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Example sentences for "rim"

Lexicographically close words:
riled; rill; rilled; rillet; rills; rima; rime; rimed; rimes; riming
  1. A delightful overture, masterfully executed; ended too soon; except that the programme forbids the ordinary interpretation of prolonged applause.

  2. The sprite of Colney Durance had struck him smartly overnight.

  3. The chained body bore the fluttering spirit: or it was the spirit in bonds, that dragged the body.

  4. Incidents of this kind come in their turn.

  5. You will, in your letter, appoint the day of the interview?

  6. Yet I cannot perceive the advantage of letting our ideas be clothed so racy of the obscener soil; considering the pretensions of the English language to become the universal.

  7. Mr. Radnor is one of those who do everything consummately.

  8. The picture I have sketched looks to you somewhat like what is known as an "old cow," doesn't it?

  9. Now pull again along the direction of the horse's body, but this time toward his tail.

  10. Then I made one more try, purchased an aluminum baker of Abercrombie & Fitch, and have had good bread at minimum trouble.

  11. Rim type 1, sometimes grading into rim type 4 at the lower, circular end of the scoop.

  12. Loop handle edges can be classified as to rim type: types 1, 2, 3, 5 occur.

  13. These rows of dots, with faint lines, further extend to the actual rim of the vessel, completing skewed hexagonal shapes of their own (one is heptagonal).

  14. Base ring lip is type D; rim of ring is type 2.

  15. From the summit of the eastern rim I had a glorious view of the valley out to the ocean, which would require a whole book for its description.

  16. Sometimes, blending all together, they weave a ceiling from rim to rim, perhaps opening a window here and there for sunshine to stream through, suddenly lighting some palace or temple and making it flare in the rain as if on fire.

  17. Absorbed in the happy scene, given up to dreamy, random observation of what lay immediately before me, I was not conscious of anything occurring on the outer rim of the landscape.

  18. According to Major Powell, it is about two hundred and seventeen miles long, from five to fifteen miles wide from rim to rim, and from about five thousand to six thousand feet deep.

  19. Next day the chaparral, in ascending the eastern rim of the basin, was, if possible, denser and more stubbornly bayoneted than ever.

  20. On the eastern rim of the valley, in the Cascade Mountains, about sixty miles from Medford in a direct line, is the remarkable Crater Lake, usually regarded as the one grand wonder of the region.

  21. The old cook couldn't realize a peculiarity of the Anglo-Saxon temperament--that those they rail against and jibe at they love the most!

  22. It was dark in the room when I got there.

  23. I took oath that if I ever reached home alive, I would never go to sea again.

  24. On the Lord Summerville was a mad Pennsylvania boy who had, like myself, gone to sea for the first time .

  25. The level rim Of the barren plain grew low and wide; It seemed to taunt and beckon him, To ride right on and fiercely ride.

  26. The level rim Of the prairie land is mine.

  27. On every side cold and white and pitiless the snowy peaks lifted above the serrate rim of the forest.

  28. It is to be hoped they are more profitably employed.

  29. A few of the weekly papers have reporters in on Thursday and Friday nights, and these constitute the only habitues of the gallery.

  30. Thor journeying from the eastern parts came to a strait or sound, on the other side of which was a ferryman with his boat.

  31. Here, the needle lies in a north and south line, while the circular rim of the compass, when the instrument is level, corresponds to the horizon.

  32. Please to take some circle, as a flat plate, (whose rim may well represent the ring of Saturn,) and hold it in these different positions before the eye.

  33. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "rim" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    rimmed glasses; rimmed spectacles