chanell; chanels; chaney; changeability; changeable; changeableness; changed; changeful
  1. So he sent secret messengers throughout the kingdom to communicate with his friends, and to open negotiations with those of Richard's adherents who might possibly be inclined to change sides.

  2. But, notwithstanding this outward change in her condition, the real situation of the queen herself, after leaving the Abbey, was extremely forlorn.

  3. Accordingly, Richard Plantagenet was universally looked upon as Henry's successor, and the time seemed to be drawing nigh when the change of dynasty was to take place.

  4. It was foreseen that, as soon as any change of circumstances should enable her to resume active resistance to the union, she would repudiate the marriage altogether, as void for want of her consent, or else obtain a divorce.

  5. What induced him to change sides so suddenly is not certainly known.

  6. The king's first idea was to send Margaret immediately to London and put her in the Tower; but, before he did this, a change in his plans took place, which led him to decide to go to London himself.

  7. This news, of course, made a great change in his condition.

  8. But, while Edward was forming his plans on the Continent for a fresh invasion of England, Margaret sent messengers to Clarence, and their persuasions, united to those of his mother, induced Clarence to change his mind.

  9. Having now given all the information in my possession respecting the Palace, I present in the accompanying cut a restoration of the structure made by a German artist, but which I have taken the liberty to change in several respects.

  10. Indeed, he has sent me several plans, cut from Squier's work on the antiquities of New York, which by a simple change in the names of creeks and in the scale would represent equally well the north-western works.

  11. The only change which was produced appeared to be the removal or dimming of the polish on the pebbles.

  12. A complete change of building material within so short a distance is somewhat extraordinary, but there is no other reason to doubt the accuracy of this report.

  13. I daresay he'll change his mind before to-morrow.

  14. There were always smudgy shadows under her eyes, and she did not seem able to see any change or any end to her life.

  15. The stranger marvelled greatly, and then went on, with only a slight change of tone: "You've grown a beard like Father Christmas himself.

  16. With as little success, attempts had been made to change the temporary residence of congress.

  17. The causes which led to a change of the government of the United States.

  18. Should the creditors in some states come into the system, and those in others refuse to change their security, the government would be involved in perplexities from which no means of extricating itself had been shown.

  19. The conversation continued upwards of an hour, but no change was made in the resolution of the President.

  20. But these alterations produced no change of sentiment; and the bill was sent up to the senate with a provision for those creditors only whose certificates of debt purported to be payable by the union.

  21. The flight of the first Maryland regiment increased the confusion which the change of ground had produced in the second; and, in attempting to restore order, Colonel Ford was mortally wounded.

  22. These votes were soon followed by a change of ministers, and by instructions to the officers commanding the forces in America, which conformed to them.

  23. Change the milk-and-water style of your last memorial.

  24. This was not merely the sentiment of the individuals then administering the government, which might change with a change of men.

  25. I had been feeling weak and out of spirits for some months, and our medical adviser recommended change of scene and a trial of the waters at Maplesworth.

  26. At the first words of greeting that passed between us I perceived a change in her manner, which ran in the opposite extreme.

  27. I was wholly unable to hide from her the sudden change of color which betrayed the horror that had overpowered me.

  28. My delusion was dispelled by a change in her face.

  29. The expression of his face began to change to surprise.

  30. Could she by any human possibility have heard of the coming change in my life?

  31. A sudden change in my life, which it absolutely startles me to record.

  32. Do you feel the change from London already?

  33. My only idea, at present, is to try change of air and scene.

  34. The happy change in my daughter's life (let me say nothing of the change in my life) has come: they were married yesterday.

  35. The one useful conclusion at which I could arrive was to induce Rothsay to try what absence and change might do to compose his mind.

  36. Give me time to try if change of scene will quiet my mind; and I will be your brother, and her brother.

  37. He had called to see me, on his way to winter in the south of France by his physician's advice; and he recommended a trial of change of air in my case also.

  38. No change varied the monotony of my life--except when one of my schoolgirl friends sometimes took me home with her for a few days at vacation time.

  39. The one change that presented itself was a change out of the house.

  40. You have effected some change in me which defies analysis, a change of attitude,--to attempt to dogmatize it would ruin it.

  41. As to the causes through which that change has come about, I do not pretend to know.

  42. And now I couldn't change my husband if I would.

  43. If she does not change the world by sending out Christians into it, she would better close her doors.

  44. I do not pretend to, understand either, gentlemen, the nature of the extraordinary change that has taken place in the rector of St. John's.

  45. One effect of this change is an attitude on which reasonable considerations would seem to have no effect.

  46. And I never saw one of that kind change so.

  47. The day of freedom, of a truer vision was at hand, the day of Christian unity on the vital truths, and no better proof of it could be brought forward than the change in him.

  48. I knew that you would change your views--become broader, greater.

  49. The moment we can convince trades unions and convince employers that this is true we will change the face of the earth.

  50. There always seemed to have to be a violent change in a millionaire somewhere along the middle of his life.

  51. We but change the temperature of human nature and in one moment new levels and possibilities open up on every side.

  52. For the time being, at least, it is the inspired employers who have most power to change the conditions of labour and to free the mechanical-minded slaves.

  53. Arbitration boards are at best (as they themselves would say) stupid and negative things, and though better than nothing, as a rule merely postpone evil or change symptoms.

  54. If we cannot get but two or three together to change it, then two or three by just being two or three and by daring to be two or three, or even one if necessary shall change it.

  55. We keep hoping at first with each new mere millionaire that when he gets all the money he has wanted it will change him; but we find it almost never does.

  56. The change seemed to be associated in some way, Mr. Zangwill thought with his money.

  57. Does it change toward a larger and longer vision?

  58. Why not change the face of the earth now?

  59. They often overlap, and many of them change over from one class into another every now and then on some special subject, or on some special line of experience which they have had.

  60. Change of place is useful, and I hope your residence at Auchinleck will have many good effects.

  61. Our rigging is all fitted and tarred down, and a coat of paint from the mastheads down to the water-line, inside and out, works a wonderful change in the appearance of our noble ship.

  62. What a change in their bill of fair awaited our crew the morning after our anchor went down in this beautiful harbor; the change from the eternal salt junk and yams, and unrelenting hard-tack, to the luxuries of a Sydney bumboat!

  63. The old man half-turned his head towards me, as he noticed this change of course, but catching my glance, also turned his own in the same direction.

  64. Here comes young Folger, rolling down to St. Helena, eighteen cloths in the lower studdingsail, and no change out of a dollar.

  65. A most entertaining companion was our worthy chief officer, and the night watches slipped away much more pleasantly to me since my change of station had brought me nearer to him.

  66. Yet a radical change was taking place in their souls, which the children soon began to feel and to comment on.

  67. The new scenes and the change in the daily life are portrayed with unusual naturalness and simplicity.

  68. Well, the doctor said the children must have change of air, and so I've brought them home.

  69. It would be a great change for her, and interrupt her studies, and put miles between her and any studio," said Fred.

  70. Then came a sudden change for the worse, and after that a gradual loss of strength, till at last, to her perfect horror, Margaret had to admit that the case was hopeless.

  71. Meanwhile Mr. and Mrs. Thayer found that it was no easy matter to change habits formed through fourteen years, and still went on making mistakes.

  72. Margaret spent her days on one of the little white beds, and her nights on the other; the change was easily effected by members of the household, and was very refreshing.

  73. I love her; and though I wish she had more energy of character, and kept my house and my children in better order, I would not change her for any other woman I know.

  74. Only the mother observed the change in her at first, it was so nearly imperceptible; but as time passed, all had to own that there was a mysterious change, with no marked symptom of disease, except increasing silence and lassitude.

  75. I only ask, Do you think I can change the self-formed convictions of twenty-five years, and could you think such a change would have anything in it to merit reward from justice?

  76. Can you really change your opinion and belief, for the hope of reward or the fear of punishment?

  77. They come to us--we hardly know how or whence, and once they have got possession of us we cannot reject or change them at will.

  78. He went down to the dry climate of the Pacific coast to die more at ease, but the change improved him, and he thinks to come home, though he is sure he will not survive the first winter in England.

  79. It may be that you do get more and do change your belief.

  80. You must give me proofs that I am wrong or show that the evidence I have heard is false, and then I may change my belief "?

  81. The facts do not seem to me many and strong enough to justify so immense a change of level.

  82. This tour was the introduction to a momentous change in his life.

  83. Will you not say, "As the matter stands I can't change my belief.

  84. Keturah dwelt moodily on her thoughts, with no change in attitude except when she took the oat-cake from the skillet and reached forward to stir the pot.

  85. As I was saying, Sir Evan is very devout now and much in earnest about having his people churched, so it will be necessary, unless you have a change of opinion, for you to leave Isgubor Newydd in two weeks.

  86. Let him change his politics, said Bryn Tirion.

  87. In a very early day the Venerable Bede had suggested a change from the heathen names of the several constellations to Christian names.

  88. It is interesting to note how rapidly change was made from one method of map draughting to another in the search for a projection which might prove itself to be altogether suitable.

  89. Touched by change have all things been, Yet I think of thee as when We had speech of lip and pen.

  90. In listless quietude of mind, I yield to all The change of cloud and wave and wind And passive on the flood reclined, I wander with the waves, and with them rise and fall.

  91. Brows saintly calm and lips devout Knew every change of scowl and pout; And the sweet voice had notes more high And shrill for social battle-cry.

  92. In Thy long years, life's broken circle whole, And change to praise the cry of a lost soul?

  93. For Earth He asks it: the full joy of heaven Knoweth no change of waning or increase; The great heart of the Infinite beats even, Untroubled flows the river of His peace.

  94. Dark Titan on his Sunset Hill Of time and change defiant How dwarfed the common woodland seemed, Before the old-time giant!

  95. Safe in thy immortality, What change can reach the wealth I hold?

  96. Ye change to weary burdens The helps that should uplift; Ye lose in form the spirit, The Giver in the gift.

  97. And this heart-consuming care, All our fears of here or there, Change and absence, loss and death, Prove but simple lack of faith.

  98. Unharmed from change to change we glide, We fall as in our dreams; The far-off terror at our side A smiling angel seems.

  99. A change is on the hill of Death, The helmed watchers pant for breath, And turn with wild and maniac eyes From the dark scene of sacrifice!

  100. This lamp exhibits great elasticity, and can operate, without a change of any part of its mechanism, with currents of very different intensities.

  101. The change of petroleum to asphalt may be witnessed at a great number of localities.

  102. We should also find that the slice, taken at any point while lying in the laboratory or undergoing chemical treatment, would change in composition, and become a different substance.

  103. Placed in a box with a rich pearly shell prepared for the purpose, it will change houses, and then, secured by a gold or silver chain, roams about the wearer, waving its red and blue claws in a warlike manner.

  104. After a long discussion yesterday, a very important change was made in the Discipline.

  105. But I see no reason to change my purposes; and my brother John thinks I can do more good to the Connexion by being in New York, than by remaining in Canada.

  106. Unless a change to a very considerable extent be affected in the public mind, I think a dissolution would rather strengthen than weaken the ex-Council party.

  107. The change in their appearance since a year ago is most striking.

  108. The change within was more marked than anything without and, perhaps, the inward change may have suggested what appeared an outward manifestation.

  109. Ryerson's book concern was a monopoly, but a more thorough inquiry induced us to change that opinion.

  110. Changes of Government made no change in his department.

  111. Is this change of feeling inherent, or the effect of neglect of duty, and want of watchfulness?

  112. I feel the change to be awfully important, and entirely inadequate to give proper instruction to so intelligent a people.

  113. Ryerson felt that the new political condition of the Province--which localized as well as circumscribed its civil administration of affairs--required a change in the management of the Education Department.

  114. Ryerson wrote:-- The late crisis has made no change in the intentions of the Government in regard to the clergy reserve question.

  115. No relief was, however, afforded by a change in the administration of the Act of 1840.

  116. The change in Lady Coryston's aspect was something quite different from what is ordinarily described as "turning pale.

  117. The sudden change in his look smote her to the heart.

  118. During the winter a beautifying change seemed to have passed upon Atherstone's daughter.

  119. And in the stillness of the wood all the incidents of their Sunday together came back upon her, and she stood breathless and amazed at the change which had passed over her life.

  120. She tried, for a moment, to change the subject.

  121. You think she will change her mind again?

  122. As to what is related about certain plants (as about the cucumber, which turns aside when oil is applied to it), there is a material change from the vicinity, not a hidden antipathy.

  123. Because, just as it can implant, so it can suddenly change the polarity and turn about the formal energies to any part whatever.

  124. The sphaere, too, of the fixed stars, seems well enough regulated except so far as motions which are in the Earth are ascribed to the heavens, and bring about a certain change of phaenomena.

  125. That arc varies and differs with change of locality.

  126. But he did not know of the secular change which would in about fifty-seven years reduce that variation to zero.

  127. Change of verticity is treated of in book iii.

  128. An island in Ocean does not change the variation[223], as neither do mines of loadstone.

  129. She was really the most delightful, beaming, good-natured creature imaginable, but all her efforts could not disguise the change which seemed suddenly to have taken place in the behavior of the others.

  130. We can change the name to the 'Happy Eight,' or something of that sort.

  131. The change in fact was slow in those early stages.

  132. The change was really this--and it came to me for the first time in my life with the power of a real conviction--that everything about me seemed to have become suddenly alive.

  133. We know that every change of consciousness is accompanied by a rearrangement of the molecules in the gray matter; and that is all.

  134. The change that I could not understand was still working in his face and eyes.

  135. That the change was real and pregnant I had no doubt whatever.

  136. The change in his face made me start; it had taken on for the moment so exactly the look of the man on the hillside.

  137. From that moment the change in me had worked ahead subtly, swiftly.

  138. Though sometimes part of the change remains and becomes permanent--as I hope in your case it may.

  139. Some terrible change seemed to have taken place during my absence.

  140. It was necessary to change the subject promptly, especially as Amy and Priscilla seemed disposed to fall into an argument as to what Amy had really seen.

  141. Guess we're going to have some new neighbors," Dick observed, looking out of the window, apparently glad of an opportunity to change the topic of the conversation.

  142. And truth to tell, the sequel did not cause her to change her mind in that regard.

  143. But Grace, though the change in her from day to day was almost as marked as that taking place in the springtime world, drew the line at chaperoning the Dunn family for a day in the country.

  144. If Peggy had looked forward to a pensive evening, with leisure for occasional tears, this unexpected development necessitated an immediate change of program.

  145. Peggy's color heightened, even though she felt confident that the speaker's mood would change as soon as she knew her caller's errand.

  146. Naturally a fellow just finishing college and dependent on his father for every cent, isn't going to blow in much for jewelry," he replied with an air of wishing to change the subject.

  147. As Grace's troubled gaze met his a curious change was apparent in her face, as if a spark of his resolution had fired hers.

  148. Santa Claus looked at Dorothy's pink eyelids, and cheeks still stained with tears, and a sudden attractive change came over him.

  149. Many a time she had helped some distracted hostess till she had barely time to fly home and change her dress before the appointed hour.

  150. Anyway it was lovely to see the children," she hurried on, with a quick change of tone.

  151. Peggy attempted to change the subject to something less depressing.

  152. The girl who had refused one neighborly kindness in so unpleasant a fashion was not likely to have undergone a change of heart in a little over twenty-four hours.

  153. There were good reasons why such a change should be made.

  154. There was no need to change for an hour yet.

  155. The reason for the change had been simple.

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