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  1. Bixiou; "what is more imperative than the duty of saving a great name from oblivion, of endowing the indigent aristocracy with a man of talent?

  2. And these three distinguished members of la haute pegre, the aristocracy of roguery, had a reckoning to demand of Jacques Collin, accounts that were somewhat hard to bring to book.

  3. The aristocracy would have come to enjoy themselves with our Ninon, where we would have got artists together, under pain of death by newspaper articles.

  4. Long ago Bibi-Lupin, now for ten years a chief of the department of Public Safety, had been a member of the aristocracy of "Pals.

  5. When all was over the priests piously improved the occasion, preaching that all this had been typical of human destiny, while the aristocracy sacramentally ate the victim's roasted limbs.

  6. Political power was in the hands of a genuine aristocracy, who did more to deserve their privileges than any other aristocracy of modern times.

  7. To go back to Aristocracy and Evolution, though its sale was equal to some of the works of Herbert Spencer himself, it was by no means comparable to that of the treatise of Mr. Kidd, to which it was designed as a counterblast.

  8. If I remember rightly, these were published at intervals in the Contemporary Review; and their substance, expanded and digested, appeared by and by in a volume which I called Aristocracy and Evolution.

  9. Looking back on Aristocracy and Evolution, I now think that, if I could have rewritten it in the light of the above considerations, I should modify, not its argument, but the manner in which this argument was presented.

  10. The detailed processes by which the authority and the teaching of Rome have developed themselves I had cited in Aristocracy and Evolution as an example of evolution in general.

  11. Spencer, Herbert, letters from, about Aristocracy and Evolution, 266.

  12. A year or so after the publication of Aristocracy and Evolution I found myself taking by accident quite a new departure.

  13. There were two great parties formed: that of the middling classes on one side, and the aristocracy on the other.

  14. The aristocracy of Carthage controlled and governed every thing.

  15. Such were the citizens, from whom half our aristocracy has sprung.

  16. Those shares were never, as in the old conventicle, to condense into a few hands, for fear of a dread aristocracy returning.

  17. It was America that converted the aristocracy to the reforming policy, and gave leaders to the Revolution.

  18. He thinks that aristocracy alone can preserve monarchies, and makes England more free than any commonwealth.

  19. Up to this point the aristocracy were intelligible and consistent.

  20. It was felt that a single Chamber is stronger in resistance to the executive than two, and that the time might come for a senate when the fallen aristocracy had ceased to struggle, and the Crown was reconciled to its reduced condition.

  21. In the decisive days of June 1789 she induced Lewis to sacrifice to the cause of aristocracy the opportune reforms that might have retrieved his fortunes.

  22. But in effect he said; "Let us combine to deprive the aristocracy of those privileges which are injurious to the Crown, whilst we retain those which are offensive only to the people.

  23. His brief alliance with the aristocracy was dissolved.

  24. For he fell, maintaining the cause of aristocracy against the nobles, and the cause of prerogative against the monarch.

  25. This scion of the aristocracy was about twenty-five years of age, very rich and extremely haughty.

  26. Will you kindly tell me who this fortunate scion of the aristocracy is?

  27. Church, and the fornicating aristocracy who usurp its name, is impressed on every syllable of the Pope's letter.

  28. The nobles of Russia, harmonizing with the aristocracy of Europe, were quite dissatisfied with this alliance between Russia and France.

  29. Such changes would have been extraordinary at any period of time and in any quarter of the world; but that they should have occurred in Russia, where for ages so haughty an aristocracy had dominated, seems almost miraculous.

  30. In the meantime Napoleon was unwearied in his endeavors to secure the good-will of a monarch whose sword would have so important an influence in settling the quarrel between aristocracy and democracy which then agitated Europe.

  31. Gradually during the progress of their wars an aristocracy arose.

  32. The Russian nobles were all eager to join the European aristocracy in a war against democratic France, and it was now evident that soon a collision must take place between the cabinet of the Tuileries and that of St. Petersburg.

  33. But the English aristocracy felt that they could not remain firm in their possessions while principles of democratic freedom were dominant in France.

  34. The principle of equality before the law was set at naught, the aristocracy re-acquiring the political and social privileges which they had possessed in the eighteenth century.

  35. In much the same manner as the Prince de Ligne before him, PĆ¼ckler-Muskau belonged, by right of his intellectual qualities, to the international aristocracy of Europe.

  36. Bernieres, the honour for this work of relief belongs to the parliamentary world and the Parisian bourgeoisie; the aristocracy only playing a very secondary role.

  37. The collection of these Portraits[101] reveals to us how the aristocracy then viewed itself, or, at least, how it wished to be estimated by others.

  38. The French aristocracy ceased from the second generation to be a nursery for men of action.

  39. The effacement of the French aristocracy is not to be laid at the door of the great Revolution, which acted only upon an accomplished fact; it was the personal work of Louis XIV.

  40. She had benefited, as had also the entire corporation, by the hopes awakened in the breasts of many of the pretty women among the aristocracy by the death of the Queen Mother.

  41. Shrapnel seems to treat the traders as identical with the aristocracy in opposition to his "people.

  42. It 's as well we should know something about the Prussian and Austrian cavalry, and if our aristocracy won't go abroad to study cavalry, who is to?

  43. Are there any of the aristocracy of whom it can be said that they never did a cowardly, cruel, or mean action, and that they invariably took the part of the unfortunate and weak against cruelty and oppression?

  44. Are the aristocracy gentlefolks, who admire him?

  45. Did ever one of the English aristocracy contract the seeds of fatal consumption by rushing up the stairs of a burning edifice, even to the topmost garret, and rescuing a woman from seemingly inevitable destruction?

  46. Do not the pride, superciliousness, and selfishness of a certain aristocracy make it all the more regarded by its worshippers?

  47. Can the rolls of the English aristocracy exhibit names belonging to more noble, more heroic men than those who were called respectively Pearce, Cribb, and Spring?

  48. They disliked the alliance with the aristocracy and the clergy; they wished for universal suffrage, and recalled the Hussite traditions.

  49. Castes were unknown in both Babylonia and Assyria, but the priesthood of Babylonia found its counterpart in the military aristocracy of Assyria.

  50. Capital and the aristocracy of wealth is a standing object of suspicion, of fear, and therefore of angry irritation to the working-classes.

  51. On the contrary, a spirit of parental kindness marks the intercourse of the old authentic aristocracy with their dependants, and especially with the two classes of peasants on their own estates, and their domestic servants.

  52. A government and a court, drawn from a needy aristocracy like the Bavarian, are not suited to a needy people, struggling with the difficulties of a new colony.

  53. One swallow, it is true, cannot make a summer; and others of the aristocracy must repeat the experiment of Lord Carlisle before any ground can be won for the interest of the order.

  54. Rambouillet degenerated among the aristocracy into those of the Hotel de Conde, Mme.

  55. Thus, because his wife preferred the aristocracy to the favors of Napoleon, the banker lost his fortune.

  56. The new aristocracy was of doubtful and impure source, cynical in manner, unbridled in habits, over-fastidious in taste, and politically powerful.

  57. He said to himself, "So there is an aristocracy of position here, and an aristocracy of prosperity, and apparently there is also an aristocracy of the ins as opposed to the outs, and I am with the outs.

  58. Didn't he plainly look gratified when she said her objections to aristocracy had their limitations?

  59. Her mother married into the family, and cast a spell of aristocracy over them.

  60. She promptly impressed you as a woman whose general definition was a democratic one, though aristocracy might also be among her minor meanings.

  61. Claire and Hollister were the only persons who did not represent aristocracy at its sovereign height.

  62. There was not much aristocracy here in those days.

  63. These books were patronized by the aristocracy of England.

  64. According to that, the aristocracy of old must have been as rotten as that of our day.

  65. Of the wickedness, goodness, vice, and virtue that went on at the court, and among the aristocracy from age to age, nothing has been said.

  66. To the aristocracy of the Church, to the true sacerdotal caste; but we who are in religion are people of the backstairs.

  67. The aristocracy of the Church exists still; it may be a canon upwards, or one who succeeds in crowning himself with a mitre; from them no account is required.

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