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Example sentences for "foul"

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foudre; fought; foughte; foughten; fouk; foulard; fould; foulds; foule; fouled
  1. Sir William Harcourt, ever holding stoutly in fair weather and in foul to the party ship, thought the break-up of a great political combination to be so immense an evil, as to call for almost any sacrifices to prevent it.

  2. There is no charge against him that he belonged to that foul species who provoke others to crime and then for a bribe betray them.

  3. Should stray organisms find a home during fermentation, foul flavors and/or terrible hangovers may result.

  4. The odors from decaying meat can be foul and it has been known to attract mice and rats.

  5. It was a lovely and a stately city, but foul with sin, when our Lord descended to earth upon a Christmas night to visit it.

  6. Here I'll drink a health to all: The glorious task shall first be mine: And ever may foul luck befall Him that to pledge me shall decline.

  7. But if the contrariwise, foul weather and windy, so shall it be very scant of wine and fruite.

  8. Hecate triviis ululata per urbes, the "Queen of the Night and of the Tombs," assisted sorcerers; but this meant merely that they trafficked in the dark with the foul mysteries of death and corruption.

  9. Foul air, little light, and bad food had already done their work on most of them.

  10. It is all the same if the rain or snow is falling, except that they leave the gutters to huddle together in the foul shelter of the stair-foot.

  11. Can nothing be done, shall nothing be done, to wipe out such foul blots from the face of our fair city?

  12. They subsisted upon this food, imprisoned in fetid holds of foul transports, unfit for the proper transportation of convicts, until the 25th day of June, when they disembarked.

  13. What a thing to say of some modern improvements, that they have ended in giving us two of the greatest evils in life--foul air in our houses, and foul water to drink!

  14. The pipes are ill put together and badly laid; foul air, the result of festering fermentation, escapes into the dwelling.

  15. The Stanmores were so completely convinced that there had been foul play, that, by dint of strenuous exertions, they succeeded in persuading the coroner to defer the inquest until the Monday.

  16. Outside the central portion of the city one meets with open sewage, garbage, dung-heaps, and foul odors.

  17. Their petitions were treated with contempt, and the petitioners themselves loaded with foul and infamous imputations, poured forth on a class of citizens as pure and virtuous as the inhabitants of any section of the United States.

  18. Slavery is the great and foul stain on the American Union, and it is a contemplation worthy of the most exalted soul, whether its total abolition is not practicable.

  19. The ways are crooked, and sometimes foul and low.

  20. I entreat thee, I implore, Listen no more To the suggestions of an evil spirit, That even now is there, Making the foul seem fair, And selfishness itself a virtue and a merit!

  21. It is a foul to carry the ball or to hold an opponent.

  22. It is a foul to break through the ranks or to tag across the clasped hands.

  23. But fair means and foul alike failed to win over the young journalistic athlete to the ministerial side, and this illiberal and selfish policy was at length compelled to give in, beaten at all points.

  24. Woe also to them who, knowing what must inevitably result from their foul dealings, continued to deal foully with the Indian--until the doomsday came!

  25. Was writ an answer to this foul epistle, As coming from the friend of this false lord.

  26. He then confessed to me the foul design By him so ably thwarted.

  27. Fair or foul weather, it is just the same to me.

  28. Speak out, thou limb of Satan, or I swear By the foul fiend that 'gat thee, I will force The lying words from out thy strumpet's throat.

  29. But this I knew not at the time, nor all The foul devices of his reptile heart.

  30. Would it not Be foul adultery, base, incestuous lust?

  31. Away with such foul subtleties, with which The arch-fiend baits his hook to tempt God's own.

  32. Here comes a demure damsel from the harem, disfigured by all the foul garments and native filth which delight the inhabitant of Shoa.

  33. It is now nine years since an epidemic called ougaret made its appearance at the capital, and, as might have been anticipated, spread with fearful virulence in the foul city.

  34. In every direction the bloodstained ground was strewed with the slaughtered foe, around whose disfigured corses groups of surfeited vultures flapped their foul wings, and screamed the death note.

  35. Foul spirits mowed and chattered in his ear, and the cold rushing of pinions flapping lazily through the air wetted him with slimy spray.

  36. The monarch himself was not exempt from the foul plague.

  37. It is not fair to brand a nation with a foul stigma, resting on a solitary fact; but from my own experience I can readily believe all that is related by the great traveller Bruce of the cruelties practised in Northern Abyssinia.

  38. Has the spirit of the foul hare entered into the breast of the warrior?

  39. His nostrils were filled with the terrible stench of the other's foul breath and his filthy body.

  40. Did I not tell you, foul son of Sargouthe, that I had solved a mystery you have never guessed at?

  41. The fallen monster howled, but his voice cut short as his foul mouth, with its razor-edged fangs, closed on the other's body.

  42. He'll get tired av findin' our kit foul an' our 'coutrements onproperly kep'.

  43. They should try and see, whether there be not too much self-confidence, which occasioned Peter's foul fall.

  44. Therefore, when faith, as a hand, is carrying the filth of the soul away to Christ to be washed in his blood, let the foul hand go with the foul handful; give Christ faith and all to wash.

  45. In front of him something sickening, something unspeakably foul and horrible, was going on, and in its presence he was wholly unmanned.

  46. It's the thing I run foul of every time I try to enforce the law against these people.

  47. Alongside the walks were open sewers, in which the foul and sluggish current was setting not toward, but away from, the river-front.

  48. The foul murder of a holy man--the cruel fate of the beautiful Teresa-- and the barbarous conduct of the captain towards Filippo and his mistress, were deeds of an atrocity to which even the most hardened were unaccustomed.

  49. The sea-breeze has caught our craft: let them run up the inner jib, and see that she does not foul her anchor.

  50. How could it have been possible to unite a crew of miscreants, who feared not God nor man, most of whom had perpetrated foul murders, or had been guilty of even blacker iniquities?

  51. Fierce eyes glared beneath shaggy brows, claw-like fingers felt the edge of tulwars, foul and sticky with blood that had already been shed.

  52. Now art thou blowing up the fire which shall consume thine own limbs, yet slowly, thou foul dog.

  53. If Jimmy Wright should disappear under that foul surface, that would be desertion complete and final.

  54. And this foul mud, hiding in the deep slime of its shell-holes every kind of trap and putrid horror, was the appropriate ally of the Germans.

  55. Sirrah foul manners, do you know to whom you speak?

  56. I say, guns were found out for the quick despatch of mortality; and when thou sawest men grow wise, and beget so fair a child as Peace of so foul and deformed a mother as War, lest there should be no murder, thou devisedst poison.

  57. It's a foul oversight, that a man of worship cannot keep a wench in his house, but there must be muttering and surmising.

  58. Exchang'd her love for a base strumpet's lust; Foul wretch!

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "foul" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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