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Example sentences for "grisly"

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  1. Among military men, it has been known by various jocose titles; at one time it was called the 'Mediterranean Greys,' from its having been so long on that station that the locks of men and officers had assumed a grisly hue.

  2. He first saw what a grisly burden the chest sustained.

  3. Darcy experienced the grisly emotions of a murderer with an all-too-obvious corpse to dispose of.

  4. At one end of this region were pits of fire where grisly deities presided, superintending the destruction of the bodies of the deceased and hacking them to pieces before they were burned.

  5. In many countries the dog is dispatched with the deceased for the purpose of protecting him against various grisly enemies he may meet on the way to Hades, and it is not unlikely that Anubis played a similar part in very early times.

  6. A long, straight, melancholy chin, grisly with patches of hair, was meant by nature to keep his mouth shut, and came back sullenly when it failed.

  7. Him backward overthrew and down him stayed With their rude hands grisly grapplement.

  8. The grisly legions that troop under the sooty flag of Acheron.

  9. Which becomes a body, and doth then invade The state of life, out of the grisly shade.

  10. There stood a hill not far, whose grisly top Belched fire and rolling smoke; the rest entire Shone with a glossy scurf.

  11. Sad Clotho held the rocke, the whiles the thread By grisly Lachesis was spun with pain, That cruel Atropos eftsoon undid.

  12. Spectres, clad in long winding sheets--cold grisly corpses, dressed in shrouds, seemed to move noiselessly through the dungeon.

  13. He was only an acquaintance--one with a grisly shadow in his past--and it was best that he remain such.

  14. Here dwelt the furies, despair and madness--here dwelt the demon-forces of being, grisly phantoms which come not into the light of day.

  15. At the very first hour, when they should have been all rapture, there had come into the chamber of their hearts this grisly spectre--that was to haunt them for so many years!

  16. The fear that self-indulgence might lay its grisly paws upon him!

  17. So they unswathed him from the piece of stuff, and saw the grisly wound upon his body.

  18. Yet, though he be healed of his wound, never will his body lose the mark of that grisly gash.

  19. Half the shattered headpiece fell upon his shoulders, and the sword cutting through the coif made a grisly wound.

  20. Marryat makes an opportunity in the history of Krantz, the second mate of the Vrou Katerina, to introduce the Scandinavian legend of the werewolf, which is related with grisly detail.

  21. It comes to me now at high noonday with a grisly shudder.

  22. Grisly shapes peer out from among the alder stems; the wood resounds with the yelling of the werwolves--" Panting heavily, the speaker paused to wipe away the great drops which had gathered on his forehead.

  23. All turned silently to old Rudulf, who, with his grisly head bent forward between his shoulders, sat glaring at the guests from his narrow slant eyes, more like one of the evil beings of whom Hardrat had spoken than a natural man.

  24. I go--for your sake," growled the old count, and his sword circled about his grisly head.

  25. It showed to Olvir a grisly warrior, bending over a newly forged sword-blade.

  26. As the others pushed after him into the warm interior, they saw Fastrada start up and stand glaring at them with the horror of one who looks upon some grisly spectre.

  27. The girl glanced up at him with a look which, though of but a moment's duration, brought out with startling distinctness her resemblance to the grisly old forest count.

  28. But in the midst of the wealth of this fair city they soon saw “the grime and grisly face of povertie coming upon them like an armed man, with whom they must bukle and incounter, and from whom they could not flye.

  29. The wolf alone has been exterminated, and that with no small trouble, the Cape finally proposing, after grisly heads had been nailed on all her meeting-houses, to build a high fence along her upper border and shut the wolves out.

  30. Maginn makes him pipe an Irish jig:-- "Scarcely had she begun to wash When she was aware of the grisly gash!

  31. As one peruses these novels one thinks of a new tale to be told--The Last of the Fashionables, who died away, like the buffalo and the grisly bear, in some canon or forest of the Wild West.

  32. He waved his grisly meerschaum and added: 'Lovely place, Havana.

  33. And by heavens, what has happened during the past two or three years has only solidified that grisly conviction.

  34. On reaching the lower story they hurried out at once, and the gang stood collected together awaiting them--a grim and grisly throng.

  35. He did not gather his eyebrows together, for he had none worth mentioning; but he frowned to that degree that he almost closed his small eyes, while the hurried raising of his grisly hand to his chin betrayed some trepidation or surprise.

  36. After some rubbing of the lower part of his face, and some looking at us with those bad eyes, over his grisly fingers, he made one more address to me, half whining, and half abusive.

  37. He can raise you hosts Of ghosts, And that without reflectors; And creepy things With wings, And gaunt and grisly spectres.

  38. Set upon thy course of evil, Lest the King of Spectre-land Set on thee his grisly hand!

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "grisly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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