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  1. He would make his life a sacrament; he discarded the old religious terms and ideas, and struck out new ones of his own: What more glorious condition of being can we imagine than from impure to become pure?

  2. I am impure and worthless, and yet the world is gilded for my delight and holidays are prepared for me, and my path is strewn with flowers.

  3. May I not forget that I am impure and vicious!

  4. But Beaumont and Fletcher hold up to view the impure and nauseous colours of vice in quite a different sphere; their compositions resemble the sheet, in the vision of the Apostle, full of pure and impure animals.

  5. That carping censoriousness which scents out impurity in every bold sally, is, at best, but an ambiguous criterion of purity of morals; and beneath this hypocritical guise there often lurks the consciousness of an impure imagination.

  6. Towards evening we passed two springs of transparent, but impure and brackish water.

  7. Some extensive portions of the immediate bottom land, along the river, were white with an effloresced salt, but this being impure and but imperfectly soluble, did not appear to have been licked.

  8. At the same period when he formed this good resolution at Bale, there arrived at Zurich one of those characters who often emerge, like impure froth, from the vortex of revolutions.

  9. When mighty revolutions are accomplished in society, assassins are often thrown up from the impure dregs of the agitated population.

  10. It is difficult to estimate the influence of an impure atmosphere on those who live in it.

  11. According to Babylonian belief, the dead who were not properly buried roamed through the streets searching for food, eating refuse and drinking impure water.

  12. The freedom secured by a married woman had its legal limitations.

  13. Mitra, as has been stated, was one of the names of the Babylonian sun god, who was also a god of fertility.

  14. It will be recognized that when primitive men gave names to mountains, rivers, or the ocean, these possessed for them a deeper significance than they do for us at the present day.

  15. This authority is of opinion that the Arabians first migrated into Palestine and northern Syria, where they mingled with the southward-migrating Armenoid peoples from Asia Minor.

  16. As children see images in a fire, so they saw human life reflected in the starry sky.

  17. I will go up, as for me I will depart with thee .

  18. Whence, then, came these invading Semitic Akkadians of Jewish type?

  19. But this contact is bad; she is breathing an impure atmosphere; she is assorting with some who are sensual and evil-minded, though she will not believe the truth.

  20. Something impure seemed to pervade the mental atmosphere with which she was surrounded, and there seemed to be things involved in what she said that shadowed a latitude in morals wholly outside of Christian duty.

  21. The Oriental goddess of impure love was parthenos.

  22. Constantine demolished the temples of impure cult in Phoenicia and Egypt and caused the priests to be scattered by soldiers.

  23. The genitals were impure and must not be uncovered to the eye of God.

  24. Why does a piece of BURNT BREAD, steeped in impure WATER, make it fit to drink?

  25. Unwholesome food, and the impure air from the neighbouring marshes, engendered pestilential diseases, which carried them off more rapidly than the arrows of the enemy.

  26. Those which are less are of impure fire, but those over them of night, through which proceed the forces of the flames.

  27. From this time on, two corporeal worlds stand opposed, one pure and good, and one impure and evil, and this opposition permeates all nature.

  28. The Greeks are above having particular clothing, maintaining special customs of washing, rising, practising music, and distinguishing between pure and impure foods.

  29. Calamine is a difficult mineral to detect without experience, as when impure it does not look in the least like a metallic ore.

  30. Wad is an impure ore of manganese found in bogs, of little or no value.

  31. Sometimes the miner will be troubled with impure gold after retorting.

  32. From which it is evident that there can be little profit in impure deposits of manganese.

  33. The action is more rapid in hot than in cold solutions, and impure gold is more easily dissolved than pure.

  34. Some there are who deem it a matter of no importance how they are mixed up with impure materials in the worship of God, provided they themselves are true and upright in heart.

  35. The atmosphere of that place was too much impregnated with impure elements to admit of the soul's discerning, with any degree of clearness and precision, the true character of evil.

  36. When, sinking under famine, the people have fed on impure aliments, if pestilence ensues, is it the wrath of God which sends it, or the folly of man?

  37. A decided color of any kind usually means that dirty or impure water has been added, or impurities have fallen into the cell.

  38. Has impure water, such as faucet, well, or river water ever been added to battery?

  39. Impure water may introduce substances which will damage or even ruin a battery.

  40. In the evening Mr. Swift returned unsuccessful; when he left us in the morning he directed his course to Clermont's camp, which he found in the prairie near a little impure puddle of water.

  41. Let's chastly love Castara, and not soyle This Virgin lampe, by powring in the oyle Of impure thoughts.

  42. And though we be of severall kind Fit for offence: Yet are we so by Love refin'd, From impure drosse we are all mind.

  43. When thou shalt please this soule t' enthrone, Above impure corruption; What shall I grieve or feare.

  44. I have infected with impure Disorders my past yeares.

  45. Very impure water from stagnant pools should, before use, be boiled in the camp-kettle with a good netful of charcoal.

  46. Pasteur and others have discovered and explained the germ theory of disease and to what extent it is due to impure water.

  47. Or is the Air the more impure and unhealthful?

  48. Then shall thy Saints unmixed, and from the impure Far separate, circling thy holy mount, Unfeigned Halleluiahs to thee sing, Hymns of high praise, and I among them Chief.

  49. All true; but when the Talmud says that the impure Nazarene brought all his sorceries out of Egypt, what say our rabbis of blessed memory against that?

  50. Is it possible to find more detestable Gojim than these impure and dumb children of Talvus--these Christian swine?

  51. Impure allusions are frequently interwoven into the dialogue, so that innocence cannot but often blush.

  52. The sinful Soul was handed over to the cynocephalous-ape assessors of the infernal tribunal, who hunted and scourged it, after first changing it into a sow, or some other impure animal.

  53. So also iron, like many other things in Egypt, was pure or impure according to circumstances.

  54. He has shown also how it confuses the family, and has exposed the old delusion that men may be impure and keep their womankind chaste.

  55. That is to say, the many sins against human love in Israel, the wrong done to his own heart in his own home, Hosea connects with the wrong done to the Love of God, by His people's desertion of Him for foreign and impure rites.

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