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edentates; edentulous; edere; edes; edeth; edged; edgeless; edges; edgeways; edgewise
  1. The fellow, after apparently satisfying himself that the coast was clear, proceeded to a small stable that stood in the rear of the cabin, and almost on the edge of the river bank.

  2. Cautioning him against allowing his propensity for "fun" to get him into trouble, I accompanied him to the edge of the camp, and saw him set out in the direction of the Confederate forces.

  3. Waiting until he had gone a sufficient distance to render it safe, Scobell rose slowly from the ground and stealthily followed his footsteps until the peddler paused at the edge of the bluff, which ran down into the river.

  4. I noticed when I sat down that the man wore a puzzled and speculative look, as though he was struggling with some vexing lapse of memory, and as he drew the keen edge of the razor across my face, his eyes were fixed intensely upon my features.

  5. Advancing to within a few feet of the edge of the bluff, he threw himself upon his hands and knees, and drew himself forward until he could overlook the steep descent.

  6. Standing at the opposite edge of the broken trail--not twenty feet from him--was a huge, gaunt grizzly.

  7. Mr. Merrill, stanching a wound in his head with his hand, sat upright on the edge of the dark gorge across which a few moments before there had been a bridge.

  8. The buckskin, the cause of all the trouble, managed to clamber to the edge of the stream, where the water was slightly shallower, and was dragged out by ropes.

  9. But by the time Jack reached the edge of the steep bank, Ralph had kicked free of the big, clumsy Mexican stirrups and was struggling in the water.

  10. Illustration: Standing at the opposite edge of the broken trail--not twenty feet from him--was a huge gaunt grizzly.

  11. At last everything grew silent, and Jack looked over the edge of the gulch.

  12. Controlling his half-maddened steed, the boy pressed to the edge of the canal.

  13. Both travelers drank and laved themselves, and then seated on a rock at the edge of the watercourse made a meal off the remnants of Jack's stock.

  14. But as he placed his hands on the edge of the peephole Jack suddenly held up his hand.

  15. Putting over first one leg and then the other, he deliberately dropped downward, till his hands gripped the edge of the ledge on which a second before he had stood.

  16. In the act of stooping for it, my hand clutched the edge of the table and I felt a spot yield under the pressure of my thumb.

  17. I slipped nearer--to the edge of the chair.

  18. And to show him, I smiled, got out a cigarette, and perched kind of sidewise on the edge of the table.

  19. I sat on the edge of the table wearily; and, catching the policeman's eye, shrugged my shoulders significantly.

  20. He paused, his fingers resting tremblingly on the edge of the table.

  21. They all turned and looked along the road which ran by the edge of the lake.

  22. It had begun to rain as they returned along the edge of the lake.

  23. The men's nerves were on edge with potheen and excitement, and they had not been at table five minutes before quarrelling broke out at the lower end of the board.

  24. But it was in reality some drug which took the edge off sorrow.

  25. It would in any case be most unsafe if, without his protection, they continued to reside at this secluded farm, on the edge of the great woods.

  26. The night was pitch dark, and produced a decidedly lonesome feeling in the one that was to be put off at a Wood Pile on the edge of an immense forest and undoubtedly miles from a dwelling.

  27. As for myself, I was hanging to the edge of the bank trying hard to collect my wits and recover from a fainting spell.

  28. The following morning I started in the lead of the train with a nine thousand pound boiler, with the rear wheels securely locked, and twenty yoke of oxen to haul it to the edge of the precipice.

  29. A knife sharpened as keen as a razor's edge would cut the flesh; another hacked into a saw would separate the bones and sensitive marrow; while an iron heated to white heat seared up the arteries and the trick was done.

  30. At this point it was said to be fifteen hundred feet straight down, and a number of outfits had previously gone over its rocky edge and been hurled to destruction by a slight error of judgment on the part of the driver.

  31. There were none who knew what happened in that solemn hour save the two--one of whom was on the edge of eternity, and the other was never to speak of it.

  32. From the hill's edge they could look over a wooded plain running far to the east.

  33. He chose a site for his house on the edge of an open prairie.

  34. Samson saw a long cord of stakes along the road in the edge of the meadow.

  35. The moon in mid-heaven and the innumerable host around it seem to know what is passing on the edge of the Grand Prairie and to be well pleased.

  36. Near the prairie they stood like people on the outer edge of a crowd, looking over one another's shoulders and pushing in a disordered mass toward the center of interest.

  37. When the New Salemites got to the edge of the grove they could hear a number of regulators climbing into the tree tops.

  38. Early in the autumn Samson arrived and bought a small house and two acres of land on the edge of the village and returned to New Salem to move his family and furniture.

  39. On a warm, bright day in the sand country after the storm they came to a crude, half finished, frame house at the edge of a wide clearing.

  40. How often he had crept into this warm pine-scented obscurity, guiding himself by the edge of the bench along the wall, and hearing the soft lap of water through the gaps in the flooring!

  41. Though the air was heavy the threat of a storm seemed to have vanished, and now and then the moon's edge showed above a torn slope of cloud.

  42. Creno set a few of his legs on the edge of the glassy, weathered ridge and gazed over the plateau.

  43. There had been none since the day when the packager collapsed, at the edge of the total-evaporation zone.

  44. A sickly weed, that was lank and thin, embellished my lot, at the edge of town, and the peelers nabbed me and ran me in, because I neglected to cut it down.

  45. Then she went to the edge of the heather and looked along the Glen, where she had been born and lived her twenty-two years in peace, from which she was so soon to go out on the most adventurous journey of life.

  46. Her mother was washing blankets by the edge of the river, which was in flood, and rising, and the lassie was playing beside her with a doll.

  47. It seemed fifteen minutes, it was only one, while the mother hung over the edge of the black seething whirlpool, and then he came up, bleeding from a wound in the forehead, without Elsie.

  48. Dismounting, with the quick thought that yonder island might hold the secret of his lost cattle, he crept as close to the edge as he dared.

  49. There was an ugly cut on his forehead caused by his violent contact with the sharp edge of the window casing.

  50. He pulled them up with a grand flourish at the edge of the steep incline leading directly upon the pontoon that bridged the narrowed river on the Kemah side of the island, and they stopped dead still with the cleanness worthy of cow ponies.

  51. Why, we can swim that all right," put in Langford, rallying from his momentary set-back and riding his mount to the very edge of the swirling water.

  52. She wanted to sit down knee to knee with him as they had done so often on the edge of the woods, and talk and talk.

  53. Enid had gone to the very edge of well-bred lengths to land Courtney Millet, but Scots ancestry and an incurable habit of talking sensibly and rather well had handicapped her efforts.

  54. How often she had heard him shout it among the trees on his way to meet her out there on the edge of the woods where they had found each other.

  55. And Tootles, breathing hard and shaking, stood on the edge of the stoop, and with tears streaming down her face, watched the car become a speck and disappear.

  56. And after that he stood like a man balanced on the edge of a precipice.

  57. She laughed and sat on the edge of the bed and crossed her legs and put the instrument on her knee.

  58. He danced her to the edge of the floor, led her panting through the tables to the foot of the stairs and with his hand grasping her arm like a vice, guided her up to the place where ladies left their wraps.

  59. He sat down on the edge of a sofa at the foot of the bed and watched her.

  60. She moved away, at last, from the place where Alice had left her and without looking to the right or left walked slowly down to the edge of the sea.

  61. He watched one scare-monger edge his way up one side of the street and another, whose voice was like the jagged edge of a rusty saw, bandy leg his way up the other side.

  62. It might have been built for a poet or a novelist or just an ordinary muscular man who loved the water and the silences and the sense of being on the edge of the world.

  63. And for a little while, with the feeling that she was on an island, deserted and forgotten, she stood on the edge of the sea, looking at a horizon that was utterly blank.

  64. She stood erect, one hand on the edge of Andrés' bed, whom she seemed resolved to protect, the other extended towards the door with a gesture of supreme majesty.

  65. The water is thrown sheer off the edge of a perpendicular rock, and reaches the ground in a massive shower nine hundred feet high.

  66. Our method was to cross right over the line of hills which here bound the edge of the river.

  67. It was a fine thing to occupy one's-self in tilting over huge boulders, and to see them gradually approach the edge of the gulf, and then leap thundering into the mist.

  68. On the contrary, as long as you keep by the side of the stream you are always gaining ground and making your way towards the higher levels, while you avoid bogs: for the edge of a stream is generally the dryest part of a mountain.

  69. When we reach the top of the bank we are on the edge of a circular basin, abrupt and deep, but full of water so exquisitely clear that the pebbly bottom is every where visible.

  70. We did once, it is true, coax a friend to attempt that route; he had come so far with us as the edge of the Dee, but disliked crossing it.

  71. The other side is conspicuous by a sharp peak of Ben Muich Dhui--the same which we already mentioned as seeming to hang (and it certainly does so seem from this point) over the edge of the water.

  72. Some years ago there was discovered under a pile of glacial drift at the edge of the town of Lucerne a number of deep holes worn in a great ledge of rocks that crop out at that point.

  73. Wright lived for a month in a tent on the edge of this bay, a short distance below the face of the great glacier, where the icebergs fell off every few minutes into the deep water.

  74. With the exception of this point and perhaps another point below, the edge of the great ice sheet kept a little north of the Ohio River.

  75. But he was only able to move very slowly, and when we arrived at the water's edge no vessel was in sight.

  76. But he was slow to begin, seemed to hesitate, and relapsed into thought while he pared his already stubby nails upon the sharp edge of the blubber-spade.

  77. It's awful that two old men like them, on the edge of the grave, as you may say, and brothers at that, should quarrel about money.

  78. This hand came from beneath the table and extended itself eight or ten inches over the edge at first.

  79. I now hang this mirror by this hook, to the ring sewed to the upper central edge of the screen.

  80. Yahweh confused Sisera, and all his chariots, and all his army, with the edge of the sword before Barak; and Sisera alighted from his chariot, and fled away on his feet.

  81. The congregation sent there twelve thousand men of the most valiant, and commanded them, saying, Go and strike the inhabitants of Jabesh Gilead with the edge of the sword, with the women and the little ones.

  82. They took that which Micah had made, and the priest whom he had, and came to Laish, to a people quiet and secure, and struck them with the edge of the sword; and they burnt the city with fire.

  83. The ambushers hurried, and rushed on Gibeah; and the ambushers drew themselves along, and struck all the city with the edge of the sword.

  84. But Barak pursued after the chariots, and after the army, to Harosheth of the Gentiles: and all the army of Sisera fell by the edge of the sword; there was not a man left.

  85. He shown them the entrance into the city; and they struck the city with the edge of the sword; but they let the man go and all his family.

  86. The children of Judah fought against Jerusalem, and took it, and struck it with the edge of the sword, and set the city on fire.

  87. The men of Israel turned again on the children of Benjamin, and struck them with the edge of the sword, both the entire city, and the livestock, and all that they found: moreover all the cities which they found they set on fire.

  88. How green and fresh seemed the land where the fields swelled to the edge of the cliffs dotted with whitewashed cottages!

  89. Carter, however, placed himself on watch near the edge of the wood.

  90. The castle itself was perched upon the edge of a precipitous cliff, which on three sides of it fell away almost perpendicularly.

  91. So steeply did the hills slope down to the edge of the precipice, that they could only travel with extreme caution; and even the pony, sure-footed as it was, had difficulty in keeping its feet.

  92. They found that they were in fact travelling along near the edge of a precipice, at whose foot a stream ran between lofty cliffs.

  93. They found, to their satisfaction, that there were some two feet of level ground between this and the edge of the precipice.

  94. Now that success seemed almost certain she was far more apprehensive of being discovered than she had been before, and she spent the day at the edge of the wood on the look-out for any approaching figure.

  95. The men led the horses to the spot where the others were tied up, near the farther edge of the wood.

  96. Having seen that everything was in readiness, Conrad left Johann in command, and with three of his followers rode on to the edge of the wood nearest the castle.

  97. Beyond that, methinks, there will be space enough to walk between the edge of the rock and the wall.

  98. At length the masonry rose up in front of them extending to the very edge of the crag, and they knew that they had reached the castle itself, and that some sixty feet above them was the chamber in which Minna was confined.

  99. The heap of boulders lay at the foot of a steep precipice, and it was evident that no one from above could approach near enough to the edge to look down upon them.

  100. Inside and at the foot of the side walls, which rose apparently sheer from the edge of the precipices, were the quarters of the garrison.

  101. The sun was just setting as they arrived at the edge of the camp.

  102. The men cut the morocco for linings, and girls roll down the edge by running it through a small machine.

  103. The edge thrown up in making the notch assists the workman in putting the chisel in the right place, and keeping it there while he cuts the next notch.

  104. In this profession she will have a fair opportunity to foil her enemies and accusers; and her children's teeth would not be set on edge without the possibility of instant relief.

  105. One wide-flung arm swept the stack of neatly folded patterns in a rustling storm to the floor as she pushed her way out from the narrow space between table edge and sill.

  106. And that wedge-shaped acre which cut a deep fissure in the edge of the immaculate pastures of Boltonwood's wealthiest citizen was like a barbed thorn in Judge Maynard's side.

  107. Nothing remained but a picture of Dryad Anderson's face--the face that had tried so hard to smile--which she had lifted to him that first morning when he entered the front room of the little drab cottage at the edge of town.

  108. They drop into the nearest seat; like poor relations, they sit on the extreme edge of the chair.

  109. He died in the full possession of his mind, and on the brink and edge of death proclaimed the doctrines of his life.

  110. On the crumbling edge of death they keep the flag flying and go down at last full of hope and courage.

  111. I have no reverence for a God that orders his legions to slay the old and helpless, and to whet the edge of the sword with the blood of mothers and babes.

  112. And all the spoil of these cities, and the cattle, the children of Israel took for a prey unto themselves; but every man they smote with the edge of the sword until they had destroyed them, neither left they any to breathe.

  113. About 200 yards in front of the edge of Corbeaux wood, a stairway with a hundred steps gives access to an enormous German tunnel, joining Forges ravine and Caurettes ravine.

  114. At one point an opening was made and a few men got through to the edge of the German trench, only to be killed there.

  115. The path rises to the eastern edge of the spur, point X (on plan), whence there is a wide view over the Woevre.

  116. The tourist reaches the edge of the Argonne plateau which gives place to the chalky plains of Champagne.

  117. They reached the western edge of the village but were driven back at the point of the bayonet.

  118. They waited, controlling their nerves, all on edge but strung towards one object, one idea, never to give ground but to fight and hold on.

  119. At the edge of the plateau look behind for a view of the Aire valley and Vauquois Hill.

  120. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "edge" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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