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Example sentences for "looked"

Lexicographically close words:
loof; look; looka; lookd; looke; lookee; looker; lookers; lookes; lookest
  1. The orderly, an old South African campaigner, looked at the light that began to flood the sky.

  2. I looked at the well-ordered crowd and closed my eyes.

  3. I cannot help recalling how surprised everyone looked at home if I spoke of "Blighty," or a friend who was now a T.

  4. We walked briskly to the beach, where a full moon lit up the sea, forming what looked like a broad path straight up to heaven.

  5. She looked very young with her halo of fair hair, and for the first time I realised how utterly alone we were.

  6. On the whole the visits of the clergy are not hailed with much enthusiasm, their arrival being often looked upon as an omen of approaching death at the Base, or, in the firing-line, of a big advance.

  7. He looked down at his fast-pumping legs, doing their job with pistoned precision.

  8. He looked at the ring of small cruel faces and he thought: The aliens did their job perfectly; they stopped Earth before she could reach the age of the rocket, before she could threaten planets beyond her own moon.

  9. No wonder our Directory teems with them, for it would be looked upon in bygone days as a pretty compliment.

  10. Werner, his elder brother, was still his good genius, and after the death of their parents counselled and encouraged him, and looked upon him as a probable future colleague.

  11. As I entered his room he looked up and said, "Well, William?

  12. When he came back to Germany he was looked upon as quite a hero by his admiring family circle.

  13. In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the home market looked to Spain and Germany for its supply both of iron and steel.

  14. We can imagine what she looked like, with her lofty forecastle and poop, the latter provided with five lanterns, one of which, we are told, was large enough to contain ten persons.

  15. He paid frequent visits to the dockyard on his duties as Secretary to the Admiralty, and seems to have looked after his business well.

  16. His escort looked at him, opened his mouth, and showed Grant he was tongueless.

  17. Grant looked at the Red Lava Range and felt the precious leather bag inside his shirt and smiled.

  18. He looked at its surface and shut out all the normal sounds from his ears.

  19. And as he looked back at the distant rim of green fire that marked the mountains it seemed incredible to him too.

  20. He turned around slowly and looked back across the two hundred miles of deadly swamp, at the flaming craters of the Red Lava Range from which he had come.

  21. The drivers looked at each other questioningly, then moved slowly forward, to form a tight group before Barra, who watched until they were in satisfactory position.

  22. The man looked toward the huddled mass in the center of the litter of rocks, then looked back at his woman.

  23. Sternly, he looked at the villagers who were now on their feet, brushing water from their heads and faces.

  24. Retonga looked after him for a moment, then caught the eyes of a couple of the women.

  25. Barra looked them over, identifying each as he looked at him.

  26. Naran looked at him in unbelieving confusion, then turned as a sudden, screaming thought struck his mind.

  27. With only part of his mind concentrated on controlling the boat, Barra looked across the lake.

  28. Barra looked at his reflection with satisfaction.

  29. He looked back again, glancing at the distorter rod Barra carried.

  30. But there's something--" He had looked down at the ground, then up again.

  31. Those strays had looked rather thin, now that he thought of it.

  32. A quickly directed thought halted his mount and he looked about once more, at the thick forest.

  33. Barra looked at the man with slightly increased respect.

  34. Barra looked from face to face, then looked over toward the well.

  35. I am just remembering that Thulon and the three who were with him looked human too!

  36. He looked at the lakes dancing in the Vegan sunshine.

  37. Ron Val looked once to see where the man on the bridge was looking, then his fingers flew to the adjusting levers of the telescope.

  38. The thing that looked like Hal Sarkoff had just emerged from the nearest one.

  39. At the apex of the tripod something that looked like a box was coming into existence.

  40. Usher, the archeologist, looked suddenly at him, then looked at Thulon.

  41. Full speed--" Nielson looked up from the bank of buttons.

  42. The thoughts went into soft silence and Thulon looked down at them.

  43. So were--well, they looked like Sarkoff and Ron Val.

  44. They were erecting something that looked like a tripod.

  45. He had a pistol in his hand but he looked as if he didn't know what to do with it.

  46. When he had said their companions had died of buboes, Ron Val had looked as if he thought he was out of his mind.

  47. They looked like two blast furnaces that had somehow wandered into a space ship by mistake and hadn't been able to find their way out again.

  48. The thing that looked like Ron Val might have been another monstrosity like Sarkoff.

  49. On the ground before him was something that looked like an ant hill.

  50. And at last, before ever I saw it, very gradually I came to love my beard, to love the warm comfort and cosiness of it, and to wonder half timidly what it looked like.

  51. At last the door of the room persuaded itself to open and let out a real red god, who looked upon Hubert, took an instant dislike to him, relieved him of his ticket and went in again.

  52. They looked as if they meant it, but they finished up in about ten minutes, hugging each other in six inches of mud.

  53. I met her at the usual place, and she looked much the same as usual--which astonished me rather.

  54. He looked keenly at the man, and at last said: "I am sorry to see this.

  55. Tom started, and looked quickly at his host.

  56. He looked toward the collapsed barn, as if making a mental computation of its value, and then turned toward the farmer.

  57. Chapter XXII Rescued For a moment Ned and Mr. Damon gazed at the farmer in his rattletrap of an auto, and then they looked at the fluttering piece of paper in his hand.

  58. They imitated your writing pretty well, Tom," Observed Ned, as he looked at the forged note.

  59. Not much left of it, for a fact, Tom," agreed Ned, as he looked through the after observation slots at the ruin in the rear.

  60. Part of the writing is in German," Tom said, as he looked over the mass.

  61. Most of the moths are of large size, many of the caterpillars are of noble proportions, and in both stages they are not difficult to find, if looked for in suitable places and in their proper season.

  62. As it has a weakness for sweets, it should be looked for at night, by the aid of a lantern, on the flowers of knapweed and thistle.

  63. It may be looked for in the spring months on the lichens affecting alders and sallows growing in fens and marshy places.

  64. By the rustic, and possibly the uninitiated generally, the moth is looked upon as something uncanny.

  65. It has been running some time--" Randolph's jaw fell, and he looked blank.

  66. When, in answer to the bell, the servant at Squire Duncan's found Tony Denton standing on the doorstep, she looked at him in surprise.

  67. Tom looked resentfully at Randolph, and marked his complacent look, and it occurred to him also that the friend he had risked so much to serve was very ungrateful.

  68. He had two or three companions, who flattered him and submitted to his caprices because they thought it looked well to be on good terms with the young aristocrat.

  69. The room looked very much filled up with the unwonted company, all being large men.

  70. He looked in the coat pockets, the shoes, and even the socks of his young companion, but found nothing, except the silver watch, which Luke had left in one of his vest pockets.

  71. A showy chain crossed his vest, and to it was appended a large and showy watch, which looked valuable, though appearances are sometimes deceitful.

  72. Every head was turned, and every one present looked with eager curiosity at the mysterious stranger.

  73. The widow entered the room, and looked with surprise from one to another.

  74. All the boys looked serious, and more than one suspected that there had been foul play.

  75. Five minutes later a young man looked into the office, and said, addressing Mr. Gay.

  76. The directors looked at each other in surprise, and Squire Duncan looked undeniably puzzled.

  77. Duncan looked at his visitor now with sharp attention.

  78. If matters looked bad before, this insolent proposition certainly gave them a much worse appearance; and made it very necessary for the Countess to reflect well before acceding to it.

  79. This well-favoured youth had been looked on with a very approving eye by the high and puissant dame, his sovereign lady.

  80. But the tranquil life there during these years was not unbroken by sympathy with the vicissitudes which were variously affecting the excitable city, over which the little recluse court looked from their island home.

  81. The next day things looked still worse for the conspirators and their ecclesiastical patron.

  82. In her nervousness she almost dropped her cup, and she looked piteously at Jennings, as though for help.

  83. When they were all comfortably installed in the boudoir, Indiana, leaning on her mother's breast, looked thoughtfully up in her face and then at the others.

  84. I hate--" Thurston looked down into her face with an expression of horror and rushed from the room, slamming the door.

  85. He looked upward at the glimpse of gray sky.

  86. She passed the door, then, moved by a sudden impulse, went back and looked at him again.

  87. Miss Stillwater looked as natural as life, and sat the bear in such a graceful fashion--she might have been riding a finely bred horse in Hyde Park.

  88. Thurston looked at him, in incomprehending surprise.

  89. Then he opened the window softly and looked out.

  90. Stillwater's heart sank as he looked into the young fellow's glowing, hopeful eyes.

  91. She looked the personification of English maidenhood, dressed in a plain, gray gown, without any pretension to style of cut.

  92. At the last stroke of twelve he raised his head and looked over at Jennings.

  93. Finally, releasing herself, Indiana looked at Mrs. Bunker, undecided how she should approach her.

  94. Thurston looked into her eyes, then held out his arms.

  95. Gulping the words he had been on the point of uttering, he looked round, with an air of defiance, as if seeking the countenance of some man who might dare even to smile at what had been said.

  96. This calm sorely troubleth many, moreover, and the birds are beginning to be looked upon as creatures sent by Satan himself, to lead us whither we can never return.

  97. According to the laws of Hayti, the authority of a cacique was transmitted through females, and a son of Ozema was looked forward to, as the heir of his uncle.

  98. But I have lost favor with others, if not with my lovely mistress, in yielding to this rambling inclination; and even my own aunt, who is her guardian, hath not looked smilingly on my suit.

  99. Hast looked for Pepe, this morning, among our people?

  100. The woman looked her thanks, and Columbus thought he read an assurance of good faith in her noble Spanish manner, and lofty look.

  101. Hitherto I have looked for naught but islands, and not with much expectation of seeing even them, though Martin Alonzo and the pilots have been so sanguine in their hopes.

  102. A soldier almost from childhood, the young count looked hastily around him for a position that would favor his means of defence, and which would render his arms the most available.

  103. She looked imploringly at Columbus, her fine dark eyes became eloquent with the feelings of a wife and mother, and then she addressed the great navigator, himself.

  104. For this and for his good manner and qualities he was long looked upon with favour in that city.

  105. Francis, are wrought with so great excellence and diligence that nothing more could be looked for in marble.

  106. This the Abbot promised to do, saying in excuse that it was due more to the ignorance of the monks who looked after strangers than to malice.

  107. And a fine jest it was at the opening of the chapel, for these Ricci looked for their arms with much ado, and finally, not being able to find them, went off to the Tribunal of Eight, contract in hand.

  108. I took the ball up; we looked at it, and had a good hearty laugh over it.

  109. I have looked into Volney's Travels in Syria and Egypt, and in some later writers, but none of them state the paganism of Tancred to be the religion of the Ansareys.

  110. Tarboe looked on with a keener eye and understanding, for was she not bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh?

  111. He looked at her with an intense, eager gaze.

  112. Liddall looked keenly at him, and replied more brusquely than he felt: "Do you think it fair to stay--fair to her?

  113. Suddenly, with a soft fierceness, he added: "If I looked in her room, what of that?

  114. The Trader got up and stood between the two men, coughing much, his face straining, his eyes bloodshot, as he looked anxiously from Pierre to Halby.

  115. Pierre looked at the table laid for breakfast, and said: "Where's Lydia Throng?

  116. Pierre looked long, at first curiously; but after a little his forehead gathered and his lips drew in a little, as if he had a twinge of pain.

  117. Liddall looked at him long, and then said: "To stand between two fires.

  118. The girl made a little gesture of pain, and then stepped softly over and, kneeling, looked into Throng's face.

  119. Pierre looked at a sear on his finger and nodded.

  120. Halby's face flushed, and then he turned and looked steadily into Pierre's eyes.

  121. He turned now, and, facing the doorway, looked out upon the village, to the roof of a house which they both knew.

  122. Nothing looked strong about him now save his head, which, with its long grey hair, seemed badly balanced by the thin neck, through which the terrible cough was hacking.

  123. He saw himself again as he sat and looked into the sweet and lifeless face of his darling girl, and he remembered how he resolved on that day to live in such a way as to be reunited with his child.

  124. Preacher Bonds looked serious as he said, "He could not have been in the barn, I suppose.

  125. My churchianity and my self-righteousness and my morality looked ridiculous when I saw myself a sinner in the sight of God.

  126. It looked just about like it did twenty-five or thirty years ago, when you and I were there.

  127. The cashier of the People's State Bank had a curious twinkle in his eye as he looked at his assistant.

  128. Brown and Jones looked at Gramps with an expectant gaze, and continued silent.

  129. Observers said that the broadsides of the United States flamed with such rapidity that the ship looked as though she were on fire.

  130. To Prevost it looked like a costly business to attempt to carry these defenses by assault and he therefore decided to await the arrival of the British ships of Captain George Downie.

  131. In a proclamation Hull looked forward to a bloodless conquest, informing the Canadians that they were to be emancipated from tyranny and oppression and restored to the dignified station of freemen.

  132. Thence Porter headed up the coast, disguising the trim frigate so that she looked like a lubberly, high-pooped Spanish merchantman.

  133. He was about to sail in search of the British fleet with what men he had because he was unable to obtain more, and he had rightly looked to Chauncey to supply the deficiency.

  134. It looked as though the Frolic might get away, for the masts of the Wasp were in danger of tumbling over the side.

  135. The Sophie withdrew after losing many of her seamen, and the two other ships followed her to sea after delaying to pick up the marines and Indians who merely looked on.

  136. One needs not be a craniologist to know that the eyes which looked out from beneath that retreating pyramidal forehead could see but part even of the commonest men and things before them.

  137. To the Italian (even to one who carries a stiletto) the English practice of boxing is a sheer brutality; while to an Englishman (himself perhaps not a Joseph) the cavaliere servente is looked upon with reprobation tempered by scorn.

  138. Radberg looked a bit puzzled, for a moment.

  139. Just at the point near the dock, Fort Craven looked not unlike the yard of a big factory plant.

  140. Eph looked them over, noting that the master's name was Walford.

  141. I hope they're preparing a surprise for us," chuckled Eph, as he looked about him at his armed crew.

  142. Mr. Somers said it looked like the 'Juanita.

  143. Jack looked and saw the place--a little, oldfashioned house, standing in among trees, some hundred feet from the road.

  144. If anything, that looked more in the German's line.

  145. Herr Professor Radberg looked in, then came in, beaming condescendingly on the young men.

  146. It looked like a very quiet residence section.

  147. I must have looked unusually menacing, don't you know, for, by Jove, the fellow obeyed me.

  148. He looked down and saw a hollow covered with snow, save at the centre, where a black lake lay deep in a well of purple rock, and at one end of the lake were three large stones or monuments.

  149. New York quotations are looked upon as the criterion of the country, and for that reason the brokers are disposed to be cautious.

  150. The Trusts and Monopolies have proven a menace to the people, and can consequently be looked upon as a foe to the government, to be dealt with accordingly.

  151. Then a great Magnate looked at the road with covetous eyes, and ruin came upon us.

  152. At first it looked as though I could not get acquainted with my man, but I finally struck upon a course that led me directly to him.

  153. Trueman is looked upon by all the miners of the region as a part and parcel of the law, and all law is regarded by them as a thing made to oppress the poor and aggrandize the wealthy.

  154. But is this terrible annihilation to be looked at in the light of an ordinary crime?

  155. Men and women had looked at him and inwardly said: 'What a fine man Mr. Steel is; if there were only more like him.

  156. Her dark blue dress being quite short, and the wind blowing stiffly, she would occasionally display a small prettily formed foot, and an ankle that looked as though it had been formed in nature's most perfect mould.

  157. Mrs. Godfrey told the squaw where she would find her at ten o'clock the next morning, and then taking the hand of the Indian woman into that of her own, looked carefully at the ring, as she bid her good day.

  158. The grave looked like the newly made nest of some huge bird.

  159. No penitent at a Methodist revival-service ever looked more serious than did Jim Newall, as Margaret Godfrey uttered the above.

  160. Margaret Godfrey looked straight into his restless eyes and said: "You are my friend now.

  161. After little Mag had once more poured the contents of her shoes down the neck of Margaret, and Mrs. Fowler had steadily rubbed her temples and wrists, she opened her eyes, looked wildly about, and then sat up supported by her companion.

  162. Mrs. Godfrey looked straight at him with her piercing black eyes from the moment he had stood before her.

  163. As Margaret looked at him her pale face turned ashen white, her lips quivered and she fell into the arms of Paul Guidon as if dead.

  164. Godfrey said not a word, but looked serious and pale; while deep anxiety was pictured on every feature of his face.

  165. He was straight as an arrow, and looked as graceful as an elm.

  166. He stopped as he entered and looked wildly about, appearing inclined to draw back.

  167. She looked straight in his eyes, and said again, "Paul, you remember your old pale-faced friend who used to live at Grimross Neck?

  168. After landing at Grimross, Captain Godfrey looked about to find his lot of land.

  169. To say the truth, I cannot conceive for what reason there should be this desire in woman to be looked on as on a level with men.

  170. If a man cannot love, it is looked on as a sort of moral misfortune, if not as a moral fault in him.

  171. But, looked at in certain ways, or rather looked from in certain ways, this position seems to stagger him.

  172. Looked at in this way, Rome to the Protestant's mind has seemed naturally to be a mass of superstitions and dishonesties; and it is this view of her that, strangely enough, our modern advanced thinkers have accepted without question.

  173. But a state of things like this can hardly be looked forward to as conceivably of any long continuance.

  174. Such is free-will when looked at from a distance.

  175. They observe, and quite correctly, that it is looked upon as a treasure; but the source of its preciousness is something that their system expressly takes from it.

  176. And now looked at in the common daylight their whole aspect changes for us; and stories that we once accepted with a solemn reverence seem childish, ridiculous, grotesque, and not unfrequently barbarous.

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    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    looked about; looked across; looked after; looked again; looked anxiously; looked around; looked away; looked back; looked down; looked for; looked forward; looked from; looked full; looked hard; looked kind; looked like; looked more; looked out; looked over; looked quite; looked round; looked upon; looked very