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apertum; aperture; apertures; apes; apetalous; apexes; aphasia; aphelia; aphelion; aphid
  1. Professor Smyth notes that the pyramid is peculiarly placed with respect to the mouth of the Nile, standing 'at the southern apex of the Delta-land of Egypt.

  2. It was, therefore, not well fitted for an entrance passage to the subterranean chamber immediately under the apex of the pyramid (with which chamber it communicates in the manner suggested by the above theory).

  3. In this way the tender, growing apex is not rubbed.

  4. They are joined, and it is frequently difficult to tell where the suture is, though it can generally be traced at the apex of the bud.

  5. Farther on toward the continental divide, past Apex and a sign erroneously marked Private Road, is American City.

  6. Kingston, like American City, was purely a mining, milling and residential town and depended on Apex for commerce, merchandise and a newspaper.

  7. By 1895 Apex had reached sufficient stature to be listed in the Colorado Business Directory, as the district's principal town, having two hotels and a general merchandise store.

  8. They are very comparable to the pyramids, and perhaps may even be regarded as small pyramids placed as an apex upon a tall shaft.

  9. Ionic columns, and terminated by a stepped pyramid, the truncated apex of which bore a colossal marble quadriga, with the statues of the queen and of a female charioteer, the whole attaining a height of 42 m.

  10. The apex and corners of the gable were provided with acroteria, standing upon special bases.

  11. Upon its apex there was a pier of five blocks, which bore a hemispherical termination; of this various fragments have been found.

  12. At the end of another twenty-four or thirty-six hours the apex of the papule shows a further change.

  13. The papules continue to increase slowly in size, the apex becoming flattened or indented in some lesions.

  14. Small bowls or cups, made in imitation of shell vessels, the noded apex occurring at one side, and the more or less pointed beak at the opposite side Fig.

  15. The upper part is similar in size and shape, but is modeled to represent a univalve shell, the apex being represented by a large node surrounded by six smaller nodes, and the base or spine by a graceful extension of the rim.

  16. It tapers toward the apex to 1½ inches in width.

  17. Shell bead made by grinding off the apex of a large Oliva biplicata.

  18. Perforations have been made near the ends of this trough; these seem to be somewhat abraded on the outside by a cord of suspension or attachment which has passed between them along a groove in the apex or angle of the keel.

  19. The smooth, picturebook slope had become jagged and bruised while the regular, evenlyrounded apex had turned into a sort of phrygian cap with its pinnacle woundedly askew.

  20. The cone arising from the base "sensorium" symbolizes the objective world as compared with consciousness; the subverted cone, with apex in the sensorium, represents the evolving human consciousness.

  21. Said of a compound leaf in which the leaflets are borne at the apex of the petiole; finger-shaped.

  22. Bark of trunk gray to nearly black; cones maturing in first season, 2-3 inches long; cone-scales thickened at the apex and topped with a short spine.

  23. Buds glabrous, or somewhat pubescent at the apex only; bark dark gray on the trunk.

  24. To see it in sacks or barrels, your determination to reach the apex of success is soon to be crowned with victory and your love matters will be firmly grounded.

  25. If you think yourself an alchemist, and try to discover a process to turn other things into gold, you will entertain far-reaching and interesting projects, but you will fail to reach the apex of your ambition.

  26. The Union army would have to advance from the apex of the triangle, through a narrow ravine, shut in by thickly wooded hills and gradually emerging into an undulating valley.

  27. The Shenandoah River breaks through the pass between Loudon and Bolivar Heights and the village lies between the two at the apex formed by the junction of the two rivers.

  28. They were formed in the shape of a huge V with the apex flattened, forming a salient angle against the center of the Federal line.

  29. Sometimes the apex of one movement seems to reach as high as the apex of the movement that preceded it, but always its base carries us farther down the slope.

  30. The form is globular, ovoid or elongate, the apex frequently drawn out into a long tube.

  31. The mouth is large and placed at the apex of the peristomial triangle and opens into a comparatively small oesophagus.

  32. The two make a [Symbol: Inverted V] whose legs rest on the Smoky Hill fork at the two points where this was crossed in going and returning, with the apex at the village.

  33. Armendaris Grant, and whose apex is at or near Mt.

  34. At the head end he was a fat yellow balloon, and the rest of him tapered vaguely to a blunt apex of infinity.

  35. Calculating the shadow-apex of Mitre Peak at 2017 ET was complicated by several unknown quantities.

  36. Was that shadow-apex Earth-shadow or Sun-shadow?

  37. Where Mitre Peak's apex of shadow points at 2017 ET is the first of a series of deep-cut arrow markings.

  38. The base of the triangle lay along the yard, and the apex was the lower corner of the triangular sail, which could be hauled over to either side of the ship, one end of the yard being hauled down on the other side.

  39. I stood on the apex of my high hill, a jubilation of spirit making my breast to heave in deeper breaths than my exertion had caused.

  40. Beyond this the vegetation dwindles, becomes scarcer, and finally ceases, leaving the apex of the knob absolutely bare.

  41. In Apex City Undine made up her mind to have her own way.

  42. There is Indiana Frusk of Apex City, and Millard Binch, a combination in which the Dickens of American Notes would have found amusement.

  43. Webb had finally built the perfect flag of the wind-vane type: a V of pieces of blackened Venesta board with light struts at the back and a piece of aeroplane tubing at the apex which slipped over the bamboo pole.

  44. Other blocks of snow had previously been placed in a ring round the legs in readiness to be tumbled on to the rest of the flounce when the tent was quickly slipped over the apex of the poles.

  45. The lashing at the apex had carried away and the poles upwind were almost flat.

  46. The more external leads into the tympanic cavity, while the more anterior at the apex of the triangle is the =posterior opening of the carotid canal= (fig.

  47. Straight lines joining these holes would form an isosceles triangle with its apex directed forwards.

  48. The outer edge of each plate is hard and smooth, while the inner edge and apex fray out into long fibres which look like hair.

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