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distils; distinct; distincter; distinctest; distinctio; distinctions; distinctive; distinctively; distinctiveness; distinctly
  1. Every language of a learned nation necessarily divides itself into diction scholastick and popular, grave and familiar, elegant and gross: and from a nice distinction of these different parts arises a great part of the beauty of style.

  2. Many educated slaves, as we have seen, rose to distinction and fortune as teachers and physicians.

  3. But these infrequent chances of distinction could not suffice for the crowd of eager composers.

  4. The peculiar distinction of the Antonine age is not to be sought in any great difference from the age preceding it in conduct or moral ideals among the great mass of men.

  5. The crowning distinction of a statue, or a durable inscription, was often solemnly decreed with all seemly forms of deference or unstinted flattery in a full meeting of the society.

  6. Pliny had also the instinct that, if a work is to live, it must have a select distinction of style, which may be criticised, but which cannot be ignored.

  7. He had to bear the unenviable distinction of a possible pretender to the principate.

  8. The suppression of free political life, the absence of public interests, and the extinction of the trade of the delator, left young men with a passion for distinction few chances of gratifying it.

  9. He denounces the unscrupulous flattery of the masses by men whose only object was the transient distinction of municipal office, the passion for place and power, without any sober wish to serve or elevate the community.

  10. The distinction of good and bad daemons, first drawn by Xenocrates and Chrysippus, and developed by Plutarch, was eagerly seized upon by Tatian and S.

  11. The only rationalists of any distinction in the second century were Lucian and Galen.

  12. The distinction between honestior and humilior, which becomes so cruel in the Theodosian Code, was, even in the Antonine age, more sharply drawn and more enduring than is agreeable to our modern notions of social justice.

  13. After the fall of the free Republic, when so many avenues of ambition were closed, many an able man might well satisfy his desire for power and distinction by the duumvirate of a provincial town.

  14. Priests were always habited in linen, and never in woollen; and all persons of distinction generally wore linen clothes.

  15. This frivolous distinction appeared to the whole people, as an express contempt of the religion and sanctity of an oath, that tended to banish all sincerity and good faith from society and the intercourse of life.

  16. There was scarcely a religious house in the whole land which could not boast of some distinction in learning or literature.

  17. Both races were thus made equal before the law, and no legal distinction was recognized between conqueror and conquered.

  18. Next, the distinction between wall and floor became discernible, and at last I was sensible to the form and full expanse of the floor from end to end and side to side.

  19. A place of honor on the tax-lists and a waiting palace of white marble in the cemetery--these querulous witnesses to distinction and of permanency are in some cases the sole survivors of the many changes incident upon a reconstruction.

  20. Char may be taken by the angler, and possibly may be thrown into the creel without the captor noticing the red belly which is the chief distinction between the char and the trout.

  21. He is unable to draw the same distinction as Mr Marr between the apparent varieties of clayband ironstone, and thinks that they were in all probability from the same place, and that most likely the south of Scotland.

  22. These numbers afford important characters for the definition of species, and sometimes also for the distinction of sexes.

  23. There is a greater difference between the Snakes of Europe and those of Eastern Asia than there is between the latter and those of North America, whilst in Lizards a primary distinction must be made between the Old World and the New.

  24. The distinction of the European species is one of considerable difficulty, owing to their close relationship and the presence of intermediate forms connecting them.

  25. A distinction has to be made between individuals which are black through darkening of the ground colour, and such as are thus coloured through expansion and confluence of the markings.

  26. Uncle Mac talked about "my son" with ill-concealed satisfaction, and evidently began to feel as if his boy was going to confer distinction upon the whole race of Campbell, which had already possessed one poet.

  27. Being the most eligible parti of the season, his regard was considered a distinction to be proud of; and Rose had been well scolded by Aunt Clara for refusing so honorable a mate.

  28. The Reform bill made an odious distinction in the case of Ireland.

  29. On being called to the bar, he emigrated to St. Kitts, and attained such distinction in the colonial courts as to be called "the Erskine of the West Indies.

  30. Having fought the good fight of Abolition with Clarkson and Wilberforce, and gained considerable distinction by his philanthropic deeds and writings, numbering Sir William Jones among his intimate friends, he died in 1813.

  31. As much postage was lost on letters which were never called for, therefore there should be a distinction between prepaid letters and others; and in large towns there should be a free distribution of prepaid letters, by postmen.

  32. It has served its day and generation, and has become so like modified, Canningized Toryism, that the chief distinction between them is in the different modes of spelling their names.

  33. In the United States the distinction has been carried even farther and a quilt is understood to be a light weight, closely stitched bedcover.

  34. The distinction between "pieced" and "patched" quilts is fittingly described by Miss Bessie Daingerfield, the Kentuckian who has written interestingly of her experiences with mountain quilt makers.

  35. The distinction of three attributes is due to our limited mind and inadequate powers of expression.

  36. That the elements are those mentioned above and nothing else is proved by the definition of element and its distinction from "principle.

  37. This apparent contradiction is to be explained by making a distinction between the abstract statement of the principle and the concrete application thereof.

  38. Associated with Israel and Palestine as a third privilege and distinction is the Hebrew language.

  39. Aaron ben Elijah argues that this view is erroneous, for it is not proper to make a distinction between God's knowledge and his providence.

  40. Averroes in particular, who gained the distinction of being the commentator par excellence of Aristotle, was responsible for this mode of interpretation; and he had his followers among the Masters of Arts in the University of Paris.

  41. Nor would he learn the distinction between quality and substance if he did not observe a white garment turning black, or a hot body becoming cold.

  42. Aristotle's theory of the intellect and the distinction between the passive and the active intellects in man.

  43. Saadia had already made the distinction between essential and active attributes, but it was quite incidental with him, and not laid down at the basis of his discussion, but casually referred to in a different connection.

  44. With the self-deception of his kind, he thought he was broad and liberal in his views, when in reality he had lost all distinction between truth and error, and was narrowing his mind down to things only.

  45. Mr. Gregory, the mercy which God shows, and which I faintly reflect, is for you in sharp distinction from your sin.

  46. What right have you even to imagine that God will bestow upon you the great distinction of making you the first one of the race He refused to hear and answer?

  47. Anthropopithecus calvus[444] seems to be at least as much entitled to distinction as the last.

  48. Their principal claim to generic distinction lies in the existence of a horny outgrowth arising from a bony apophysis above the canine in the male.

  49. A distinction of undoubtedly practical importance is usually drawn between the Hollow-horned Ruminants, i.

  50. In the first place there is no distinction between the orbital and the temporal fossa.

  51. That its distinction is justifiable appears to be shown by the discovery in the same region of a fossil species, L.

  52. The distinction between the two families has been called "fanciful.

  53. But there is no valid distinction between any two such varieties.

  54. You have been a very long time doing nothing but amusing yourself: you have arrived at an age when many men are making fortunes, or laying the foundations of honourable distinction and a great name.

  55. In this case the distinction of two parts in the process is unnecessary, and the term calibration is for this reason frequently employed to include both.

  56. Ziyad, conceived that only a man of distinction could win the contest, and proclaimed Merwan caliph, on condition that his successor should be Khalid b.

  57. Two cohorts of Camertes fought with distinction under Marius against the Cimbri.

  58. Calverley was one of the most brilliant men of his day; and, had he enjoyed health, might have achieved distinction in any career he chose.

  59. This distinction of meaning is purely a matter of convention, but it is very rigidly observed.

  60. All my desires of distinction were, that it might be seen by your eye; all my hopes of fortune, that I might be enabled to lay it at your feet.

  61. We cannot help thinking, that they have forgotten the fundamental distinction which our constitution makes between "jus dare" and "jus dicere.

  62. One important distinction has not, we venture to think, been kept constantly in view by the House of Lords in arriving at their recent decision; we mean, the distinction between defective counts and unproved counts.

  63. True," said the old man of Hijjem, "yet if Providence puts affluence and distinction in our way, should we refuse it?

  64. This distinction was enough to direct the prince.

  65. They replied, "My lord, the honest man cannot support a lie, for lying is the distinction of traitors.

  66. Sometimes he would stop at the principal merchants' shops, where people of distinction met, and listen to their discourse, by which he gained some little knowledge of the world.

  67. A mysterious painter, shabby, but of a certain elegance and distinction even in his poverty, comes daily at noon into a well- known restaurant.

  68. Sakil without distinction threw his bread, Despised the flatterer, but the poet fed.

  69. Loving one more than the other Isn't the thing, I confess; And I observe that their mother Makes no distinction in dress.

  70. John Skelton obtained the distinction of Poet-Laureate at Oxford, a title afterward confirmed to him by the University of Cambridge: mere university degrees, however, without royal indorsement.

  71. The only distinction that democracies reward is a high degree of conformity.

  72. Let the penologers and philanthropers have their way and even hanging might be made so pleasant and withal so interesting a social distinction that it would deter nobody but the person hanged.

  73. Adam probably regarded Eve as the woman of his choice, and exacted a certain gratitude for the distinction of his preference.

  74. One having a claim to that glittering distinction should enjoy immunity from the coarse and troublesome question, "From whose backs and bellies do you provide?

  75. What a woman most admires in a man is distinction among men.

  76. This is the element of distinction in Greek religion.

  77. Inadequacy of distinction and error of comparison are the basis of the preposterous things we do and say in dreams, so that when we clearly recall a dream we are startled that so much idiocy lurks within us.

  78. Even the distinction between soul and body is wholly due to the primitive conception of the dream, as also the hypothesis of the embodied soul, whence the development of all superstition, and also, probably, the belief in god.

  79. Between carefully deduced truths and such "foreboded" things there lies the abysmal distinction that the former are products of the intellect and the latter of the necessity.

  80. To prove this distinction was to him an easy matter.

  81. David Hume was the first writer who gave historical distinction to Great Britain.

  82. Where miracles of any sort were concerned, there could be no distinction into the greater and the less, since infinite power was as necessary to the reality of the least as to the greatest.

  83. Treating the existence of God as demonstrated from the a priori idea of perfection and infinity, and by the clearness of his idea of God's existence, Des Cartes then proceeds to deal with the distinction between body and soul.

  84. I am sorry I did not think of this distinction sooner; it would probably have cut short your discourse.

  85. It is just come into my head, Philonous, that I have somewhere heard of a distinction between absolute and sensible extension.

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