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  1. In 1541, he was Commendator of the Abbey of Kilwinning; which benefice he exchanged with Gawin Hamilton for the Deanery of Glasgow.

  2. The resemblance you see in the drawing to the room in the Deanery Gatehouse (C.

  3. The whole place is haunted by him, as is the deanery close by and the old library of Dr.

  4. Here Esther Johnson is buried; and over yonder, in the Deanery House, Swift, a sick man, lay in bed and watched the torches in the great church when they were making ready her grave.

  5. John Barwick had been appointed to the deanery of S.

  6. They retired to the Deanery to give their opinions in writing, promising to send estimates of the cost of their several plans.

  7. After the first plunder of the Chapel and the Deanery Dr.

  8. At such times the King was lodged in the Deanery and his train in the houses of the close, where most of them were sufficiently incongruous inmates.

  9. The King would not then suffer Wren to resign the Deanery of Windsor.

  10. His first public employment was to attend the Earl of Carlisle, who went on an embassy to France, and during his absence his Majesty conferred upon him the deanery of Worcester.

  11. That Colet was devoted to the work of his Deanery may well be imagined.

  12. The revenues of his deanery were sufficient to defray his ordinary household expenses, and left him his private income free.

  13. Presents Colet to the deanery of St. Paul's, 138.

  14. On the accession of Charles the Second, he was restored to his benefices, and promoted to the deanery of St. Asaph in 1660.

  15. He was promoted by Queen Elizabeth to the deanery of Westminster; and, with other distinguished characters, appointed an assistant in that great work, a version of the Holy Scriptures.

  16. In 1619 he was made dean of Salisbury, and soon after exchanged it for the deanery of Westminster; in a short time he was appointed lord keeper, and immediately afterwards he was raised to the bishopric of Lincoln.

  17. He obtained a prebend in Bristol Cathedral, and the deanery of Gloucester, in 1758.

  18. The Dean of Exeter had also left the city, and the Deanery was prepared for the Prince's reception.

  19. No Exonian find, however, exceeds in interest the discovery, in 1833, of a bath and tesselated pavement behind the Deanery walls in South Street.

  20. He was translated to Rochester, which see he held, together with the Deanery of Westminster.

  21. Part of the front of the Deanery is presumably of the same date, though many later alterations have been made in it.

  22. Mr. Hope considers that he curtailed it somewhat, and that the present Deanery building was similarly shortened.

  23. They found perfect seats in a pew just beyond the deanery stalls.

  24. When a deanery is kept together, it shows a brotherhood, a cohesion, which is a very beautiful thing to see.

  25. If the whole deanery meets regularly for united intercession, this must have a great effect upon the mission work in the district.

  26. If these three lessons are taken home, you will as a deanery and individually and as parishes have a joy which the world can neither give nor take away.

  27. At the western extremity of it, is situate the deanery or collegiate church of St. Burian, which has always claimed to be exempt from episcopal visitation, or at least from ordinary jurisdiction.

  28. Yet he had to be contented at last with the bishoprics of St. Asaph and Chichester, with each of which he held the Deanery of St. Paul's, the Archbishopric of Canterbury having twice just escaped him.

  29. We were for some time at the Deanery at Westminster in the summer of 1865.

  30. In the evening, from the gallery of the Deanery which overhangs the abbey, Mother, Mrs. Hall, and I looked down upon the last service.

  31. In July I spent a few days with the Alfords at the Deanery of Canterbury, which was always most enjoyable, the Dean so brimming with liveliness and information of every kind.

  32. At this time also my distant cousin Henry Liddell was appointed to the Deanery of Christ Church.

  33. You must go yourself to the Deanery for a licence.

  34. It is both the parish church of St. Peter's Port and the chief place of the Deanery of the whole island.

  35. He was nominated to the rich deanery of Down, and when the nomination was from accidental circumstances cancelled, was soon afterwards nominated and consecrated Bishop of Cloyne.

  36. At the deanery of course she would see Frank; and she also understood that a long visit to the deanery would be the surest prelude to that home of her own of which she was always dreaming.

  37. Frank had brought with him a little note to her from his mother, in which she was invited to make the deanery at Bobsborough her home for the present.

  38. The Elysium would be Frank's house; and the outer garden was the deanery at Bobsborough.

  39. Would it be proper that she should be desired to make the deanery her home for so long and so indefinite a time?

  40. Not a word had been said about the deanery for the last month or two, and Lucy, though her hopes in that direction had once been good, was far too high-spirited to make any suggestion herself as to her reception by her lover's family.

  41. Were Lucy once his wife, of course she would be made welcome to the best the deanery could give her.

  42. For there was fear at the deanery also in regard to Lucy Morris.

  43. While she was at the deanery there sprung up a renewed friendship between her and Lizzie.

  44. At the deanery she remained for fifteen happy months, and then became Mrs. Greystock, with a bevy of Fawn bridesmaids around her.

  45. At the time of that visit to the deanery he had made a sudden start in his profession.

  46. If you went through Paradise, you'd very likely meet him coming back--the Deanery is the big house in the far corner yonder.

  47. There's a short cut across it to the Deanery and that part of the Close--through that archway you see over there.

  48. Bryce nodded, and was turning away, when Dick Bewery came round a corner from the Deanery Walk, evidently keenly excited.

  49. Sundays and week-days at intervals the Cathedral organ throbs across the Close, gently shaking the windows of the Deanery and the Canons' houses, and interrupting the chatter of sparrows in their ivy.

  50. It was at a Deanery garden party; and I, having been invited to hand the ices and look picturesque, went on looking picturesque and pretended not to see.

  51. There was also chosen at the leet or law day for this hundred, which is in the deanery of Lewes, an ale-conner and a searcher or sealer of leather.

  52. The witnesses and a great company were assembled; and they proceeded from the Deanery through the cloister.

  53. And for us, who have known that Deanery in the brilliant days of Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, what memories does the name awake.

  54. Shortly after this he was presented to the rectory of All-Hallows, London, and in 1831 to the deanery of Chester, on which occasion he took the degree of doctor of divinity.

  55. He was appointed to the Deanery in August, 1878.

  56. One cold morning a poor ancient woman sat at the deanery steps a considerable time, during which the dean saw her through a window, and, no doubt, commiserated her desolate condition.

  57. In this project he engaged several persons of rank, and his plan was put in execution at the deanery house.

  58. Immediately after his admission into his Deanery the Vicarage of St. Dunstan in the West, London, fell to him by the death of Dr.

  59. Carey was made Bishop of Exeter, and by his removal, the Deanery of St. Paul's being vacant, the King sent to Dr.

  60. It stands in the Deanery garden, and has probably been largely ransacked for garden soil, as it has a decayed and shapeless look.

  61. Mr Orpen writes that this name occurs again in a list of churches in the deanery of Fore, which includes all the parish names in the half barony of Fore, except Oldcastle and Killeagh.

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