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Example sentences for "looked down"

  • He looked up, and he looked down, and scratched his head.

  • The Genie himself aided Abdallah to dress, and when he looked down he felt, for the time, quite satisfied.

  • From the top steps I looked down, and saw the Powerful One in his golden brightness; and approached not, but watched and listened in fear.

  • An unmeaning smile dilated his thin, colourless lips; and as he looked down on his strange favourites, he occasionally whispered to them a few broken expressions of endearment, almost infantine in their simplicity.

  • His firm mouth quivered as he looked down at his work.

  • He did not understand himself, and he looked down at her again with a touch of impatience.

  • He looked down longingly on the pale face lying against his arm, and his features contracted at the sight of the cruel marks marring the whiteness of her delicate throat.

  • He looked down at the chalk map drawn on the flagstones.

  • He looked down at the two boys, surprised.

  • He looked down at the worn carpet at his feet, and so he looked as he listened to the end.

  • He told how Loristan had spoken each day of his son, how he had often been pale with anxiousness, how in the evenings he had walked to and fro in his room, deep in thought, as he looked down unseeingly at the carpet.

  • Fortunately, there were no clouds on the other side, and we looked down into a magnificent rocky basin, encircled by broken and overtopping crags and snow-fields, at the bottom of which was a green lake.

  • He looked down at the fawn in a helpless sort of way.

  • When I speak of my death, let me be understood to say that there was no change, except that I passed out of my body and floated to the top of a bookcase in the corner of the room, from which I looked down.

  • There was a delicious sensation of mingled security and awe with which I looked down from my giddy height, on the monsters of the deep at their uncouth gambols.

  • On the other side he looked down into a deep mountain glen, wild, lonely, and shagged, the bottom filled with fragments from the impending cliffs, and scarcely lighted by the reflected rays of the setting sun.

  • I looked down, both of us looked down, but our forerunners were not there.

  • He looked down at the trail, and then he very slowly turned round in his saddle and stared back steadily at me.

  • Lingard, grasping his beard, looked down at him thoughtfully for a short time.

  • He looked down at her as he would have looked at the slumbering ignorance of a child, but the life within him had the fierce beat of supreme moments.

  • He looked down at them pensively for a while, then called over his shoulder to the girl who had remained behind, still scanning the sea: "The fire is out, Immada.

  • Jorgenson, utterly disregarded, looked down dreamily at the falling cards.

  • He looked down at the woman on the bench.

  • He looked down on the short, full figure with the round, red face, and the round, red face grew redder.

  • He looked down on her, frowning slightly, in his eyes sudden pain as of fear for her.

  • He looked down, and then again in her baffling eyes.

  • Everybody, of course, looked down upon us all and thought we must be wicked because we were singers; but you knew better; you made a distinction; for you invited Agne to come to your house and sing with you.

  • And then she blushed scarlet and looked down.

  • As he looked down, he saw a squirrel appear suddenly, and as suddenly vanish amongst the topmost branches.

  • Hearing no answer, he looked down to the wall.

  • It lay below him like a great silent gulf hollowed in stone, and he held his breath for fear as he looked down.

  • And there was a ring on her finger, and I looked down to see what it was like.

  • He looked up at the sky: it shone, strangely white, unflecked with cloud; he looked down at the row of garden strips and backyards.

  • The long day and the hot room made her feel a little languid, but as she poured out the wine she felt the Young Man's eyes fixed on her, looked down at him and dimpled.

  • I looked down at the horsehair sofa so openly flouting the idea of curling up as immoral, pulled the red pillow on to the floor and lay down.

  • And as I looked down on the peaceful seen, the feelin's I had down in the wild wood, back of the Gizer Spring come back to me.

  • Suddenly he saw something in her face that struck him with a chill, and he looked down at the thing under his hand.

  • From the cap of the ridge he looked down.

  • He looked down into a great garden, and a dozen steps away, close to a thick clump of shrubbery, he saw a child playing with a little puppy.

  • He looked down at his manacled hands and at the woman who was clasping them in her own, and then he whirled on Billy with the quickness of a cat.

  • At the sound of her voice an indian woman came up beside the girl, looked down at him for a moment, and then went to the door of the wigwam, speaking in a low voice to some one who was outside.

  • He looked down at her gently and with a gesture which seemed to be a familiar one of days long past, he stroked the face that had grown old and worn in these hours of fear for him.

  • He looked down thoughtfully at the grass, now trampled by many feet.

  • Muller--for the little thin man was none other than the celebrated Joseph Muller, one of the most brilliant detectives in the service of the Austrian police--looked down at the corpse carefully.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "looked down" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    articulate speech; better not; bosom friend; both families; business woman; its side; looked about; looked after; looked again; looked anxiously; looked around; looked away; looked back; looked for; looked from; looked full; looked hard; looked kind; looked like; looked out; looked over; looked quite; physical forces; west longitude; wisdom and; younger days